tagGroup SexSex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll

Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll

byBig Gunz©

Marliese Richards made her way off of the elevator and onto the penthouse floor of the hotel and cautiously made her way into the foyer. Immediately a beefy looking security goon stepped in front of her and halted the young lady with a menacing stare.

"Private party." The no-necked man stated matter-of-factly.

"Um, my name should be on the guest list." She replied as sweetly as she could, flashing her bright smile and batting her eyelashes at the towering thug in front of her. "Jake said he'd put me on the list."

"Uh huh," he replied, having heard it all a thousand times before. "Name?"

"Marliese Richards," she answered, quickly adding "from the radio station."

With a quick glance he scanned the pages on his clipboard until he came upon her name.

"Marliese... from the radio station, okay." He finally looked up from the list and motioned for her to pass by. "C'mon in."

And so she was in. She was at a post-concert hotel room party with one of the hottest rock bands in the country. Taking a deep breath, she began to make her way from the elevator corridor and towards the sounds of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll emanating through the next set of doors.

Walking slowly to the entrance of the penthouse suite, she still could not believe that she was there. Who would have believed at this time last week that she would be in a place like this? Luck must have been smiling on her for once when she landed that temp gig working reception at the radio station. Sure, some steady work at a cool place was one thing, but being put in the position to score an invite to something like this was something else altogether. Of course, she was not fooling herself; she knew damn well that the only reason she even got the invitation from the scruffy, yet cute, bass player was because she was a flirty 25-year-old hot chick who happened to be wearing a low-cut top that morning when the band came in for their interview.

Taking one last deep breath as she stepped up to the slightly ajar door to the penthouse, Marliese put on her best "I belong here" face, and walked in.

Immediately she spotted a couple members of the band. Rick, the drummer, was shirtless and holding court on a couch in the corner with a group of women sporting too much makeup and not enough clothing, cooing at every word coming out of his mouth. The lead singer, Vince, was seated on another couch with a couple of more female clones, shoving cocaine up his nose at a rate that must have been sustaining the gross national product of at least one small South American country.

She looked around the suite as she made her way further inside. There were at least thirty people scattered around the main living room, with the ladies outnumbering the men by at least three to one. The air smelt of a combination of booze, cigarettes and sweat and it was easy to see why since you could not step two feet without finding a drink, a smoke or a sticky party goer. Marliese surveyed the guests and was quick to surmise that although only half of the women there were probably either strippers or hookers, pretty much all of the girls in attendance had felt it necessary to dress as if they were.

Not that she was being judgemental of course. After all, she had not exactly shown up in her scrubs either. Her footwear was clearly of the slutty genre -- a pair of "fuck-me" boots -- high black leather with stiletto heels right out of a fetish magazine. The tight fitting black skirt, though fairly short, still hung further south than just about any other hemline in the room, and left a rather conservative amount of fishnet stocking clad leg visible between its bottom and the tops of her boots. Up top, she did proudly show off her D cups with a provocative green open back halter top with a deep plunge drape that very nicely showed off her impressively firm and supple cleavage. The makeup was subtle, since she was blessed with near perfectly unblemished skin and a natural beauty that did not need much enhancement, and her dirty blonde hair fell in a beautiful, shoulder length bob full of luxurious, flowing curls.

Sashaying her way around the lavish suite, Marliese was treated to no less than three shots of Jack Daniels and two hits on a joint before she even made it halfway around the room. Her head already spinning from the quick dose of liquor and pot, she was just getting her focus when she spotted Jake, the good-looking unkempt bass player who invited her to the party stumbling out of one of the other rooms along with Mason, the lead guitarist, and a couple of cheap, coked-out looking girls. He was clearly inebriated or high, his eyes glazed over and feet unsteady with every step he took. But he looked pretty damn good to her.

Wearing an unbuttoned long-sleeved casual dress shirt and ripped jeans, he looked every bit the rock star. His face was unshaven and his dark hair a tangled, shoulder length mess, but his soulful expression and boyish good looks somehow made it all work.

As Jake made his way over in her direction, she began to feel a bit like a nervous school girl. She was not kidding herself, she knew what went on at parties like this and she knew damn well why she was invited and what this guy probably expected from her, and she would freely admit she came there with the full intention of doing those things. But, as things were progressing she could feel a bit of hesitancy and apprehension creeping into her thoughts as he finally arrived with a stumble in front of her.

"Hey," he mumbled the smell of JD and tobacco on his breath, "you made it."

"It's Marliese." She replied, doubting he even remembered her name.

"Uh huh," he answered in a murmur, taking her by the hand and leading her over to the couch where Vince and his harem were still taking turns doing lines off of each others bodies.

They plopped down beside the trio of inhalers, sitting tight against each other on the cramped sofa. Before she could even begin to engage him in some idle chit chat, he reached for her face and caressed her cheek. Her eyes closed in intoxication from his touch and anticipation of what she hoped would follow. She would not have to wait long.

Jake's hand slid around to the back of her neck and pulled her in closer to him as he brought his lips to meet hers. His tongue immediately snaked into her mouth and she more than willingly accepted it, sucking on it and offering hers in exchange. He pulled her body tight against his as they aggressively made out, his free hand quickly finding its way to the deep cut shirt that allowed him easy access to her magnificent breasts. She let out a low moan as he squeezed her right nipple between his thumb and forefinger, then proceeded to pinch harder and twist until her moan turned into a squeal of sexual pain. With that she finally pulled away from their forceful lip-lock.

If she was not already, Marliese was fast becoming aware that what she was getting herself into was not going to be anything romantic or gentle, but rather lustful and animalistic, maybe even hostile and rough. As uneasy as these feelings made her though, she could not deny that the biggest feeling washing over her at that moment was the increasing wetness in between her legs in anticipation of what was likely to follow.

The pair continued their make-out session for several more minutes, savagely groping at each other as their mouths danced. He devoured her lips, earlobes and neck, no doubt leaving marks that would be visible for days, and she in turn sucked on his tongue, stubbly cheeks and all the way down to his pierced nipples left uncovered by his open shirt. Their oral exploration would pause every so often as she grimaced in pain from one of his overly aggressive pinches to her quickly hardening nipples or from the sharp twinges of one of the many love bites he frequently inflicted on her flesh.

Finally, Jake pulled away from their passionate entanglement and grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels that was sitting on the coffee table. He took a deep swig from the bottle, squeezing his eyes shut as he swallowed the mouthful of whiskey. The bottle was barely away from his lips when he brought it back up and took another belt, then tossed the now empty container on the floor. To her surprise, he then grabbed her forcefully around the back of her neck and pulled her towards him, their lips meeting just in time for him to open his mouth and drain the JD into her mouth in a deep boozy kiss that almost made her choke. He sat back on the couch as he released their wet, liquored lip-lock, leaving her coughing whiskey as her head began to spin once again.

Marliese knew that she was becoming totally enthralled by not only the powerful sexual activity between the two of them, but by the wild, if not clichéd, nature of the experience. The near-anonymous coupling, the booze, the drugs, the almost violent nature of the aggression with which they cavorted; it was all like living in a dream world. Like she playing a part in some rock 'n' roll fantasy -- of course it was pretty clear that she was now playing the part of groupie slut -- but she nonetheless was willing to give herself over to it completely.

She watched as he grabbed a pack of cigarettes from the table and pulled one out, apparently set to take a break from their making out. Now ready to fully embrace the naughty nature of her role in this fantasy come to life, she snatched the smoke from his fingertips before he could light it and brought it up to her own lips.

"Let me do that for you." She said, repositioning herself into a straddling position on Jake's lap.

Eyes half-closed, her red, glossy lips were slightly parted as she clicked the lighter to the tip of the cigarette. Her cheeks expanded immediately as she inhaled deeply. As the cigarette left her mouth, wisps of smoke slowly began to escape from her pouting lips. Quickly she brought her face down to meet his and pressed her lips against his, blowing a deep puff into his mouth with a smoky, seductive kiss. She pulled away and watched as he exhaled her second hand smoke, a satisfied grin brimming across his face. He stared attentively as she brought the cigarette back to her mouth, her lips tightening as she drew deeply for a second time. She made sure to pull the cigarette away even slower this time, allowing a sexy stream of smoke to slowly escape from her mouth as she stared down at him. Again she leaned into him and locked lips, exhaling into his mouth as she straddled him.

Marliese continued her smoking performance with several more repetitions of her sexy inhales and deep kiss exhales. By the growing bulge in his jeans she could feel underneath her grinding ass, she could tell Jake was turned on by the naughty show, and on more than one occasion, as she leaned back to entertain with another sexy French inhale, she could have sworn she spotted Vince watching attentively as well from in between his pair of coked-up girlfriends.

She felt even more of a tingle in between her legs knowing that two men were now enjoying her sultry little smoking number. Stealing a couple of glances in Vince's direction as she sexily took another long drag from the cigarette, she allowed her mind to imagine him being the one she was straddling. Like Jake, he definitely looked the part of the hard partying rocker. Shirtless, his tattered jeans matched his dishevelled sandy blonde hair in their messy look, and his well formed chest and abs were covered with a smattering of tattoos. He was definitely a rocker and most definitely hot.

Finishing up her seductive smoking routine, she slowly slid off of the bass player's lap, satisfied that her little production had him ready to go. As soon as she was off of him he confirmed her hunch, bolting up from the couch.

"I need some fucking blow." Jake announced to no one in particular, reaching across the coffee table and grabbing the cocaine covered mirror that sat in front of Vince and his lady-friends.

She watched as his hands worked promptly to separate a couple of lines of coke with the tattered playing card on the mirror. Seconds later he produced a rolled up dollar bill and proceeded to snort one of the lines up his right nostril, followed quickly by the other line up the left one.

"Fuck yeah!" He let out with a holler, jumping to his feet. "Now where's the fucking JD?"

Marliese watched as he stumbled away in search of more booze, leaving her on the couch to await his return to pick-up where they had left off. Turning her attention from the departing bass player and back to her current location, she quickly became aware that Vince had somehow manoeuvred himself beside her, his two female companions nearly passed out on the other side of him.

"Wanna hit?" He asked, grabbing the playing card and cutting a couple of more lines of the white power on the mirror in front of them.

"I, uh..." she began to protest.

"Here," he interrupted, handing her the rolled up bill and pulling her forward by the hand as he did so.

Inhibitions thrown completely out the window, she leaned forward and placed the roll against her right nostril, inhaling strongly as she dragged it across the line of drugs. The head rush and stinging sensation immediately sent her leaning back into the couch with her eyes squeezed tightly shut. She had not tried cocaine since some early experimentation back in her sophomore year of college, and she had clearly forgotten what it was like.

"C'mon, you gotta do the other side to balance it out." She heard Vince's voice through the drug induced fog rapidly enveloping her head. "It'll take the edge off the first one."

She felt his hands on her shoulders, guiding her back up to the table, and by the time she opened her eyes, her face was back leaning over the mirror, his hand positioning the roll in front of her left nostril. In a haze, she took hold of it and abruptly sucked the other line of coke up her nose. He was right - the second did seem to take the edge off and was not nearly as painful as the first. Her head spinning, she again flopped back down into the couch, the drug induced cloud now embracing her completely.

Eyes pressed shut once again; Marliese leaned back on the sofa and felt the warm haze of intoxication wash over her. So comfortable was she in swimming in the fog of inebriation, she did not even realize that in her relaxed position - stretched out on the couch -- that the deep cut in her inviting shirt was now nearly wide open and showing off her ample bosom to any curious onlookers. One such onlooker was obviously Vince.

"Wow," he whistled, "you've got a great pair of tits."

She barely even registered what he was saying, still oblivious to just how much of her "great pair of tits" he was getting a look at. She did not even focus in on what he was doing in front of her as he turned his attention back to the seemingly unending cache of cocaine on the coffee table.

"I've gotta do some blow off those tits." He announced as he scooped up some coke with the playing card.

Still not fully comprehending the words coming out of his mouth, she did not resist whatsoever as he took hold of her hands and led them up to her own chest. His hands methodically guided hers to her breasts and then gently pushed them together, forcing her D cups tightly against each other. Enjoying the sensation of her own touch, she did not remove her hands or lessen the amount of pressure with which she squeezed her tits together when Vince's hands disappeared from atop hers.

Grabbing the cocaine heavy playing card, his hands returned to her chest swiftly and he promptly proceeded to trickle the white powder onto her firm breasts and exceptional cleavage. Within seconds, she felt him nuzzle in between her tits and begin inhaling the drug off of her flesh. She could not contain a small giggle from escaping as he vacuumed up the coke from her exposed bosom.

Her head swirling with the high from the cocaine and the arousal from the onslaught on her boobs, Marliese sensed he was done snorting the powder off of her when the telltale sniffing noises ended, but she did nothing do move his face from its perch atop of her dirty pillows. The lack of any indication of her wanting him to move off of her was soon interpreted as an invitation for him to continue enjoying what other pleasures he could derive from his current position.

She moaned softly as she felt his tongue drag over her right breast, cleaning up the leftover remnants of the nose candy. His lick turned in to a kiss and his lips began moving all over her chest, alternating their attention between both of her tits. His left hand made its way up to the front lines as well, and he slid it inside her low cut shirt and exposed the rest of her right boob.

"Mmm..." she moaned as his lips found their way onto her erect nipple, sucking and nibbling on it as his hand squeezed.

Vince continued to orally assault her breasts and she slowly began to squirm in approval beneath him. Her writhing abruptly increased as she felt his right hand find its way under her skirt and in between her legs.

"Ohhh..." she cooed as his fingers brushed forcefully against her wet panties. Instinctively she began to push her hips forward, grinding her eager pussy against his busy hand.

Awash in a cocaine high and sexual energy, Marliese knew that she would come quickly from his work on her heaving bosom and dripping cunt. She bit her bottom lip and rolled her eyes in delight as the rocker continued to feast on her rock hard nipples and stoke his fingers across the moist outline of her pussy lips against her thin panties. Anxiously awaiting her orgasm, she did not even notice a certain someone's return to the couch.

"Hey babe, I found some more fucking Jack." Jake announced as he stumbled beside her.

Not sure whether to say something or push Vince off of her, she froze in shock as Jake leaned down and kissed her deeply, either impervious to his bandmate's current activities or altogether indifferent. Regardless, she felt an incredible rush of heat to her loins as her tongue danced against his while his buddy sustained his pleasuring of her body.

Jake broke their kiss and pulled his face inches away from hers.

"Let's go into the other room" He whispered to her.

With that he took Marliese by the hand and began to pull her to her feet. To her amazement, and slight disappointment, Vince simply rolled off of her and slouched back on the couch without saying a word. She stood - her tits still hanging half exposed out of her shirt - and shot glances at both band members. Unbelievably, neither guy appeared to even acknowledge the others presence and participation in her sexual arousal. Stunned, she followed Jake in silence as he led her away from the couch and towards one of the bedrooms.

As she followed him through the living room, she speculated that what had just occurred, though completely foreign and exciting to her, was most likely commonplace for these two rockers. Fooling around with the same chick at these post-show parties probably happened so frequently that it no longer phased them whatsoever.

Arriving in the bedroom, she barely had time to even survey the landscape before he pushed her onto the bed. The sheets were strewn all over the place, and she was fairly certain the someone had already had sex in there that night, but her carnal needs were so fierce at the moment that such trivial things mattered not to her now.

He tore off his shirt and began undoing his jean, pausing once he had them unzipped to move onto the bed with her and engage her in a forceful, sloppy kiss. Their lip-lock was brief however, as was quick to break away from her and grab hold of her top, pulling it over her head and off in one swift motion. Her big tits bouncing free, he was on them instantly, his mouth attacking them with vigour -- forcing her to fall onto her back. He followed her down, his lips never leaving her chest. His hands joined his aggressive oral assault and began to forcefully kneed and squeeze her breasts.

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