tagSci-Fi & FantasySex Zoo 2.2: Entry 02

Sex Zoo 2.2: Entry 02


I awoke in a chair. Again I was without a stitch of clothing. It was not an ordinary chair, but more like a slightly reclined barber chair but of a design that was so modernistic as to look unlike anything I had seen before. I was completely secured. My arms were strapped to the arms of the chair by rubber-like restraints that were, strangely, both soft enough to not cause any great discomfort but could tight enough to prevent any hope of escape - in fact, like those Chinese finger traps, they seemed to tighten only when I tried to pull an arm out. My legs were secured in place with my knees about two and a half feet apart. There was also a waist restraint and my head was secured facing forward.

There were thin wire leads attached to my head and at various places on and around my genitals; both of which had been shorn of hair. These wires were bundled together draping along my torso and went into a little rounded device that was set on my thigh. The device looked like a miniaturized computer mouse made out of the glossy metallic dark gray material that was so common throughout the room.

Shortly, it was made clear what was going to transpire. For the next few hours I was shown movies - holographic three-dimensional projections to be more precise. I was shown the widest imaginable range of sexually explicit 3D videos. It seemed likely that my unseen tormentors were measuring my response to the films to see what aroused me and what did not and, perhaps, to determine the relative severity of the reactions.

Despite the humiliation of the situation, they hit about every possible reaction over the course of this viewing. There were segments, such as those showing people in shiny red and black latex head-to-toe suits, that had no effect on me whatsoever. There were segments, such as the one showing a balding middle-aged man wearing a diaper and baby bonnet in a super-sized high-chair and making a food mess all over bare chest and gut, which resulted in disgust - and almost vomit - but no sexual excitement whatsoever. It should be noted that closing my eyes for more than the duration of a natural blink resulted in the same severe pain in my brain I had experienced previously in the plastic box. There were also scenes that achieved varying degrees of arousal from minimal to extreme.

There were segments of intercourse between people of every possible orientation, straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and, if you can imagine, more. There were scenes of dominance and submission as well as of varying levels and sadism from light slapping to severe flogging. The actors, if that was what they were, represented every possible demographic from young hard-bodies to the rotund and decrepit; all imaginable races were represented; there were males, females, hermaphrodites, and transgendered, as well as dwarves and giants.

There were a segments that were clearly meant to portray incest. One involved a young man coming into a kitchen and a middle-aged woman greeting him like he was her son who had come home from college or military service. The woman hugged and kissed him on the cheek, in both cases in a non-sexual way, and then doted maternally over him by offering him food and beverage. Then, in a striking turn, she leaned over the kitchen table flipping her flowered skirt over onto her back so that her sex, sans panties, was offered to the vital young man. Needless to say, the young man proceeded to take advantage of the offering.

That scene was followed by a similar scene in which a sorority girl enters a study to greet a salt-and-pepper haired man who looks fatherly, this one ends with the woman kneeling before the man's easy chair and taking him in her mouth passionately. There was not any dialog in any of the movies, but there was sound - mostly the sounds of ecstasy. However, the context was successful in conveying what they sought to get across.

Though I was in shock for the first bit of this session trying to make sense of what was happening to me and to cope with the utter humiliation of it, eventually the experience proved to be an interesting, if not disturbing, opportunity to gain insight into myself. I had to admit that observing what aroused me sometimes surprised me. Besides the aforementioned scenes that did not have the slightest effect in causing arousal and scenes such as naughty college roommate lesbian sex that, as expected, I was quite responsive to, there were scenes that I found caused me to become reluctantly or embarrassingly stimulated or, at least, preoccupied. These included many scenes of domination, punishment, humiliation, and pseudo-medical examinations and procedures. After several hours, I became desensitized and it was clear that there was little benefit from continuing.

When the porn video session was complete I expected I would be knocked out again as before. That is, if I was, in fact, awake. This all felt very real, but was so odd that it occurred to me that it might all be the most realistic dream I'd ever had. It was odd that there was nothing between the last event and this one. It was like time didn't exist in that space. It could have just happened, or it could have been days ago. Maybe I got some bad mushrooms. I had no experience with hallucinogenics, but heard they could create visions that felt as real as reality. It also occurred to me that I had gone off the deep end. However, it also occurred to me that an ability to recognize one insanity, and a willingness to accept it as a preferable alternative to reality, was not the hallmark of the insane.

I was not put under. Instead, I experienced a moment of terror when sliding doors opened and in came one of the captors that had, previously, remained unknown to me. The sight of the alien creature was beyond disturbing. It was definitely not the humanoid gray creature with big almond eyes, long thin limbs, and a bulbous head that was portrayed in movies and television shows about UFOs. If I was to compare it to something that I knew about - and, believe me, your mind does try to relate something this strange to something familiar - it would be an octopus. However, it had more wriggling tentacle-like arms than an octopus, but the arms had no suction cups, but instead they were smooth and had a glossy appearance like the skin of dolphins or whales. A few of the arms had three opposing pincering "fingers", but most were smooth and rounded at the end. Its color was a purple that was reminiscent of an eggplant, but a little bit lighter. It was mounted atop a mechanized unit that consisted of a platform above a ball of about two and a half feet in diameter. It was sort of a roller-ball unicycle, which seemed like it would have been unstable but, apparently, was not. The roller-ball unicycle allowed the creature to roll about rapidly or change directions easily and at will.

The creature leaned in over me, and I assumed was "looking me over", but I saw nothing that looked like an eye per se. It could have been sniffing me, but, again, I saw no breaks in its smooth skin that might equate to nostrils. It then began to run a couple of its arms over my body simultaneously occasionally poking lightly, but mostly just feeling. The skin, which I thought might be cold and slimy given its glossy appearance, was actually dry and soft and its temperature was warm - beyond feverish for a human but not so hot as to burn me. My first impulse was to strain frantically against my restraints in an attempt to break free and get away from the strange creature. However, I gradually relaxed as I realized the thing was not being aggressive or threatening and, as long as he wasn't inflicting pain or damage, it was futile to wear myself out trying to get away or to fight the beast. Besides, I reconciled, whatever this thing was, it clearly had the upper hand, and the sensible thing to do would be to accept its superiority in the hope of putting myself in a better situation in the long run to escape or fight. I could not bring myself to relax entirely, but I stopped straining and tried to think things through. I was still breathing hard from my exertion.

The inspection, if that was what it was, remained, slow, non-aggressive, and was not particularly painful beyond a combination of occasional minor physical discomfort and the ever-present awkward embarrassment. However, events did get weirder and weirder. After the head-to-toe tactile inspection, one of the beast's tentacles stretched out while thinning and wrapped anaconda-like, but with minimal pressure, around my flaccid member. The tentacle then stroked and undulated in a manner that was clearly intended to cause arousal and engorgement. It took what seemed like several minutes before my heartbeat stopped thudding in my ears and my horror subsided to the point at which my body reluctantly and involuntarily responded to the stimulation. The action did have an arousing effect upon me through shear persistent friction alone. I closed my eyes and tried to put out of my mind that I was essentially being milked of my seed by an alien creature. The sooner that I relaxed, the sooner it would be over. The feeling of the warm soft smooth flesh of the beast was pleasure inducing if one could get past the strangeness of it all - which was a tall order. I never did get over that weirdness, but, eventually - I don't know how long it was, I experienced release. I opened my eyes to see the tentacle arm retracting and unwinding with a glob of my essence slopped across it.

If anyone should ever read these words and be horrified, I wish to provide forewarning that, while the aforementioned event was troubling, it was not the pinnacle of creepiness experienced during this session. An entirely different tentacle snaked its way up my torso, seeming to get thinner and a lighter shade of purple as it stretched out. It stopped in front of my face, in front of my mouth to be exact.

"Open." I did not hear the word, but rather experienced the word as if it were my own thought.

I did not yield, but then the pain in my head began to increase. Finally, when it was no longer tolerable, I opened my mouth and accepted the violating appendage. The pain went away, but then began to resume when I was unresponsive for a moment. There was no taste to the invading stalk, and the faint smell of the thing was more reminiscent of the chemical smell associated with some plastics than with any human or animal scent I had ever smelled before. I began to probe with my tongue and to apply a slight sucking action. The thought to bite down occurred to me, but I didn't have a plan beyond that to escape. I would still be in restraints and the beast, while likely hurt, would not likely be incapacitated. I assumed the tentacle must me sensitive tissue, but that might be an incorrect assumption. Furthermore, with my thoughts of attack, the pain began to rise again, but subsided when I accepted that I was not in a position to do anything. I reluctantly consciously accepted the fact that this creature was in control, and that it was foolish to do anything other than accept that fact - for the moment, at least. The creature could clearly read my thoughts to some extent.

I found that the surface of the flesh was not as uniformly smooth as it appeared to the eye. There was a patch that yielded under my tongue. When I rubbed it I could see some of the other tentacles rustle and undulate as if involuntarily. When I moved away from that spot, the slightest bit of pain began to develop. In the interest of both preventing the volume of the slight pain from increasing and getting the entire ordeal over with, I focused my attention on that spot.

Soon an odd occurrence took place. The tentacle retracted slightly out of my mouth, and then stiffened. As it stiffened it shot a fine bitter mist into my mouth and onto my face. This repeated twice more, and just as I thought it was over, with a GLUUGGG, a large mass of chunky pinkish thick liquid was released onto my head and face. The liquid had an oily sheen to it that, like oil on a puddle, created a slight prismatic rainbow effect as the light glistened off it. With that the tentacle retracted and the creature wheeled a few feet away, its tentacles now lying limply down over its body.

"Good boy." The thought formed in my head.

I formed my own thought. "Where am I?"

"Specifically, we are in the Center for Sexual Zoologic Studies, Division 2, Department 2. More generally, this is the research vessel Karvis-80 of the Choktul-7 planetary alliance, and we are on what from the perspective of your people's planet would be considered the far side of the planet Jupiter." It replied.

"Can I go home, now?" That was my next question.

"Not for the foreseeable future. When we have turned the Earth into our next ally, then, perhaps, you may. However, that may or may not be before you perish."

"After you have made the Earth be your ally? I think you may be confusing the terms 'colony' and 'ally'." I spoke aloud out of shear habit.

"As you wish." The thought formed in my mind.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I said, continue to speak out loud.

"It is research in order to build androids that can blend in among your people. We need to perfect the mannerism and cultural proclivities of your species." It communicated.

"So you are studying human sex?" I asked.

"Not exclusively by any means. We have research units that study all aspects of humanity. There are units that study workplace customs and those involved with familial interactions. There are units that study verbal and non-verbal communications and the various languages of your people. There are those that study religious ritual, those that study military doctrine and history, and those that study your political and diplomatic systems.

"You just happen to be a subject in the sex research unit, Sex Zoo 2.2, and I happen to be a researcher in this particular Sex Zoo. Having said that, we, in this unit, think sex is a particularly important area of study because your species tends to be secretive about sexual practices and proclivities, which makes it more difficult to study than say... workplaces or the political domain... which are well publicized. As we learned in the preceding session, you don't even know yourself that well sexually, so how could we possibly know without putting you in situations that you normally only have fantasies, dreams, and nightmares about, and then studying your behavior and thoughts?" He continued.

"Why do you want to build these androids?" I asked. It seemed to matter not the slightest whether I spoke the words or thought them.

"We find that it is important to take proper care to put agents in key positions well in advance of demanding alliance. Doing so allows us to collect information and to eliminate sources of resistance in advance. Just trying to bluntly subjugate an opponent is a sure way to end up in a protracted struggle, even against an opposition that is vastly inferior with respect to technologies and resources."

"What do you want from me?" I asked, self-conscious about my every thought knowing that I might give myself away.

"It is interesting that you should ask at this particular moment. Until this phase, all we wanted from you was a test subject on which we could conduct experiments and from whom we could collect data. However, in observing your behavior and responses, we now believe that you could be of much greater service to us by performing a new role."

"What is that?" I inquired.

"You see, we need to exercise control over our subjects, but generally we like to minimize the subjects' exposure to us because it might influence their thoughts and behavior. We have only shown ourselves to a select few, such as yourself. We need humans who can interact with the test subjects to deliver stimuli and punishments, and to serve as a conduit of information to and from the subjects."

It (I had no way of know whether the aliens had gender or, if so, what this one's was) was asking me to be a Kapo in their little sexual concentration camp. That was my thought, which I did not voice, at least.

"Quite precisely." This reply entered my head. It was easy to momentarily forget that they could read the thoughts that crossed my mind.

I flushed from a combination of anger and shame. My anger was directed at the alien for putting me in such a situation. The shame was because there was something about my responses that made them think I would be an ideal candidate for such a loathsome position. This shame escalated as I found myself momentarily intrigued by what it would be like to be in such a role. This was further magnified by knowing that such thoughts were not my own, but could be read by the alien. My mind was in a tug-of-war between my forthright and conscientious consciousness that dreaded being put in such a role, and a darker subconscious that coveted the ability to freely feed my hedonistic impulses. In my normal work-a-day life, the former had always reigned in the latter, but this was not my normal life.

It was hard to know what some of their sterile language meant exactly. Given the nature of what they called a "Sex Zoo", "applying stimuli" didn't seem likely to mean releasing scents into the air or gently tickling skin with a feather. No, given the nature of the facility, "applying stimuli" seemed to have far more ominous undertones such as sodomization, humiliation, degradation, sexual abuse, or rape. While I should have just been disgusted by this, I was stunned to find that I was in reality conflicted. There was a part of me, a dark part so repressed that even I did not know its true extent, that wanted to know that kind of power and that wanted to take sex as I pleased.

"That is not necessarily an all-inclusive list, but your duties would include those types of activities." The thoughts popped into my head apparently in response to my thoughts about the activities I would have to engage in, and reminded me once again that nothing I thought was a secret.

"You see, Sex Zoo 2.2 is but one of several sexually oriented labs, and it specializes in extreme and taboo sexual activities. The 1.X Sex Zoos examine more run-of-the-mill romantic love and the sexuality of long-term monogamous relationships that seem to be the norm among your species, as well as basic research on the science and psychology of sexuality. We, on the other hand, investigate sexual activity as a means of domination, punishment, and breaking down an individual's will and sense of self. Therefore, assisting this Zoo would involve a great deal more dominating and aggressive behavior than would serving, say, Sex Zoo 1.5."

"What makes you think I would be good at such a job?" I had to know, though part of me did not want to hear the answer.

"Several factors were considered. First, you have consistently submitted to us after reasoning our clear superiority. We can never trust a human whose will we have to break. The fact that you gave in willingly means you can be expected to behave rationally. Second, you gave in not because you like to be controlled, but in spite of the fact that you dislike being controlled. If you had just given in because you enjoyed subjugation, then you would not be suitable for controlling the herd. Third, you show a deep-seated latent desire to sexually control and dominate others that makes you an ideal candidate for this job. In short, after watching you for many years, we have concluded that you are the rare combination of coward and sadist that will make you obedient and compliant to us while domineering to the research subjects... at least after some training."

There it was - the ugly truths I had asked to hear. The latter part of the alien's sentence hit me so much like a kick in the gut that I almost missed the part about "years" of observation. I had been told who I was, and part of me rejected it summarily as lies but part saw enough truth to think it must be correct. I tried to turn my mind away from whether I was, in deed, a vile scoundrel or not.

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