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Laurie and Don had been living the life most young couples could only dream about. Travelling the world vacationing in the most exotic locations the world had to offer, dining in the world's finest restaurants, and just living a care free life for the most part, the young couple had no thoughts of saving for the future. Don was a pilot for one of the more successful airlines in the United States. He had met Laurie on one of his flights and it was love at first sight for them both. Two years later they were married and continued their jet setting lifestyle.

Laurie had sold her dance studio and the couple used the proceeds as a down payment on their dream home in southern California. She spent her days lounging by their pool while Don flew cross country. Laurie was one of those girls that the top night clubs in L.A. wanted seen. She received the VIP treatment at most night spots due to her incredible beauty and Don enjoyed the perks provided them both. The partying couple never envisioned what lie ahead of them as they celebrated Laurie's 28th birthday.

One week later, Don got the letter from the airline he never anticipated. He had been laid off due to the lagging economy and the drop in passengers the airline was experiencing. Having been a partying couple, they had very little in savings. One month with no income went by and they had no money in their account to make the mortgage payment. Don met with his banker and came home to deliver the bad news to his wife. "We have two months to either make a payment or the bank will begin foreclosure on us."

Laurie was in shock. Never in her life had she faced such adversity. So confident in herself, she was convinced she could quickly earn an income to replace Don's. That night, she and Don went from club to club mingling with the many people they had met trying to find someone, anyone, that could steer either of them in a direction that would earn them some quick money to get back on their feet and not lose the home they both loved. It was in the sixth club they visited where the manager took them into his office and gave them a business card of a man he knew that might be able to help them. He made it clear working for this man was something Laurie and Don might not be comfortable with.

The next day, Laurie called the number on the card and asked to speak to Drake. Drake began to tell her what his club offered his members. He operated a private club only opened to a very wealthy and exclusive clientele. Laurie and Don would be considered for a spot as entertainers for his customers. He explained that his club offered an alternative form of entertainment. Couples were pitted against each other in wrestling matches. Winners received $2500 while the losers were paid $1000. To win a match, you had to win two falls. One had to be won by either a submission or a pin count while the other fall was won by forcing an orgasm from your opponent. The rules were a little more complex than that but Drake told her he would explain them better if Laurie and Don agreed to join.

Not knowing what else they could do, Laurie and Don discussed their options. Losing their home and moving in with parents was not an option they wanted to consider. No jobs were on the horizon for either of them so they agreed to go meet Drake and find out a little more about his club. Laurie called him again and they were given directions. Two days later they sat across the desk from the man they would soon know too well. Drake gave them more information about what they were considering signing up for. The wrestling was pretty basic and rules were in place to give the women an advantage against the men. A woman only had to pin a man for three seconds as opposed to a man having to pin a woman for seven seconds. A same sex pin was three seconds. Women could punch men, but men were not allowed to punch the women.

No punching to the face was allowed, but women could slap another female opponent. When a tag was made, a one minute double team was given to the team making the tag. Once a sexual move was initiated on an opponent, a saving move by a partner would result in immediate disqualification and removal of the partner interfering. The remaining partner of the disqualified team would then be subjected to thirty minutes alone with the other team. He told them there was a one minute rest period between falls where you could tag out and let your partner start the next fall. The final rule allowed the winning team to sexually use the losing team for an additional thirty minutes. Drake made it clear to Laurie and Don that meant if you are disqualified one member would be subject to one hour of sexual humiliation and abuse and the other partner would only be with them for the final thirty minutes.

Drake reminded them to win they had to win two falls and the second one had to be by forced orgasm. Drake told Laurie and Don they would have to train for one month before he would allow them to participate in a match in his club. During their training, they would be allowed to watch the matches that took place on Friday and Saturday evenings in the club to learn and see what would in all likelihood happen to them.

Don and Laurie decided they had nothing to lose but their pride at this point. They both were fearful how this would affect their marriage. Both were unsure how they would react watching the other engaged in sex with someone else, but the thought of losing everything they had was in control of them now. They accepted Drake's offer and began their training the next day. They arrived at the club early the next morning. Drake introduced them to his lead trainers, Larry and Jennifer. Larry and Jennifer were in their early forties and had stopped wrestling two years ago. Now, they only trained couples for Drake. For the next three weeks, Don and Laurie spent ten hours a day at the club training. Larry and Jennifer spent the first week focusing on basic moves such as head locks, scissors, arm bars, positioning and how to use the ring to their advantage. The second week was more focused on submission holds, both how to apply them and how to escape them. The third week, Larry and Jennifer teamed together daily against Don and Laurie. Drake sat outside and watched. The first three days Larry and Jennifer won every fall with submission maneuvers and pins, but on the fourth day Don and Laurie finally won against their trainers. Don was impressed when Laurie caught Jennifer with a flying forearm coming off the top rope. With Jennifer on her stomach, Laurie pounced and put Jennifer in a painful camel clutch forcing Jennifer to submit. Drake stood applauding his new team.

Don and Laurie had not watched any matches during their training out of fear they would change their minds, but Drake insisted they attend both nights before their last week of training began. His reason was twofold, he wanted his club members to meet the new team that would be competing the next weekend and he wanted Don and Laurie to see firsthand what happened in the ring. As Drake expected, Laurie was a tremendous hit with his club members. She was the most beautiful wrestler in the club's history and the men and women couldn't wait to see the beauty stripped of her clothing for their entertainment. Larry and Jennifer finally managed to pull the new couple away and took them to a table near the ring to watch the four matches on the card. The first match was very one sided and Laurie felt sorry for the petite woman being thrown around the ring. She was in her mid-thirties and was quickly stripped of her wrestling outfit. Never was she able to tag in her husband as the larger couple in their early forties kept her on their side of the ring. The large red headed woman climbed to the top rope and dove off, her body splashing down on top of the petite black haired woman. The referee moved in and made a three count to give them the first fall. The larger woman moved into her corner and waited as the referee stood over the petite woman. She had one minute to get to her corner or she would have to start the next fall. As the referee signaled the start of the second round, the larger woman rushed over and pulled the petite woman back to her corner. She tagged in her husband and the two went to work on the woman's pussy trying to gain the win by forcing an orgasm. As the double team time expired, the referee motioned the larger woman out of the ring. Her husband now moved between the petite woman's legs and plunged his cock into her. For almost two minutes the man pounded his hard seven inch cock into the woman but she still showed no signs of cumming. The man reached out and tagged his wife in. She sat down on the smaller woman's stomach and began using two fingers on the woman's clit as her husband used the double team time to continue fucking the woman. As time expired for the second double team, the larger woman leaned forward and shoved two fingers into the smaller woman's pussy. Laurie's eyes were focused on the two women, not believing how the larger woman was so rapidly finger fucking this poor woman's pussy. Finally, the smaller woman's hips began to thrust up and Laurie knew this woman was about to lose the match. The referee finally waved his hands declaring the match over as the woman screamed out from an intense orgasm.

Jennifer and Larry turned to Laurie and Don. "Well, what did you think about that match? They're usually not that one sided."

Laurie stumbled for her words at first, "I.....ummmm.....not sure what to.....god that was intense, that poor woman. Her husband never once tried to help her."

Jennifer reminded her, "If he had interfered during the sex acts he would have been disqualified and they would have been able to use her as their personal sex toy for 30 minutes."

"Yeah, but he could have helped out during the first fall."

"True, but only until the referee moved him back out. It's still illegal to enter the ring without a tag, but you get a five count before you get disqualified."

"See, he could have done something to get them off of her." Turning her attention to Don, "You'd better do something if they get me like that." Laurie gave her husband a playful punch to the arm.

Laurie stayed focused on the petite woman as the winning couple focused all their sexual attention on her while the woman's husband was forced to watch from the corner of the ring. The larger woman dragged the small woman to her knees and forced her to take her husband's cock into her mouth. He face fucked the small woman until finally the man's cock erupted and left her covered in semen. The large woman then shoved the younger woman to the mat and fist fucked her for the remainder of the time period. The young woman was a mess when the referee finally pulled the couple away from her. Her husband rushed over and picked her up and carried her out of the ring as the crowd applauded.

The next three matches were much different than the first. They were more even as Jennifer and Larry had told them to expect. All four members in each match ended up naked, but it was the last match of the evening that really stood out to Laurie and Don. The husband of one team had interfered just as a sex move was initiated. He was removed from the ring and the other couple declared the winner. They couldn't believe how the winning couple treated the woman left in the ring alone. The winning couple was in their late twenties. The woman, a brunette with a very dark complexion and large breasts, grabbed the small blonde, also in her twenties, by her long blonde hair and dragged her in front of her husband. Laurie watched and listened as the woman barked out at the blonde. "Suck his cock bitch! I told you we were going to kick your ass and fuck you silly. Next time, keep your nose out of my business you dumb little cunt. That's it, suck that dick whore."

The blonde was gagging as the man shoved his thick eight inch dick deep into her throat. The brunette walked over to the edge of the ring and leaned over as an older couple in the crowd handed her a dildo and a strap on harness. The husband was still roughly face fucking the still gagging blonde. Laurie could feel the moisture building between her own thighs. She was becoming aroused watching this couple using the little blonde. The crown was really starting to get into it now, yelling out. "Fuck her Christine....fuck her tight little ass!" "Teach the little cunt a lesson Christine!" "Rip her ass apart Christine!" "Pound her ass Christine!"

Laurie watched as the woman, Christine as they were calling out, strapped on the thick black dildo. She walked up and turned the little blonde around. "Suck my big dick bitch! Get it all good and wet for me." Christine appeared to be enjoying the gagging from the little blonde as she slapped her face. "That's it....suck my dick Toni! You like sucking my big dick don't you! Are you ready for me to fuck you in the ass Toni?" The little blonde shook her head no but it was useless. Christine pulled the thick dildo out with a plop and shoved the blonde down flat onto the mat. Then she grabbed her by the hips and pulled her up on to all fours. She lined the head of the dildo up with Toni's asshole and forced the tip in. The little blonde Toni dropped her head down onto the mat. "OOOOOOOOOO GOD......NO CHRISTINE......PLEASE NO!"

The brunette then used all her force and slammed the dildo in until it bottomed out. Toni's head tilted up. "OOOOOOOO FUCCCCCKKKKKKKK.....DAMN YOU CHRISTINE!" Christine pulled back and then slammed it in again and then began to pick up speed. Christine's husband moved in front of Toni. Toni knew the club rules. She had to obey this couple for thirty minutes now. Toni took the cock into her mouth as Christine continued pounding her asshole. Christine's husband finally pulled away and laid down flat on the mat. "Get over here and fuck me whore!" Christine pulled the dildo from Toni's ass. Toni crawled on top of the man and pulled his cock to her opening and inserted his dick into her pussy. Christine now moved over her husband and had Toni stop for a brief second. She again inserted the dildo into Toni's asshole. Toni was now being double fucked by the couple. Laurie's eyes grew big as they watched this tiny woman being furiously fucked by the couple. Another two minutes went by and Toni began to feel an orgasm building inside her. "Oh god....no.....I'm gonna cum....oh fuck....I'm gonna cum.....damn you Christine.....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK......I'm CUMMING......GOD I'm CUMMING.......FUCK.....FUCK.....FUCK......SHIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!"

Still they fucked Toni, not slowing down. Christine's husband felt his own orgasm about to hit him. Christine pulled Toni off of him. He stood up and jacked off on Toni's face to his wife's delight. "That's right baby.....cover her pretty face with your cum.....cover the pretty whore's face." Christine pulled Toni over to the edge of the ring and looked out at the crowd. "See what happens when these bitches cross me! Let them all know not to fuck with me or my man. Any of these little whores in this club that get in the ring with me, this is what's going to happen to them from now on. I'm tired of playing games. Drake, where are you Drake. You see what we did to this little bitch! You tell your precious Gina she's next. You tell her I haven't forgotten what happened last time we met. I want our titles back. You tell her and Brad they're mine and you tell her to bring those damn handcuffs back with her this time. I'll handcuff her man this time and me and Dave will fuck her up. I haven't forgotten!"

The first thirty minute period ended and Toni's husband Mike was sent back into the ring. Toni, covered in the cum of Christine's husband, was now forced to suck her own husband's cock. "That's it Toni.....suck his dick and get him nice and hard for me." Toni feverishly sucked her husband's cock. Once aroused, Christine used her foot to push Toni away. Christine began stroking Mike with her left hand. "You like that don't you Mike...you like how your wife sucks cock don't you? Do you want me to keep stroking your big hard dick or do you want to face fuck your pretty little Toni?" Mike stood stone faced staring at Christine. "Answer me damn it! Do you want me to stroke you some more or do you want to shove that big dick of yours back into your pretty little wife's mouth?"

"I don't want you to touch me bitch!"

"Have it your way honey." Christine let go of Mike's cock and got on her knees. She motioned Toni back over. Christine moved behind Mike and grabbed his cock with her left hand and pulled his shaft upward. Then without warning, Christine shot her right balled fist up into Mike's balls. Mike fell to the mat moaning and clutching his sack. Christine's husband Rob pulled Toni away and held her as Christine grabbed Mike by his legs. She spread his legs wide apart and kicked him in the nuts. She laughed as she released him. His cock was still erect and she grabbed his shaft in her left hand and then sank her fingernails into his sack. Christine began shouting out, "GINA! ARE YOU WATCHING THIS GINA! THIS IS GOING TO BE YOUR HUSBAND GINA! I'M GOING TO RIP HIS FUCKING BALLS OFF AND IT'S YOUR FAULT BITCH! YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE FUCKED WITH ME!" Mike was in bad shape. He rolled around in the ring moaning out in pain. "Suck him off Toni."

Toni was thrown on top of her husband. "I said suck him off bitch!" Toni had tears in her eyes as she saw her husband in pain. She slowly began sucking his dick, lightly licking up the underside of his shaft. For several minutes, as tenderly as she could, she bobbed up and down on her husband's cock. Christine kneeled down and squeezed his balls as she could sense he was finally close to cumming. She let out a loud maniacal laugh as Mike moaned with each spurt.

Laurie had been mesmerized as she took in the last hour of abuse handed out to Toni and Mike. Her panties were soaked. She placed her hand on Don's lap, she felt his hard cock through his pants. She leaned over and whispered to him. "Umm, I see you enjoyed it too. God, I need you to fuck me right now. Let's get out of here."

Drake stood in the parking lot and watched the car rocking back and forth. A sly smile crossed his face. "They're hooked."

The final week of training was at hand. Laurie and Don showed up on Monday for their last week before they would have their first match. Jennifer and Larry were in the ring waiting on them. "Strip to your underwear and get in the ring!" Drake opened the door and stepped out. "Laurie, Don, this is the final week of training. There's no backing out after today. If you pass this final test, I'll put you in a match this weekend. Don, in a corner, Laurie, you start against Jennifer. As always, women first.......... begin."

Jennifer went after Laurie much harder than she ever had before. She caught Laurie with a shoulder in the stomach and drove her down into the mat. Laurie rolled over face down, a big mistake she had been told time and time not to do. Jennifer was on top of her instantly. She turned around and hooked her right arm under Laurie's chin. With her left, she unhooked Laurie's bra and left it dangling beneath her. She dragged Laurie toward Larry and tagged him in. Larry grabbed both of Laurie's arms and pulled them behind her as he stood her up. Jennifer quickly slipped her fingers inside Laurie's panties and pulled them down and off. Laurie was beside herself, "What are you doing? Stop this?"

Drake stood. "Laurie, I told you that this was your final test. If you quit now this is over. In this club you will end up naked. You will have to suck another man's cock. You will be fucked. You knew this was part of it. If you quit now there will be no money. The choice is yours....Don?"

Don looked at his wife being held by Larry, standing there naked now. "I'm good."

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