tagGroup SexSex and a Single Girl Ch. 18

Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 18


Hi! It's Sue again and we are coming towards the end of my story. Do I hear sighs of relief? I hope I haven't bored you? I know it has given me much enjoyment to recall these vivid memories of such exciting times. Tom has been of great help with spelling and grammar and what really inspired me to write this was because he had already written his own version called "24 HOURS" and which you can find under his Author Name "GIRLS_CUM_FIRST". And so we should!

If having sex with Karen on her own was quite the most exquisite experience ever, then including Tom in the fun only added icing to the cake. Or so he told me!

Chapter 18: Lovers three

It was Monday, barely 48 hours since I had my tongue buried between my new lover's thighs, when my mobile vibrated on my desk. The school was still on half-term but I had gone in to work for the morning to catch up on some preparation for the next session. It was a text from Karen.

"Hello my sexy sweetie! Has your pussy recovered? Can you talk?"

Thrilled to hear from her so soon, I called her straight back.

"Karry, that was the most beautiful thing that's ever happened to me, thank you so much."

"It was wonderful for me too, Sue, but I still can't believe it was your first time!"

I laughed, "I guess I have been thinking about it so much for so long, it all came out naturally."

I heard her giggle, "I know, and it was very wet too!"

There was a momentary silence, each waiting for the other to take the initiative. Instead, Karen asked me about Tom's reaction to our private afternoon together.

"Well, since you and he had set it up, together with the look on my face, I was certain he knew it all. He came home seconds after you left, so I guess that bit was organised too?"


"So was it? I don't mind, really."

"Yes, sort of. When I left, I saw his car parked at the end of the road, and gave him the thumbs up!"

"That wasn't all that was up by the time he reached the door," I laughed.

"Did he fuck you then?"

"You bet, we couldn't wait! You did leave me in a pretty horny state you know."

I heard her giggle, "You weren't the only one, I fingered myself on the way to work, and nearly ran over a cyclist! I wished I had been able to stay longer and do it again with you."

I sighed, "It was so fucking lovely I could have carried on all night, Tom or no Tom."

She asked me if I had told him everything.

"Yes I did, while we fucked, hope you don't mind. And knowing how much he fancies you that really blew his mind. I had a lovely afternoon Karry, first you, and then him. I wish now I had some photos to remember all that we did. All I have is the memory of the taste of your pussy."

"Sue, you are such a sweetie. Maybe next time we can set that up, I have a friend at work who I am sure will lend me her video camera. She uses it for the same thing, she tells me she and her boyfriend cam with other people on their computer and watch each other have sex."

"God, that's daring! But real cool all the same. I must ask Tom if he wants to try that! You must give me their names, I so love watching other people make love."

"Okay, I will. He will have to get his own video camera. They once invited me to log on and watch, but I knew it was only because he had the hots for me, so I never did, it's not really my scene, I prefer the real thing. So shall I ask her then? The camera I mean."

"Definitely, I am sure Tom will go along with the idea."

"What? So he can wank over it later, or be part of it?"

"What do you think?" I replied, grinning to myself and knowing how eager she was to get into my boyfriend's pants. And he of course likewise! And what made it so much more special, I was dead keen to watch it happen!

Picking up my thoughts, she replied, "So is Saturday still on for you both?"

I grinned to myself. So it was a go! "If you are up for it Karry, then fucking hell yes! Tom's even agreed to give up on his football for that day."

"Wow, pussy before football, the world is changing!" Her cackle of laughter echoed down the line, "By the way, I can only stay one night, Sue, it's my Mum's fortieth on Sunday and Lisa's coming back for it too."

Readers will remember that, until recently, her elder sister worked for Virgin Atlantic and is Tom's ex girlfriend. They met a couple of years ago in Paris.

By the way, Tom says you can read about that too. I read it..twice!

"I love you," were Karen's final words after we discussed arrangements for the weekend. We both admitted that we were horny as hell with thoughts of what was to come in a few days' time, and agreed that in the meantime all three of us would refrain from masturbation or sex until then. Under the circumstances, with me now sleeping in Tom's bed, it proved to be extremely difficult, but somehow we both achieved it! And, on the day, Karen assured me she had managed the feat also.

Saturday morning arrived, and I dashed around Kingston securing the ingredients to conjure up a mushroom stroganoff, one of Tom's favourites, Karen was bringing along two bottles of champagne. When I had asked her 'why two?' she replied 'wait and see, just call it fizzy sex!' The mind boggled!

Tom dug out some black silk bed linen, which I knew nothing about, obviously from some previous romantic encounter. Close inspection of the bottom sheet thankfully revealed the lack of any evidence of recent copulation. I spruced up his apartment and lit some aromatic candles in the bedroom and turned off all the lights. This was going to be seduction-a-trois!

It took little persuasion to get Tom to put on the chinos he was wearing that first night we attempted to have sex in a dark corner of the disco on Young Island, plus a decent button down white shirt, and definitely not the 'divers-do-it deep-down' tee shirt he wore like a second skin.

I too chose a button down, a little sheer pink frilly number I bought in TopShop that very morning and which instantly drew whistles from Tom. A deep-blue pleated mini partly covered the remaining tan on my thighs. For undies I chose a semi transparent half-cup bra and the same panties that Karen had admired last week, since washed of course! Tom, I found out later was sporting his favourite loose black boxers, no doubt to blend with the bedroom decor!

By late afternoon we were both getting as horny as fuck, Tom was about to go with Karen for the first time (so he tells me!) and I was about repeat last Saturday's delicious pussy feast. And the three of us being all together only heightened the desire. If our new lover had arrived anything like a few minutes late, I think I would have had Tom up against the fridge where we were already kissing passionately. As it was, I had his fat cock in my hand! Another ten minutes and it would have ended up in my screaming pussy.

Fortunately, at precisely six, the doorbell rang. "Shall I get it?" Tom grinned lecherously at me.

"Go on then, better put your cock away first." I looked down at the stiff erection poking invitingly out of his pants. Because of our self-imposed celibacy, I had not seen it in nearly a week!

"Why bother?" he laughed, "It will be out again soon!"

Knowing that at this very moment he fancied her more than he did me, I let him go. While he was gone I set going some gentle Buddha Bar.

By the time the first track had played and he still hadn't returned, I ventured towards the stairs, wondering if they were already fucking each other's brains out on the bottom step.

To my surprise they weren't, but it was total deja vu. On this occasion it was he who had her backed up against the open door, her tiny hands gripping his ass and, by the looks of their faces mashed together, his tongue must have been halfway down her throat. They parted with a grin, so different to her first visit a few weeks ago when I had caught her coming on to him, and I had got angry. This time, sex was the main dish on the menu, and I wanted her to be one of the ingredients!

"I want some of that," I grinned at Karen, pulling her to my horny body. Tom watched on, grinning, his cock back in his pants but standing out proud and, as I gripped her head, we exchanged a deep loving kiss. It doesn't need me to tell the reader that most men are turned on by women kissing each other, so we prolonged Tom's excitement for a full five minutes, all on his front doorstep! He wasn't idle either, one hand caressing our asses, the other fondling his cock.

In our horny state we completely forgot we were on full view to the street, and we all giggled when we saw an old guy leaning on his stick across the road, peering most intently at our sexy preview. With a sly look Tom lifted my skirt exposing my bare bum cheeks, only a sliver of cotton hiding my most private place. Intoxicated with sexual desire I leaned forward to give the old boy a better view. "That should make his day," I laughed.

Karen pulled me upright, "Stop it Sue, you will give the poor man a heart attack."

"You are right there," smiled Tom, running a blatant finger along the crease of my barely concealed pussy, "I get palpitations every time I see your lovely ass."

To the disappointment of our elderly voyeur, Tom closed the door and very gentlemanly followed us up the stairs, not doubt for the rear view, but he would be disappointed because he knew my ass intimately (inside and out!), and Karen was wearing a long raincoat. Once inside the flat, and in between kisses, I helped her remove her coat, she was wearing a pair of bright yellow leggings, flared below the knee and tight as a second skin around her thighs and bum. The cleft of her pussy was clearly outlined, sending a tremor down my spine, but no hint of any dampness as yet. That would change pretty soon I thought with certainty.

Karen's waist was bare, from a piercing in her navel dangled a little green jewel, tactfully replacing the cross from last week. Tonight's events were to be anything but Christian-like! Covering her ample breasts was a simple halter-top, identical to the one I first wore to seduce Tom all those weeks ago, and it did little to hide her pronounced dark nipples. While Tom was preparing the drinks I asked about her underwear and she quickly lifted her top to prove she wasn't wearing a bra and, when my eyes glanced enquiringly at her groin, she unzipped her pants low enough for me to spot a flash of black cotton. Another one matching the linen! Not that we would be wearing any by the time we all hit the bed!

As we stood in the kitchen sipping and toasting with the first of the champagne, the mood changed. It had suddenly dawned on us why we were all here, and what was about to happen. This was, for Karen and I at least, our first real attempt at a ménage de trois, and the nervousness was beginning to show. Tom told me later he was about to offer to show Karen our raunchy holiday photos when she herself interrupted, coincidentally in the same vein.

"I brought along a surprise." She delved into the bag that contained the second bottle of champagne.

"Here we are!" she declared, and in her tiny hand she clutched a mini DVD camera. "Just in case I see anything worth taking a picture of!"

"Then you won't be disappointed," grinned Tom, lewdly rubbing the front of his pants.

The ice was broken and I suggested we move to the living room, Tom very quickly suggesting that we sit either side of him on the sofa, his cock standing crudely to attention in his pants. Typical male, he obviously thought this evening was all about him, but he was about to discover otherwise. All the same, Karen licked her lips and gave his pulsating erection a squeeze. For a jealous instant I wondered if she had touched it before now? She had most definitely felt it press against her when they had snogged.

Encouraged by that touch, Tom's hands automatically gravitated to our crotches so, great minds thinking alike, Karen and I grabbed some cushions off the sofa and placed them strategically on the floor. "Let's all sit in a circle," I suggested.

We squatted silently, all cross-legged, each of us displaying our own manner of desire, waiting for the fun to commence. Tom was already leaking into his pants, Karen's nipples were clearly ready for sucking, and my panties were visibly moist. I made sure both of them had a clear view.

But Tom's eyes were clearly for Karen, he had already slept with her sister many times and now he wanted her too, and I didn't blame him. Nor was I going to attempt to stop him. This twenty-year old girl literally oozed sex, just the way I believed I did at the same age. He would either have sex with her here where I could be part of the fun, or at some later stage out of my sight somewhere else, so I was ready to see it happen for my very own eyes. Earlier in the week I had asked myself what does a young girl like her see in an older man? Then I remembered my own fascination for Chris, he at the time was 24, six years older than me, and I was besotted. We had sex in secret for five months before he eventually got married to his fiancée.

It was inevitable that Tom made the first move, and rather brashly he croaked, "Okay girls, we are all clearly as horny as fuck, how do we start this thing?"

I laughed, "We are not cars, Tom. We don't need jump-starting to get us going!"

Karen and I both grinned at each other and glanced pointedly at his groin. She licked her lips in anticipation.

"I think we should put him out of his misery don't you sweetie? Before there are any accidents?"

I nodded, and she reached over to his flies and unzipped his pants, his fat erection prodding forward his black boxers, also clearly wet with pre-cum.

I focussed intently on Karen's eyes as she slowly released his throbbing pink cock into the fresh air. When she gasped at the sight of his immense girth, I knew immediately she had not been there before, in an instant I was thrilled for both of them. I was suddenly impatient for my new friend to get the ultimate pleasure from that cock for the first time, the same pleasure I had enjoyed on our first night on Young Island. By the sheer hunger showing on her face I knew she was just as randy as I was then. Her dilated eyes revealed that all too familiar desire. Clearly she was waiting for him to fuck her.

Karen's eyes raised to mine requesting permission as I held his stiff shaft upright and watched excitedly as her lips moved towards the head. I nearly came on the spot when, just as her lips were about to make contact, I gave his cock a little squeeze and a crystal pearl of liquid appeared. My friend moaned and lifted the droplet off with the tip of her tongue and, leaning over him, presented it to my mouth. I moaned when we kissed deeply, tasting his liquid desire for us. Tom groaned for a different reason, he wanted her mouth in a different place, back on his cock!

Before resuming her blowjob, Karen jumped up and ran to the kitchen, we both followed her with curious glances.

"Got a stool or something?" she called out. She was carrying the camera.

Tom quickly brought out a chair from the bedroom, his erection waving in front of him, and we both giggled. He helped her set up the camera, she continuously bending down to get the framing correct with Tom stood behind her, his cock stiffly erect in the crease of her pretty little bum. Karen's patience amazed me. If that had been me, I would have had him inside me in that position in no time! But, to give them credit, they didn't fuck. Not just yet!

When she was satisfied, Karen switched the camera to record and they returned to their earlier positions on the carpet. This time she didn't hesitate, she took Tom's cock fully in her mouth and commenced sucking him rapidly up and down, one second his fat dick fully embedded in her throat, the next totally exposed while she licked the end, and all the while I caressed her breasts through her flimsy top. I so wanted to go down on her, but we had this duty task to perform first.

When for a moment she stopped sucking and took a breath, I took over, tasting her saliva on his hot fat cock. Together with our lips and urgent tongues we worked up and down either side of his prick, sometimes sucking on his hairy balls. We watched his face as, each time our lips met at the tip of his cock, we kissed each other softly and wetly. Every man's fantasy was coming true for him, even if it wasn't the very first time he had experienced two girls at once. I already knew about his night with Rachel, a sweetheart from his childhood, and Karen's sister. I was soon to learn about a third woman!

Earlier on the phone Karen told me she had discussed with her sister this up-and-coming event and Lisa, being experienced in threesomes and moresomes, had advised her that it was important to get the man off first, then everything would run smoothly.

So we did just that, in next to no time! Karen's mouth was over the end of his trembling cock when the first blast came and, as we didn't want it shooting anywhere and everywhere, I made sure the next donation went into my mouth. Alternatively sucking him off we pretty much shared his creamy spunk, and I was pleased when she didn't react to the taste I was becoming to know so well. From what she had told me so far, I guess she'd had many a mouthful from various boys, just as I had when I was starting out. But, unlike her, I hadn't swallowed, as I intuitively sensed she was about to do.

Realising that, I had to remind her of our earlier conversation so, when he had finished and we had both sucked out all the available cum, we poked out our spunk-laden tongues at each other. If I too had the same considerable quantity as she was showing, then he had done well!

Our tongues both curled to contain his creamy sperm, she looked slyly at me, then at him, and finally back at me.

"Shall we? As discussed?"

I nodded eagerly and we watched the look on Tom's face as our spunky tongues engaged, sharing his hot cream and licking up the mess he had made on our faces and in our mouths.

We kissed and we snogged, we snogged and we kissed, hungrily sharing his salty liquid in our locked mouths, my pussy by now on total heat and raging with desire. Karen sensed this and fumbled with the crotch of my sodden panties. Naturally I returned the compliment, she was as hot and wet as I was! As agreed between us, we then dribbled the considerable mixture of spunk and saliva back over the head of his cock, then we sucked it all up again, on and on until there was no more. When I look back at this moment it seems rather crude and kinky, but you have to remember that at the time Karen and I were horny beyond belief, we would have done anything to satisfy ourselves, and Tom.

I whispered to Karen, "I don't know about you, but my pussy is on fire."

"Mine too sweetie," I inhaled the smell of Tom's cum on her breath.

"What are you two whispering about, as if I didn't know?" gasped Tom, still shaking from his two-girlie induced orgasm.

"We need a fuck sweetie," replied Karen with a wide grin. She looked down at his softening cock, "Not sure if you are quite ready for that just yet, so I guess Sue and I will have to make our own arrangement, don't you?"

But, as if on cue, at that precise moment, just as she and I were preparing ourselves for some female tongue-on-pussy contact, the oven pinged. If there is one thing more important than sex, it is my cooking. My mushroom stroganoff was not a meal to be ignored.

"Save it?" I questioned Karen. Breathing heavily, her panties also totally soaked beneath my fingers, she reluctantly nodded. One consolation entered my mind. I knew that by the time we had eaten, Tom would be ready again, hopefully ready and able enough to fuck us both, even at the same time? As I dished up the starters I recalled one of my brother's videos which showed two girls on their knees, alternatively receiving the same cock from behind. With that horny vision I sat down, wondering if that was to be our fate this evening.

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