tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSeventh Heaven: Camden Family Sex Ch. 03

Seventh Heaven: Camden Family Sex Ch. 03


Annie was dressed to the nine's, she spent an hour soaking in the tub where she shaved every hair off her lower body and now thoroughly relaxed, dried herself off and slipping into a large fluffy robe, took a seat at the dressing table. There she dried her hair and put it up in curlers. Spending an extra amount of time, she applied her make-up and once done was pleasantly surprised how young she still appeared. Slipping off the robe she applied a scented lotion to her newly tight body and looking in the mirror was happy how her long hours in the workout center and having her breasts enhanced made her look even better than before having her seven children.

She slipped the strapless black lace bra on and looking in the mirror, removed it, deciding against it. She slipped into the matching black lace bikini panties; she loved how it molded her firm ass. Picking up the silk black lacy thigh-hi stockings, she slipped them on and looking in the mirror again, loving how she looked. Picking up the short body hugging black strapless dress she stepped into it and zipping it up turned from side to side gazing at her figure in the mirror. Her high standing tits, threatened to pop out of the top of the dress. It hugged her tiny waist and her gorgeous ass. Her legs looked good, but when she slipped the black four inch heels, she looked even better. The dress barely covered the tops of her stockings and her pussy immediately felt a rush of moisture as she imagined Eric removing it and driving his huge cock into her waiting pussy.

She proceeded to remove the curlers and brush out her curly golden locks. Her hair rested on her bare shoulders and she had to admit, she looked very, very fuckable. Picking up the black lace shawl she tossed it over her shoulders and headed downstairs to wait for Eric.

Downstairs Cecilia was getting the twins ready for the movies. She agreed to help Annie out so Eric and she could have the house to themselves when they returned from their romantic anniversary dinner.

Eric was in the church office on the phone with his mother; "Please mother, do this for me. I want to surprise Annie, but can't do it without being out of contact for two or three days!"

Ruth Camden spoke to her son; "Okay I'll do it, but you know Annie, she'll be calling every hour to check on you and the Colonel. I'll just tell her cell phones are now allowed on in the hospital. I have your cell and let you know if any problems arise, take care Eric and happy anniversary!"

"Thanks mom, I owe you one!" Hanging up the phone he called the hotel in San Francisco overlooking Fisherman's Wharf and booked the suite. He then called the Dairy Hut and got hold of Jane; "All set Jane, make sure you and Margaret sneak into the apartment, packs some clothes for a few days. Make sure you both pack something sleek and sexy for a night on the town. I'll meet you two at the airport, bye and be careful!"

He hung up the phone and took a deep breath; "Now for the hard call and the disappointment and bitching!" Dialing the number Cecelia answered the phone; "Oh hi Eric, yeah Annie's here somewhere let me get her. My god Annie you look amazing, Eric is one lucky man to have someone as beautiful as you after twenty-five years!"

"Hi Eric are ready for our big night. I have Cecilia taking the boys and Ruthie will be out most of the evening and promises not to disturb us!"

Replying with a shaky voice he replied; "Oh Annie I'm so, so sorry! I got a call from my mother and my dad just had a heart-attack and has taken a turn for the worse. I'm at the airport now getting ready to board the late flight to Buffalo. I know it's our anniversary, but what else could I do. I'll call you when I land and get to my parent's home!"

"OH ERIC, don't fuck with me, I know you have to make it sound like we're having a family crisis, are you all set to take those two sluts to San Francisco? "

"Shhhhh, not so loud Annie, we don't want anyone to catch on. I still want you to go out and enjoy yourself and have a good meal. There's a surprise coming soon to take you and bring you back. You may want to take Kevin and Lucy with you, or better yet whomever you want to join you. They're calling my flight, have fun and I'll call you when I land, love you Annie!"

He hung up before she could reply. Picking up the phone she called Matt wanting to keep the scam going. When he answered blurted out; "Hi Matt, I need you to make a couple calls for me, I think your father is planning something special and I need you to just confirm it for me. It's all good so please, please don't lead on that I'm behind this!"

"Sure mom, what do you want me to do?"

"Call the Colonel and ask him what his plans are for Christmas? Tell him you and Sarah was thinking about heading there for the week-end, just make sure you don't lead on about me and make sure you take to the Colonel and not Ruth."

"Will do mom, I'll call now and get back with you as soon as possible, oh and by the way Happy Anniversary!" Like all the Camden's he hung up without saying goodbye.

Annie paced the floor and struck up a conversation with Cecilia; "So Cecilia you think I look good?"

"Oh Annie you look hot, if I was sure I wouldn't mess-up your hair or make-up I'd take you upstairs and take up where we left off before Eric interrupted us last time!"

Annie chuckled; "Oh don't tempt me Cecilia, I get wet just thinking about you and me naked in bed together!" She made a move towards Cecilia when the phone rang and answering it, Matt was on the other end.

"Hi mom just got off the phone with the Colonel and he told me he would love to have us there for the holidays. I told him I would have to check with Sarah to confirm, was that what you wanted mom?"

She snickered into the phone; "Oh yes Matt, perfect, not a word to anyone, thanks and I owe you one!" She hung up the phone and now Eric and her plan was set to go and with no one to interfere with it, she began planning her next move.

Cecilia left with the twin and now waited for Eric's surprise to arrive. About five minutes later the doorbell rang and Annie opened it.

Standing at the door was T-Bone, he was holding a corsage and was dressed in a black tuxedo, his mop-top hair always turned Annie on and today he looked even hotter and again wheels began to turn in her head.

"My, my don't you look dapper T-Bone, come in, I'm nearly ready to go."

"My god Mrs. Camden you look amazing, is Mr. Camden ready?"

"Why thank you T-Bone, but Eric just called and had a family emergency that took him out of town, so no Eric will not be accompanying me." She stopped and took in the boyish handsomeness before him and she suddenly smiled broadly at him. "T-Bone would you be interested in being my date tonight? It being my anniversary, I really don't want to spend it all alone and seeing Eric already has the entire evening planned out, along with the reservations and car, I'd hate to see it all go to waste!"

T-Bone suddenly was smiling from ear to ear and his eyes nearly popped out of his head, all he could do was nod and taking a deep breath blurted out; "Oh yes Mrs. Camden, I'd love being your date tonight. I already have the flowers and car, so there isn't anything stopping us."

Annie stepped forward and smiled at T-Bone; "Two things, no really three things, first if we're going out on a date you better call me Annie and forget the Mrs. Camden crap. Second are you going to put that corsage on me, now if you do, no copping a feel!"

He blushed as he reached out and slipping two fingers under the top edge of her dress pulled it out slightly to attach the corsage to her dress. His fingers felt the smooth firm flesh of one breast against his fingers as he put the flowers on her. He stepped back and couldn't take his eyes off her tits; "There you go Annie, what was your third question?"

"Mmmm your fingers felt good there, why did you pull them away? My third thing was I know they call you T-Bone, why and what is your real name?"

T-Bone stuttered; "That makes four, so I will answer one now and maybe I'll tell you the other later, it is a little personal! My real name is Theodore, Ted for short, shall we leave, I don't want to arrive late?"

Annie placed her arm in his as he led her to the limo. He opened the backdoor for her and she shook her head; "Seeing it's just you and me T-Bone, I think I'll sit up front with you if you don't mind?"

Before he could respond she already had the front door opened and was sliding in. When she did climb in her skirt rode up and she gave T-Bone a glimpse of her bare flesh above her lace covered thighs. She looked up and catching his eyes she gave him a broad smile till he closed the door behind her.

He hurried around to the driver side and when he opened his door, she had already tugged her skirt down, at least over the lacy top of her stockings, still giving him a nice view of her black stocking clad thighs.

Putting the car in drive he took off for the restaurant. He had a tough time keeping his eyes on the road as he continued to look down at her gorgeous legs.

Annie giggled; "Ted, if you don't keep your eyes on the road, you're going to get us both in an accident, maybe I should ride in the back!"

"No, no you don't have to do that Annie; I'll concentrate on the road!" Pulling up to a stoplight he glanced down and let out a tiny moan; "My Annie, I must say you look exceptionally fine tonight. That dress is incredible and the package it's wrapped around, I believe is even finer!"

A huge smile crossed her face; "Well thank you Ted, that's very nice of you to say, but you may want to let off the brake, the light is green!" She laughed out loud as she saw how flustered he got and the car jerked forward as he sped away.

He finally got to the five-star French restaurant. The doorman opened the door for Annie and the valet took the car for T-Bone. He hurried to the door and arrived there at the same time as Annie.

He told the maître d the name and he nodded; "This way Mr. Camden!" At the secluded table the maître d held the chair for Annie and as T-Bone took his seat he said; "Have an enjoyable meal and Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Camden!

T-Bone was about to correct him when Annie spoke up; "Thank you, I'm sure we will!" She looked at T-Bone; "No reason to embarrass the poor man now is there Ted."

He smiled and shook his head; "I guess not! Would you like a cocktail Annie?"

"Mmmmmm how about ordering a bottle of champagne seeing Eric is paying for it!" She called the waiter over and ordered a bottle and two flutes.

The waiter looked over at Ted and back at Annie; "Very well madam, right away!"

The waiter returned with the champagne and after opening it, poured it into the two glasses.

Annie raised her glass; "To us and an enjoyable and exciting evening neither of us will hopefully never forget!" She caught his gaze over the top of her glass as she sipped the bubbly drink. She licked her lips and smiled at him; "How about an appetizer, some oysters?"

He put his glass down and nodded slowly; "Oysters would be great, I heard they are fantastic aphrodisiacs!"

Her eyes opened wide and she smiled again; "Well Ted we may just have to see if that is true later!"

Before he could reply the waiter came over and Annie ordered the oysters. The food came quickly and before they knew it their dessert was being set before them.

The restaurant had a small cozy dance floor and there was a small band playing. T-Bone stood and looked down at Annie; "Excuse me Annie; I have to visit the restroom."

On his way over there he stopped at the band and spoke briefly with them. When he returned to the table he took a seat and looked across at Annie; "Would you like to dance Annie?"

She beamed up at him; "I would love to Ted."

As they reached the dance floor the band leader spoke up; "Ladies and gentlemen, we have Annie Camden here tonight with her escort. She's celebrating her 25th anniversary!" He turned to the band and they began to play Sergio Mendes' "The Look of Love!"

Annie looked up at T-Bone in shock; "Oh my god Ted, you just scored soooooo many points with that gesture. Come here and hold me close as we dance!"

As the song played they swayed back and forth and T-Bone felt Annie large firm tits crushing against his chest as Annie felt T-Bone's growing erection pushing against her belly. As the song went it played; "Let's take a lover's vow and then seal it with a kiss." Just as Annie heard that she leaned her head back and drew T-Bone's mouth down to hers and they kisses tenderly.

They stayed on the dance floor for several songs and finally retreated back to the table where Annie had a couple of after dinner drinks waiting for them.

They talked, laughed and played footsie and their hands caressed each other's hands above the table. "So Ted when are you going to tell me how you got your nickname of T-Bone?"

"Well I might as well tell you seeing you're not going to let me off the hook. I sort of have an affliction on my penis. Whenever I get hard and until I ejaculate, the upper quarter of my penis sort of curved upward at a severe angle. It's a blessing and a curse."

"How so Ted?"

"Well for the women, during intercourse, they love it, because when I slip it in to their, err well, vaginas it hits their G-spot perfectly and they love it."

"So what is the curse Ted?"

"Well Annie, it's very, very difficult for oral sex seeing it pushed hard against the roof of their mouths. The only good thing is after cumming it returns to normal, even if I get an erection again, but after a little nap, I get hard again, its back."

"How did you get the nickname?"

"Where else, the men's locker room. I got an erection once and when they saw it they said it looked like a T-Bone and it stuck."

"Well Ted, sometimes guys can be mean. Does it happen all the time?"

"Well yes most of the time, but especially, well I'd rather not say, it's sort of embarrassing"

"Come on Ted you can tell me!"

"Well Annie it seems to happen even more around the Camden women, Mary, Lucy. Ruthie and well.....!"

"Me Ted, it happens around me?"

"Well yeah Annie, you are a Camden woman and you are just as ravishing as any of your three daughters, especially tonight!"

She smiled at him and placed her hands over his and she caressed his palm with her thumb.

Annie was feeling totally relaxed and whispered to T-Bone; "I don't want this evening to end Ted, how about we head back home where we can relax and have a nightcap in private?"

T-Bone turned to the waiter; "Check please!"

Once again Annie sat in front with T-Bone, but this time even closer and her hand was slowly sliding up and down T-Bone's thigh.

He called the limo service; "Hello, I'm driving the limo for the Camden party. Yes, I'll be at their house in less than twenty minutes. You'll be there in thirty that will be great, I'll be waiting for you."

When they got to the house T-Bone hopped out of the car and she followed him out on the driver side. He placed the shawl over her bare shoulders and escorted her to the door. Opening it he took the shawl from her and she placed a soft kiss on his cheek; "I'm going to head upstairs and slip into something more comfortable. We can have an after dinner drink in the study once you get rid of the limo, see you soon."

She ran upstairs and after a couple of minutes or so she yelled down; "T-Bone can you come up her and give me a hand for a second?"

"Annie, I don't want to miss the limousine service!"

"It will only take a second."

"Okay, I'm coming!"

When he got to her bedroom door, he pushed it open and she stood there with her back to him, the entire room as bathed in tens of flickering candles; "What do you need Annie?"

She flipped her head around, her soft curly blonde hair danced across her bare shoulders; "Oh I didn't hear you come in. Could you please unzip me? It seems the zipper got stuck and I don't want to snag or tear my new dress."

"Sure Annie, no problem!" With shaking hands he gripped the material in his fingers and tugged at it and it came down without a problem. He lowered it inch by inch and when it hit the bottom of the track, he let go of the material and seeing it was open all the way, it dropped to her waist baring her full firm breasts.

Annie giggled and turning her head whispered; "You better get downstairs, you don't want to miss the limo service."

He licked his lips and seeing he was taller than Annie was staring over her shoulders at her full firm tits; "Aw yeah, I guess you're right!"

He turned to go and Annie whispered again; "Thank you, I'll be down shortly!"

He hurried downstairs and just as he got there, there was a knock on the door, the service was here. He followed them outside and once they gave the limo a visual check, signed the release and they left with both cars.

He re-entered the house and as he closed the door he heard Annie yell out; "Ted, I'm in Eric's study, come and join me!"

T-Bone entered the study and stopped dead in his tracks as he stared at Annie. She was wearing an ankle length black satin and lace slip; over it was a marching completely see-through black robe. It accented her large breasts and her shoulders were bare except for the cover-up and two tiny black straps. Her breasts were encased in lace and nylon; her large nipples were visible through the thin material.

She smiled at him as she extended one arm, handing him a brandy snifter with an inch of golden liquid in it.

He took it from her and standing so close to her he could feel the heat radiate off her lush body and whispered huskily; "Thank you Annie, Happy Anniversary!"

She smiled up at him; "Thank You Ted, thank you for the wonderful evening, I hope it never ends!" She raised the snifter to her lips and took a sip as she looked over the rim of the glass into his dark sparkling eyes.

He took a sip and coughed from the strong liqueur and taking a deep breath took another sip to settle his nerves. They both stood there holding their drinks and looking deep into each other's eyes.

T-Bone placed his glass on the desk and took hers from her too. Stepping closer to her, he slid both hands along the base of her skull and sweeping her soft blonde hair from her face; he gently tipped her head back and lowered his lips to hers.

She sucked in her breath when she felt his touch and when their lips met; she parted her lips and let her tongue slowly trace the outline of his lips. Letting out a tiny moan, she increased the pressure of her lips on his and she let out a louder groan when she felt his tongue slip out and begin to dance with her own tongue.

T-Bone's fingers continued to comb through her lush golden locks and pulling harder, her head tipped back and his lips traced her jawline and down her neck to the nape of her sensitive flesh.

Annie shivered in his arms and letting out a gasp, whispered into his ear; "Please Ted, take me upstairs to me bedroom and make me scream as you fuck my hot steamy pussy!'

She let out a shriek when T-bone surprised her by sweeping her up in his arms and hurried up the stairs. Kicking open the bedroom door, he gentle placed her on her bed.

She had already turned down the bed and her lush body settled down onto the pearly white satin sheets.

T-Bone stood there staring at the gorgeous MILF dressed all in black; she looked amazing against the white satin sheet. He took a step back and slowly began to undress. Off came the suit coat, tie and shirt. Kicking off his shoes he pulled his pants off and dropped his shorts. He heard Annie let out a gasp when she saw his long upturned cock as he removed his socks and taking a step closer planted a bare knee on the bed and slid beside her.

Annie could not take her eyes off his cock and now understood why they called him T-Bone. She reached out and her tiny hand encompassed his cock. It wasn't exceptionally long, about seven inches and rather thick. The curve was fascinating, she stared at it and a smile crossed her lips. "You know Ted, if I roll onto my back and hang my head off the bed, that will reverse the curve of your cock and it should slid easily down my throat, want to give it a try?"

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