tagIncest/TabooSexperiencing My SIL

Sexperiencing My SIL


The doorbell woke me early in the evening that day. It was only 5 PM. I had slept for more than two hours after a tiring day at the office. It was a Saturday, so I had worked till 1 PM. I went to check the door, thinking that it would be a neighbor who was looking for my wife. I was in shorts and a t-shirt, my usual.

As I opened the door, I saw my wife's sister Suja standing there completely drenched. It was heavily raining. "How come you are here at this time of the day?" I asked.

She smiled at me, "I am here for some sales meetings. Thought of spending the weekend with you guys." Walking into our bedroom she asked me, "Where the hell is Supriya, is she still at the office?"

Supriya is my wife, her sister. I told her that Supriya had gone to Bangalore on official duty and will only be back after four days. She didn't seem upset by it much though. After all her visit was a surprise. I was very happy to have Suja for company since I was feeling a tad lonely that day.

"Will it be a problem for you if I stay with you?" she asked with an anxious smile.

"I am only happy to have you here," I assured her. Truly, Suja was a pleasant relief for me. It was the first time in two years of our marriage that my wife and I had stayed apart. Suja was totally different from my wife although they were sisters. Suja was a typical modern day girl, daring, fearless and very open-minded, while Supriya is bit of an introvert, especially conservative in bed. This is possibly due to the influence of her conservative father, with whom she was really close. Unlike Suja, who was like her mother, a perfect fun lover and a real social butterfly.

Suja was a view to behold. Her pink undergarments were visible through her drenched white churidar. I couldn't take my eyes away from scanning her sensuous body. I had lusted after her body ever since I met her. Her constant teasing and little pranks had only intensified my desire. However I never definitively thought that she had any sexual desire towards me, I just pictured it as some childish antics. As I observed her I saw her glance repeatedly at me. I had no underwear on, so she might have noticed the bulge in my shorts.

I told her to get a shower and change into some dry clothes before she catches a cold. She went into the bedroom and readied herself for a shower. I don't know where the time flew. As I was pouring the tea into the glasses the door to our bedroom opened. Suja was a sight to behold; she was wearing a tight fitted t-shirt and a skirt that reached just below her knees. The scent of her clean body, together with the fragrance of the soap turned the whole atmosphere in the room. The dull evening instantaneously changed into a wonderful one. "Suja, you look lovely in that dress" I complimented her, hiding my lust for her.

I then phoned up my wife to inform her of Suja's visit and she was happy to hear that I will not be alone while she is gone. "Arun, take good care of my sister," Supriya added quickly before disconnecting the line.

Suja and I had tea, and then I went to shower. The realization that I was alone with Suja for a few days made me revisit suppressed fantasies I had about her. Though I had fantasized about Suja's medium sized but beautiful breasts, round tight ass and sexy legs I had never taken any steps towards fulfilling my fantasies. My fantasies had remained my ultimate secret. It was just a thought that I visited every now and then. I decided to indulge myself in some self-stimulation and took my semi-hard prick in my hand. As I wanked my dick hard and fast, I planned my advances. Within minutes I came like I haven't come in months. Loads of cum gushed onto the floor. After cleaning up with a good hot shower, I emerged from the bathroom wrapped solely in a towel.

Suja was in my bedroom lying on my bed reading a magazine. I observed her for a few minutes. My hard on had not been subsided fully. I could feel dick pressing against my towel, creating a small but discernible bulge. I was not sure whether Suja noticed, but I saw her glance once to my waist then resume her perusal of the magazine. I was nervous. A good part of her luscious thighs were visible because her skirt had ridden up. I took in the beautiful view with lust filled eyes. Then I went to the drawer and took a fresh pair of shorts and a t-shirt and was on my way to the guest room to get dressed. As I was leaving she called me, "BIL (she calls me BIL, short for Brother-In-Law), don't mind my presence. Please go on and change in the bedroom itself." Though I felt bit uncomfortable, her words gave me courage.

Is she too having the same feelings I was having for her? I saw her look my way as I dropped my towel and proceeded to put on my shorts. I was sure that she has got to see my back naked. I don't wear underwear at home and I didn't want to change my habits, so I just wore my shorts and t-shirt. My semi-hard dick was still bulging through my shorts.

An hour or so went without much exchange of words. "Are you hungry? We will go out then!" I asked her.

"Sure, is this dress okay?" she enquired.

On arrival at the restaurant, to my surprise she ordered two cocktails for us. I went with her decision and had the cocktail, after all she is an adult and has the freedom to choose what she wants. Besides, her mother was a social drinker. Suja is everything that her mother is. Even their figures are very similar. Just like Suja her mother is also very sexy.

At half past ten we returned home. We sat on the couch in the living room and started talking. The storm that had ceased earlier had once again commenced. My mind and dick was going crazy as Suja sat very close to me and rested her head on my shoulders. Her soft breast was touching my hands. It was clear that she had no bra on. I was very curious to find out what beautiful sights lay hidden under her skirt.

Lightning struck and Suja held me tight. My entire body shivered with excitement. I wanted to hug her tight, kiss her deep on those sexy lips, suck her hard nipples, drink her sweet nectar, eat her pink heavens and fuck the hell out of her young juicy cunt.

She looked into my eyes and asked, "BIL, if you don't mind could I sleep with you tonight? I need somebody to hold onto, I am very much afraid of the lightning". Supriya is also afraid of thunder and lightning. She is typically used to sleeping in my tight embrace during such nights.

I didn't immediately respond because I couldn't even think. What was I hearing? Will I be able to control my lust for her while sleeping next to her? What if I do something stupid and she tells Supriya? Our happy life would end then and there. But I couldn't resist her request and the feeling of her body next to me on my bed was a thought that sounded too sweet to resist.

"Sure darling, you can join me in our bed," I comforted her. Suja smiled at me, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. She went into the bathroom. I took off my t-shirt and got into bed. As I was making myself comfortable Suja emerged from the bathroom. The bathroom lights were still on, so I clearly make out her luscious body through the thin fabric of her nightgown. Then switching off the bathroom light, she approached the bed slowly, slid in into the sheet I held and then kissed my forehead as she said her goodnight.

The sensation of her lips left a burning desire for her on my head. She slept very close, hugging me with her entire body. Before long we were both fast asleep. Late in the night I woke up to the sensation of her soft hands feeling my hard dick through my shorts. Suja's entire back was turned to me so the entire rear of her body was pressed against my front. I put my hands on her shoulder. Sensing my hands on her body, she took my hands and rested it on her boobs. I couldn't believe what just transpired between us.

My hard dick was now nestled between her thighs. Precum began to ooze out of my prick hole. I was full of lust and excitement. I started fondling her hard tits. I squeezed those beautiful medium sized breasts with utter abandon. Suja moaned in pleasure. I was filled with excitement that my fantasy was finally coming true. But the thought of my wife suddenly made me withdraw from this lovely creature that was lying near me.

Suja turned around to face me. I saw her searching my eyes as another lightning struck. She held me tight out of fear. As the lightning momentarily ceased she kissed me on my lips and told me, "I have wanted this to happen since I met you BIL, if you two were not in love I would have married you. I am so jealous of Supriya. At least these three days I am going to have what I wanted for so long, and what my sister have kept away from me for all these years."

"Suja what you want might put us in trouble, moreover this is incest!" I reminded her.

However I thought that this was the perfect opportunity so I also confessed my hidden desires, I told her that I too had wanted this ever since I met her. She was happy to hear this. She assured me not to worry as she was on pill and she will never disclose anything that we did to any one. "It will be our sweetest moments together and a secret," she said. She got up and switched on the light in the bathroom and pushed the door in a bit, the light cast a glow on us. I liked the idea of seeing each other while we fucked. My wife never lets me do this, since she doesn't like this kind of openness. But with Suja I knew that I was going to enjoy the delights she had in store for me.

It felt like I was in heaven. My caution abandoned as we began to kiss passionately. We parted our lips to let our eager tongues explore each other. Our tongues reached every corner of our mouths. This went on for some time. Our saliva commingled to create the tastiest cocktail I ever had in my life. It was a sweet bliss. Suja broke the trance and went to work on my hard nipples. She sucked and savored one, then the other. This made me excited and my dick grew even harder. She placed gentle kisses down the trail of my belly, stopping just above the thick bush between my legs. She kissed me there. My dick was straining to press against her smooth throat. "I think he likes me!" she said with a great smile. I looked into her eyes and smiled back.

She took my hard dick in her hand and kissed its pink tip. Shivers of pleasure ran through my body as she licked the length and breadth of my dick. It grew ever harder in her mouth. She licked my medium sized balls and sucked them in and out of her mouth. It felt so amazing I thought I wouldn't last another moment. She returned to sucking my dick, taking the full length into her expert mouth. Suja gave me head like a professional. She was no amateur. I thought of the many men she might have had given pleasure. The thoughts excited me. Her hands and mouth continued to work wonders on my dick. I came in a gush, in no time. I moaned with pleasure. I was very vocal to my utter surprise. Though she gagged a bit, Suja took my entire cum load in her mouth and swallowed the whole lot of it.

"You taste better than I expected" she murmured and smiled. I couldn't believe it. I had just had the best blow-job of my life.

We hugged each other passionately. She rested her head on my chest and ran her fingers through my chest hair. Her naked breasts hugged my naked body. Her hands went to work on my now flaccid cock. Her hands had a magical effect on my dick because I was erect in no time. This time my cock was in full mast. Her eyes told me that she liked the look of my hard thick dick. My hands roamed her body and she gasped in pleasure as she felt me reach between her legs and slip my finger inside her wetness. She was dripping sweet love juice. I kissed her with great passion that comes from all these years of fantasizing about her. Sucking on her hard nipples, I squeezed her tits and made her moan to the rhythm of my fingers going in and out of her pussy.

"BIL, please fuck my ass," Suja pleaded. I was only happy to oblige. I had always wanted to do this with my wife, but she never agreed because her conservative thinking always stopped her from agreeing. But what a pleasant luck!

Suja was presenting me with the most wonderful ass to ravish. I had craved for Suja's round perfect ass for years. Now she was presenting me with the most perfect gift. She took my cock in her hand and applied her saliva on it for lubrication. She kissed me on my lips before turning around and guiding my rock hard dick into her tight ass hole. I slowly pushed my member into her. Tears of pain were running from her eyes as I delved into her asshole. Once inside to the maximum, I rested in her and savored the moment. It was complete bliss. I then picked up a slow and rhythmic pace. My hard cock gradually began to pound in and out of her ass like a piston.

Suja moaned with pleasure. Her beautiful breasts swayed as if there was an earthquake with my every thrust. I fucked her beautiful ass from the back. I took one of her tits in my hand and started caressing it. Her nipples were real hard. Taking away my hands from her breast, I slapped Suja's ass cheeks. She was enjoying the pleasure my thrust gave her.

"Suja I am going to come, where do you want it" I asked her.

"Please take it out and put it in my cunt. I want to feel you in my pussy now" she replied, "Fill me with your hot juices BIL." I eased out of her asshole and guided my dick into her pussy from behind. My dick went inside her pussy with ease. Her pussy was dripping, simply waiting to receive my dick. I had no power left in me to hold back. I was ready to blow! I came hard and deep in Suja. She came along with me. Her orgasm was powerful. She breathed into my ears, "I love you, BIL."

It was only true when I said, "I dearly love my lovely sis!" She was the only woman I wanted all my life.

"BIL, now that I took you from my sister, I want you in me every time the opportunity arises. I am now married to you by lust and I wish to remain like this." her wanton hunger surprised me.

I had nothing to say in response. I could only savor this beautiful moment and hope for more.

In the morning, I took her to the bathroom in my arms to wash away the traces of our lovemaking. We lay naked in the bathtub holding each other for hours. We savored each others lips and tongues with passionate lust. Our hands continued to seek and explore each other. Until Supriya returned, we enjoyed each other fully.

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