Sex Starved


"Oh, please, Sir. I need your cock in me. I need you to fill my hot hole. Please, Sir, please," she begs.

I slide about and inch in forcing Mom to lift up on her toes, and then I pull back out and slide along her slit again.

"I don't think you mean it. I bet you think you hold the power waving your wet pussy in front of my hard cock like that. You better do some primetime begging if you want this monster in you," I warn her.

"Oh, Sir. I need your cock in me so bad. Please, I'll be your little slut bitch. Your sex slave. Fuck me whenever and however you want, just please put your hard cock in my dripping cunt. I'm ready to explode I need it so bad. Oh, Sir I will love you forever if you will just fuck me with your big hard cock. Fuck me hard and fast and fill my cunt with your hot cum," Mom genuinely begs.

"Good girl. Better get ready now. Back on your toes," I tell her as I start the head of my cock back into her pussy. I push up and in allowing myself the pleasure of opening up her tight hole. It is wet and soft and feels good around my cock. As I get further in, Mom lowers herself down off her toes. My cock goes as deep as it can and I feel Mom's pussy spasm around me as she has her first orgasm from my cock.

"Did you like that?" I ask.

"Yes it was wonderful cumming with your cock deep in my cunt," she replies.

"Then it's my turn now, right?"

"Yes, Sir. You are more than welcome to use me and take your pleasure from me."

"Very good. Use you I will," I tell Mom grabbing her hips and pulling her back and forth on my hard cock.

Mom's pussy is so hot and wet and ready to accept the pounding that I begin to give her. I grab hold of her hips and alternate between driving my cock into her hot cunt and pulling her back by her hips onto me. I pull her back off the chair slightly so my pushes cause her breast to rub the rough material covering the back. I pound her pussy hard and fast, causing nothing but moans and grunts to escape her mouth.

"You like that, bitch?" I ask punctuating my question with a slap to her sweet ass.

"Yessss," she hisses at me.

"You ready to feel me fill your cunt with my cum?"

"Fuck, yes. Fill my cunt with your cum baby. Give it to me. I need it so bad. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me," she screams.

With a final push I go deep into Mom's hot pussy, pumping my load deep into her, then feeling her muscles tighten around my cock as she cums with me. I work my muscles causing my cock to twitch in her and she cums again, soaking my cock and balls with a mixture of her and my cum. As I begin to soften, I let my cock slip from her and let myself fall back on the floor. Mom leans over the chair for support for a few moments before she begins to stir.

After regaining some of her composure, Mom kneels down next to me and kisses me softly on the cheek.

"Whenever you need to cum, you let me know. I was serious. You can use me anytime you want and anyway you want. Okay?" she asks making sure I completely understand.

"Okay," I answer. "I'm thinking I'll be ready in about 15 minutes."

"I was hoping you would say that," Mom answers before bending to take my cock back into her mouth.

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