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Sex Academy For Young Ladies


Number 37 Rue Cordier, in the Neuilly suburb of Paris, France is a large and elegant house set at the end of a long driveway and screened from the street by tall poplar trees. It houses the offices of the municipal council. From 1891 until 1914 this address was known to many of the wealthy and titled families in Europe. At that time there was a polished brass plate on the wall beside the entrance gate. It was engraved 'The Rotenberg Academy For Young Ladies'.

The academy had been founded by Alphonse Rotenberg for a very specific purpose. Every aristocratic family wanted their daughters to make a good marriage, preferably to rich, influential men who would continue to give them the lifestyle they were accustomed to. After completing their high school or university education, girls would be sent to the academy, or 'finishing school' as it was also known, for a period of six months. During this time they would be taught to appreciate the arts; music, art, literature and so on. They would also be initiated into the finer points of sex. Professor Rotenberg was convinced that girls must be able to totally satisfy their husbands sexually if they were to have a lasting and successful marriage.

The reputation of the academy grew rapidly and even some royal families sent their daughters to be instructed there. Happy, satisfied husbands spread the word and there was a waiting list to be enrolled as only ten girls were accepted for each semester. Needless to say, the fees were extremely high.

The following story has been compiled from diaries kept by one of the teachers and which are now in the Paris National Archives. It enables us to go back in time and visit the academy as it was then.

It was ten o'clock on a Tuesday morning and a music class was in session. The teacher, Monsieur Dubois was becoming very annoyed with Sophie who was sitting at the piano and trying to play her piece without making any mistakes. But she wasn't doing well. Wrong note followed wrong note and finally Monsieur Dubois cried out. "Stop that awful noise Sophie, you obviously haven't practised at all since the last lesson. You'll have to be punished."

"Oh no sir, please don't punish me, I'll get it right in a minute," she pleaded. Punishment played an important part in the girls' education. Professor Rotenberg was a firm believer that women should be submissive and obedient. They had to learn that their role was to satisfy a man and severe punishment made sure they never forgot it. Class teachers were allowed to punish their pupils for minor misdemeanours by caning or spanking, but serious offences were punished by the principal himself.

"Get the cane Sophie," the teacher ordered. Some of the girls in the class sniggered because they knew what was coming. Sophie started to cry and tears rolled down her face as she went to the cupboard and took out a long, thin bamboo cane and handed it to the teacher.

The uniform worn by the pupils was completely unlike the usual clothing of the period. Instead of long, high necked dresses reaching almost to the ground, the girls at the academy wore a short white skirt and a low cut white blouse. Bras were not allowed to be worn. The knee length underdrawers of the period were also banished. Girls at the academy wore tiny, white silk panties. Black high-heeled ankle boots completed the uniform.

"Bend over my desk Sophie," Monsieur Dubois ordered her, "and prepare to be beaten."

Sophie Appeldorn was the daughter of a rich Belgian industrialist. She was a very pretty girl with long blonde hair. She knew what was expected of her. She took off her panties lifted her short skirt up to her waist Then she bent over the desk. The other girls watched in anticipation as the schoolmaster stood beside the unfortunate young girl and flexed the cane in his hands. He felt his penis hardening as he looked at Sophie's lovely firm, round buttocks. He pushed her legs wide apart with his foot and until he could see her pussy and her tight little brown anus.

"I'm really sorry sir," Sophie sobbed, "please don't beat me. I promise I'll practice much harder in future."

"You should have thought of that before, young lady," he told her. Then he raised the cane and brought it down hard on her ass cheeks. Sophie cried out in pain and her cries echoed around the room as Monsieur Dubois thrashed her. He gave her six strokes and everyone could see the red welts on her pretty bottom. She was sobbing with the pain and when the caning stopped she was allowed to put her panties back on again and sit down at her desk.

"That's all for this morning ladies," Dubois said to the class, gazing at them over the top of his pince-nez spectacles. You may go to your next class."

Classes lasted for two hours. Art was next and the girls made their way into a room down the hall. Everything was ready for them, including a handsome, naked male model posing on a chair. He was tanned and muscular and his penis was long and thick. All the girls stared at it and made laughing remarks to each other. "Settle down ladies," the art master called. "Anyone would think you hadn't seen a male member before. Now start drawing and show me that you've learned something this term."

The girls had seen several male members before. Twice a week in the afternoon they had sexual education lessons. These were not theoretical lessons, but practical instruction with willing young men who were recruited from outside the school. The girls were instructed in how to perform oral sex, how to submit to anal intercourse and how to satisfy a man with their hands and vaginas. Each course covered all the variations imaginable concerning these subjects. In addition, the young ladies were taught to use crude, vulgar language during sex. Professor Rotenberg knew that men were sexually excited when girls talked to them like common whores. When a man had a wife who was accomplished in all these things he never needed to visit a brothel and perhaps contract a disease.

After lunch the girls assembled in their classroom and waited in anticipation. The sex lessons were very popular. Today they had the Italian staff member Signor Bellini to take the class.

"Good afternoon bella raggazzi." he smiled at them. "Today I have a surprise for you."

He left the room and soon came back accompanied by a tall negro wearing a white bathrobe. The girls gasped, none of them had ever seen a black man before, except in magazine illustrations. "This is Mr. Bongo," they were told. "He comes from Senegal in West Africa and he will be your partner for the rest of this term. Please take off your bathrobe Mr. Bongo." When he removed it all the girls gasped again. He was completely naked and very muscular. His black skin shone in the sunlight coming through the windows. His manhood was enormous, it hung almost halfway down his thighs. "Mmmm," one girl said to her neighbour, "imagine having that up you."

Signor Bellini had heard what she said. "You may have that opportunity Countess," he called to her. "Come out in front of the class."

Countess Maria von Hapsburg was a very attractive brunette aged 19. Her father was the Austrian ambassador in London. She was small and slim, with medium size breasts. She smiled nervously at her friends as she went to stand beside the teacher's desk. He addressed the class. "Can anyone tell me why this young man has been chosen to assist us?"

The girls tittered and nudged each other. One girl put up her hand. "Because he's got a very large penis sir?"

Signor Bellini raised his eyebrows. "Penis, Angelina? You know that isn't the word you're supposed to say. What should you call it?"

The girl blushed and lowered her eyes. "Cock sir?" she asked. Another girl called out "Prick sir."

"Correct," Bellini said, "either word is good. Remember to always use common, vulgar terms when describing sexual acts or objects. Your future husbands will thank you for it. Now, this afternoon we are going to demonstrate anal sex, or ass fucking as it should be called. But before that, have you practiced deep throating cock, using a banana as I suggested Countess?"

"Oh yes sir, I have ," she replied, "I can take it all down my throat."

"Good, then let's see if that's true. Get on your knees in front of Mr. Bongo and make his cock hard."

Maria knelt down and all the girls watched as she took the huge black prick in her hands and stroked it, running her fingers up and down the shaft. She used one hand to caress his hanging testicles which were as big as plums, gently squeezing them as she massaged his penis. Bellini nodded in appreciation, this girl was a good student. When she had arrived at the academy only three weeks ago she had never seen a man's organ before. She had seen her horse with an erection and this prick was almost the same size. The black man's cock began to grow longer and then stood up at 45 degrees. It was the biggest cock anyone had ever seen; at least twelve inches long.

"Excellent Countess, now take it in your mouth," the master told her. He had an erection and wished he was in the place of the negro, but masters were not permitted to have sex with the pupils. Only the principal, Professor Rotenberg was allowed that privilege.

Maria spat on the heavily-veined black cock and rubbed her saliva all over it. Then she opened her mouth as wide as she could and engulfed the glistening purple head with her full red lips. Then, still caressing the man's balls, she slowly took the long ebony rod into her mouth and down her throat. Everyone watched as it went in until her nose touched the pubic hair on his belly.

"Good Countess, I can see you've done your homework," Bellini told her. "Now let's start the anal lesson. Take your panties off and bend over the back of my chair."

She removed her white panties, lifted her skirt and exposed her lovely backside as she bent over the chair. Bongo's cock was hard and throbbing as he gazed at the aristocratic asshole between her firm little buttocks. "You lucky man," Bellini thought to himself. He would have loved to force his cock into her tight little ass, but if he did he would be dismissed from the academy. He usually went to his room and masturbated after watching his pupils being abused. But when he had the opportunity to punish a girl he would spank her. He would sit down and tell her to take off her panties. Then she would have to lie across his lap while he slapped his hand on her bare buttocks. Her writhing motions on his hard cock would cause him to have an orgasm and ejaculate in his pants.

"Now girls, pay attention. Ass fucking is a very important part of sexual activity. All men enjoy it and your future husbands are sure to demand it frequently. It is vital that you know how to give a man the utmost pleasure and also to get pleasure from it yourselves. Lubrication is essential, otherwise it will be extremely painful." He took a jar of oil from his desk and his prick ached with desire as he used his fingers to apply oil to Maria's anus, working it around the hole and then inside, inserting a finger up to the second knuckle. Maria shivered with pleasure as she felt his hot fingers on her asshole. She was very sensitive in this area and she could feel her pussy getting wet.

"Very well, Mr. Bongo, show us how a woman should be sodomized. Sorry, I mean fucked in the ass. Gather round ladies, get closer to watch how it should be performed."

Bongo felt that he was an extremely fortunate young man. Not long ago he had been in a freak show at a fair in Marseilles, showing his cock to incredulous women for two francs, until Alphonse Rotenberg had found him and brought him to Paris. Now he was being paid to fuck and get sucked by lovely young women who normally would have treated him like dirt. He oiled his cock, positioned the large, bulbous head against Maria's anus and pushed until it popped inside. Maria gasped as the huge prick entered her. Her sphincter gave way and allowed the massive tool to enter her rectum. Bongo pulled it back a little then pushed in again, slowly sliding it further and further into her bowels. Signor Bellini poured some more oil onto the black shaft as it slid in.

He saw that Maria was enjoying the experience. She pushed her ass back hard onto the negro's penis, making it penetrate her even more. Now it was all the way in. She had taken all twelve inches into her intestines. Bongo groaned with pleasure as he pumped his cock in and out of her rectum. Withdrawing until it was almost completely out, then sliding the whole length all the way in again.

"Watch closely, ladies," Bellini told the enthralled audience. "Squeeze your ass muscles on his cock Countess, as tight as you can. The tighter the fit, the better it feels for the man." The black man was sweating with the effort. "Say something to him Countess, make him even more horny."

Maria was approaching orgasm. "Fuck me hard," she moaned, "ram your big hard prick up my ass. Make me cum!"

"Excellent," Bellini said looking round at the girls. "Remember ladies, dirty talk always makes a man excited. Never forget that when you are being fucked."

Bongo was coming. He cried out in his native language as he shot huge loads of hot, creamy cum deep inside Countess Maria's colon. She came too, "Oh my God, I've never had such a wonderful orgasm. That man is fantastic sir."

"Stay as you are Countess," Bellini ordered her. "We want to see his cum oozing out of your asshole. This is called a 'cream pie'."

Some of the pupils giggled. "Don't laugh," he told them, "this is a very erotic part of anal sex. Watch closely. Countess, push the cum out please."

Maria strained her ass. At first there was a soft farting noise and then her anus opened and the black man's thick, white sperm trickled out, running down copiously between her buttocks, over her pussy and down the inside of her thighs. Bellini's cock was so hard he would have to go to his room and relieve himself. "Very good, Countess, thank you for your excellent participation." He handed her a towel to wipe her ass and told her to go to the bathroom and clean herself.

One of the young ladies said, "Please sir, can I have a fuck with the nigger? In my cunt this time?" Bellini smiled appreciatively at her choice of words.

He looked at Bongo's limp dick and asked him in French if he was capable of humping another girl now. He gave a broad grin and nodded his head, but at that moment the classroom door opened and Professor Rotenberg strode in. "Sorry to interrupt your class Signor. Bottom inspection ladies, stand behind your desks," he ordered.

One of the most important rules of the establishment was that a girl must keep her backside spotlessly clean and perfumed at all times. The headmaster frequently reminded the pupils that a woman's ass was the most important part of her body. It was superb to look at, lovely to caress, delicious to eat and wonderful to fuck. A woman would never know when her husband or lover would want to sodomize her and so she should always be prepared. It was an enormous disappointment for a man when he was presented with a soiled and unpleasant smelling ass. After going to the toilet each morning the girls had to wash their asses thoroughly and apply perfume to it. Rotenberg made random checks on the girls to make sure they were obeying his instructions. These checks were called 'bottom inspections'.

At lunchtime, Rotenberg had found an anonymous note on his desk. It said 'Annabella Pilkington has not cleaned her bottom today'. He smiled to himself as he thought of the punishment session he would have with this disobedient young woman if the accusation was true. Annabella was the niece of the Duke of Northumberland and had never been in trouble before. She was a tall, slim girl with a magificent body. He had often imagined punishing her and he felt his cock stirring in his trousers. If she had broken the school rules he would have his way with the gorgeous young creature this evening.

All the girls stood behind their desks. Rotenberg looked at Annabella who had gone white faced and looked extremely worried. "You all know the procedure ladies, lift your skirts, lower your panties and bend over your chairs." The two rows of five girls did as he requested. He looked at the erotic spectacle. Ten pretty bottoms were on view, and again, his penis stirred in his pants as he enjoyed the lovely sight. He walked along the back row, looking into their panties which were pulled down to their knees. They were all clean. He could see that all the assholes were clean too, although he still bent down and held some of the girls' buttocks wide apart to get a closer look at their puckered brown anuses.

He started on the second row and came behind Annabella Pilkington. There was a brown stain in her panties. He knelt down behind her and opened her ass cheeks. Her anus had traces of brown around it and when he held his nose close he could smell a pungent odour of poop. "You haven't cleaned your bottom today madam, why not? You know the rules of this establishment."

"Annabella's voice shook as she replied, "I'm sorry sir, I got up rather late and I didn't have time to do it properly. I promise I won't do it again." Her white face had turned red with shame and embarrassment. She heard giggles and whispers coming from the other girls.

"Be quiet the rest of you," he thundered. "That is not an excuse young lady. Everybody has to obey the rules and I don't make any exceptions. You will report to the punishment room this evening at six o'clock sharp." With that, he turned and left the classroom, calling over his shoulder to Signor Bellini to continue with the lesson.

Bellini saw that Annabella was crying. He would have loved to have comforted her, holding her in his arms and pressing her body against him. But it was the principal who was going to have all the fun.

"Settle down girls," he called, "Caroline is going to show us how to fuck." Caroline Rhodes was the girl who had asked him if she could be fucked by Mr. Bongo. She was the oldest girl in the class, twenty two years old and fresh from studying at Oxford and the Sorbonne. She was the daughter of a man who had made a fortune in gold and diamonds in South Africa. She had spent some time with her father in Africa and she had some experience of sex with black men. On more than one occasion she had encouraged a black servant to come into her bedroom and give her a good fucking. She had often watched the men working in the gold mines. The temperature was so high deep down under ground that they worked completely naked. When they came up to the surface she liked to look at their big black cocks and it made her pussy wet when she imagined being fucked by them.

There was a couch in the classroom, about the size of a single bed. Bellini told her to take her clothes off and lie down on her back. Mr. Bongo's dong rose to the rampant position as he looked at her lying there with her legs wide apart. Her pussy lips were glistening with her love juice which was running in anticipation of what she was going to experience. "Sucez sa mijole Bongo, Suck her cunt," Bellini told the Senegalese. He knelt down at the end of the couch and taking hold of Caroline's legs, he pulled her towards him until her thighs were over his broad, muscular shoulders. Then he buried his face into her pussy and started to suck and lick her pussy.

The girls crowded around the couch, bending down to see the erotic action close-up. They saw the negro's long pink tongue flitting across Caroline's clitoris as he held her lips wide open. He sucked the thick lips into his mouth and pushed his tongue deep into her vagina. Caroline was in ecstasy. Men had sucked her pussy before but it had never felt as good as this. She felt herself approaching orgasm and wrapped her legs tightly around Bongo's neck. Bellini saw that she was going to come and he immediately instructed them to stop. He wanted her to have an orgasm while the nigger was fucking her with his colossal prick.

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