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Sex on the Dance Floor


My wife and I love to go out to dance clubs. We've noticed that the dancers at the clubs seem to be getting more and more erotic each time we go. People are practically making love right in front of us. The effect is to get both of us very hot and bothered. My leg was between hers and up inside her short skirt so that the only thing separating her pussy from my leg was her panties. She was rubbing her pussy across my leg as we danced. Next to us, a woman was facing away from her partner rubbing her gorgeous ass up and down on her partners cock. We were going crazy with lust. I pulled my wife close and with my hot, heavy breath in her ear I said, "I want to fuck you right here on the dance floor."

She said, "Oh yes, I want you so badly."

Of course we couldn't get away with something like that at a regular dance club, but this time I had my heart set on finding a way to make it happen. I found a swingers club that was having a Halloween dance and decided that this might be our opportunity.

Our costumes were Polynesian. My wife was wearing a grass skirt and the naughty girl was wearing nothing on top but a flower lei. I was wearing a "lavalava", a brightly colored piece of cloth wrapped around my waist with no shirt.

We started dancing on the edge of the dance floor. As I looked at the people watching from their tables, I noticed that many of them had their eyes on my wife. My wife has a body like Jennifer Lopez. As she swayed to the music, the flowers would move giving her audience a glimpse of her big, sexy breasts and nipples. Occasionally, she would spin around revealing that she had nothing underneath her grass skirt.

The music continued to provided a loud, throbbing rhythm and we had been on the dance floor for some time were I decided to move my wife to the center, away from the eyes of our audience. It was time for us to make our move and accomplish what we had come for. All of a sudden, my wife stopped dead in her tracks. She was standing right in front of a woman who had had her costume stripped away and was completely naked. Two men and a woman were running their hands all over her body as she danced. My wife was transfixed as she stood their watching her. The woman seemed interested in my wife too. Her eyes went lustfully up and down my wife's body. My wife raised her arms over her head and started undulating in a very sexy dance.

Standing behind my wife, I removed her lei so that the naked woman could drink in the sight of my wife's breasts. I separated the grass to reveal my wife's gorgeous naked ass and pressed my aching hard cock against it. My wife was rubbing her ass up and down my cock while she continued to watch the naked woman. A man in a vampire costume sat on the floor and started to eat the naked woman's pussy. I lifted my lavalava and slipped my cock between my wife's legs. I was rubbing it against the soaking wet pussy entrance. We were now very close to achieving our goal.

A woman dressed in a French maid's outfit, who had been sucking on the naked woman's nipples, now turned around and started licking and sucking my wife's nipples. I wasn't sure how she was going to react to this as she had never been with a woman before. I was thrilled when my wife reacted with a loud groan of pleasure. She wanted me right now. She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around the naked woman's shoulders. She spread her legs wide and I entered her from behind. I felt an electric shock shudder through my body at the powerful thrill of entering her. I was holding my wife's hips and my heavy thrusts were coming in rhythm with the beat of the music. I was in lust heaven. I saw other dancers now watching us. The naked woman's hands were exploring my wife's body as I fucked her. The French maid came up under the grass skirt and was licking my wife's clit.

Then I could feel my wife shudder hard as she went into orgasms. A flood of cum started to gush from my cock. Cum was dripping from my wife's pussy down onto the French maid and the dance floor. It was a real mess. My wife took a hold of my hand and led me to the restroom. She took me right into the women's restroom! But that's another story.

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