Seventh Heaven: Camden Family Sex Ch. 02


Paris' face was now hidden as she rolled her head from side to side on the sofa cushion. Her long blonde locks covered her face and she was breathing heavily through her mouth. She ran her fingers lovingly through Roxanne's long silky hair as she came closer and closer to an explosive orgasm. Her hips drove up off the sofa and fell back to the cushion ass he started cumming all over Roxanne's incredible mouth. Roxanne did not let up and she yearned for yet another round of Paris' cum in her mouth.

Paris unable to take any more of Roxanne's expert licking roughly pulled her head from between her thighs. Scrambling off the sofa and onto her knees, she grabbed at the silky dress gathered around Roxanne's waist. She pulled at it until it slipped off her trim hips and down her long slender legs. She pushed Roxanne down to the sofa and straddled her body. She lowered her pussy down to Roxanne's smiling face as she spread Roxanne's thighs and dove right in to get a taste of her honeypot.

Lucy was so caught up in watching the incredible lesbian scene before her, she didn't notice Chandler entering the room.

He stood back from the duo on the sofa and looked from them to Lucy, who now had her panties dangling from one foot as she had three fingers finger-fucking her tight-lipped pussy and her thumb diddling her stiff clit.

Chandler quietly scooted over to where Lucy was sitting and unzipping his pants, pulled his sizeable cock out and leaning over began to caress her cheek with his cock. It was already dripping with a dollop of pre-cum and when Lucy felt it on her cheek, she was shaken from her trance and looked over at Chandler.

Her large dark blue eyes stared up at him and after a long pause, she licked her lips and turned her head and closed her lips around the thick weeping head. Inch by inch his cock disappeared into her mouth. Her hands reached out and grabbing his ass drew him totally into her mouth.

Having experienced all of the Camden men, with the foot-long cocks, Chandler's eight inch cock slid in rather easily, although he was quite a bit thicker than Simon, Matt or her father, she was able to take him into her throat.

Chandler steadily began to fuck Lucy's mouth as the two of them kept their eyes glued to Paris and Roxanne locked in a torrid sixty-nine on the sofa. He could not take his eyes off of Paris' tight firm ass or Roxanne's long shapely legs as they were wrapped around Paris' waist.

Roxanne was thrashing around on the sofa as she came closer and closer to cumming and suddenly she stopped moving, arching her back, she let out a loud groan and fell back to the cushions as she let go a long sigh and came all over Paris' active tongue.

Paris slowly rose from between Roxanne's thighs and looking across the room her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she looked at Lucy, her lips were pressed against Chandler's belly, his cock completely buried in Lucy's throat.

Lucy caught a glimpse of Paris watching her and as slowly as she could, she drew Chandler's cock from her throat and mouth. It was completely covered in her thick heavy saliva and wiping her lips and chin with the back of her hand motioned for Chandler to take a peek at the sofa.

Paris and Roxanne, both completely naked were seated side by side watching Lucy and Chandler. Lucy scrambled to regain some composure; "Well you two, that was some display of lovemaking. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if Chandler joined the two of you now. I would like to see if the two of you are really meant to be together, or if you still really do like the opposite sex. What better way to find out then with someone both of you had a sexual relationship with in the past!"

While Lucy was speaking, Chandler was slowly making his way over to Roxanne and Paris, stripping naked as he approached them. He stood between the two of them and they both sat up and scooting to the edge of the sofa, they both reached out and grabbed his cock. They both pumped his thick cock at the same pace.

Paris leaned in and replaced her hand with her lips, planting them on one side of the thick piece of meat.

Roxanne did the same on the other side and they both began to run their lips and tongues along his cock. They met at the head and when their lips met their kiss was hot. Breaking the kiss Roxanne looked up at Chandler and took the head of his cock into her mouth. Paris slid lower and sucked on his balls and the underside of his cock.

Chandler slid his hands through the hair of both women. He threw his head back and took in the fantastic feeling of having two pairs of lips and two tongues on his cock. He couldn't believe how hot Roxanne's mouth was on his cock and he couldn't wait to feel her cunt and Paris' cunt around his cock. His knees were getting weak and he flopped down on the sofa and grabbed hold of Paris and pulling her to his outstretched legs, she straddled him and hovered over his cock.

She looked down at him with that crooked smile and licked her lips, her dark eyes bore into his and she whispered through clenched teeth; "Stick it in Chandler, let me have it, let me ride your cock until I cream all over your cock and balls!":

Before he could direct his cock to her weeping pussy, he felt Roxanne's slim fingers encircle his cock and pushing it back slightly lined it up with Paris' pussy.

She lowered her body and his thick cock parted her thick lips and slid slowly into her hot, tight cunt. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaning down closed her lips around his. Their mouths crushed together as she began raising and lowering her lush body upon his cock. Her tongue shot into his mouth and they fought for supremacy.

Chandler began pumping his strong legs upwards, driving his cock deeper and harder into her foaming pussy.

Roxanne stopped his progress and pulled his cock out of her pussy and sucked it deep into her mouth several times. She fisted his cock as she leaned in and licked at Paris' dripping cunt, finding her clit she sucked on it briefly before stuffing Chandler's cock back into Paris' pussy.

This happened over and over again for nearly ten minutes and Paris already came twice. She leaned back and her long blonde hair danced across her sweat covered back as she went again into a mind-blowing orgasm. Too weak to take any more in this position, she rolled off of Chandler and fell to the sofa beside him.

Roxanne immediately slid over and swallowed his cum coated cock. She smiled up at him, his cock buried in her mouth and those large bright blue eyes twinkling up at him as she bobbed up and down on him.

Chandler was close to cumming, but still wanted to fuck Roxanne's even tighter pussy. He struggled up into a sitting position and with all of his energy, he pulled her fantastic mouth off his cock. Sliding to the floor, he pulled Roxanne to the sofa. He was now kneeling between her wide-spread thighs and was staring at her glistening tight lipped pussy. Slipping forward he aimed his cock, now covered in her saliva, at the dripping hole and pushing forward as slowly as he could, he watched those tight lips part and watched his cock disappear into her hot, tight cavern.

Roxanne arched her back as she accepted his cock and humped her hips trying to make him go deeper. She mouth opened wide and all that came out was a long heated sigh. Her long slim legs came up and wrapped around his back and as Chandler shoved his cock in deeper, her heels kicked at his ass trying to make him go even faster and deeper.

Chandler leaned in and captured one of her cherry-tipped tits and sucked on it hard and Roxanne let out a loud groan; "Oh fuck me harder Chandler, deeper, faster, oh fuck I miss your cock in my cunt, oh my god, I'm there already, fuck me deeper, yes, yes, oh fuck I'm cumming. Oh Chandler, cum in me! I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy!"

He was unable to hold off any longer, the first shot went off in her hot pussy.

When Paris realized this, she wanted her fair share and pulled his cock from Roxanne's pussy. The next shot was all over Roxanne's flat belly and firm tits. Paris lowered her face and caught the next volley all over her face and into her hair. Shot after creamy shot covered the two women as if Chandler hadn't cum in weeks. The three of them fell into a heap of sweat and cum covered bodies.

At the desk, Lucy's entire hand and wrist were covered in her own cum juices and she was so near to cumming yet again, but figured she better leave, because she had no answer for the threesome laying naked on the sofa across from her.

Lucy was sizzling like bacon on a grill. After watching Roxanne and Paris make love to one another and having Chandler playing with her tits and when he whipped out his thick cock and fed it to Lucy, she nearly came in her office chair. When Chandler slid over and fucked both Paris and Roxanne, she couldn't take any more and had to hurry out and get home. She couldn't wait to have both Kevin and Ben fuck her in her own bed.

She started the car and called home, Ben answered it, but he was moaning so loud, she couldn't make out when he was saying, then she heard the phone fall and the sound of both her husband Kevin and Ben moaning and groaning and then the sound of a female voice. After a moment or so she realized the female voice was that of her baby sister Ruthie.

Lucy slowed the car and her breathing quickened as she heard Ruthie urging Kevin to fuck her pussy harder and she heard him scream out how hot and tight she was. Lucy's hand slipped to her full breast and tweaked the nipple through the knit dress.

She let out a gasp when she once again heard Ruthie scream out for Ben to fuck her ass deeper just like Kevin had done earlier. Lucy tried to drive the car with one knee while her head cradled the phone. She had one hand rolling her tight nipple and the other hand was between her legs, her dress was up around her hips and she had her hand buried in her panties, grinding her fingers into her cunt and rolling the stiff red swollen clit.

She was driving erratic as she came closer and closer to cumming and all of a sudden, there was a bar of flashing blue lights in her rearview mirror; "Oh fuck I was so fucking close to cumming!"

She pulled the car over and dropped the phone and tried desperately to straighten her dress. As the man came along to the side of the car, he got a great look at her slim thighs, just as she pulled her dress down, a nanosecond too slow.

"Aw Lucy Kenkirk, are you aware you were swerving all over the road, are you alright?"

She looked up and smiled at the dark eyes of Detective Michaels; "Well hello Detective Michaels, no I wasn't aware of it. I was distracted while trying to get Kevin on the phone and when I dropped it, I sort of swerved to one side."

"Oh I'm not buying that Lucy. I was following you for quite a while and you were all over the road!" Looking down he spotted the phone still open and he motioned to the phone; "Could you please hand me that phone? Make sure you don't hang-up!"

Lucy was beet red and handing Lee the phone, he put the phone to his ear and slowly a smile crossed his lips. He listened intently and he started to get a hard-on. Lucy noticed the growing lump in his pants and without noticing her hand drifted back down to the itch between her legs.

Detective Michaels slowly unzipped his pants and whipping out his cock tapped the bottom of the window and Lucy turned her head and without missing a beat took the extremely thick cock onto her mouth. He pulled it away and stuffed it back in his pants, zipping up, he opened the car door; "Please step out of the car Mrs. Kenkirk, I'm going to have to take you down to the station on suspicion of intoxication!"

"Detective Michaels, I am not drunk!"

He chuckled; "No I don't believe you are Lucy, but YOU ARE INTOXICATING! I can't have you driving when you're playing with yourself, you may lose control and get into an accident! I couldn't forgive myself if I saw that and didn't do something about it. You'll have to come with me and I'll have to take care of that problem for you, what do you say?"

Lucy had a troubled look on her face, but when Lee Michaels placed the phone to her ear and she heard Kevin moaning and groaning as he fucked Ruthie, her mind was made up; "Lead the way Detective Michaels, I'm in your custody now, just make sure you frisk me for concealed weapons. I know you have one and I wouldn't mind playing with it again!"

He smiled; "Call me Lee, Lucy where should we go?"

"Take me to my house, after what I heard I want Kevin and Ben watch and listen to us, after what he's doing now, paybacks are a bitch and right now I'm a Bitch in heat!"

Lee led her to the car and opened the door for her and when he came around to the driver side door, opened it and slid in. He stopped momentarily as he gazed down at Lucy's gorgeous bare thighs.

When she got in the car, her dress slid halfway up her thighs and didn't bother to pull it back down.

Lee drove quickly to the Kenkirk house and they both kicked off their shoes and hurried up the stairs, pass the bedroom where Ruthie, Kevin and Ben were still fucking and slipped into the guest bedroom.

Lucy undressed the detective quickly and pushed the well- muscled black man to the bed. Lucy stood over him and whispered; "I've always wanted a black man, but I need you to keep your hands on the bed. Once I've gotten you good and hot, then you can touch me and do whatever you want to me, can you do that?"

Lee rose up on one arm and smiled up at her; "I think it's a little late now for rules, but I've always wanted to fuck the Camden ladies and now that I have the chance, sure I agree!"

Lucy's dark blue eyes sparkled; "Listen Lee if you're as good as I think you're going to be, we're having a 25th anniversary party in a couple of weeks and if you satisfy me and Ruthie later, we'll invite you and you can have a crack at Mary and my mom there!"


"Yeah Lee?"

"How about shutting up now and start getting me hot like you promised?"

She placed her finger to her lips as if she was keeping quiet. She reached down and gripping the hem of her dress and in one swift move, pulled her dress up and off her slim petite body. She stood there in matching black lace panties and bra, swayed before the prone detective.

Leaning over him she drifted her long silky blonde hair over his body. Starting at his neck and slid her hair down his chest, over his belly and down one leg and up the other. She swayed back and forth across his stiff black cock and it jerked and jumped from the intense feeling she was causing.

Lucy turned her body, her tight tiny ass was facing Lee and she slowly lowered her panties, her pussy was gleaming in the light of the room from her juice coated cuntlips.

She rose and turned to face him again; reaching back, with two fingers deftly popped open her bra and her large shapely tits came tumbling out. For such a slim, petite woman, Lucy's tits looked even larger. She reached up and massaged her thick nippled tits, tugging at the stiff tips she rolled and pulled until a low groan escaped her lips. Now totally naked she approached the bed and placing one slim dimpled knee on the mattress. Climbing onto the bed she reached out and closed her slim tiny white hand around his extreme thick black cock, her fingers didn't meet as she began to pump her tiny hand up and down his cock.

Lucy licked her lips and she smiled up at Lee and just before her slim lips closed around his cock she whispered; "Okay Lee, do whatever you want!" Her lips wrapped around the thick black piece of meat. The Camden men were a couple inches longer, but Lee was a lot thicker and she had a difficult time taking him down her throat like Annie and Mary had taught her.

Lee pulled Lucy over his body and lowered her tight-lipped pussy to his large mouth. His huge tongue slipped out and instantly began licking up and down her tight slit. He stiffened his tongue and began stabbing at her wet hole. He clamped his mouth around her pussy and sucking hard, drew the majority of her cunt in-between his lips.

Lucy let out a loud groan and opening her mouth as wide as she could, dropping down she began taking Lee deep into her mouth. The large, thick knob beat against the back of her throat and she began throat fucking herself with his cock. The thick hot saliva in the back of her throat coated his cock and she made obscene noises as she gag-fucked her mouth and throat with his cock.

Her eyes watered as she relished the thick black cock pulsing in her oral cavity. She tried desperately to take him into her throat, but he was just too thick and she gagged and gurgled around the thick black piece of meat. She sucked and bobbed even faster when she felt Lee capture her stiff clit between his lips and felt his tongue flick it over and over again.

Lucy let out a loud squeal and let loose an orgasm she so desperately needed after watching Chandler, Roxanne and Paris. She let out a loud giggle when she felt Lee's fingers drive into her pussy and ass at the same time and before she could react; he pulled her off his face and planted her tiny quaking body about his waist.

He gripped his cock and finding her opening shoved his cock into her tight slit, Lee shoved upward and his cock slid into her incredibly tight hole. Detective Michaels was like a machine. Planting her knees on either side of his body, like a steam locomotive he began pumping his thick, black cock in and out of her foaming pussy as fast and hard as he could.

"Oh yes, yes, Lee fuck my pussy, shove that big thick black cock deep in my tight pink pussy! Faster, harder, oh fuck Lee I can feel a glorious orgasm building, faster, please don't slow down, I'm going to cum, yes, yes I'm cummungggggg!

Lucy's legs could no longer hold her shaking body and she fell against Detective Michaels's black muscled chest. Her full firm tits squashed against his sweat covered body.

Lee had just begun as his huge black hands cupped her tight ass cheeks and continued to raise and lower her weak body upon his cum coated cock. As it slipped in and out of her, his thick black cock was completely covered in Lucy's thick creamy cum. Thick clumps of her cum collected around his large balls as he pumped up and down into her.

Lucy let out a loud scream when Lee suddenly rolled over and planted her sweat covered body on the soaked sheets. Her extremely long silky blonde hair created a halo around her head and covered half of her upper body. Her huge tits rose and fell from her heavy breathing and she weakly pulled Lee's thick upped body down to her petite form.

Lee captured her mouth with his and everyone who knows Lucy, she just love to kiss and she worked her mouth hard against his as her tongue entered his mouth and she was breathing heavily into his mouth. She groaned when she felt his large hands reach up and maul her swollen tits and tweaking her nipples.

The electric shocks shot directly from her tits and nipples down to her pussy and clit. She dumped another load of juices all around his cock as Lee continued to pound in and out of her dripping cunt. She bit on his lower lip as she started cumming again.

Lee was panting wildly into her mouth as he slammed into her tiny body; "Where do you want it Lucy, where do you want me to shoot my hot cum?"

Her eyes rolled back in her head as she moaned out wildly; "In my cunt, on my belly and all over my tits. Put the flames out in my cunt and then shoot the rest of your load all over my body, I want to feel your hot cum on my sweat covered body. Oh fuck yes, yes Lee I can feel you cum in my pussy. Oh fuck, it's so fucking hot! Now cum all over my body!"

Lee pulled his cock from her pussy and it made a slurping sound as he did that. Gripping his cock he continued to cum, covering her tight trim body as Lucy came once again.

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