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Sex on the Beach


My beach. Waves pounding the shore, seagulls crying out, sand crabs burrowing deep into the warm, moist sand. This is where I come when I need to get away from it all and today is such a day. Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the warmth of the sun, nights that are warm enough to sleep naked, barbeques, beach days, time to just relax.

I park on the one lane dirt road and walk the last quarter mile into the beach. There is a small single track path that leads to a cove, my cove. I have my bag with a towel, a book and some snacks for later. As I reach the beach, I kick off my sandals. The sand feels soft running through my toes. Slowly I pull off my sun dress to reveal a solid black racing suit. I drop my things and run to the waves. Brrrr...the water is cold as always. I dive into the breakers, the cold taking my breath away. I swim out a ways and let the surf bring me back in. The waves are so powerful. I feel at home. Up and back I body-surf becoming one with the ocean. Tiring, I head back to the beach, stopping to pick up a shell or two.

I lay my towel down and stretch out to enjoy the sun. I let my hands roam down my body, from my large breasts, to my slight tummy, to my firm thighs. My fingers linger on my center, feeling warmth and not just from the sun. I close my eyes and let my fingers play. I can feel the warm folds under my wet suit. My hands come up to my breasts and rub lazy circles around my nipples, making them rock hard. Feeling rather aroused I decide to take off my suit. I stand and look around at the bluffs to be sure no one is there and then slide the straps from my shoulders. I push my suit down over my hips and let it fall to my feet. Caressing my full breast, I bring my nipple to my mouth and suck gently on it. I walk to the edge of the water and sit with my body facing the waves. Slowly my fingers begin circling my hardened bud. I slip a finger in between my lips and feel my wetness. Back to my clit. The first small waves hit me. The cold mixed with my growing heat makes me feel alive. I push one hand back into the sand behind me as my fingers continue to rub my pussy. My fingers plunge deep into my folds and a small gasp escapes my lips. I glance around again - still alone.

I lay back on the sand, burrowing my feet in. A wave hits my aching sex fully. The feel of it puts me closer to the edge. I move my fingers back up to my clit and finger faster. I pull on my nipples with my other hand. As more waves wash over me, I arch into them. Feeling the water swirl around me is very sensual. My fingers move faster. I begin to pump my hips in time with my fingers. I'm moaning out loud, I can't help it. As the biggest wave yet hits me, I fall over the edge and cum with the wave. Over and over I feel it coursing through my body. I cry out with the seagulls as another wave crashes over and through me.

As I sit up, I hear footsteps behind me. I look up to see a very beautiful, very naked woman walking towards me. She sits next to me in the sand.

"Thought I would find you here," she says with a warm smile. "Do you mind if I join you?" She slides her arm around my shoulder and I lean into her. "That was beautiful, baby. You and the waves and the sand. It was the most sensual thing I have ever watched."

She pulls my chin towards her and kisses me full on the lips. My body responds and I open myself to her. Our tongues dance freely in each others mouths. My breath quickens as I hold her there by the back of her neck. Our kiss deepens and I hear her sigh. I pull back and look her in the eyes.

"Are you sure you want this?" I ask. "I don't want you to regret what I think we are about to do."

"More than I have wanted anything in a long time," she replies, her hands stroking my hair. "Ever since you told me you were exploring women, I have imagined that I was the one you wanted. But can we move back to the sand? The waves are cold!" She laughs, pecks me on the lips and jumps up.

I follow her back up to where my towel is, watching her hips sway as she walks. Her ass is firm and round and I can see the edges of her full breasts as she swings her arms. She stops and turns to me with her arms open. I step into them and into her. Our lips lock again and it sends pleasure shocks all through me. My hands begin to wander over her body. First to her breasts and hardened nipples and then lower to her center. She gasps as my fingers caress her bud and slide up and down her moistening lips. I slowly lower her down to the towel. On our knees still kissing, her hands find me. First my breasts then down to my already wet slit. She slides a finger along my dripping lips and raises it to her tongue.

"Mmmm." She says. "You taste like I do."

I push her back and trail kisses down her neck, my fingers still sliding up and down her lips. I move my mouth to her waiting nipples and suck one in, then to the other and do the same. I begin to kiss slowly down her tummy to her hairy triangle to her inner thigh, where I suck and nibble. I slide one and then two fingers into her now dripping hole. I look up and catch her eyes.

"Are you ready?" I ask sensuously, my tongue flicking out and finding her clit.

"Oh, yes!" She whispers hungrily. "Please."

I lower my lips to her clit and suck it in. Her hips buck involuntarily as a cry escapes her lips. I suck hard on her clit as my fingers slide in and out of her dripping honeypot. I see that she is pulling on her nipples. She is moaning and grinding her pussy into my face. I feel her tighten from the inside and know she is very close. I quicken my fingers and rub them over her g-spot, applying gentle pressure. I suck her clit hard. She cries out and explodes all over my fingers and face. Her juices coming out faster than I can lap them up, her muscles pushing my fingers almost all the way out of her. I push them back in to her g-spot and feel another contraction rack her body. I gently flick her clit as her body shakes under me.

"I want you now." She says, rolling me over onto my back into the sand. I can feel the heat from the sand flowing through my whole body. I can hear the waves crashing and the seagulls calling as she moves her body over mine.

She kisses me hard and sucks her juices off my tongue. Her hands pull my nipples and knead my breasts. She slides down and attacks my clit with her tongue and teeth and lips, almost sending me over the edge immediately. Her fingers plunge deep into me. I feel her hit my g-spot and I push into her. She is so aggressive and it is making me want more. I pump my hips with her fingers and pull her by the hair down hard into my clit. I want to cum for her. She puts more pressure on my g-spot and I feel my whole body convulse. I push against her fingers as orgasmic wave after orgasmic wave rip through me. My head is shaking back and forth and I moan and cry out. She continues her assault on both my clit and g-spot until I can take no more. I pull her up on top of me and kiss her, tasting my cum on her lips and tongue. She slides her leg in between mine and I grind my clit on her, cumming again quickly as we kiss.

"Wow," she sighs. "Is that what I've been missing?"

"I know what you mean." I respond breathlessly. "This was my first time too. And it was better than any other fantasy."

We lay side by side, covered in sand kissing lightly. My fingernails run trails up and down her side, to her nipple, to her cheek. I smile and stand up.

"Join me in the waves and lets do it again!" I say, turning and running to the water. She catches me and we both fall into the first wave, locked in a new lovely embrace . . .

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