Sex Smart


Sex Smart Part 1 Control massage causes KAOS.

"Max, get down to Control right away!"

"What's up Chief?" Max asks.

"You know this is an unsecured line and I can't tell you now." Replies the Chief.

"Yes. Well I guess I just forgot." says Max. "Sorry about that Chief."

Max rushes out of his condo and makes it through Washington traffic in record time. He dashes into the building through security and into the phone booth.

"What's today's code?" Max thinks to himself. "Oh yeah!"

Pause. "You would think after all these years they would replace this with a touch tone telephone. Max dials "629" and drops immediately and slams on to the platform below.

"Parker! Haven't you fixed that yet?!" Max demands.

"Sorry Max." Says Parker. "Budget cuts and downsizing. No one to fix it even if we had the money."

"Well that's what you get when you're a secret agency in the government." States Max.

"Morning Larabee." Max says as he walks towards the Chief's office.

"Wait!" shouts Larabee.

"No time, Larabee. The Chief wants to see me immediately." Max replies back.

"WAM!" Max slams into the automatic sliding door that didn't automatically open. Max rubs his nose, winces and shakes his head.

"Budget cuts. The auto still doesn't work." Apologized Larabee. "You have to open it manually."

Max shakes his head in disgust and manually opens the door.

"You know Chief, these budget cuts are really hurting me!" States Max as he continues to rub his nose.

"Sorry Max." Replies the Chief. "But asking Congress for money when no one knows anything about you is a tough task."

"By the way Chief, what does Congress think we are?" Max asks.

"They think we're a secret agency importing Cuban cigars for the government." Replies the Chief.

Max looks puzzled.

"Max. KAOS has ...." starts the Chief.

Max interrupts. "Chief. Isn't this an A-One classification?"

"Yes Max." the Chief said knowing what was coming next.

"Then I demand we use the Cone of Silence!" says Max firmly.

"Max, it hasn't been fixed because of the budget cuts!"

"Rules are rules. I insist!"

"As you request." answers a reluctant Chief.

Both men sit opposite each other at the Chief's desk. The Chief flips the switch.

"Whrrrrr...Thump!" as the dome lowers. Max looks satisfied.

Instantly the electronics start to overheat and the inside to fills with smoke.

Both men start coughing and hacking as the Chief tries to raise the cone, but the auto safety starts the sprinkler system underneath and soaks the both of them before the Cone of Silence retracts.

"Max, I told you it wasn't working!" yells a frustrated Chief as a drenched Max sits smugly.

"Max. Now listen carefully." starts the Chief as the rain finally stops. "KAOS has opened a massage parlour near the Whitehouse. Many high profile congressmen are going there to relieve their tension, but KAOS is using it to launder money. They also seem to be able to get those congressmen to reveal information detrimental to national security. I want you to go in and find out what KAOS is doing and how they are doing it. Got that 86?"

"Everything except after the part where you said 'Now listen carefully.'"

The Chief holds his head as he gets an instant headache. "Never mind. It's all written in your orders." continues the Chief. "Agent 99 will be your back up and will work inside."

Max smiled as he reminisced about their last assignment together. They were Newlyweds on a honeymoon. To make sure they didn't blow their cover and Max pounded 99's ass with his 9-inch cock.

Agent 99 always secretly loved Max so she was always willing to take it or anything else Max wanted to give her.

"Remember Max. Once inside, you'll be under close scrutiny and constant danger. You'll be under extreme peril of death!"

"And...." Max stares directly at the Chief. "Loving it!"

Max left to prepare for his new assignment.

"Larabee, sent in Agent 99 when she comes in." orders the Chief.

"I'm right outside your office now Chief." 99 had overheard the Chief's barking over the intercom. "I'll come right in."

"Hi 99!"

"Hi Max!" 99 smiles and replies back excitedly. "See you later."

Agent 99 enters the Chief's office. He's all business. "Agent 99. I'm assigning you to back up Agent 86." The Chief reviewed the background with Agent 99.

"99, you will work on the inside as a masseuse."

"But Chief what about some hands on training?" asks 99.

"Glad you asked." Chief responds. "I've visited there many times...errr to ...ummm verify their protocols. Anyway here's your disguise."

The Chief gives 99 an extremely short white tunic which would barely cover her crotch and ass, black stay up fish net stockings and red 5-inch stiletto slip-on shoes. The Chief watches as 99 strips off her professional agent's attire and puts on new her outfit.

"Sorry 99. No panties." Chief says after 99 was finished dressing.

Without hesitation, Agent 99 peels off her black agent issued bikini panties. "You'll have to do up your make-up too! Be a little sluttier." The Chief reminds her.

"Right Chief." 99 turns to her boss. "How do I look?"

"Very fitting for the part." replies the Chief. "Ready for the training?"

99 replies with a quick head nod.

The Chief had a professional massage table brought in earlier. "99. You'll train on me."

The Chief strips off clothes. 99 stares at the Chief's naked body and is impressed with the size of his cock. It stood 7 1/2-inches already hard from watching 99 strip.

"Okay, grab some oil and warm it in your hands then start rubbing my back." directs the Chief.

99 complies.

"Good. Drizzle the oil into the crack of my ass."

99 pours a good amount of oil so it runs between Chief's buttocks and coats his plump testicles. "Now play with my balls."

Agent 99 follows the instructions.

"Use your finger and grease the outside of my ass hole." The Chief grunts "Uggg... Yeah! That's good."

"Okay, fuck my ass hole with your finger."

99 pushes her long middle finger into the tight pucker hole and pumps it in and out.

"Great." the Chief pants. "Let me turn over."

Now on his back, the Chief reaches between 99's legs and plays with her wet slit. Sex liquour drips down her leg. 99 breathes heavily.

"Straddle my face."

99 jumps up on the table and sits on his face. She continues the handjob while the Chief eats her pie. He nibbles and sucks hard on 99's clit. 99 can feel her orgasm built. Without further instructions, she starts sucking on the Chief's cock.

That does for the Chief. His first wad sprays the back of 99's throat. She allows his cock to pop out of her mouth as she sits hard on the Chief's face as she starts to cum. She continues to fist pump his cock as hard and fast as she can. The Chief's second wad splashes her face; the next lands in her cleavage; and then right on her cunt while still being eaten by the Chief. The rest dribbles on her hand.

Agent 99 rocks back and forth as she regains her composure after such a hard cum. She licks the white jism off her hand as she watches the Chief's cock soften.

Now recovered and standing beside the Chief she asks "Was that satisfactory?" Her face was a white sticky mess.

"Yes, but sometimes they'll want it a couple of times or you may also have to fuck the customers if they request it."

"No problem Chief. I'm sure I can accommodate them."

"Thanks Agent 99. You're a dedicated agent."

"Well, " says 99. "Anything for national security."

Sex Smart Part 2 - KAOS fucks Control

Recap: KAOS is using a body rub spa to filter money and get national security secrets from visiting congressmen. Agent 99 is assigned to work inside and support Agent 86 Maxwell Smart. Max needs to find out how they are doing it and put an end to it.

Part 2 - KAOS fucks Control

Agent 99 walks confidently into the "Get SOAK" Spa. Dressed in her tight white tee and pleated micro-mini, she tells the receptionist "Hi there. I called regarding the open position."

"Oh yes. We're expecting you." the receptionist says. "Please take a seat and I'll tell him you are here."

The receptionist goes into the back office. "The female Control agent is here for that job we advertised."

The executive chair spins around. "Send her in." says Siegfried, KAOS' top agent in his heavy German accent.

Agent 99 glides into the office. "Sit down please, Miss...?"

"My name is Angela, but you can call me Angel." stated 99. "I'm here for the masseuse position."

"Great! I have a few questions." Asks Siegfried. "What are your measurements, Angel?"

"Well my measurements add up to 99." replies Angel.

"Okay. Now I'll have to check you're experience."

Without hesitation, Agent 99 stands up and walks over to Siegfried. She spins his chair so he faces her before she drops to her knees. With expert agility she undoes Siegfried's pants and pulls them down around his ankles. Siegfried's cock was hard and almost as big as Max's, but Agent 99 can easily deep throated Siegfried's pole.

Siegfried could feel his cock go down her throat. It was the most incredible thing he felt. He could have dumped his load right then, directly into the agent's tummy.

Agent 99 was prepared not to let him cum that fast. She started bobbing her head up and down, sucking Siegfried deeply each time.

She could tell he wanted to explode into her mouth, but she wanted to show all of her talents. Agent 99 stops, stands up then lifts her short skirt exposing her naked pussy. 99 squats on Siegfried's lap and slips his fuck stick deep into her slimy hole.

Siegfried's dick is instantly feels the hot of her cunt. He thrusts his hips up hard. 99 doesn't squirt, but her juices really start to flow like the Ganges River.

Again Siegfried is ready to cum, but Agent 99 isn't quite finished yet. She dismounts off his lap and bends face down over his desk. "Fuck my ass." as she spreads her long legs and pulls her skirt over her hips.

Siegfried uses his hand to guide his pole to Agent 99's winking brown hole entrance. He slowly applies pressure but meets no resistance and easily slams it home.

"No stopping now, Miss 99...I mean Angel." Siegfried corrected himself. 99 is too far gone to realize Siegfried recognizes her.

He grabs her by her hair and pulled her head back. "Take my cum, you bitch."

Siegfried starts shooting his cum deep into Agent 99's bowels. 99 starts an orgasm of her own.

"YES! Fuck me you bastard! Give me your cum!!!" she screams.

Siegfried finishes emptying his balls into the spent Agent before pulling out and plopping back into his chair. Agent 99 remained exhausted and sprawled unmoving over the desk.

"Starker! Get in here!" Siegfried yells.

"Yes, what is it, Sieg..." Starker started to ask before he was cut off.

"Don't call me that in front of..." pointing at Agent 99."Clean her up and get her to work." Siegfried says as he pulls up his pants and tucks away his limp tool.

Starker goes to help the 99 off the desk and notices white cum oozing out of her asshole. He thinks to himself "Well Siegfried said to clean her up, but didn't say how!" Starker kneels between 99's legs and gingerly licks a bit of the juice. He savours the taste then licks her asshole clean with unbridled gusto. Just to make sure, he pokes his extra long tongue into her hole to dig out anything remaining. 99 cums again.

It would be more than a couple of hours before 86 would arrive, so agent 99 had to take care of a number of top politicians....George, Bill, Edward and Fred. By the time she was finished, she was encrusted with dried sperm on her hair and face; on her tits and in both her cunt and ass. Unfortunately, she was no closer to learning anything new to tell Max.

Sex Smart Part 3 - - Max makes KAOS Smart

Recap: Agent 86 and 99 infiltrate Siegfried's massage parlour to find out how they are getting secrets from Congressmen.

Agent 99 has been fuck numerous times, and has failed to learn anything new. Max won't be happy.

Part 3 - Max makes KAOS Smart.

Maxwell Smart, Secret Agent 86 enters the SOAK Spa. "Errr... Hi! I'm Smart. I have an appointment with the new girl, Angel." says Max.

"Hello. I'm sure you are. Let's see." answers the receptionist. "Oh, I'm sorry but she's busy for the afternoon, but Roxanne is available." pointing to the big breasted red head.

"Well I really prefer Angel...but" Max was afraid of blowing his assignment and goes with Roxanne to a private room.

"Call me Roxie. Now take off your clothes, have a quick shower and I'll be back in a few." instructs Roxie.

Stripped and showered Max waits. The door opens. A naked Agent 99 peeks in. "Max! You look happy to see me." she remarked about his stiff boner as she rushes over and hugs him. His cock goes between her legs and rubs her wet pussy lips.

"99, are you okay?" asks Max. "They said you were busy all afternoon. What's this shit you're covered with?"

"That's just some old cum. I didn't get a chance to shower before you came in." 99 replied. "I'm sorry Max but I didn't find out anything useful other than I loved being fucked a lot."

"Well that's all good and nice, 99 but what am I supposed to do now. If we get out of here, I'll have to punish fuck you." Warned Max.

"Again?" In reality 99 loved being punish fucked by Max. He makes her come so many times; she can't walk properly for a week.

The door opens suddenly. "What do you think you're doing here?" shouts Roxanne. "Get out!"

Agent 99 sheepishly slinks out the door.

"Well Max, shall we start?" Roxie pats the massage table top. "I see you're already nice and hard. With that weapon like that, I doubt you'll be able to lay face down. On your back!"

Max lies down, his stiff sticks straight up. Roxie brings his arms over his head and binds his wrists with hidden manacles, then straps a belt around his waist so he can't move.

"Is this a new type of massage?" asks Max.

"Quiet Mr. Smart." replies Roxie. "Just lay there and enjoy."

Roxie jumps up on the table and straddles Max's body. "Do you like my shape, Mr. Smart?"

"Yes, very nice, and I'd like to get my hands on you."

Roxie reaches behind, unclips and removes her bra. Her large firm breasts barely move.

Max's eyes stare in amazement as he licks his lips in anticipation of tasting her melons.

Roxie slowly pulls the bows holding her bikini bottoms, then removes and drops them on the floor. Max feels something hit his stomach. Roxanne had a cock. "Yes Mr. Smart. Now you will feel what it's like to be fucked by KAOS."

Max disgusted with himself. "The old 'cock in the panties trick'.... That's the third time this month!"

Roxie wastes no time and moves between Max's legs. She pushes his knees to his chest to access his anus. She bends over, spits on his hole the pushes her cock inside. Max was use to being ass fucked by Agent 99 and her strap-on, so he easily accepted Roxie's dick.

Roxie grabs some magic lubricant and pours over Max's cock. She plays with his jewels with one hand and furiously fists his prick with the other while fucking his ass with her cock.

Max starts to shoot his load, streams of cream splashes Roxie's face. Her entire body was covered with a gallon of Max's white fluid.

Max lays on the table unmoving as Roxie extricates herself from his used hole. "Siegfried! He's ready."

"Very good Roxanne." says Siegfried. He walks up to Roxie, kisses her on the cheek and strokes her cock. "I'll take care of this later."

"Well Shmart. Thought you would pull the wool over KAOS, eh?" Siegfried boasted. "That lotion Roxanne used is activated by your cum and gives us control of your mind, and you won't remember a thing. That's how we did it with all the others."

When Siegfried turned around, Max was able to pick the handcuffs using his fingernail lock pick tool. He grabs both of Siegfried's arms from behind and sticks his cock into his back. "Don't move Siegfried, I have my gun pointed right at you.

Suddenly in bursts the Chief followed by Agent 99.

"Max! Are you alright?"

"Yes Chief." Max explained how they did everything.

"But why didn't the magic lotion affect you?"

Max smiled broadly. "Fake prick." As he pulled the decoy off his real dick.

"No, you're a real prick, Smart!" Siegfried says.

Agent 99 stands beside Max. "Oh Max. You saved America again!"

"Yes 99. If only they used their lotion for goodness and niceness rather than badness and evil."

99 started playing with Max's ass. "This is what I learnt here Max." 99 inserted her finger deep into Max's asshole which was still sensitive from the ramming he got from Roxie. 99 wiggled her finger on his prostrate, Max comes instantly. His cock was pointed straight at the Chief and sprayed him with cum.

"Sorry about that Chief!"

"Well 99," says Smart. "I think it's time to take you to get punish fucked."

"Oh Max."

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