tagAnalSex with Boss Lady Becky Ch. 02

Sex with Boss Lady Becky Ch. 02


The day after I had sex with my boss, Becky, she called me into her office and shut the door. She told me to have a seat. She got up, came around the front of her desk where I was sitting and sat on the desk with her legs straddling the chair I was sitting on. I could see she was not wearing any underwear.

"My pussy hurts from the pounding you gave it last night. What are you going to do about it?"

"What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to kiss it and lick it, very slowly and lightly."

I leaned forward in the chair and began to gently kiss her pussy, taking care not to lick too hard. She tasted as good as she did last night. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy, flicking at her clit. I felt her body tense and she soon had an orgasm. As I ran my tongue down over her pussy, licking every last drop, Becky spoke.

"We need to get one thing clear. You are to never tell anyone what happened, do you understand? I have a lot to lose. My husband and my business first of all. So, just don't tell anyone and we can continue to meet when we have the chance, okay?"

"Not a problem, boss. Anytime, anywhere you want me, just call. Is that all?"

"No, it isn't. I need you to stop and see Morgan about your payroll information. They upgraded their software and they lost some of your information. I told her I would send you over after work and she said she would wait for you."

Morgan works for the company that does our payroll. She is a fox and makes me hard every time I see her. She is in her late twenties, has long, dark hair, brown eyes, slim body, nice size titties. Think Jennifer Love Hewitt with smaller boobs. Quite the babe. She comes over about once a month to see Becky and they usually go out for dinner and shopping.

I decide to walk over to where Morgan works, as it is only a block and a half away. Traffic is terrible this time of day and finding a parking place would be impossible. Made as much sense just to walk. Besides, walking clears my head and lets me think. Right now I was thinking about last night with Becky. I still cannot believe it happened. Despite being ass fucked with a dildo, it was a good night of sex.

I arrived at the business to see Morgan, and it looked like they were closed. The lights were off and it didn't look like anyone was there. Just then Morgan came around the corner carrying two cups from Starbucks.

"Hi, Keith. Just went to grab some cappuccino and got us each one. Hope you don't mind?"

"No, not at all. Thought maybe you forgot about me and left."

She unlocked the front door, we went inside and she closed it and locked it again. She left the lights off.

"I don't want anyone to know I am here. I have dealt with enough assholes today. Let's go back to my office."

We walked back the hall to her office, second on the left. It was still light enough to see and I watched her as she walked. Her cute little ass wiggling as she walked. She had on a blue skirt with matching blue coat, and white blouse. The skirt was knee length and she was wearing high heels. We went in her office and she told me to have a seat. As I was filling out the forms that she needed, I noticed that she had unbuttoned three buttons on her blouse. When I got finished she came around her desk to where I was sitting and sat on the desk in front of me.

"I talked to Becky today," she said.

"Yes, I know. That is why I am here, isn't it?" I said

"Well, sort of. She told me all about yesterday and last night."


"Yes. She is my best friend and we tell each other everything. About our jobs, our lives, our sex lives. I know every time her and her husband fuck, and now I know about you."

"And?" I stammered.

She put her feet on the outside edges of the chair I was sitting on.

"And, I want you to fuck me too," she explained. "It has been awhile and I am horny as hell, and I would really like for you to take me now."

Morgan kicked her high heels off, reached under her skirt, and pulled her panties off. She held them to her nose, then licked her lips. My cock was now straining to get out of my pants. But, for maybe the first time in my life, common sense kicked in and I didn't immediately jump to the task at hand.

"But what if Becky finds out? She will give me pure hell and maybe even fire me, Morgan."

"Is big, bad Keith afraid of Becky?" she taunted me.

"Damn right I am. You don't know what that bitch is capable of, but I do. Trust me it is not pretty when she gets pissed at someone."

"Okay, listen. I won't tell her about you. I promise. This will be the one time I don't tell her. Okay?"

"I don't know. I know how she gets information from people and they don't even know it."

"But I promise I won't say anything Keith. Please?"

"Okay," I said against my better judgment, thinking with the wrong head again.

Morgan spread her legs and shimmied her cute little ass to the edge of the desk but I wanted none of that for now. I wanted to feel the inside of her mouth with my tongue. For as long as I have known her, she has the most kissable lips I have ever seen. I was not going to lose this chance to taste them. I stood up and took her face in my hands and kissed her. Sweeter than I imagined. I parted her lips with my tongue and we were soon probing each other's mouths. I could have done that for hours, but she pushed me away and forced my head down between her legs where her little slice of heaven was waiting.

I sat back down on the chair and moved in between Morgan's thighs. She had put her hands behind her on the desk to steady herself. I always love to breathe in the aroma from a woman's pussy before licking it. I ran my tongue up her slit, tasting her sweet juices mixed with what I guess was a perfume she must put around her thigh area. I continued licking up and down, all around her pussy. She grabbed my head and forced me to tongue her deep inside. I got as deep as I could with my tongue as my nose was nuzzled against her clit. She held my head there as she had an orgasm. She lifted me up and kissed me deeply. Morgan licked her pussy juices off my mouth and face.

"You look like someone glazed your face," she laughed.

"Someone did," I said. "You have a delicious tasting pussy and I would be happy to eat you whenever you want for as long as you want."

"That's good, but right now I need you to fuck me."

I got up and took my pants and underwear down to my ankles. Morgan laid back and slid her ass out to the end of the desk. I put my cock at the entrance and rammed all eight inches in at once. She was so fucking hot and wet that it didn't even bother her. I fucked her hard, and each time I did my balls would smack into the desk. It hurt, but felt good, if you know what I mean. I continued to slam her pussy and I could tell by the look in her eyes that she would soon be cumming and so would I. Remembering last night with Becky, I practically screamed at Morgan.

"Do you want me to cum inside you or you want it in your mouth!"

"I want to feel your hot sperm inside me. Oh My God, I'm cumming!"

She came first and I shot my wad into her pulsating cunt, holding it in until every drop was spent from my cock. I pulled it out and Morgan got on her knees in front of me and licked the mixture of my cum and her pussy off my cock. She stoked it for a few seconds, making sure to get every last drop out. Then she gave it a little kiss on the head.

"You really are not going to say anything to Becky, are you?" I pleaded.

"Of course not," replied Morgan. "I promised and I would never break a promise."

As I was getting dressed, I thought to myself how many times I have heard that one. We cleaned everything in her office up, and we left. I wondered all evening if she really would not tell Becky, theorizing that she would have nothing to gain by telling her, especially if she wanted to hook up with me again.

Ever get that feeling when you head to work that today is not going to be your day? That you just know that today you are going to catch hell and there is nothing you can do about it? Well, that is how I feel as I near work this morning, still unsure about Morgan and her promise to me. I arrived and went right to work, not wanting to really make eye contact with anyone. That's when Becky walked in the front door and came straight to where I was working. Oh, no.

"My office, right now, you son of a bitch!," she screamed at me.

I am fucked, I thought to myself. When will I learn. I followed Becky into her office and closed the door behind me.

"Set the hell down. What the fuck do you think you are doing fucking Morgan, you son of a bitch?"

There are two things I could do here and neither one is going to lead to a happy ending. First, I could say that Morgan promised she wouldn't tell Becky or second, not say anything and really piss her off.

"I admit that I fucked Morgan yesterday after work. And to be honest, I didn't know that I was the property of you exclusively. For Christ sakes, Becky, you are married. How much of a relationship do you think we could have anyway?"

"Get the fuck out of here. You're fired!"

"Fired? For what? Fucking your best friend? You don't have to fire me, I quit. Kiss my ass sweetheart."

"Wait, Keith, please don't go."

"Too late, Becky. This has been coming for a long time."

I calmly got up out of my chair, walked around the desk to Becky and gave her a big kiss on the lips. I then turned around and walked out of her office. I went to my desk, grabbed the few personal items I had there, and left. Nobody said a word, but I am sure everyone could here our conversation.

That night I got a call at home from Morgan. She was crying, saying Becky raised hell with her and told her she didn't want anything to do with her again. Damn, I thought. Here I have disrupted three people's lives, four if you count Becky's husband. I asked Morgan if she wanted to come over and talk. She said not tonight, but soon. I said I understood.

It was over a week later, on a Saturday night, when there was a knock at my door. When I opened it, Becky and Morgan were standing there. They asked if they could come in that they wanted to talk.

"First, I need you back at work, Keith," Becky said. "The place has been chaotic since you left. I never realized how much you did and how valuable you were to me. Please come back, with a big raise."

"Of course I will," I said. "I picked up the phone a lot of times to call you, but could not muster enough courage to do it. I have missed you and everyone else there."

"Great," said Becky. "Now the hard part. Morgan and I have made up with each other about what happened. But, my husband left me. Actually, he never came back from his so called 'hunting trip' that he was on. Turns out he wasn't going hunting at all, but was taking a woman from his workplace with him all these years. I felt like a fool."

"I am so sorry," I said.

Although, to be honest, I wasn't sorry. This meant maybe more Keith time with Becky.

"Now comes the good part," giggled Morgan. "Becky and I have come to an understanding about you. You can have both of us if you like. You can see us separately or we can all get together. No strings attached. We just want to have sex and we want to have it with you. The two of us have been sleeping together all week, but we agreed we needed a cock and the cock that we wanted was yours."

I was dumbfounded, first by the thought of having sex again with the pair of them, but then by Morgan saying that they have been sleeping together all week. I suggested we go straight to bed. We went into the bedroom, and giggling like school kids, got naked. I started kissing Morgan and those delicious lips. Becky grabbed me and started to kiss me. Then Becky and Morgan began kissing each other. My cock was ready to explode.

"How do you want to do this?" I asked.

Morgan laid down on the bed and I knelt between her legs and started eating her pussy. As I was licking and sucking her cunt, Becky had straddled her head and I could see her ass as Morgan was eating her. I continued licking Morgan's pussy, flicking at her clit, she climaxed and I licked every drop of cum from her cunt. I watched as Morgan licked Becky's cunt, occasionally flicking her asshole with her tongue. Becky came with such a force that it caught Morgan by surprise, choking her.

I laid down and directed Morgan to my cock. She started by licking my head, putting just the head in her mouth, then taking it back out again. She continued to do this, teasing me. Becky had moved behind Morgan and had buried her face in Morgan's ass. Morgan was moaning as Becky continued to lick and probe her asshole with her tongue. Every time Morgan moaned I thought I would blow my load in her mouth. Becky had started to finger Morgan's pussy while she was licking her asshole. Morgan took all my cock in her mouth. The feeling of her lips on my cock was indescribable. I blew my wad in her mouth.

The girls both wanted fucked. I had them get doggy style. I started fucking Becky first, fingering Morgan's pussy and asshole. The two girls were kissing as I took turns on them. As I would fuck one, I would play with the other one's pussy and asshole. I was inside Becky's pussy when I had to cum again. They turned around and I blew my second load of the night onto their faces. They took turns licking my cum off each other, ending with a long passionate kiss.

Morgan wanted fucked in the ass. So did Becky, but she had to wait. I put some lube on Morgan's asshole and had Becky work her fingers into her ass. I took my cock and placed it at Morgan's asshole. I slid it in, and was surprised how easily it went in her. Probably been using the strapon dildo I thought. While I was pumping her asshole, Becky was busy fingering herself. I could see her clit swell as she neared an orgasm. I came inside Morgan's ass at the same moment Becky came. We had grabbed each other's hands as we did. The feeling was fantastic. I pulled my cock out of Morgan and she slumped off to the side of the bed, exhausted.

But, I was not done yet. Becky wanted fucked in the ass and I wanted to do it. Becky started sucking my cock to make it hard again. It was hard in no time at all. She got in the doggy position and I lubed her asshole, fingering it to help relax it. I inserted my cock in her ass and began to slowly fuck her butthole. This was not like the first time I had fucked her. There was something different this time. I continued to fuck her and she told me this time to cum inside her. I looked over at Morgan and she just smiled at me. A few more minutes in Becky's asshole and I exploded inside her. I just held my cock in her as she pushed back on me.

We all collapsed on the bed. We just lay there talking, eventually falling asleep. We woke in the morning and had the best wakeup sex ever. I just wondered how this would change things once I went back to work.

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