tagIncest/TabooSex & Candy Ch. 08

Sex & Candy Ch. 08


A surprise? I felt like I was all of six years old except that my pussy was still twitching from his tongue lashing. I hoped that part of his surprise included fucking because I was so hot for him but he wouldn't let me touch him. He would grab my hands and give me a kiss that made my nipples tingle. I didn't know where we were going but I knew that it was not my apartment because I was only twenty minutes away from the shop. We had now been traveling for thirty-five minutes. Finally, we had reached our destination and he used his tie to blindfold me, helping me out of the car.

We took a few steps, then climbed a set of five stairs, took a few more steps and I heard keys jingle and tumblers clicking in a lock. He helped me step forward a little bit and after a loud click, he pulled the tie off.

"Surprise." I was standing in the foyer of a beautiful house, gazing at the beauty of dark pine. He put his arms around me, his voice warm in my ear. "This is our house."

"Our house?"

"I sold the shop, Loryn."

"Oh, Daddy!" I turned in his arms, searching his face. "You worked so hard for that shop!"

"It didn't mean anything without you there." He touched my cheeks. "My creativity, my inspiration ... all of it came from you. So I had a better idea." He smiled into my eyes. "I thought that maybe we could be partners in both love and chocolate."

"Oh, Daddy, I'd love that."

His mouth covered mine and I opened my mouth to him, pressing my body against his. We'd come such a long way since I'd told him no six months ago. I was smart enough to know that I wasn't ready to take him back right away. I had to know and I had to make sure that he knew that this wasn't a game, that I was serious about loving him and that I wanted this to last forever. My heart couldn't afford another Amy and I had to make sure that he knew how badly he had hurt me.

So we'd started by dating, like any other normal couple would. He flew up on the weekends and we talked through everything over dinners, walks in the park and other dating activities but we resisted the urge to sleep together, though we wanted it very much. Just four weeks ago, when I was completely sure that we were on the same page, we made love and I fell in love all over again. I knew that there would never be anyone else for me. No one would ever be able to create the connection we had and no one would ever be able to break it.

He broke our kiss and rubbed his fingers against where his lips had just been. "I have to see to Jenkins. He's our permanent driver, by the way. I don't want to worry about you driving home after working so hard every day. He'll take care of getting the rest of your things here and then we can do some shopping for some new things."

"Pinch me."

"Why?" He said softly, kissing the tears on my cheeks.

"Because my dreams have come true." We kissed again and I wrapped my tongue around his, letting him know just how much I wanted him. His voice was rough and husky when we pulled apart.

"Go on upstairs. I'll be up in a minute."

Daddy went back outside and I headed up the elegant stairway, marveling at the dark shiny wood under my fingertips. There were three bedrooms but I easily found the master and was happy to find an attached bathroom. I hopped into the shower and was happy to find Daddy naked and waiting in our bed, the box of chocolates on his lap.

"You know, honey, these are really good. Much better than mine."

"Really? You think so?"

"Absolutely. Just look at this coconut cream." He broke the domed dark chocolate piece open with his thumbnail and looked at the white cream inside. "Fresh, moist coconut and the cream is so perfect." He scooped some out and smeared it on my nipple. "Not too liquid and not too sweet." His mouth swooped down, sucking the cream away as he pressed the half-filled shell into my mouth. The perfection of the chocolate melted on my tongue as his licked my nipple into a hard bead.

A chocolate fudge was next and my other nipple soon matched, hard and aching for more. He split a cherry cream and drew a line down my stomach with the sticky candy, following with his mouth. He found a chocolate-covered cherry and dripped the juice down my pussy lips, devouring me as he did in the car. I felt like fondant under his hands, an item to be pulled and manipulated and I allowed him every opportunity to mold me.

But Daddy knew me well. He knew that I adored the slow licks up and down the insides of my pussy lips. He knew that I loved the quick flicks of the tip under the hood of my mound, tickling and teasing my pulsing clit. And most of all, he knew that I lived for the thick spear of his tongue plunging inside me and coaxing waves of pearly cream from my clutching pussy. He made me cum four times, using two thick fingers the last time to send me over the edge. I almost came a fifth time when he selected a milk chocolate-covered toffee bar, wiped my cream on it and slipped it into his mouth.

"I am a lucky man." He smiled down at me, moving between my legs. "Thank you for loving me, baby girl."

I didn't have a chance to reply. He slid into me and I moaned into his mouth as he took my mouth. Silently, we moved together. No words were necessary between us. Our bodies fit together perfectly, our tongues dancing as we made love. Every touch was filled to overflowing with love and care and when our eyes met, I felt every bit of Daddy's love for me. I closed my eyes and came with him, gasping his name as his hot sperm filled my belly. I couldn't help the tears that escaped my eyes as we cuddled together. My life was perfect.

Daddy kissed my mouth again and leaned back to turn off the light. I was surprised when his fingers brought a piece of chocolate to my mouth. I bit deeply and sighed at the taste of maple walnut bursting on my tongue. It was my favorite and he knew it. I settled against him and closed my eyes, my father's sperm sticky on my thighs and the taste of chocolate, our chocolate on my lips.

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