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If my Dad were to have his IQ tested he would probably be a genius. That's not to brag, because other than his knowledge of his work, his is as ignorant as a box of rocks. My Mom told me once that he had to buy a new car because he thought the little red 'oil' light on the dash of his car meant everything was okay. Very challenged in the common sense area. But at work he is one of the top men in he is field.

But as I found out, he was also challenged in the sexual nature, habits, and practices of most humans, which unfortunately for her, included my Mother. I can't be sure, but from all outward signs the only reason Dad got married was because that was what was expected. Then to make matters worse, he took a new job assignment six months ago where he spends twelve to eighteen hours a night at work. I think this is when Mom finally broke down.

I had gone out with my girl friend on Friday night. Dad of course had already taken off for his nightly lab activities. I told Mom that I would see her later. Her comment about hoping I had a good time was lost on me as a casual remark at the time. As it turned out, it wasn't as great of a time as I would have liked. My girl friend and I went to dinner and a movie, then to a club for drinks. My girl friend seemed a little standoffish and I didn't understand why until I was pushing to get laid and she told me she was on the rag. She practically exploded when I told her a blow job would be okay with me. I got back to the house about eleven o'clock not sure if we would still be dating after the fight we had.

"Hi, Kev. You're home early. Come in and sit with me," Mom said.

Between the glassy eyes, the smell of alcohol, her slurred speech and the fact Mom was pouring herself another one, it wasn't hard to figure Mom was pretty well drunk.

"Can I get you a beer," she asks from behind the bar in the family room.

"Sure, I could use one," I reply.

Mom hands me the beer and sits on the end of the couch from me, bringing one of her legs up underneath her.

"Rough night?" she asks.

"It just didn't go as I would have liked it too. We ended up in a big fight and I'm not sure we'll be seeing each other anymore."

"That's a shame. She seemed like a nice girl. What was the fight about?"

"You know, just differences in opinions I guess," I tell her trying to sidestep the real basis for the fight.

"She wouldn't put out for you, huh?" Mom slurs looking me straight in the eye.

"Well…pretty much," I reply not at all feeling well about having this discussion with my Mom.

"Seems the two of you have been going out for about three months now. Looks like by now she would give it to you. Lord knows there are plenty of times I dream of having a man around that wanted to have sex with me," my drunken Mother confides.

"We've had sex before. It's just tonight she couldn't or wouldn't. It's kind of complicated."

"Well I'm glad at least someone in this house has gotten laid in awhile. What do you mean she couldn't or wouldn't?" Mom asks pressing the issue.

I'm looking at my Mom and she has not taken her eyes off me since she sat down. "Mom, I'm not sure I'm comfortable talking with you about this," I tell her and can feel myself blush at the statement.

"Kevin, for God's sake. You're nineteen years old. A man in every sense of the word. I honestly don't see why we can't have an open and frank conversation about sex. I'd tell you about my sex life but I'm sure it would just put you to sleep. Now I want to know. Maybe I can help and then you'll be able to patch things up with your girl," Mom insists.

What the hell, she probably won't remember this in the morning anyway. "Well I wanted to do it. I kept hinting and teasing and everything that had worked before. She seemed to be in a mood. She finally tells me she's on the rag and doesn't want to do it," I explain. Mom sits quietly sipping her drink and nodding her understanding.

"Go on."

"Well half joking half serious I told her she could just give me a blow job. It got real nasty after that. We had to leave the club and she basically yelled and screamed at me the whole way to her house. The last thing she said was that she never wanted to see me, hear from me, or think of me again."

"So let me get this straight. She's on the rag and has a horny stud on her hands and won't at least suck him off?" Mom paraphrases.

"I guess that would sum it up," I tell her.

"That little bitch," Mom mutters.

I bust out laughing and Mom smiles and looks at me kind of funny. "What's so hilarious?"

"I was just thinking of all the things I would've liked to have said and the names I would have liked to have called her during our fight. But what you said is exactly what I said right before she told me she never wanted anything to do with me again."

"Hell it would serve her right never to get the honor of taking care of you again, the fucking cunt," Mom blasts with anger. "I'm sorry, it just pisses me off to think that these young girls are so manipulative and not at all concerned about taking care of their man. If I were your girl friend you wouldn't have had to ask for a blow job, I would have offered it to you. Either that or my ass."

"Maybe I should start dating you," I jokingly tell her.

"Maybe you should, then neither of us would be in the state we are in right now. Can I tell you my problem?" Mom asks.

"If you want to."

"Oh I want to. Your Dad is a decent man. Maybe too decent. Now I wasn't a slut when I was younger, but I did know how to treat a man right and keep him coming back for more. I met your Dad and I guess he wasn't much different than he is now. I met him at a frat party in college and after convincing him he needed to be alone with me, I sort of took advantage of him."

"How do you sorta take advantage of someone? Especially a guy?" I ask.

"Well he was already the same brainiac he is now. But I had reliable information that he was also hung and I wanted that. He had no clue as to what I was really doing. I just bombarded him with questions about his studies and theories while all the time feeling him up. You heard guys when they are doing something talk about how it is giving them a hard on?"

"Yeah, I think we've all said it a time or two," I confirm.

"Your Dad actually does get a hard on talking about science. Once I got him hard then I climbed on for the ride. The whole time I rode his horse cock he talked non-stop about science and all that other bullshit."

I wasn't quite prepared for my Mom to go in such detail about her sex life. Coupled with the fact that I was still fairly horny from not getting any from my girl friend it shouldn't have surprised me that I started getting hard.

"So like all women I thought I could change him. We ended up getting married and I'm fairly certain you were conceived on our wedding night, cause that was all I got until a month later. Once I was pregnant and then you were a baby, sex for me just ended. I really don't think he cares or even misses it."

"Are you telling me that you haven't had sex since before I was borne?" I ask astonished.

"No, not quite. I get him to fuck me about once a month now. He still chatters non-stop and I just tune him out and go off into a fantasy world while he pumps me. The sad part is I miss all the other stuff, the stuff he won't do," Mom explains.

"Like what?" I ask my curiosity genuine.

"Just the things that you have already started taking for granted. At least until tonight. Your Dad doesn't believe in oral sex, giving or getting. If he is preoccupied, I do good for him to even notice me. Kevin, you need to find another girl friend. One that is going to be willing to take care of you properly. There has to be someone out there somewhere. Don't end up like me. Don't marry some girl cause she is gorgeous and let's you stick your dick in her once in a while. You'll end up on the computer in chat rooms while you masturbate. Trust me, it's not the best way to live if you can help it."

"Do you do that a lot? Masturbate while on the computer?" I ask. It's Mom's turn to be embarrassed. She gets up and fixes herself another drink and brings me another beer before answering.

"Probably more than I should. I thought I could learn to live without sex in my life or as I said that I could change your Dad. And now that he's working at night, I know I won't be getting any."

"You shouldn't feel bad about masturbating or even living out fantasies on-line. I've done that too. It can be a safe and health release for you."

"Now see, to me that is disturbing," Mom says.

"What? That I go on-line and role play and masturbate? You just said that you do it," I snap back.

"Yes, but I'm an old married woman. I should be taking care of myself if my husband won't. You are a young stud in the prime of your sexual life. You should never waste an ounce of strength or a drop of cum on masturbation. That's what women are for," Mom tells me.

"That is easier said than done. There isn't always a woman around," I reply.

"Sure there is. You just have to know where to look," Mom says as she stares at me with glassy eyes. "Tell you what. The next time you feel the urge to masturbate, you come see me. I'll be happy to do it for you, whatever it is you want."

I sit with my eyes fixed on hers. We both clearly understood what she was saying. It was an offer that I had free will to act upon or one that I could forget and never mention again. The problem was I had stopped thinking with the head above my shoulders. And the one below my belt was at the end of an almost painful erection. I look away and take a sip of my beer.

Glancing back I don't see Mom any more. I see a hot and horny lady. Ready and willing to take care of my needs while at the same time fulfilling needs of her own. Could it be that simple? Just two people with physical needs. And Mom is hot, no doubt about it. She has always stayed in great shape and here she sat no more than four feet away showing off her very nice tits wrapped in a halter top and a hot ass wrapped in shorts.

I rise from the sofa and move to stand in front of Mom. She is looking at the floor and I reach down to hold her hands in mine. I move her hands until they are on my belt buckle. Her eyes raise and she stares at the bulge in my pants. Her hands slowly manipulate the belt and then the button at the waist of the jeans. Her fingers work to find the zipper tab and she pulls it down holding the top of my pants in her other hand. Once my pants are open, she tugs at the sides pulling them down. My underwear catches on my hard cock and she continues to pull until my jeans puddle around my ankles. Her hands return to the elastic waistband of my boxers and she maneuvers the material out and around my hard cock letting my shorts join my jeans.

"Kevin, your hung like your Dad," she gasps taking her hand and attempting to wrap it around my hard cock.

She stokes me tentatively, I suppose thinking that I might run away. Her other hand reaches between my legs and hefts my heavy balls in the palm of her hand. Suddenly she jumps up and stands next to me.

"You need to sit down," she says guiding me back to the sofa. Once there she kneels in front of me and removes my shoes and socks. With them out of the way she finishes removing my jeans and shorts.

"Do you mind if I get more comfortable too," Mom asks. I simply nod no as my cock twitches at the thought of seeing my hot Mother naked in front of me.

She wastes no time in untying the halter top and freeing her very large and amazingly firm tits. Her hands grab her shorts and pulls them down as well. Either she wasn't wearing panties or they came down with her shorts because now she is standing before me fully exposed to my gaze.

"Oh, I forgot to take your shirt off," she muses as she straddles my hips and pushes her tits into my chest, all for the sake of removing my shirt.

"Damn, Mom your tits are nice," I tell her as I run my hands up to cup them and tweak the nipples for a moment.

"Well you are welcome to use them too. I haven't been titty fucked in a long time. And you can chose. I like pearl necklaces and facials," she says with an evil grin.

The way she straddles me to take off my shirt caused my cock to wedge between Mom's ass cheeks with the head pointed up her back. Mom reaches down to touch my sensitive nipples and my cock twitches against her.

"Now back there we may have a problem. I've never had a guy your size up my ass. And it's been awhile since anything has more than a vibrator or dildo, but nothing the size of your cock," she says squeezing her butt cheeks together. "But we can practice as much as you like. Kevin, I want to please you. In any way you want, as often as you want. It has been so long since a man has touched me with lust in his eyes like you are now. And if you find a girl that is willing to do all the things I will for you, I will understand."

"Mom, that won't be a problem. I've looked and I have yet to find a woman as hot as the slut in my lap right now. Now be a good girl and get my cock good and wet so I can fuck your hot pussy," I tell her.

Mom climbs off my lap and crawls between my outstretched legs. She begins to kiss and lick the head of my cock, holding it in her hand to control it's jerking around from her touch. Her tongue works it's way along the length of my shaft, moving her hand as she goes so as not to miss a single spot. When her mouth moves back to the tips, she slips her tongue out to taste the precum she has worked up. Her lips form a kiss as she places the head to her lips, holding them tight as my cock parts them.

Mom's lips stretch wide as she accepts my cock into her mouth. One of her hands strokes what she can't fit in and the other fondles my balls. Her mouth works up and down and I let my hand run through her hair. Mom's eyes look up at me as I enjoy watching her suck me. Her mouth twirls around the sensitive head as she strokes me up and down into her willing mouth.

"Oh, yeah. Suck my cock. I want to cum in your hot mouth," I tell her looking her in the eyes.

Her efforts double as she sucks and strokes me. I feel her tongue slither around the head of my cock and her cheeks hollow as she sucks me in. Her eyes close and her face takes on a new look. A finger from the hand holding my balls moves back and strokes the area between my sac and my ass. I gulp for air, having never been sucked so well in my life.

"Oh, fuck Mom! I'm gonna cum now. Oh shit you are the best cocksucker in the world. Please don't stop. Let me cum…now… arghhhhhhhh," I scream. I shoot blast after blast into Mom's waiting mouth. She is still sucking me hard, taking all she can and milking my balls. Her hand strokes me up and down to make sure every last drop reaches its destination.

Her mouth slows down and her hand continues to hold my cock. Mom opens her mouth and I can see it is full of my cum. She purses her lips and lets my cum trickle from her mouth back over the length of my softening cock. Once she has let all the cum dribble from my mouth, Mom looks at me with a big smile on her face. Then she bends down and licks my cum back off my cock, making sure she swallows every drop.

Mom goes to the bar and fixes herself another drink and brings me another cold beer returning to sit on the floor between my legs.

"If you ever get a better blow job than that for the rest of your life, I will kiss your sweet ass. No, that won't work, cause I'll kiss your ass anyway," Mom says with a giggle. "That was the best fucking drink I have had in years. Promise me I will get to drink more of that."

"I'm sure you will get plenty of opportunities. If the rest of you is half as hot as your mouth, I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with you. But for now, there is something I have to do," I tell Mom standing.

I take her by the hands and guide her to the floor. I kneel over her and let my mouth suck gently on her nipples as my hands feel the swells of her breasts. Mom looks at me and her eyes roll back before she closes her eyes. I allow my hands to roam her body, stroking her arms and neck, and following my hands with sweet kisses to her fiery skin. I move my caresses and kiss down along her flat stomach and move her legs apart. I can already smell her hot pussy, but resist the urge to dive right in.

Instead I work my hands and mouth along the top of her legs to her ankles, and then trail back up to the insides of her thighs. I cross to the other side with a puff of warm air blowing on her horny slit. I work my way as before down her other leg and return to smell the sweet aroma of her excited pussy. I tease her letting my tongue wet along the outside of her pussy lips, enjoying making her hips buck wildly up and down.

From what she told me it is likely Mom hasn't had her pussy licked in over 20 years and I'm determined to make it as hot as the blow job she gave me. I move a hand down to spread her lips and feel the moisture already covering them. I place a kiss on her pussy and let just the tip of my tongue glide along the lower portion of her slit, teasing with light strokes and backing off when she arches her back and pushes herself to meet my mouth.

I move both hands up along her sides and find her breasts. My fingers work over her nipples making them stiff to my touch. I begin a slow tease from the bottom of Mom's pussy slit all the way to the top, stopping just short of her clit. I do this several more times, waiting for a sign. Her nipples remain constantly hard to my touch. I go from a gentle stroking to insistent pinching of her nipples.

At last Mom gives me the sign I was looking for. Her hands find the top of my head in an attempt to guide my mouth to where she needs it to be. I start at the bottom again and this time allow her to pull my head up letting my tongue slide over her erect clit. She bucks wildly as I continue past her clit and she gasps for air and pushes at my head. Twice more I tease her this way, before I let her hold my mouth over her clit. I suck it in between my lips and then lash at it fast with my tongue. My hands are lightning fast over her nipples in a blur of pinching, teasing, and stroking.

Mom let's out a sound that I can honestly say I have never heard from a human being before. After she came the first time I went back to lick her lovely slit and then tongue tipped her clit again, setting her off again. I never let up until Mom pushed me away, too sensitive to take any more.

Mom lies still for several minutes. I fear that maybe the reality of our situation has become apparent and she is having regrets. I touch her leg and she stirs, partly opening her eyes to look at me. To my surprise she almost leaps up throwing her arms around me, kissing the mouth that just ate her pussy.

"Don't ever do that to another woman. If you do she will become your sex slave for life. And that's my job from now on," Mom tells me. "Oh, dear. Did I cause that," Mom asks stroking my renewed hard on.

"Yes you did and you will have to do something about it now," I tell her.

"And how can your sex slave service you, Sir?" Mom asks her face aglow with having just cum.

"I think you better stand up and bend over the back of that chair," I tell her.

"Anything you say," she replies dipping her head and sucking the head of my cock for a quick second.

Mom moves to the chair and bends over it. I move in behind her after spreading her legs wide. I take my cock in hand and tease her wet slit with it. Her hips begin to undulate and I slap her ass and tell her to hold still or she will not get what she needs. I continue to tease her until she begins to whimper.

"Ask me for it," I tell her.

"Please, Sir. Please may I have your hard cock in my pussy."

"That's very nice. But not very convincing. Maybe you should beg just a little for it," I tell Mom as I continue to tease her slit with the head of my cock.

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