tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSetting Up My Wife

Setting Up My Wife


There's an irony in this story I'm about to describe. Its inspiration came from my interest in reading erotic literature particularly, articles about voyeurism and manipulation. The more I read these stories the more I would visualize my own wife as the central character. Finally, I decided that I wanted to play the game in real life and see what would. I knew it would be dangerous and would have very bad ramifications if she found out but the fire was now burning in me and I had to go forward.

Chris and I are the typical late 20s yuppie couple with two good jobs and no kids. We have elected to put off the family to enjoy our time with each other, travel and save some money before we take on the responsibility of children. This freedom allows of time to take care of ourselves and Chris has taken advantage of that with a workout and recreation schedule that includes the gym, bicycling and swimming. She is a slender 5'7" with light brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and a smattering of light freckles on her cheeks. Her breasts are B/C cup which look quite good on her frame.

I'm more of a golf kinda guy and not in near the shape of Chris. As you might expect, I carry a few extra pounds on a medium 5'10" build. Fortunately, Chris has the good manners not to bring it up, at least not too often.

We enjoy and active social life with frequent dinners and parties intermingled with business events sponsored by one of our employers that we must attend. Chris dresses up very well and I can always count on compliments about what a lucky guy I am as well discrete and sometimes not so discreet looks at her body.

The one thing about our rather idyllic life that could stand improvement is in the area of sexual creativity. Chris enjoys sex but not as often as I would like and it tends towards the routine. Occasionally I can get her to dress up or I might get to tie her up for a few minutes but there is most certainly no anal or photo taking and blowjobs are rare although she loves for me to lick on her.

Well like I said above, the seed that had been planted in my mind was growing and I wanted to figure out how to get some illicit and unknown play going with Chris. After thinking through many scenarios, I decided to try and set her up with a massage therapist and see if he could seduce her into letting go a bit hopefully, while I got the chance to watch.

Now knowing Chris, I knew this was not going to be as simple as some guy coming over and her giving into some hidden lust. Rather, I knew the approach would have to be a long term plan with a therapist that was outwardly respectful but also a bit edgy and naughty but most important he needed to be patient.

Well, they say figuring out the plan is 90% of the battle but in this case that didn't turn out to be true. Finding the right guy became a time and energy black hole. First, I created a list of prospects from internet searches, magazine articles, phonebook, etc. Then, I started culling out these prospects through direct contact either through phone calls or meetings. In most cases, the guy turned out to be gay, ugly, or weird and they quickly got stricken. The few that made it through involved a more detailed discussion which turned out to be much more awkward than I had anticipated. I got laughed at some and in one case told to leave the office immediately.

After three months of work, I had it narrowed to two candidates but honestly neither felt totally right. One was young, around 24 years old and while handsome I thought he lacked the maturity and patience needed. The second was an older guy in his mid-30s but he was overweight and hispanic and I didn't see him as someone Chris would warm up to.

It was actually the older guy who sensing my reticence gave me the contact information for a guy who he said might be a better fit. That's how I came to find David an early 40s guy who owned a small gym and did massage in the evenings. David turned out to be 6"1" tall and leanly muscled instead of the bulky body typical of weightlifters. He was tanned with a shaved head.

Our first meeting took place in his small office in his gym he stood quietly listening as I explained who had referred him and stumbled through a description of what I had in mind.

"That seems a bit perverted not to mention I could lose my MT license." He finally responded after I had completed my request.

"I guess it might be some but based on the referral I thought maybe you had done something like this before." I said in an embarrassed stutter.

"How far do you want this to go? You want me to fuck her?" He said bluntly which put me more off guard.

"Well, I.......I'm not sure. I guess I was hoping to see how things went first." I replied struggling to make sense and now thinking he was not the right guy.

"You got a pic?" David demanded more than asked.

I slowly pulled out a picture of Chris in a bikini taken by me in our backyard and handed it over.

"Nice. Very nice." Was all he said.

"Look, maybe I made a mistake." I said now just wanting to get the picture back and leave.

David looked at me for a few moments causing me to become more uncomfortable before speaking."Okay, here's what I'm willing to do. I'll massage her a few times and see what I think and you can how you think she is taking to it. If we are both okay with things maybe we'll continue. If not, you just got her a couple nice massages. By the way, its $60 per hour here or $80 per hour at your place." Sensing my confusion he continued. "I need to check on a customer. I'll be back in a minute and you think about it till then."

David came back in just a few minutes and looked at me with a questioning expression.

"She's very shy. You'll have to go slow." I said.

"No problem. She will have no idea of a conspiracy." He answered with a grin.

With that, the deal was made and we also agreed that the massages should be at our house. Then, I asked if he had a gift certificate as my thought was to tell her I had won it and then convince her to be the one to get the massage. David didn't have any printed certificates but we worked one up on his computer in the form of a letter and he signed and handed it to me.

"That will be $80. You don't want her see you pay when I'm there." He stated.

I reluctantly reached into my billfold and extracted the money and handed it to him.

"Good luck." He said as he held the door open for me to leave.

That evening, I put the letter on the kitchen table before Chris got home knowing she would find it and hoping she would demand to use it herself. Sure enough, I saw her looking it within fifteen minutes of arriving.

"Where do you get this?" She asked.

"A new Starbuck's opened near the office and they were giving out various promotional things." I lied.

"When are you going to use it?" She asked looking interested.

"Well sweetheart I was going to give it to you. Thought you might need it with all the exercise you have been getting." I suggested hoping she would grab the bait.

"I've never had a massage from a man." She said nervously.

"Probably some 5' tall gay guy." I said laughing.

"Well then I'll take it." She said laughing with me unaware of my naughty plan.

"We don't have anything planned for Thursday why don't you see if you can schedule then?" I suggested.

"Can't you call?" She asked. Her nervousness not completely gone.

"Sure." I answered holding my hand out for the letter.

While she stepped into the kitchen I called David and in a few minutes we had it scheduled for Thursday at 7 PM.

"That was fast." He said at the end of the call.

"Yeah, hope my luck hold." I replied then hung up.

Thursday came and David appeared at the door at 6:50 PM with a portable table and a gym bag. He was wearing a tight t-shirt that showed off his upper body and flannel sweat pants. We directed him to the guest bedroom and left him to set-up.

"Well he doesn't look 5' tall and gay." Chris said looking nervously at me.

"You'll be fine. I'm only a few feet away." I answered.

Within a few minutes David called that he was ready and Chris moved towards the bedroom looking back over her shoulder quickly at me. She disappeared and after a few minutes David came out.

"She's getting on the table." He informed me.

"Be patient. She's nervous." I counseled.

"I will. It will take a lot of massages." He told me and then turned back towards the hall.

Unfortunately, it was still light outside so I couldn't risk going to the window. Instead I sat there tortured wondering what was taking place and randomly clicking the remote causing the channels to race by.

An hour and fifteen minutes later David came out.

"She's getting up now. She's in great shape." He said.

"Did it go alright?" I asked.

"She was very nervous and tense but I think she started to relax. I guess we'll see if she wants another." He stated.

We could hear the door open to the bedroom and then the water running in the bathroom. David turned to go and collect his stuff. I followed him and saw that he had filled the room with candles created a soft glow in the room. There was incense burning and a portable stereo was playing the sounds of ocean waves. David quickly dismantled the table and packed his things.

"Call my cell tomorrow and let's discuss." He said as I opened the front door.

Chris finally came out of the bathroom thirty minutes later having bathed. She was wearing a terry cloth robe with nothing underneath and snuggled next to me on the couch.

"Well, did you enjoy?" I asked sincerely.

"Oh yeah, that was fabulous. I feel like putty now." She informed me.

"If you like the massage, maybe we should get him over regularly?" I said taking a deep breath.

"Can we afford it?" She asked.

"For you sweetheart we can." I said making her snuggle even closer.

"That would be very nice." She replied as her hand began stroking my leg.

We were in bed within minutes and kissed my way down her body licking her nipples on the way to find an already wet pussy. I teased all around her clit until she was squirming before she grabbed my head and centered my tongue.

"Ohhhh, right there baby. No more teasing." She said breathing heavily.

I could feel Chris' legs starting to rise which is a sure sign of her arousal. When her toes were pointed to the ceiling her tummy started to spasm and she screamed as an orgasm swept through her.

"Ohh, ohhh, don't stop......ohh, I need you inside me, now." She demanded.

I lifted myself over her then drove inside with one push until I felt my cock hit bottom. I started fucking her hard, as hard as I ever had, causing her breath to be knocked out. I felt like an animal trying to conquer its prey and I relentlessly drove myself in and out until I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Ohhh, fuck,......shit I'm cumming." I yelled as my body lost its rhythm.

It felt like my balls had been blown out the end of my dick and as I fought for breath we kept a slow rolling motion going as I kissed Chris deeply.

"Damn I love you." I said still trying to catch my breath.

"No talking." Was her reply.

We kissed and hugged and fucked slowly until exhaustion came over us and I collapsed next to her and was quickly asleep.

"David, it's me. Tell me what happened." I blurted out when he picked up.

"Well let's get right to it." He said with a laugh.

"Yeah, been killing me all night." I explained.

"Okay. Well I had her pretty bundled up with heavy draping. Worked her little by little real conservative only uncovering a little at a time then re-covering. Like I said, she was very nervous and tense but started to relax. I had told her to undress to her level of comfort and I found out she kept her bra and panties on. I did unhook her bra when I worked her back though. Just tried to make it a normal massage to get her relaxed." He explained.

"Okay, I see. It's going to take time for sure." I replied.

"Oh yeah. She interested in more." His interest clear through the phone.

"Yeah, she is. I'm thinking every 3 – 4 weeks." I said.

"That sounds about right. That's not an uncommon massage cycle." He replied.

"Well let's plan on three weeks. We can set exact date when it gets closer." I suggested.

"Okay, sounds good. By the way, how was the sex after?" He asked.

"How do you know we had sex?" My stammering giving it away.

"Just a hunch." He replied laughing.

"It was good." I said not really knowing why.

The next massage did occur three weeks later and it began a routine that stayed mostly on schedule. As the days got longer, I was able to peek into the room and watch the massage but as David had described it was conservative and after a while I quit. I told myself that it was an investment for the future and even if nothing happened Chris was getting a good massage which she needed.

On the 4th session, Chris got on the table with no bra indicating that she was becoming comfortable with things. I had a brief hope that maybe things would begin to accelerate unfortunately that was not the case.

David would debrief me after each session. He knew I was occasionally watching but he would fill in gaps on what was said and how her body responded. He was actually very encouraging and even though he had a vested interest from the money I felt he was being sincere. I did appreciate his patience. I had been worried about that when we first met but he had proved so far to have been a good choice. Also, Chris seemed to like him. She didn't seem threatened by him and occasionally would even make a positive remark about his physique or hands.

After the 7th session, almost half a year into the massages, I called David to discuss as was our standard practice.

"Breakthrough!" He stated.

"What? What happened." Now fully alert.

"She didn't wear panties." He informed me.

"Interesting. She didn't say anything to me." I replied.

"Yeah, I found out when I started to massage hips." He explained.

"Maybe she was wearing a thong?" I suggested.

"Nope. I looked for it. There was nothing." He said.

"Well that's very positive. And I take it y'all didn't discuss it." I asked.

"No, I just massaged her but I did get a little closer." He offered.

"Closer?" I asked.

"Inside her thighs. Does she shave?" He questioned.

"Yes, it's the one thing she gives in to me on." I said laughing.

"Did you have sex with her after the massage?" he asked.

"David, we have sex after every massage." I said laughing again.

"And? Was she particularly horny?" He said trying to lead the conversation.

"Yes, she was very hot." I said remembering how she had almost assaulted me when David had left.

"I want you to think about something." He said.

"What is that?" I asked.

"Quit having sex with her after the massages." He stated.

"Well I think I know where you are going do you think it will make her horny on the table?" I replied.

"I think she is horny on the table. But, she knows relief is coming." He explained.

"Damn, that will be hard. I'll have to think of some damn good excuses." I said not really sure I wanted to give up the good sex.

"Let's give it a try and see what happens." He suggested.

We agreed to give the plan a try and the thoughts of her naked so close to another man drove my fantasies for the next three weeks.

After the next two massages, I made excuses as to reasons I wasn't up for sex. First, was a bad headache and for the next I feigned a cold the beginning the day before. Both times, Chris snuggled close trying to get attention anyway but I held firm. It was in bed after I turned her down the second time that I woke during the night to the sounds of her masturbating next to me.

Of course, David and I were exchanging information and after we discussed her masturbating he suggested that he try a bit of a move during the next massage.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well I think I'll pretend to have left the heavy draping covers at the gym and show up with only a small one." He suggested.

"How small?" I asked.

"It will barely cover her and as light as a sheet. It will make her feel exposed." He explained.

"She might say no or get a blanket from the closet." I countered.

"Or she might say yes." He stated.

That was the plan we agreed to and this time I fully intended to watch from the window and in preparation made sure there was a gap in the shutters to the room. I would have loved to have seen her expression when she first saw the sheet but, afraid she might object, I stayed inside until the massage began.

It was with more than a little surprise that she raised no objection and after several minutes he re-entered the room. I bolted outside in the cold to the window to watch.

David had been honest about the covering. It barely covered Chris on the table, the sides just reaching the table top. Also, it wasn't long enough to cover her lengthwise so when David covered her feet the other end stopped at her shoulder blades. The material was so light and thin that it molded itself to her body giving us a nice view of her form.

I couldn't believe that my shy and conservative Chris wasn't objecting. I thought it must be a testimony to the trust that David had developed over the many massages. David moved to the top of the table near her head and turned the cover down to the top of her butt. Now, Chris' entire back was exposed and I could see the sides of her breasts pushed flat against the table. He worked Chris' neck and shoulders like he always did then started the long strokes down her back. This time instead of a thick fold of covers at the top of her butt there was only the thin material and I could see his fingertips extending beneath the sheet before moving back towards her shoulders.

David knew I was watching and when he dropped one of the small bottles of oil he was using between her legs causing the sheet to tighten I figured it was for my benefit. As his fingers worked down her back it caused the sheet to be pushed further and before long we were getting a view of the beginning of her crack. My breath came out in vaporous pants in the cold air and my dick was hard in my pants.

Too soon, he finished with her back and rolled the sheet halfway up her back but not as high as it had been before. He moved to her left leg and uncovered her from her butt check to her feet tucking the sheet underneath. He started with her feet and when done worked her calves and then her thighs kneading them before moving to her butt and doing the same thing. He finished with long slow stroked from her knee to her butt with his hand disappearing between her legs each time.

Suddenly, Chris lifted herself from the face cradle and turned to him and said something. She had the look I knew from sex where her eyes half closed and her mouth half open. David bent forward to speak with her keeping his right hand on her butt as he did. She put her head back in the cradle but seemed to still be speaking since David was still leaning forward talking. After several more seconds, David returned to massaging her like nothing had happened leaving me to wonder what had been said.

He started the long strokes again and it seemed his fingers were within an inch of her pussy. I saw her head start t rise again but then collapse back into the cradle and her hand which had been dangling on the side now reached up and grabbed the sides of the table. David turned to the window and smiled at me then went to the other side of the table and started on her right leg without covering her left.

He repeated the same process and when he started the long strokes up her thigh the sheet now looked like a diaper between her legs. It was during one of these strokes when his fingertips disappeared between her legs that I saw her grind her hips softly into the table. She was clearly very aroused and I wondered how far David would push it. On the one hand I wanted him to make progress but not at the expense of the longer term outcome.

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