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Sex On The Train


Harrow On The Hill station on a December night in 2010 was almost deserted. I was the only one in the waiting room. The last train to London's' Marylebone Station, a non stop journey of some 30 minutes, was late. The cold outside was bitter, the ice and snow that had been clogging London for days still held its wintry grip. I knew my other half would be waiting with the car when I got there and with more heavy snow threatening I was anxious to complete the journey.

I had been for a meal with of an old teaching friend to celebrate her 27th birthday. She'd been married close to six years and we hadn't seen each other for the last couple of those. We'd got progressively more pissed as the evening went on. The alcohol flowed and as girls always do, we started to talk of our sex lives. I was gob-smacked when she told me that she had taken a black lover and that her husband knew – in fact it turned him on!

I was equally surprised when she told me some of the things she did for him and he to her. Paul, my other half had occasionally fantasised about having a threesome with me and stranger. My own unshared fantasy had always been to 'be blacked', myself. I had to admit to myself I was a little envious of her.

All this was going through my mind when three black youths wondered into the room. They tried desperately to appear hard, hip and intimidating but actually only managed to look so young I wondered what they were doing out that late at night. They sat down on the opposite side of the room and gave me the eye. If I say so myself I am attractive and despite the cold was showing a great deal of my suspender & stocking clad legs. There eyes swept up and down me and eventually zeroed on my groin. They couldn't keep there eyes of me which was a little puzzling until I realised that being slouched on the wooden bench the way I was

had ridden my coat up. In fact I quickly realised they could probably see a good deal more of my legs than I had thought. Looking at their happy if drooling faces and acting simply on a sudden whim - I unclenched my legs letting them separate quite widely. The effect on the boys was electric and I guessed they could now see a even more. Just to make sure and again on a whim I leant further back which forced both my coat and skirt to ruck up even higher. At this point the middle of the three opposite said something to his mates and they all laughed and did so again when he put his hand to his balls and made a fist to emphasis that comment. Although I hadn't heard it but I think I got his drift just fine. There was a definite tension in that room which was broken only by the train sweeping into the platform outside.

The youths got up first and each giving me yet another, hard man once over, exited. The train had six separate carriage units and I watched them enter the rear one which was empty. To my own surprise I made the spur of the moment decision to enter that compartment as well. I climbed in and closed the door seconds before the train moved off. The compartment had six pairs of bench seats on both sides of a central isle and the three black lads were sitting together three up. I walked opposite them and as the trains heating had obviously been working overtime took off my coat, folded it up and put it up on the luggage rack above their heads. At that point my dress rode up and it left the three of them being able from their position to see my crutch or close to it. Sometimes fate also plays a hand and at that point the train bounced over some points swaying the carriage. I deliberately allowed myself to be unbalanced and fell forward onto the middle youth. Putting his hands up to stop me he ended up under my skirt holding the top half of each thigh, just short of my crutch. For one of those long moments he looked up into my eyes and as I made no attempt to pull away - his hands moved up to the top of them. When I again made no attempt to move or protest he made an instant decision of his own.

With an incredible speed his fingers hooked into each side of my knickers yanking them down to just above my knees. From there a pair of fingers quickly found there way into my slit and started to dance up and down it. Only a few moments later his fingers found my hole and two slid inside me. With his other hand he pushed my short skirt above my hips baring my cunt to general view. Whether or not he wanted to get a better view of the what he was fingering or to show his mates what he was doing to me I'll never know - but the thought of them watching turned me on enormously. The sight must have also turned them on because they both grabbed their own crutches whilst their eyes remained riveted on my hole being well finger fucked. Enjoying this though I was I quickly decided, given the limited journey time, to cut to the chase as it were.

Reaching down I pulled his fingers out and hand away. I quickly took off my knickers. Kneeling down one leg each side of him I undid his Jeans waist, I unzipped his flies. Underneath a pair of boxer shorts barely hid a very large bulge. On pulling the waistband down a large penis sprang out transforming as it did so into a hard, black rod. I reached down and cupped his balls before running my hand up its length a few times. His two companions were still riveted on me but I also noticed they had slid their own trousers and underwear down and were holding their own dicks.

The rod beneath me was a good six inches or so and fat. Grasping it I guided it to my hole, let it rest for a moment at the entrance and then slid down it slowly until my ass rested on his balls. Once I was fully impaled I reached up and pulled off my white top letting my bra free and pert breasts fall down right in front of his face. He needed no better invitation and putting his lips to a nipple began to suck on it whilst cupping and squeezing the other breast constantly.

I let him enjoy himself for a while before moving slightly away and starting to slide up and down his pole picking up speed every few seconds. The feel of it inside was good but the looking down to see his ebony black dick sliding in and out of my white cunt was the biggest turn on. I was so enraptured by this sight I was caught by surprise to hear him starting to breath more raggedly. I realised he was about to cum in me but before I could do anything about it - a first hard spurt hosed into my womb. It was just such a soft, good feeling I didn't see or hear anything of my surroundings – I was lost in a world of my own. I rose to the top of his prick sank back down again and was blessed with another warm hosing.

Five more time I repeated this until I felt his prick start to soften. I sat there on his limp dick for a good minute or so feeling full, contended, almost purring.

Climbing off I eyed up the other two. I could see the one to my right had a short fat dick whilst the one on the left had to be in possession of one a good ten inches long . Without ceremony I chose mister short first and in a similar style top mounted him. His prick entered and I started as before buthe decided to take charge. Grabbing my hips he held them stock still whilst I was halfway down his dick. He then started to buck his hips pumping it in and out of my hole like a piston. He did this in short, sharp, fast movements with only the very head of his dick flicking in and out. It wasn't doing anything for me but he was obviously enjoying it so I let him at it. Within a couple of minutes he slowed and I felt more black spunk being added to my insides. His dick spurted a couple of times and he stopped, then maybe ten seconds later he bucked up into me a couple more times and I got another spurt. Over the next few minutes he continued this until after the ninth refill he gave up and slid out

Climbing off I was immediately laid down across the seat opposite by mister long who lost no time in parting my legs and kneeling in between. He pulled my legs up and apart and stared at my cum streaked fanny lips and leaking hole. With one of my legs now over each shoulder he placed his dick against my well lubricated cunt hole and with a heave rammed it all the way up. Once in he dicked me hard and fast. The feel of this was wonderful, they say size doesn't count but it does. Each long stroke made my clit buzz constantly building up a tension inside me. In addition looking down and seeing his black balls slapping my white ass and watching his long, sperm coated block pole rut into me was just indescribable. Each crunching stroke continued to build the tension in me until I was like an overwound spring. Then suddenly I started to cum and I did something I'd never done before. As if hearing myself from afar I listened to my own moaning, then wailing and finally screaming as the most ecstatic waves of pleasure overloaded and shot though my whole body.

When I finally came down he was still going at full bore. I was still getting some pounding and after a short while little ripples of tension flowed back up my body. It wasn't long until the gap between these got shorter & shorter – I knew that I was going to cum again.

I held it off until I felt the first hot blast of his spunk erupt inside me and then for the first time in my life I felt my cunt muscles grab a prick and hold it. They spasmed contracting and relaxing around it – each time milking a huge flow of hot spunk deep into me. It felt unlike anything I'd experienced before. Each flow inside me had my back and cunt arching up towards him. By the time he'd finished cumming he had me floundering and gasping like a fish out of water.

When he pulled out and climbed off I sat up and saw we couldn't be more than a few minutes from our destination. I noticed the boys were looking at videos on their 'phones. I asked to see one and they showed me a clip of myself in the full throws of my last fuck, fully impaled and gasping. I stood up and spunk at once ran down the inside of my legs in streams, I was that full. We quickly dressed and I decided give one of them my mobile phone number with a request to send me their videos. Once I was fully dressed Mr short asked me for my knickers as a souvenir so I took them off and handed them over spunk sodden as they were.

At this point my first fuck suddenly bent me over and unzipped his flies. Lifting my coat and skirt up he exposed my ass and slit before unceremoniously sticking his dick back up my cunt. Even head down I could see we were slowing to a stop in the station. He however continued and did so even when his mates opened the door and climbed out on to the platform. With the door open and the train stopped he fucked me for another ninety seconds or so before I felt him spurting a load more of black cream into me. Finished he pulled out, zipped up and stepped out.

No sooner was I out of the train than I saw the other half walking to meet me past my black studs. Once in the car he asked me if I'd enjoyed myself which of course I had. Nonetheless he told me he didn't think it safe to travel by myself at that time of night.

Your quite right I told him – those black youths who got out before me stripped me, then fucked me silly for twenty five minutes.

He gave me a big grin, "yea you wish", he retorted.

"Now that's something I would pay to see".

You don't believe me?" I queried.

Apparently he didn't.

I of course had the wet trails of black spunk on my inside thighs to say different. However my thoughts on the matter were then interrupted by my bleeping mobile. I took it out and looked at it. Several multi media messages had arrived. The title of the first was 'our gang fuck'.

Perhaps when we got home I'd feed his fantasy – but then perhaps I wouldn't.

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