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Sexual Demonent


Anastasia Dark swept her waist length auburn hair across her shoulders, allowing it to cascade across her shoulders and tumble in bouncing pipe curls across the silky red satin of her tight corset. Flipping the elastic of one of the garter straps that held her black fishnet stocking, she moaned low, enjoying the sharp slap against her skin. She had always enjoyed a bit of rough play, which is what had led her to being here at this moment.

When she had found her great aunt's diary hidden beneath a floorboard in the family estate attic, Anastasia had thought it was some sort of fantasy story. However, the more she had read, the more she had been tempted. It was apparent from the journal entries, that her great aunt had not been the proper and prudish woman that they had all been led to believe. Evelyn Dark had lived alone in the estate over eighty years earlier. Described as a pretty woman who kept to herself, when she had disappeared at the age of thirty-five everyone had assumed she had left to join a convent. If the details of her journal were true, they had all been way off the mark.

Anastasia had moved here a little over six months ago, following the breakup with her former fiancé, Cliff Barker, an investment banker in Atlanta. The asshole had been screwing one of the tramps down at his office and when Ana had confronted him with the proof, he had the nerve to say that sex with her had been like fucking a cold dead fish. She hoped his nuts were still in his throat from the swift kick she had rewarded him.

Scrunching up her nose she began to pour the blood into the heart shaped pattern that the journal had described. She hoped that bulls' blood was an appropriate substitute for the lambs' blood that Evelyn had used. It was hard enough to explain to the guy at the slaughter house why she wished to purchase a pint of blood on the eve of Halloween none the less, let alone tell him had to be from a specific animal. Thankfully, after giving her a smirk as if he had known her intentions, he had handed her a mason jar of the red liquid, stating it had come from the meanest bull to ever live. Now standing back to look at her artwork she figured he had thought her a bit touched in the head.

Lighting the dozens of red and black candles she flipped off the light and took in the sensual glow of the large space, it definitely looked like somewhere meant for a night of uninhibited sex. She had cleaned and prepped the location for two weeks once she had made up her mind to attempt the calling she had read about in the diary. She had paid the local handyman and his son a hundred dollars to haul the king size cannonball bed and mattress up the three flight of stairs and twice that much for all the things she had ordered online. The array of lubricants and lotions, along with a silk scarf, vibrator, big blue dildo, and a few other toys she had no idea how to use, littered the large square nightstand.

She had collected every ingredient, followed all the directions, and now as full Halloween Moon shined through the small attic window she was ready. The book described the entity that would be conjured as a submissive Lusnomic. Which, from the detailed description, was some sort of well hung demon meant to be sexually submissive to its mistress. Anastasia was not all that familiar with the whole performance on demand scene but at least here sexual inexperience would not be an issue as it had with her ex Cliff. Then again, if things went as planned she would do a bit of self-education, at a pace she set.

Setting the now empty jar on the shelf, she moved on to the Ylang-ylang oil. Taken from an exotic Indonesian flower, the scent was supposed to bind the entity to the caller. Rubbing the warmed liquid across her neck and shoulders and finally down across both arms she breathed in the soft flowery essence. Nervous butterflies danced around in her stomach as she took in one last reassuring breath and stepped into the blood heart. After tonight, she would spend no more nights alone seeing to her own pleasure. The sex demon would be bound to her until she chose his release.

"Gibil Anuk Lilit, Ati Me Peta Babka, Kima Parsi Labiruti." She repetitively chanted the words she had memorized from the book, hoping she had the pronunciation correct. She thought that perhaps they were ancient Sumerian, though where her great aunt had found the passage she could not imagine.

The floor began to shake beneath her feet and a thick dark shadow began to surround her. Anastasia's body trembled as a low growl sounded close behind her.

"Who calls me to this place?" a deep thick voice said close to her ear, causing the small hairs at the back of her neck to stand on edge.

"My will is yours, you are my Lusnomic." Saying the last words of the binding Anastasia waited, uncertain how to proceed further.

He chuckled low and moved around to look at her, his sheer size dwarfing her as if she were a child. He astounded her. Standing an easy seven-foot tall, with jet-black hair and eyes, a strong jaw, and a body ripped with muscles he was a skin wrapped orgasm. However, what hung between his legs was a true work of art, thick, long and mouth watering.

He looked her up and down slowly running his forked tongue across his lips as he did so. Turning away from her, she found his backside was just as perfect though she had expected him to just stand and await her request. Instead, he kneeled down and put his nose close to the blood-covered floorboards.

"You are to...," he laughed loud stopping her mid command as he stood and stalked toward her. Grabbing her roughly about the waist he hauled her small body against his and crushed his mouth against hers, pushing his tongue deep into the mouth until she was breathless. The taste of him was an addictive mixture of hot and sweet and Anastasia found herself melting against him as he released her mouth so that he could run his tongue up the side of her neck.

"You used the wrong blood little one." He breathed thickly in her ear and she froze, fear replacing the excitement she had experienced at his arrival.

"What, what are you?" she asked wild-eyed as he continued to lick at her neck, refusing to release her despite her attempts to step away.

"I am the master little one and you, you are my concubine." He said with a wide grin as he wrapped one large hand into her hair, forcing her head back so he had more access to the curve of her neck and the swells of her breast as they pushed out from the top of her corset.

"But I am supposed to be..." Anastasia began breathlessly.

".. be in charge." He laughed as he brought the hand from around her waist up so that he could roll one nipple between his thumb and forefinger. "I told you, you used the wrong blood. If you wanted a lap dog you should have followed the directions." He growled in low satisfaction as her nipple hardened in his grip.

Anastasia's body trembled with desire, her cunt becoming hot and wet. Never would she have imagined that his aggression would make her melt. He took a deep breath against her skin and chuckled low, the look on his face making her certain that he could smell her increasing arousal. Leaning down further, he tossed her across one broad shoulder and strolled across the room to deposit her onto the king size poster bed.

"What, what are you going to do to me?" she asked with a mixture of fear and excitement as he took in the various items at the bed side before licking his lips while giving her a slow intensive once over.

"Whatever I want." He told her grabbing the red silk from the table.

Anastasia knew she should be scared half to death or at least screaming her head off, though she found that a hard sell considering her cunt was weeping in anticipation. She worried her lower lip as he took both hands and bound them above her head to the top bed posters. Sitting beside her on the bed now, he grinned down at her and she could see for the first time the sharp edges of his teeth.

"Who are you?" Anastasia whispered as nervousness of her situation again pulled at her.

"Cirama, Lord of Seclusion." He responded as he covered her eyes with the thin silken blindfold she had purchased. "You are mine now, a gift to ease the loneliness and lust of my isolation." She could feel his hands run down across her tucked waist and strong fingers loop into the string sides of the panties breaking them as though they had been made of paper, baring the soft flesh of her shaved pussy to his eyes. "So pretty a woman and so many toys for our enjoyment. I do not know where to start. Though I would enjoy a taste of your nectar little flower."

Anastasia felt his hands move to the insides of her thighs pushing her legs far apart as his weigh shifted on the mattress until both legs rested across his shoulders and his hot breath danced across her throbbing cunt. His tongue slid across her already damp pussy lips, gentle first then with a sudden growl, he pushed it deep into her as he lapped at the flood of moisture that coated her. Moaning loudly, she attempted to grind her cunt against his mouth but he held her hips tight refusing to allow her to move, instead he forced one thick digit past the muscle rings of her tight ass and finger fucker her as he fed on her cunt. Fastening his teeth to the tight bud of her clit he tugged then rolled the pulsating bundle of nerves between her lips making her breathing quicken and body tremble in impending release. Just as the first quiver began to move through her body, he stopped and moved away from her making her cry out at the loss.

She was prepared to beg when she heard a low hum echo in the air nearby. She jerked a bit surprised at the first contact of the vibrating dildo to her inside thigh, a motion that brought his deep chuckle.

"This small thing should help prepare you to take me fully." Cirama told her as he pushed the large fake latex cock into her pussy, allowing it to pulsate there as he rolled her over onto her knees so he had access to her tight round ass. The sensation of cold gel caused her to shiver as he shoved two lubed fingers into the star of her puckered ass until they were buried to the last knuckle, the action making Anastasia cry out in both pain and pleasure. She felt her body tremble in anticipated release as he continued to finger fuck her behind as the large dildo vibrated inside her aching pussy.

"I want you bare before me." He growled as she felt him nip at the round globe of her ass and fucked the fingers in and out of her ass. She heard the material of her corset rip and felt the air hit her fevered skin as it fell away. Pulling his fingers from her ass, he scrapped his nails down across her back and then slapped her hard across the ass before pulling the vibrating dildo from her cunt. Again, she felt like crying from the loss as he rolled her to her back so that she lay spread open to him.

Ciramas' hands began to rub across her flesh, paying special attention to her pouting nipples, leaving her slick with the warming oil he had poured into his hands. Anastasia felt the bindings at her wrist loosen and found herself pulled up to face him as he tore away the blindfold. His eyes were wild with desire and need.

"On your knees, I want to see you take me in your mouth." He ordered as he pushed her to the floor at his knees.

Anastasia reached out and gripped his massive cock, circling the base with both hands as she ran her tongue along the edge of the purple head. Opening her mouth she slowly took the organ into her mouth, scraping across the tender flesh with her teeth as she took it part way. With a feral growl he grabbed her head and pushed his massive cock deep, causing her to gag. With his hand wrapped tightly in her long hair, he fucked himself in and out of her wet mouth until she was certain he would cum at any moment. Suddenly he joined her on the floor, pushing her on all fours and positioned his cock at the opening of her hot wet cunt. With one strong thrust, he pushed into her. Her muscles tightening around his cock, gripping it tight. Withdrawing so that only the head remained inside her, he thrust harder, this time seating his entire length. With a howl of pure delight, he began to fuck in and out of her tight cunt grunting loudly with every forceful thrust.

Loud, breathless moans filled the air and it took a minute or two for Anastasia to realize that they had come from her own lips. "Oh I'm going to cum!" she cried out as he increased both the speed and force of his thrust, his fingers biting hard into the soft flesh of her hips. Screaming Anastasia exploded her hot cream, coating his cock as he continued to pound into her. A second orgasm came on the heels of the first as Cirama pulled her upper body up and bit into her shoulder as his cock convulsed with its own release. The feel of his mouth and teeth on her flesh did nothing to lessen the intensity of the orgasm that left her screaming his name. Crumbling against him Anastasia tried to catch her breath as Cirama stroked his skilled fingers up and down her abdomen, his cock beginning to grow hard inside her once again.

"That was only the beginning of your eternal life with me." He breathed against the curve of her neck as he licked at the spidering trails of blood coming from the bite mark on her shoulder. "It's time for us to continue this night in my world." At that, the world around them both twisted and distorted until with a loud pop they both vanished.

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