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Seth's Fetish


I've been married to my wife Dana for almost seven years now. We met at UCLA—I was pre-law, she was pre-med. She is a hot little number, as gorgeous and sexy now as she was when I married her. The quintessential California couple, we've been called Ken and Barbie among friends and family, though I must say Dana looks more like Barbie than I do Ken. She is about 5'9" with long blond hair, green-blue eyes, and a figure that does rival the dolls—38 D chest, and she still only weighs about 120.

My wife gets her amazing looks from her mother, Donna, who, at almost twice her daughter's age is equally sexy. She has aged gracefully, without, as she calls it, "All that botox oil of olay nonsense." Whatever her secrets, I hope she has passed them on to Dana. I'll admit that I've thought about Donna often when I'm deep inside Dana, wondering if she's as tight as her daughter, if her breasts are as firm, her nipples as hard and sweet. I suppose it will have to remain a fantasy...for now anyway.

A few months ago, I came home after a particularly long and annoying arbitration (yes, I am a lawyer) to find Dana sitting on our chaise lounge, completely naked except for a pair of black stilettos, long black gloves, and a string of pearls. She had her legs spread open, displaying her freshly shaved pussy, which was already dripping. In her hands she held two glasses of champagne.

"Hello, my wonderful husband," Dana said with a sultry smirk. "Come over here and help me celebrate."

"Hey, babe," I said as best I could with my dry mouth and painfully hard erection. "What's the occasion?"

"First things first," she said, motioning for me to join her. I dropped my briefcase and sat next to her on the chaise. She kissed me, a long drawn out kiss, her talented tongue stroking mine, her teeth nipping my lips playfully. Then she drew back and handed me a glass.

"I got the fellowship," she said excitedly.

"Oh my god, Dana that's fantastic!" I exclaimed. We clinked glasses and I drank mine down. "I'm so proud of you babe." I brought her lips to mine, tasting the champagne, the tingling from the bubbles adding to the intensity of the kiss. I put my hands on her breasts. I cupped and squeezed them, then pinched and rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, making her moan. I replaced my right hand with my mouth, taking her nipple between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, alternating sucking and teasing it with my teeth. My hand moved down between her legs, feeling the slickness of her pussy juices. I found her clit and began teasing it with two fingers.

"Oh, god, Seth," she cried. I knew she was nearing an orgasm, and I increased the force of my sucking.

"Oh, nnnnn, Seth, I'm gonna come," she panted.

"Good, Dana, come for me," I whispered. I moved my mouth down to her pussy, replacing my fingers with my tongue, flicking her clit and darting in an out, tasting her juices. I felt her body constrict, and all of a sudden she flooded my mouth with her sweet come, which I swallowed greedily. I pulled back and watched Dana come down. She looked so sexy splayed own, her breasts flushed and heaving.

"Seth, that was amazing," Dana panted.

"You deserve it, babe," I said, kissing her neck.

"And you deserve this," she said getting on her knees in front of me. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants, pulling them and my boxers down to my ankles, freeing my 9in cock, which was already oozing. Dana crawled between my thighs and swirled her tongue around the tip, licking up the pre cum, then teasing my head before running her tongue up and down my shaft.

"Yeah, baby," I moaned, leaning back and closing my eyes.

"Seth, there is one other thing," Dana said softly. Uh-oh. Leave it to my wife to ask me for something when I'm most vulnerable, and dammit, it usually works.

"What is it?" I asked, prying my eyes open, praying it didn't involve me sitting on some legal committee for the hospital.

"I was thinking," she began, stroking my cock with those gloved hands of hers. The sensation was hypnotic. "Now that I've got this fellowship, I'll be making more money and I'll have more vacation time."


"Well, I was thinking maybe it's time we had a baby." She chose that moment to take my entire length in her mouth, pushing my cock down her throat, not stopping until she reached the base. Then she began sucking intently on my cock as if it were a lollypop. God it felt so good, and I grabbed her hair and began fucking her mouth. Just as I was about to come, she pulled back.

"So, what do you think?" she asked carefully.

Unfortunately for me, most of the blood was in my cock, and it wanted to be inside my wife, splaying her fertile cunt.

"I think if you want to make a baby you'd better hurry up and fuck me," I said. Dana smiled and sat on my cock, easing it in, which she still had to do, being so tight. When I was all the way in, she began riding me, hips bucking, breasts bouncing in my face.

"Oh yeah, that's it baby," she cried out. "I love having your giant cock in me. I'm so hot and ready for your baby." The dirty talk was spurring me on, building my desire to pound my wife. Suddenly I grabbed her and in one motion eased her on the floor to the missionary position where I continued pumping in and out of her.

"Yes, yes, Seth that's it, oh god baby. I can feel you inside of my cervix. Oh, baby, I'm gonna be so full of you. My breasts are gonna get so full of milk for you and my belly will be so big because you'll be inside me." That sent me over the edge and I squirted rope after rope into Dana. It was the biggest come I'd ever had, lasting for at least a minute, after which I collapsed onto Dana's chest, kissing her nipple. We were both panting and sweating. She reached up and grabbed a pillow off the chaise and slid it under her hips. I looked at her quizzically.

"That's so your sperm will find my eggs," she explained. I looked down and my wife and smoothed her hair, which was now matted to her forehead. She had never looked more beautiful to me, and now that I thought of it, that was the hottest our sex had ever been.

As if reading my thoughts, she said, "It's never been like that, has it."

I shook my head. "That was amazing, babe. It's like, knowing that I was impregnating you, and the thought of your tits filled with milk...I can't explain it. It was so hot!"

"I know," Dana agreed. "I think we might just be some of those people with impregnation fetishes."

"You think?"

She nodded. "Just picture it," she said, bringing her tit to my lips. "Imagine if this tit was swollen, full of milk just for you, because you made me pregnant. You bound your woman to you forever with your child."

Just her words made my cock rigid, and I took her nipple in my mouth, sucking as hard as I could, making Dana mew.

"Is that a yes then?" she asked when I switched breasts.

"Yes," I said, smiling. I began to slide in and out of my wife, soon to be mother of my children. "I'm gonna knock you up and give you my baby."

To be continued...

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