tagFetishSexily Submerged Sally Ch. 01

Sexily Submerged Sally Ch. 01


There is nothing quite as exhilarating as breath-hold swimming underwater with lovers who have the HUGE advantage of using some form of diving gear. They might be using SCUBA tanks or they might be using a hard-hat helmet with air delivered from the surface. In either case, they can breathe freely underwater and the "free-swimmer" has to hold their breath! (or in my case, her breath!)

My sweetie and I were playing around in the waters off the dock at our under-seas treasure site in the South Pacific. He was dressed in a full hard-hat divers rig and I was just wearing my briefest of bikini bottoms! Woo woo! I bought the bikini in the local village and it was quite expensive but worth it.

The water was absolutely clear and my naked tits were bursting with ridged anticipation of a hand or a warm mouth on them. (The helmet that he was wearing kind of ruled out the mouth, I guess, unless he wanted to open the front portal and let the water flood in and drown him. Knowing him, he would probably think it was worth it...)

So, here's how this whole thing got started.

It is not hard to believe that it started out perfect innocently that day. I was swimming with BOTH pieces of my fancy-pants bikini but the top got lost somewhere soon after he pulled me under the surface. Maybe I should back up and start from the beginning.

In all truthfulness, I knew he was underwater working on rigging up a sling to raise a sunken cannon that we had found earlier that week. He was not that deep and he could see the surface when he looked up. I was teasing him by swimming back and forth on the surface. For the most part he seemed to be keeping his eye on his task.

So there I was, just swimming on the surface minding my own business when a strong hand grabbed my ankle. Somehow I did not see him coming. He must have climbed up the lift-line to grab me -- bless his heart! Tricky.

Well anyway, he took the bait! (or maybe I was the catch of the day) I took one last and VERY hasty breath before his strength and determination, combined with the significant weight of lead boots, pulled me underwater. I left the surface in a cloud of bubbles and heaving water.

As we sank down, the water pressure pressed on my chest and I calmed the natural instinct to fight my way back up to the surface to get to the fresh clean lovely air. We sank deeper and deeper. It grew a darker and the water much cooler. Within a very short period of time we bumped down onto the milk white sand among the tiny colorful fish who eyed us with curiosity.

Looking up, I estimated that we were around 20 feet deep. I have no problem free-diving and holding my breath that deep and even deeper. In fact I love being underwater for almost ANY reason. So all and all, I was not that worried.

I like the water. When I am taking a bath I frequently lie on my back and sink to the bottom to enjoy the solitude.

Sometimes Mike walks in -- I seldom shut the door -- he is surprised to see my almost completely still on the bottom of the bathtub with several inches of still water covering me. The first time he caught my like that, he was quite shaken! He said he thought I had drowned.

When I am underwater I frequently get a tingly feeling in my pussy and it makes having an orgasm easy -- very easy! But, I digress -- I think being down here in deep water makes me reflect back on how much fun we have had in the past playing underwater games and having underwater sex.

His grip moved from my slim legs up to my arms. He easily pulled me down to his level so that I was face-to-face with my captor. Some air leaked out of my nose (a little bit) but I was still doing fine holding my breath. The water was calm and warm and Mike smiled as he looked into my eyes. I felt the familiar tingling in my pussy and I unconsciously reached down through the clear water to put my hand on myself.

Even though we were deep underwater and the time was ticking by, I started thinking back to this morning. Before we had started our work that day, I had had breakfast with Mike on our salvage boat. He wore his customary trunks but I just came to the table naked -- as always. We had discussed my erotic interest in underwater breath holding. He knew I was good at it and it was almost a fetish!

I had agreed with Mike that he could hold me underwater (no matter how much I struggled) anytime today. There was a limit of course -- I did not actually want him to drown me but just the possibility of drowning while holding my breath as long as possible is amazingly erotic! It almost makes me cum without touching!

I retuned to the present and reflected how I had gotten into this watery predicament. I had actually thought Mike was exploring the cove much farther out and much deeper down when he had snagged me by the foot. His hard-hat helmet usually emits a telltale trail of rising bubbles so he is not hard to keep track of. This time he must have been holding his breath to get that close to me without my detection. How sweet. Only thinking of me...

As he held me in his heavy rubber coated divers arms, we cuddled as best we could. We both looked around at the magical undersea show of fish parading around us. They were beautiful and I wondered what they thought of us. I held still my breath with no problem and he still breathed without a care using all of the "high tech" systems that man had invented.

To be fair, I know that I can hold my breath underwater for MUCH longer than a typical woman. It was particularly enjoyable that I felt no burning need to dart to the surface and get air -- at least not yet. And he felt no pressure to let me go. I was his willing submerged lover. I could feel my pussy getting really excited! I longed for him to somehow get his big cock free from that stupid suit and slip it into my waiting pussy.

Facing him, I glanced up at the surface again. I had been underwater for well over a minute now and my pussy was clenching and unclenching and my lungs were feeling tight. He took me and gently turned me around so that I faced away from him. He held me from the back so that his large arms wrapped around me and his fat rubber gloves covered my tits.

He walked us forward and we sank into still deeper water. Yikes! I rubbed my butt up against his crotch and I could feel his erect cock even through the thick waterproof fabric! I was starting to really feel the need for air when he put one of his large hands down between my legs and started probing my pussy. I still had my swim suit bottoms on but he managed to get a finger inside and I spread my legs to take his forefinger inside of me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I have to tell the truth I choked and almost gasped in the ocean. If I had, he would have drowned me right then and there (...and I think he wanted to a little bit ...) but that would have spoiled all the future fun we could have together! He pushed his cock-sized finger inside of me and started feeling me up very deeply. We had been under a very long time and I was starting to get desperate to get up to the surface and breathe.

We kind of make it a rule that we do not "watch the clock". I have learned through training that the human (woman's) body can go without air for much longer than most people (men) would ever realize. I clamped down with my lips and held the air in! I also clamped down on his finger with my other lips and ... well you know!

I estimate that I had been underwater for two minutes plus or minus ten seconds so I knew I could not stay much longer. It is hard to imagine unless you are in my shoes -- er bikini -- that in the past we had stayed underwater on the bottom of the sea for two and even three minutes. Sometimes I could do it without even feeling the need to surface. This time, it was much harder because we were deeper and he was finger-fucking me so vigorously!

It was as large as a cock and he had the perfect angle to get to my G-spot. I held my breath more firmly as he took his knife and carefully slipped the blade under one of the sides of my bikini bottoms. With a little tug, the bottoms were gone and drifting away into deeper water. Finally!

I started to experience the more insistent reminder from my body that I was not a dolphin after all. Holding my breath with more much more trouble now, we continued to play around on the oceans bottom.

Struggling out of his bear hug, I turned in his arms and faced him. I slipped one of my hands down to his bulge and opened his massive water proof zipper to free his erect cock. Water started filling his suit and I could see his eyes get wide. He kind of looked down and I could see that he was taking stock of the water that was filling his suit up. Take that!

Foiled! I could not "mount" him here in our little ocean love-nest because of all the sharp little teeth on the zipper and the heavy material surrounding it. It would have ripped my puss to bits. I did, however, manage to get my hand inside the opening and wrap my fingers around his warm balls. His suit was almost filled up with water and it was not going to be long before it reached his neck and filled his helmet.

I was REALLY starting to need air now and if I took his cock in my mouth I was pretty sure that he would lose track of time and drown me. Or drown both of us!

I was out of time and even thought his gloved hand was still finger-fucking me I had to get to the surface! I tried to pull free of his grasp but he had a tight grip on me. I realized that stroking his cock was giving him the idea that I was still fine and could stay down longer. That and the fact that ... oh god ... OH GOD ... I started having an orgasm! My cunt clamped down on his finger and he couldn't pull it out! He looked down and even thought the water was at his chin in his helmet, he laughed out loud.

I released his cock pulled out my hand. I pushed on his chest and then pounded on him. Still a death-grip but the good news was that my orgasm was still going on! FUCK ME!!!

I finally got him to release me by turning off the air to his helmet and twisting free. It still took me almost half a minute longer to escape from his grip! I was completely out of air because HE still had a little breathing air in his helmet. It was very erotic and dangerous!

I swam to the surface with one of my hands clutching my naked pussy and air leaking out of my nose and mouth! I exploded out of the water and breathed in the glorious air and sunshine! A short time later, he ascended next to me. His water filled suit had giving him a great deal of trouble getting up. Together we swam to the dive boat and up onto the float. Wow! What an experience! My pussy was still clenching and quaking!

When we went home that afternoon we made love again!!! This time ... well you guessed it -- we screwed in the bathtub with me underwater on the bottom - as usual!

Do you want to hear about that? OK, this is to be continued...

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