tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex on the Stairs

Sex on the Stairs


She walked to work still in a daze from her early morning orgasm on the train. It left her feeling breathless, excited and ready for more. She got to her desk and tried to work, her mind kept drifting to that morning on the train. She wanted him again and again. She had never had an orgasm like it; intense, fleeting and so complete. She felt cheated, she knew they could have so much fun together and she was sorry that they were unlikely to meet again.

She told herself to get over it and get on with her work! She got through the day and left on time walking to the train with a knot in her stomach, she was hoping that she would spot him again. She could feel her excitement rise even though there was little chance of them meeting each other on the busy platform at Waterloo. He was not there so she went home swallowing her totally illogical disappointment.

The next day she went to work as usual catching the 722 to Waterloo standing in the same spot. Nothing - she felt deflated and depressed she had not realised just what an effect this man had on her. The train pulled into Waterloo on time and everyone piled off the train as usual. She looked up and caught a glimpse of him striding off the platform. She could have cried with frustration. Her body reacted immediately, her nipples hardened her pussy started to drip and she got so hot. She took a deep breath and continued down the stairs to the platform knowing it would take very little for her to cry. Thankfully she did not have time to think that day, she was so busy. She finally looked up and realised that she was the last person in the office even the cleaners had finished and gone home.

She decided that enough was enough and it was time to go. She gathered her bits and closed down her computer. She had received an email earlier in the day from a girlfriend asking if she would like to go to a club that evening. She checked her watch and figured she could still make it. She walked down the stairs to the floor below to drop into the ladies humming as she went. It had been a good day and she was pleased with her achievements and she was looking forward to a night out with the girls.

She washed her hands and tidied up her makeup, she knew she looked sexy her skin was soft and pale, her dark hair framed her face and her startling green eyes were the sort that burned with hidden desire. Her tits were firm and pert, she had no need for a bra and looking at herself she decided to take it off. Her blouse was slightly sheer and when she checked out her reflection she could just see the outline of her tits and her nipples. As she looked at herself she saw her nipples start to harden as the fabric of her blouse teased her. She turned and checked out her bottom and realised that her skirt was so tight that she could see her panties. Not a good look for the evening! So she lifted her skirt, her long legs encased in the silk stockings looked amazing, she caressed her legs lightly as she smoothed out the stockings and adjusted the suspender belt. She slipped her panties off and looked at her neatly shaved pussy. She knew that Julie would love it, it was soft and glistening, and as she regarded herself she could not help but touch her clit. It started to harden immediately giving her a very pleasurable pulse as it started to waken. She was looking forward to having some extra fun with Julie. Who needed men!!!

She left the ladies and decided to walk down the 4 flights of stairs to the ground floor. She pushed through the fire doors and started down the stairs as she turned the corner she got the shock of her life. There he was, leaning against the wall with his ankles and arms crossed looking perfectly relaxed and utterly gorgeous, he had obviously been waiting for her. She tried to say something but stammered over the words, he reached for her and pulled her to him, she fell against him and immediately felt the strength of his body and the warmth of his skin. He smelt divine - all male with a delicious light scent of expensive aftershave. The smell alone was enough to get her primed. She raised her chin and accepted his kiss. It was all she knew it would be; firm, sensitive with just the right amount of tongue. He seemed to know exactly how to kiss her, she felt the goose bumps rise on her flesh and she literally went weak at the knees. She dropped her bags and put her arms round him wanting to hold him in that position forever, one hand finding its way to his thick grey hair as she gently pulled him into her lips. She was oblivious to where they were, her passion and need was rising so fast that she could hardly think at all let alone worry about the risk of getting caught.

She looked up into his eyes and was totally lost, in that instant she knew she had to have him, that she would do anything to have him make love to her. She pushed her hips into his and felt his cock; it was already hard and straining in his pants. He pushed her away slightly and drew breath, as he did so he started to undo the buttons of her blouse gradually releasing her tits to his view. She stood motionless wanting him to kiss her again but frightened to do anything that would break the spell and the excitement. As he undid the last button and pushed her blouse aside he sighed and reverently bent his head and brushed her left nipple with the tip of his tongue it was so soft and gentle yet his touch went through her like an electric charge. She could not help but gasp with sheer excitement. He very slowly moved to her right nipple and did the same. She could now feel her pussy getting very slick she wanted to rip his cloths off and swallow his cock then and there hard and dirty. However, he was in no hurry at all and seemed determined to take it slow and easy.

He stood away from her slightly so that he could see all of her; he then slid the blouse off her, kissing her neck and shoulders as he did so. He looked at her and smiled his eyes telling her all she needed to know. He continued to kiss her shoulders and neck gradually working his way back to her tits. He started to caress her right breast at the same time as he licked and nibbled her left tit. This was driving her crazy she had never had a man kiss and caress her this way it was divine. He moved so slowly and gently she wanted him to go on forever, the touch of his warm moist mouth on her nipples was sending urgent messages directly to her pussy. She could feel herself getting so wet it was almost shameful; she could feel her juices starting to run down her leg.

He reached round behind her and undid the zip on her skirt then eased it off her hips all the time maintaining the kiss on her lips, god he could kiss! She had never understood the term "putty in his hands" until now. Her skirt slid to the floor with a soft swish and she shivered slightly not with cold but with anticipation. She wanted to be naked for him, she wanted to feel him looking at her, she wanted to show him her innermost private place and have him examine her closely. She so wanted him to like what he saw.

He looked at her; naked now except for her stockings and suspenders and smiled again he ran his index finger from her breast bone down between her breasts across her tummy and finished just above her clit. She nearly cried out with longing she wanted him to touch her clit so much. It was demanding attention and was hard as a little rock between her legs.

He pushed her gently backwards onto the stairs and indicated that she should sit on the 4th step up. As she sat down he carefully positioned her feet so that her legs were wide apart now he could see all of her reclining on the stairs she was supporting herself her elbows resting on the step behind her. This had the effect of pushing her chest out slightly making her tits stand out even more. Her pussy was open to him and he could see that she was very slick and wet. He knelt at her feet and kissed her legs and ankles loving the soft silk of her stockings. He stroked the spot just above her heals that made her squirm with pleasure. He stroked her behind her knees and caressed the soft skin at the top of her stockings. By now she was breathing hard. She knew she would cum in an instant if he touched her more intimate area. He seemed to know this too and stepped back from her prone naked body never taking his eyes from her for an instant he started to undo his shirt buttons very calmly, this man knew he was going to get all he wanted and that he did not have to hurry. His sexual confidence radiating from him with every deliberate move.

He took off his shirt and she saw that he was well built with a soft matt of chest hair, slightly greying. She wanted to kiss and caress him so much she had to struggle not to get up and go to him. This was his show, he was controlling the pace and she was so afraid that if she moved or said anything he would walk away and leave her shaking and frustrated on the stairs.

He started to undo his trousers, she could not tare her eyes away from his crutch, she licked her lips and swallowed her mouth was watering and she could almost taste him. He dropped his trousers and his cock sprung out in front of him. Oh how good it looked! She sat very still her eyes burning with desire and her body silently crying out to him. He took a step towards her and his cock was at just the right height, she leaned forward slightly and his cock grazed her lips. He was very smooth his cock and balls shaved clean. He looked fantastic and oh so lick able. She tentatively licked the tip of his cock and was rewarded when his cock jerked in answer to her touch. She wanted more of him so she started to lick him again starting very softly and gently from the top of his cock to his balls. He groaned in pleasure and her tentative movements started to become firmer and more deliberate as she really started to enjoy herself. She felt him push himself towards her, so she opened her mouth so that he could slip his long hard cock into the warm seductive depths of her waiting mouth. He felt so good in her mouth, she gradually took more and more of his cock into her, she felt him touch the back of her throat, she immediately relaxed to allow him to access her throat, she felt his cock jerk inside her, her mouth watering more and more. She poked her tongue out and licked his balls all the time keeping his cock deep in her mouth. He groaned again and she knew that she was giving him a great blow.

He abruptly pulled out of her mouth and smiled down at her. She silently begged him not to stop. He stepped towards her again and offered her his balls. They were smooth and gorgeous she could not wait to get him into her mouth. She started to lick him very slowly and sensuously warming to her task very quickly and loving every minute. He put his hands to her head entwining her hair in his fingers and pushed her hard into his balls. She swallowed his balls, licking sucking and slurping on them as if she was starving. She was really starting to enjoy him; he kept her head firmly located. She kept moving and one minute his cock was fucking her mouth for all it was worth. Long hard strokes making her gag and her eyes water. Then she would change the pace and lick and suck his balls so tenderly. She looked up as she sucked him and saw that he was watching her every move, he was obviously enjoying watching her as he fucked her mouth.

She could feel his balls tighten ready to shoot into her and she was getting ready to take his cum in her mouth. He had other ideas, he stopped dead pulled his cock out of her mouth and sank to his knees. She knew he was going to lick her she was expecting him to go straight for her clit, instead he surprised her and started licking and sucking her legs and feet. He worked slowly, she never thought that having her legs and feet kissed and caressed would feel so good, he had her squirming and dripping and he had not even touched her pussy. She was so hot she could barely contain her excitement she wanted, no needed him to lick her pussy and clit. She did not want to say anything in case she broke the spell, but her body was sending silent, urgent signs to him that she was absolutely ready and totally willing to do anything he wanted her to.

He finally reached her pussy and flicked his tongue out and tasted her, he groaned and pushed his face closer into her cunt and ass. She was so keyed up she felt her orgasm rising at the speed of light, she could not stop it he was licking her, fucking her with his tongue. Then he pushed two fingers into her hot cunt and found her G spot. That was it; all her fantasies came true in an instant. Her stranger was fucking her hard and dirty on the stairs and she did not give a fucking damn if they were caught all she wanted and could think about was having him inside her. She came, ejaculating all over his face and hands he was swallowing her cum as quickly as he could and loving it, lapping up her juice as if his life depended on it. She shouted out her joy as her orgasm thundered through her. Her every nerve and sense taking part until she was left breathless and stunned.

He did not give her any time to recover. Instead he stood and tipped her chin up and thrust his cock back into her mouth. She started to suck him fast and hard her passion and excitement still at fever pitch. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and turned her over, he was so strong she was now kneeling on the stairs, her ass high in the air her pussy dripping and leaving puddles on the step. He bent down to her and kissed and licked her ass. She did not think it could get any better, she could feel her orgasm rise again and her breathing became ragged and she started to shake uncontrollably. He stood and pushed his hard cock deep into her in one fluid hard motion. She thought she was going to cum then and there, she controlled it she wanted to feel this man fuck her, she wanted to feel used and abused. He pumped her and then he placed the palm of has hand on her ass and slipped his thumb into her ass. She could not hold back any longer. She started to wail as her orgasm built in intensity him never for a moment stop fucking her ass and her cunt. She was shaking and crying she was not sure how much more she could take but she did not want him to stop.

She could feel his orgasm was about to explode, he took his cock out of her dripping pussy turned her over again and wanked his cock in front of her face. She opened her mouth and her eyes and looked up at him as he shot his load into her waiting mouth. He watched as some of his cum dripped out of her mouth. She slowly and carefully caught the cum and put it back into her mouth, she swallowed his spunk relishing his taste. She then leant forward and gently licked his cock dry.

He smiled and helped her to her feet and kissed her lips, he started to get dressed and indicated she should do the same. She did not want this to end. She turned away so that he would not see the tears in her eyes, she wanted to thank him but could not express the feelings he had aroused in her. She turned back to kiss him again to find he was gone. She sat down hard on the steps looking a mess. She put her head in her hands and realised they had not spoken a word and she still did not know who he was and if she would ever see him again. One thing she was certain of though - she wanted him more than any man before. She made her way to the ladies and tidied up. She sent Julie a text to say she was on her way. She just had to tell her best friend all about her mysterious lover. As she remembered the events of the last 30 minutes a smile came to her lips, she truly looked like the cat that got the cream.

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