tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSexing the Bride’s Mom

Sexing the Bride’s Mom


Vanessa Johnson and her husband Greg had just arrived in Negril, Jamaica for their daughter's wedding that weekend. Vanessa or Mrs. J had been assisting her daughter, Jennifer, in handling details of the wedding for some time and wanted it to come off perfect. She and Greg had arrived two days earlier to allow Vanessa to meet with the hotel staff and restaurant caterers responsible for the event

As they checked into the hotel, her son Samuel came up and hugged his beautiful African-American mom along with Tom, the best man, and Akbar, his close friend and one of the groomsmen. Sam had joked about the "United Nations groomsmen" since Tom was White, Acbar was Arabian, and Mike, short for Michaelito, who was across the room, was Mexican. They all played football together and were excellent, muscular physical specimens of young malehood.

Vanessa noticed Tom and Akbar admiring her and felt good about the fact that two young men old enough to be her sons would find a 54-year old mother and soon to be grandmother, as Jennifer was pregnant, still appealing. Greg and Vanessa checked into their room and prepared for the whirlwind of activity over the next few days.

The all-inclusive resort was lovely. After they checked in, Vanessa came back downstairs to head across the street to the marina where the rehearsal dinner restaurant was located. She found the groomsmen in the lobby waiting to go out and jet-ski. They had gotten down a week before, as it was the last week of spring break, and it had been a wild one. A few of them were so drunk they could barely stand.

When they saw Vanessa come down, the groomsmen all said, "Hi Mrs. J.!" Vanessa acknowledged the young men, walking past them with a cheery smile and headed out the door.

As the studs half walked, half stumbled over to the poolside bar, they all turned to watch Vanessa's very attractive 54-year old fantastic 5'6" body, 38C-26-38, walk away from them. The hot housewife, mother and grandmother bore an uncanny resemblance to the actress Vanessa Williams and was a straight up MILF (Mother I'd Like to Fuck) for all the groomsmen.

Vanessa's café au lait colored skin complimented her sensual body in middle-age, with a stomach that was mostly flat with just a hint of a midriff bulge. Her large melons wonderfully encased and straining against the confines of the suit. Her gray sarong wrap clung to her shapely hips and buttocks, the Black woman's magnificent long legs on display for all to see, her beautifully manicured toes and feet encased in strapped 4" wedge sandals.

Lusty thoughts swelled their crotches as they all stared intently at Vanessa's large, firm tits as she walked over to the bar in a black bathing suit which was plunging and sheer across the cleavage leaving nothing to the imagination.

"Man, I been having fantasies about Sam's mom ever since the first year she brought him to school!" said Tom rubbing a large bulge.

"True dat!" said Akbar, his thick middle-eastern accent punctuating his lusty thoughts. "You can tell she enjoys the way we watched her ‘cuz she knew our eyes were glued to her big tits jiggling against her tight bra!"

Another groomsmen, Mike, said, "I don't mean to disrespect my man, Sam, but I think Mrs. J. is one hot and horny housewife."

Tom grinned. "Fellows, I think that, thanks to all the practice we've had on these drunken and drugged coeds this week, we're ready to up our game to the next level – Mrs. J.!"

The studs all looked at him to see if he was serious. Mrs. J. had been the source of all their fantasies. Sometimes they had got out of line and said something in front of Sam about his hot mom which would get them all yelled at. Yet and still, their lusts over the years soon overcame their hesitancy about offending Sam.

"We'd have to keep it a secret among the four of us – ALWAYS!" said Akbar. Then, with an evil smile, he asked, "What do you have in mind, Tom!"

The night of wedding dinner rehearsal, Vanessa flitted around from table to table ensuring that everyone was doing fine with plenty of food and drink. The hot MILF had a white linen dress with a halter top that plunged deeply, her full breasts on full display, turning the heads of most of the men there. The dress stopped just above the knee giving men an excellent view of her shapely legs and her feet were encased in white strappy dress pumps with 4" heels.

Her husband Greg was over at the bar with the rest of groomsmen. Tom and Akbar walked over to Greg and said, "Hi Mr. Johnson. Can we freshen up your drink?"

Greg smiled and said, "Thanks, fellows." What he didn't know was that the boys were adding a little chemical enhancement to his drinks. By the end of the night, Greg was stumbling over himself.

Vanessa came over, a concerned look on her face. Mike intercepted her and offered to take Greg up to their room so that she wouldn't have to leave her guests. Vanessa looks at Greg with a frustrated stare and gives Mike their room key and her full lips silently mouthed "Thank you."

"Anytime, Mrs. J.," responds Mike cheerfully. Turning to take Mr. Johnson up to his room, Mike winked at the groomsmen. From the drugs in his system, Greg would be out all night.

The dinner went on until 9:30pm with many of the wedding party a little tipsy and heading over to the resort's nightclub to continue partying. Tom walked over to Vanessa and said. "Mrs. J., can I help you with anything."

"No, Tom," said Vanessa cheerfully, "I've got everything under control. Go enjoy yourself with the others."

"Sorry, Mrs. J., Sam told me to make sure that, as the best man and his boy, I wait for you to finish up here and then to walk you over to the club. I follow the orders of my partner," said Tom. Actually, Sam did say exactly that, but he had no idea of what Tom and the groomsmen had in store for his mom.

Vanessa smiled, "Alright, Sam. Let me finish up here, settle the bill and you and I can be on our way to the club." As she turned to walk away, the stud licked his lips in admiration of how Vanessa's dress clung to her firm, shapely buttocks, as they moved in a fluid motion while she walked, like two beach balls trapped in a swirling pool. His cock hardened just thinking about how much fun he'd be having very soon!

While Vanessa settled the bill with the bartender, Wendell, who represented restaurant's management that night, Tom came over and asked if she wanted anything to drink. Vanessa said that she wanted a cherry Diet Coke. Tom quickly got her one, poured it in a glass and offered it to her.

The business took a little longer than normal, due to the fact that Tom and Wendell had talked earlier about Tom's scheme and, after seeing Vanessa, the bartender said that he would help for $50 and a turn between the mature woman's legs. He had done this type of thing before countless times and knew that Tom's plan would allow for everything to be kept a secret.

As Wendell pretended to have to recalculate the figures, Tom continued to fill Vanessa's drink several times while they talked. Each one had a nice dose of a date rape drug in them.

After a while, Vanessa began to feel a bit dizzy and lightheaded. Both Tom and Wendell noticed that the 54-year old mother and housewife begin to have trouble speaking, her words slurred and her vision unfocused. Both men knew she was about ready for what Tom had planned.

Vanessa stood up and weaved, giggling as she did so. Tom stepped up just in time and Vanessa grasped his arm for support.

"Sorry," slurred the sexy Black MILF, "I guess I should have switched to Coke earlier. I guess I had must have had one drink too many tonight."

"That's O..K., Mrs. J," said Tom gallantly. "I've got you."

"Tom," slurred Mrs. J., "I think I'll head up to my room and sleep this off with Greg."

"I'll take you upstairs," said Tom, an evil smile on his face as his plan was working to perfection.

The gorgeous mature woman, who was sexier than all of the women there 30 years her junior, leaned against him for support. "I'm glad Sam and Vanessa have such good friends," said Vanessa slowly, her words slurring even more. "I'm sorry that you have to leave the party to take an old woman home."

"Mrs. J., you're far from old," said the stud smoothly. "In fact, the groomsmen here all feel that you're the sexiest woman here."

"Why thank you," said Vanessa, suddenly blushing as she tried unsuccessfully to clear her heard. The fog seemed to be increasing and she found it increasingly difficult to focus. She didn't want family members and guests to think that both Vanessa's and Sam's parents were drunks and thanked Tom repeatedly for his assistance.

Her mind continuing to fog, Vanessa felt as though she was rambling and hoped that the young man would not think less of her. She became woozier and was glad that Tom was taking her up to her room.

Tom pressed the elevator button and looked over at Vanessa, watching as the sexy woman tried to clear her mind, her eyes slowly rolling back in her head. She stumbled and put her arms around Tom's neck for support.

"Sorry," slurred the sexy MILF.

By the time they got upstairs, the drug had taken total effect and Vanessa could not know that Tom was actually taking her to his room instead of her husband's suite. Opening the door, Tom led the bride's mother to the bedroom of his suite and laid her down on the bed.

"Where's Greg . . .," slurred Vanessa. She tried to look around, but her eyes wouldn't cooperate.

Sam had always joked that his mom could sleep through a tsunami, and that was under normal circumstances. Tom watched as Vanessa fell asleep and her breathing became heavy. He did not know that Vanessa fell asleep easily under normal circumstances, so it surprised him that she was breathing heavily from the moment her head hit the bed. With the drug and alcohol in her system, the stud smiled, knowing that soon the sexy MILF would be all his!

Pulling two 8 mega pixel digital cameras from the night stand drawer and a min-tripod, the stud quickly positioned everything for a perfect video and jpeg setup. He'd need evidence later to continue Part B of his plan and he would have every second of this caught on video and still photos. Stepping back, he looked at the scene and already had the script set up in his mind.

As he swept the camera up and down the helpless, drugged MILF's body, Tom began his narration.

"Today is September 4, 2006 and you're hanging out with the MILF Cougar Hunter. Today I'm in Negril, Jamaica at my girl Jennifer Johnson's wedding. The new MILF on the bed and my soon-to-be slut is Mrs. Vanessa Johnson, the bride's mom." He decided to completely embellish the rest for greatest impact.

"Mrs. J's been giving it to me ever since we got here and she saw this big dick!" Tom aimed the drugged MILF who looked as though she was asleep. He was really getting into this fantasy, panning up and down Vanessa's lush, mature curvy body. The camera on the mini-tripod was aimed at the bed so that he wouldn't miss any of the hot sex action.

"Yeah, we've been fucking all morning, but I thought I'd give my girl's mom some down time, but it's time for her next beef injection," sneered the stud. Taking off his clothes, he walked over to the helpless MILF, took out his cock and rubbed his rock hard cock all over Vanessa's soft face, slipping the head across her succulent lips. Unconsciously, Vanessa puckered her lips and gave the cock a soft kiss.

"Damn," said Tom for the camera, "my girl's mom wants to suck cock even when she's asleep!"

Slowly Tom pulled down the straps of the sexy woman's halter and slowly rolled her dress easily down her body. Taking the second camera he began taking pictures of Vanessa's delicious body.

Mrs. J.'s body was impressive for a 30-year old, much less a woman in her 50s. Her light-brown breasts were large, full, round and heavy with large brown areoles and a beautiful set of nipples that were ½ inch wide. Vanessa's stomach was nearly flat with only a small hint of midriff bulge that complemented a mature woman's body.

Her delicious hips flared gently and were full with rounded buttocks that were surprising supple for a woman in her forties, much less her fifties. Her legs were indicative of the former college sprinter she used to be and jogger that she now was – shapely thighs and calves, gently muscled, tapering down to beautifully, manicured feet.

Vanessa's soft, thick shoulder-length hair now splayed over the pillow was a product of her mixed heritage (father was Black, mother was Argentinean). It was tinted a champagne blond, in contrast to the neatly-trimmed, dark brown soft hairy bush that surrounded the swollen lips of her hot pussy.

Vanessa moaned softly as Tom gently ran his hands over her completely exposed body. "Damn, this 54 year old housewife, mother and grandmother is a hot little MILF. You can tell that that hot moan comes from the lips of a woman who can't wait to be fucked!"

The young stud's cock was so hard it felt like it would break, as Tom started to take his perverse pleasure with a mature sexy woman who he had only fantasized about before now. Leaning down, Tom kissed and sucked Vanessa's nipples which immediately rose to this new stimulation, quickly reaching a rock-hard ½ inch in height in his mouth.

The helpless Vanessa moaned gently as, even unconscious, her body was responding to the pleasurable sensations that the young man was providing.

The young stud knew how to arouse a woman. "Damn, Mrs. J's a sexy MILF!" thought Tom to himself as he took one of her large, full breasts in his mouth and began to nurse on the teat, gently nibbling on it with his teeth. With one hand he rolled one nipple between his fingertips while he rotated the other one in his mouth. The other hand slipped expertly down between Vanessa's legs and started to work the swollen clit he found there standing up.

The stud watched as his actions had the desired effect. Vanessa began to moan gently and her mature hips began to undulate against the Tom's fingering. The moans became soft gasps and soft groans of unconscious pleasure. The mature MILF was getting turned on, ready to be sexed!

The young man could wait no longer for his perverse pleasure. Moving between her shapely legs, the Stud placed Vanessa's heels and ankles on his shoulders. As she moaned softly, her wet pussy made a sucking noise.

Taking the other camera on the night stand, Tom took still pictures of Sam's mother on her back. In the still photo with her mouth slightly agape, Mrs. J. looked as though she was moaning with pleasure.

The stud made sure he got a full body photograph of Mrs. J with his swollen cock on her stomach. He took Vanessa's hand and placed her delicate fingers around his dick so it looked as though she was playing with it. He took a second set of photos, this time with his cock at the hot moist entrance to the MILF's pussy and Vanessa's fingers around it. It looked now like Vanessa was actually placing his cock at the entrance to her wet sex hole!

Tom's cock was as hard as iron as Vanessa's ankles on his shoulders spread the woman's café au lait colored thighs wide, her unprotected cunt now ready for maximum penetration. Taking his steel rod, Tom kept placed the head of his swollen monster at the front of Vanessa's wet, hot pussy. The bulbous head of his cock was now kissing the moist, pink opening of the mature woman's sex hole. Tom gently pushed forward and his large cock slipped into Sam's and Vanessa's mother.

The hot MILF's body responded almost immediately, her hot cunt making gentle sucking noises while she moaned, a picture of lusty passion. Her well rounded hips began to gently fuck the young stud, rotating gently as, unconsciously, the pussy of the mother and wife began to allow more and more of Tom's rock hard cock to slip into her. Her moans became more pronounced, her breathing more rapid.

Tom couldn't believe how hot the pussy of his buddy's mom was. The hot juicy twat almost seemed to suck on his cock as he fucked her slowly. Performing for the camera, the young stud, looked into the camera and smiled while talking.

"I fucked my boy's mom at least four times over the last 24 hours and she's still hot. Listen to her fucking moans!" grinned Tom as Vanessa's moans were clearly audible – the woman was clearly aroused by the cock of a man young enough to be her son!

Vanessa began to moan and thrust back against Tom with an increasing urgency, humping his pistoning hips while her head slowly moved back and forth from side to side. Tom kept the pressure up and kept looking down at the helpless Black woman. Vanessa began to moan as her body spasmed on the stud's cock.

"Damn, Mrs. J.'s a hot fucking bitch. Time to make her cum!" thought the stud.

Looking at Vanessa's mature beautiful face, Tom thrust deep into her succulent body. Suddenly Vanessa's body began to shake and her moans became deeper and more intense. Vanessa's eyes opened momentarily, her gasp resulting in her mouth forming an "O" as Tom felt her body also building towards orgasm.

Tom kept fucking her and playing with her clit while her whole body shuddered and she moaned loudly as she began to climax. She was cumming! Mrs. J. was cumming on his cock!!! Tom kept pumping into her as he watched her body spasm out of control.

There was no way that young stud could control himself any longer. Tom felt his balls tightening and knew that the combination of Vanessa's fucking pussy and the perverse erotic fantasy of fucking his buddy's hot mom was causing him to come more rapidly than he had ever done before. Moving forward on the bed, he positioned his body in such a way that Vanessa's hips were automatically lifted up, allowing his cock maximum thrust as he felt Mrs. J. building towards another orgasm.

Suddenly Vanessa's body began to involuntarily spasm as she began to climax. "Ohh . . ohhh. . . ahhhhh!" moaned the hot sexy mother as waves of orgasm spread throughout her luscious body.

The combination of Mrs. J.'s unconscious thrusts and her soft moans were more than the young stud could handle. Losing all control, Tom grunted loudly as the cumslit of his lust filled cock shot off a thick load of white hot cum deeply into the sexy MILF.

Her orgasms continuing, Vanessa's beautiful green eyes rolled back into her head as her sex juices flooded her cunt mixing with Tom's thick cum. The stud continued to thrust until the middle-aged woman's cunt had milked his cock dry.

Pulling out of Vanessa's body with a sucking "Pop," Tom got off of the housewife and got behind the camera. He zoomed in on Vanessa's pussy, which was red and swollen, his hot white cum draining out of it and down into her ass crack. He was making sure he got every hot perverse moment on film, as his newest hot slut moaned, still trying to clear her head as her stretched, raped cunt dripped with the cum of a man young enough to be her son

The young stud could not believe how turned on he was as Vanessa laid before him moaning, still out of it. Tom got back on the bed, his cock limp, but quickly gaining strength again. Straddling Vanessa, the stud took a vertical shot of Vanessa beneath him with his cock between her large brown mammaries. He couldn't decide what sex act would be next, but then an evil idea formed in his mind.

Grabbing Vanessa's ankles, Tom flipped her off her back and onto her stomach, receiving a sleepy groan of discomfort at disturbing her drug-induced slumber. Tom stepped behind the camera to make sure he had a great shot of the hot MILF. Vanessa's beautiful face faced the camera and his cock became even harder with his lust filled plan!

The stud took his cock and slipped it back into Vanessa's juicy sex hole. Using controlled thrusts, Tom started to long dick Vanessa, eliciting groans, moans and grunts from the bride's well fucked mother as he dog-fucked her from the back!

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