tagIncest/TabooSex Slave Mother Ch. 02

Sex Slave Mother Ch. 02



My 20th birthday was approaching closer. This Sunday I will be 20 years old. Tina wanted to give me special gift for my birthday. She wanted to go for shopping.

"Jack, I wanted to go for shopping, will you come with me dear."

"Why? Bitch, Why do you want to go for shopping?"

"I wanted to buy a gift for your birthday. I wanted to do shopping."

"So you wanted to buy a gift for me, but you have already given me the best gift so there is nothing left for you to buy."

"Son, it is true that I have given myself to you.You are my master of my body. This time I wanted to buy something for you. I will be happy if you come with me."

"Ok, you bitch mom you can go for shopping, I will select the dress for you Ok!"

"Yes son, I will be happy to wear the dress which you will select for me."

I gave her dress to wear for shopping. I made her wear tight mini skirt and halter-top she looked very sexy in slutty dress.

I accompanied her for shopping at the downtown.

"Thank you, son."

I used to be her master and she was my slave at home but when we go out we are like mother and son or lover as per the place we visit.

I agreed to give her company, I did not know that this was our last company to the mall.

I was on the driving seat and she sat near me. She placed her hand on my cock. She started playing with my cock. She planted passionate kiss on my cock.

" Son, this Sunday you will be twenty and I am going to give you a present you have never dreamed off."

"What it is that you wanted to give me, won't you tell me, I promise you I will not claim before hand"

"I know you very well. You always keep your promise and I am proud of you son. Well you know you have fucked me several time. You have tried several unnatural position from the book which you have bought from erotic store. But you have not tried with me something different."

"Come on mom don't make it more suspense OK, tell me what is it that you wanted to give to me, please mom." I pleaded to her.

" OK, son I am virgin by my ass. I want you to fuck me up my ass. From Sunday onward my whole body will be at your service. You can fuck me in my mouth, my pussy, and now you can fuck me in my ass too, with your big and thick cock. I will be your proud mother.you will be fucking my ass by your huge cock"

I was very aroused by the suggestion she gave to me. Now I will be fucking my mother, Tina (my stepmother) up her ass.

"I wanted to fuck your ass on a very first day but I did not wanted to give you pain. I resist myself from giving you pain"

" Oh! Son I am proud of you. I told you I am your slave, you can do what you wanted to do with me, fulfill all your fantasy son. I will not stop you from doing so"

" I am sorry mom I underestimated you, "

" It's OK son. Now tell me all your fantasy you have in your mind. I will fulfill all your fantasy I promise. So just tell me and I promise you. This Sunday you will be fulfilling all your fantasy so tell me."

"Mom I wanted to tie you and torture you, beat you, spank you, and humiliate you, I wanted to do every thing I see on Internet."

"What do you see on Internet son, and on which site tell me I will go through and I promise you, I will let you do so"

"It is Hog Tied site, Water sport site. Wire-pussy pain erotica, there are many site I wanted to try every thing that is shown in the site"

"I am proud of you son. I want you to fulfill all your fantasy. I will go though the site and I will also give you advice. I promise you, this Sunday will be your first happy Sunday. You will be complete man and master of my body. I am proud to be your slutty slave; you can do anything with me. I am your slave and I will be your slave till I die.I know one woman who can be same type of slave, who is ready and willing to let you do any thing with her body. She will oblige to do so, and you will love it"

Our discussion was becoming very erotic. I was very aroused her hand was on my cock. She was putting presure on my cock.

I slowly let my hand press on her pussy, she was not wearing any panties. My finger enter her pussy. She grasped. I kissed her. I was fondling her pussy.

I lost my concentarate on my driving, and I lost control of the car. My car dashed to the pole. Car was badly damaged I and Tina got injured.

Pole hit her head she lost her conscious. I too lost my conscious.

I never knew when they took me to hospital. When I came in consious, I first enquired about my Tina, (my step-mom).

They took me to ICU unit where she was attached with life saving machine.

"Mom I am sorry, for every thing that happened."

"I am sorry too, I will not able to fulfill your fantasy, I am sorry."

"It's alright, mom, you get well soon, then you fulfill all my fantasy."

" At this state I don't think I will able to get well soon, I wan't be able to survive I have to do some thing for you. Son"

"It's ok mom"

"I want to keep my promoise I think this is the time, I have to find someone and I know someone who will do so"

"It is Ok, mom you get well soon then you bring this lady and help me to fulfill my desire now don't talk but take rest we will talk about it later."

"No son it will be too late, you must know about it your father will hate me when I will meet him above."

"OK! tell me Mom"

"Son this secret which I want to tell is the one that I hide it from you for so long period."

"What is the secret, tell me mom?"

"You know we have adopted you. You are our adopted son"

"What? Mom I am your adopted son, I don't believe you! You are telling lie! You cannot do this with me. You know who is my mother and my father?"

"I will tell you son, your father adopted you from his sister Nancy. She lives in California. Your father died when you were 6 years old, your mother was not in position to take care of you. Your Uncle, now your step father adopted you."

"Then, why? Nancy mom did not came to visit me at least once. Why? Is she still alive."

"Son, yes she is alive, I was very selfish of my self. I did not allow her to come to meet you till today but today I want you to meet her."

"You mean to say, you wanted me to meet her, Ok I will meet her but later on you get well and them we will call her to our house."

"No son I will not get well. I know my life is very short and I will not survive. I wanted you to go and stay with her and she is the lady who is ready to do anything and she is in love with you and you can seduce her."

"You mean to say that I go and seduce her. Mom are you crazy you are my everything. You get well soon then I will bring her home. You and I together will seduce her and I promise you I will fuck her too and you too."

"No son there is no time; you have to do it now."

"Do you thing she will let me sleep with her. Will she allow me to fuck her."

"I know she will go for it, because once she told me that she always like young teenager and she will love it. Once you seduce her. She will be in your arm and she will do any thing to get herself to your bed."

"Ok mom I will go and seduce her, but first you get well soon and then I will go to see her I promise you."

"I will do one thing, I cannot write, you write a letter on my behalf to her."

I was curious to know how she looks so I asked,

"How she look, is she as beautiful like you tell me mom"

" Yes, she is more beautiful then me, she is 5'11" and her figure is 45.32.45 and very fair complexion and photoginic face. You will fall in love wiith her at first sight"

" Do you think she will reply to your letter"

"I know she will reply"

"Tell me what to write, I will write to her on your behalf"

She told me what to write, but I have decided to seduce my real mom Nancy and fulfilled all my fantasy's I did not write what Tina asked me to write but something different and exotic. __________________________________________________ "Dear Nancy,

I hope you are well as I am here. After long silence I am writting you this letter. I know you wanted to meet your son and I have always prevented you from meeting him. Now I have decided that you should meet your son but before you do I wanted to confess. Please do not misunderstand me and do not hate me.

I am having affair with our Jack, my Jack "Your son". After your brother death we have come in contact with each other and now we are lovers. I remember you once told me that you like young boys and your son has already commited incest with me and I wanted you to do the same with him.

Dear now I wanted you to fulfill your wish. I will tell you that he is very good in bed and his cock is very huge when you see it you will not resist yourself and you will bed him. He is bull. I wanted him to fuck your ass and take your virgin ass and prove that he is your everything.

We are going out for few days when we will return I wanted you to be here and stay with us and satisfy our son I hope you will not say no to me and please do not hate me for what I did with him and sorry for getting selfish. I hope you will reply.

Yours and ever yours, TINA" __________________________________________________ I posted this letter to her and I was surprise to receive the reply and that also in very exotic manner.

In her reply she wrote.


"Thanks Tina to tell me every minute detail about Jackson. I am glad that you have trained him perfectly in sex and now you wanted me to fulfill my fantasy too. You wanted me to take him up my ass and you think that I am perfect candidate for this anal intercorse. You wanted me to do so.

When I saw him 4 years ago, I wanted to sleep with him and held him in my arm. I wanted to do everything you did with him in bed. Now you have permitted me to sleep with him and do everything with him what you did with him last 4 years. I will let him fuck me in my ass. I promise you I will do every thing he wanted to do with me in your presence. Waiting for your call. Please let me know when can I come to your house and fullfill my dream" _________________________________________________

I was surprised to read this letter, Tina was right she knew that Nancy will be my new slave and I will be fulfilling all my fantasy.

After a week, Tina died. She could not survive.

After funeral I returned home, I could not sleep. I was always thinking about Tina, and Nancy. I don't know what to do and how.

Finally I wrote a letter to her on behalf of Tina that she cannot survive and it is her last wish that Jack come and stay with her and She wanted to make him happy and asked Nancy to do every thing to make him happy.

I received a phone call from Nancy (sorry I am using her name in order to avoid you to get confused, Nancy is my mother by birth).

She pleaded me that it was last wish of Tinna and she wanted me to come to stay with her in California.

I, first refused to go then when she convinced me to come, I agreed to go to California to meet Nancy. She told me that she would be wearing red dress and carry placard with her.


Since the day Jack agreed to come to New York I was very exited. I was already wet between my leg, my pussy was dripping cum.

The strangest image was floating in my mind I felt like his hand was on my breast,(it was not so), as he was not here, but he was still in New York, yet I could still feel his hand were pressing my breasts, his finger rubbing my nipples shocking to say.

I felt his hand sliding up my thigh and his finger caressing lips of my vulva through my panties. I felt his hand sliding across my bottom dipping into the crevice between my cheeks, caressing my anal till it tingle my entire bottom was on fire by the imaginary touch

of ....what ...my son.

I was very hot, my finger slowly slid my pantie and my finger trace the entrance of my vulva, I insert two finger in my hole, and started finger fucking myself imagine my son's cock sliding my pussy. I increased the speed .

" Fuck me faster, son, fuck me faster"

"Oh!God, I am comiiiiiiiiiiig, fuck me son fuck me faster, "

My imaginary increase. I felt his cock was moving like piston in my hole, and I came like I never came before, I collapsed on bed, I did not know what happened when I came in sense I found my finger was totally wet with my cum.

I made up my mind that I am going to fuck my son Jack and I knew that he has taboo of incest. He will not resist, and I knew that he has already committed incest with my sister-in-law Tina. Now he will be comming to California tomorrow. I spend restless night. I could not sleep.

I took out a dildo from the draw which I kept with me and I use it when I am horny.

I pushed the dildo in my pussy, and started fucking my self again imagine my self in the arm of Jack, and his cock sliding in my pussy.

"Oh! God, fuck me son, fuck me. I want to be your slave. Oh! fuck me"

I pump the dildo faster. I succumbed to self ministration, the image of his hard cock replacing dildo sliding in and out of my hot and needy pussy, made the resulting climax more powerful far more real and, or fulfilling.

Early morning I got up, changed myself and left for beauty parlour, to make my appearance (to look more younger).

I tried to hide my age. I went little further by removing hair from my pussy, like Tinna wrote in her last letter that Jack likes hairless pussy.

I even bought sexy and slutty dress from the erotic shop specialised in selling this type of dress.

I reached before time at the airport. I couldn't wait, my brain was impassions so also my pussy.

I hold placard on my hand and wait near the entrance of the airport. Flight was in time, and I saw a handsome young man was comming out of the gate, it was Jack.

He wave me back, he recognise me. I threw all my respect and rushed toward him with open arm. He was carrying a shoulder bag, he also rushed toward me.

I threw myself in his arm, he hold me like a rug doll. He lift me like a lover lift his love one in his arm.

I, immediately started feeling the change of his presence and touch. I looked into his lovely hazel eyes, and saw them sparkles, as the feeling began again.

I kissed him on the cheek, fighting the urge to kiss his lips.

He was more faster then what I thought. He immediately lower himself and I felt his lips on my lips,

I was dump founded, I could not resist now, and I responded his kiss immediately. He gave me passionate kiss, like one gives to love one. He carried me like a rug doll.

He lowered his face near my ears and whispered,

"Mom, you look gorgeous, and beautiful, more then Tina described about you!"

"You too, you have become more handsome then I saw you last time,I mean four years ago, son."

"Thanks mom, by the way where is your car"

"There" I pointed toward the car opposite side of the road in the parking area.

"Lower me down son"

"Let me carry you mom, You are not so heavy, let me carry you to car, Mom"

He carried me to the car and there he lowered me down, and again he gave me a passionate kiss. I was already wet between my leg.

" Give me the key, I will drive car," He said.

I gave him car key, he opened the door of the car, and first he kept his bag in the bonnet, and then opened the door and offer me to sit in the car next to driver seat.

He entered the car, and again He kissed me, this kiss was far passionate then previous two kiss.

I felt his hand sliding up my legs and fingers slipping up my thigh, until they caressed the lips of my vulva. My knees almost buckled at the perception I had to hold on to him tightly, his tongue exploring my mouth, where as his finger continue roaming my dress. I felt his finger found way to my cunt, and one then another and then third finger enter my pussy.

He started finger fucking me. I cannot moan. I couldn't stopped the tickling sensation that often made me wet....Nore I couldn't stop the sexual attack on my pussy.

My pussy lips beginning to dilate and moisten. My bottom excited by his finger touches my pussy. My thigh brushing each other as I squeeze them together to keep the juice from flowing.

I had a powerful organism I never had in my life, my hand reaches his crotch, I lightly caress his cock, and felt him hard.

Finally, he released me, after I came like I never came before, his finger were totally wet. I was mesmerise, when he lick his finger one after another.

"You test so good, I didn't know you were so tastey."

Seeing him sucking his finger I again came.

"I knew you will not wear any pantie, I am happy you are just like Tina her nectar was also so sweet, I think you will keep me happy"

I could not find any speech to say, I was dumbfounded, and speechless


Nancy was looking at me, she was speechless, she could not find word to speak, but her hand was still on my cock.

I place my hand on her hand and press it to my cock. She came insense, and she started opening my pant zip.

I also oblige her by assisting her.

She removed my cock, her eyes, sparkled.

"I bet you would like to touch it and other things too wouldn't you?" I said with smile.

She reached down and got a hold on my semi erect cock.

"Let me feel that thing I bet Tina just love it didn't she?" as she stroked it. It reached its full length of my huge shaft.

"Yes this will do just fine."

She started to stroke me real good, making me shudder thinking how wonderful it was to have my mom doing it, my mom Nancy.

I knew I wouldn't last long.

"Please suck me Mom, after a long time someone played with my cock after Tina death, please Mom. suck me please, ooooooooh God!"

She just smiled, and lowered her mouth and planted a kiss to my cock tips, and slowly took it in her mouth. She took my whole prick in one gulp. Running her tongue around it like it was a saber trying to keep my cock from her mouth.

I nearly passed out from this senseation. I looked down to see what it was like and I saw her mouth bobbing up and down on my cock like she was eating lollypop.

"Oh! mom I am commmmmiiiiing, don't stop, please Mom don't stop. I am close, I am comiiiiiiiiiiig, faster mom I am comiiiiiing,"

It only took about two minute of this to set me off. I came like I never came before in her mouth. She raised her head, and opened her mouth. I look at her, my come was in her mouth. She showed my come to me and slowly she glup my come in her mouth, again she opened her mouth, my come was not in her mouth, she drank my nacter.

"You are also very sweet, you are delicious, I like it, your cock is far more better then what Tina describe in her letter"

"Oh! mom, you are also far more better then what Tina describe about you."

"Yes Son, we will make a good pair, I know you want to fulfill all your fantasy, and I am your game son. I wanted to have in my arm for long time and whem I saw you 4 years ago. I dreamed about you more then son, my lover, and when Tina describe a minute detail about you. I very much wanted you to have sex with you, by the way how come you were so fast with me?"

"I read your last letter in which you describe about your intention and your wishes"

"Tina gave it to you?"

"Yes, Tina gave me your letter and said'look what I said, she is hot for you and she will make you happy I know, now I will not worry about you. Now you can fulfill all your dream. I have kept my promise. I have found a perfect women for you, that is also your mother, now I will die peacefully, give my thanks to her and love her more then you love me, fuck her more then you fuck me, promise you will make her happy, promise me son.' and I did the same thing with you what she wanted me to do with you. I will make you very happy mom, I promise."

She wrapped her arm around me and gave me a passionate kiss. Our tongue explore one other mouth. I let my hand slide up around her waist and hugged her in return, pulling her into my lap. She was a little suprise by the move, letting out startled noise as her perfect bottom settled against me and I pulled her closer, and I felt her breasts against my arms and chest.

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