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Sexual Predators of the Amazon


She watched the plane take off in the distance as another lost visitor was found and on his way home from the rainforests of Brazil. She can never help allowing the corners of her mouth to curl up into a wry smile every time a plane takes off. The forest attracts many explorers throughout the year. Frequently adventurous men will want extended expeditions deeper into the forest. For reasons unknown they will wander from a path lose their way and be lost for a couple days. By the time a search and rescue person finds them and brings them back they are physically spent, very sore from the ordeal, a bit scared, humbled and very grateful.

"Amazon rainforest trips in Brazil explore the ecosystems and cultures of the rainforest. Float down lush river corridors teeming with rainforest birds and wildlife. Experience the warm tropical water via raft, kayak or dugout canoe. Enjoy the South American birds, wildlife, flora and fauna unique to the Amazon. Hike through the jungle and discover medicinal plants, spiritual traditions and the history and politics of the Amazon rainforest." At least that's what the brochures say but the lost men in this area have a story they never reveal.

Jordana gets information on the visitors who are planning deeper expeditions into the forest. She knows all about the group of 3 that went out 4 days ago. She looked out the window and as expected a jeep was slowly winding its way towards the Search and Rescue Building. Two men got out with worried looks on their faces. The door opened to the hut like building which overlooks a lush valley of the forest.

"I was told you were coming," Jordana said with an accent. Her beauty always takes the men by surprise. They expect to see men and lots of "professional" rescue stuff around not a very buxom, raven haired, toned bodied goddess.

"I'll be right with you," she yelled from another room when she heard them open the door. She liked to make them wait a few moments so the impact was greater when they first see her. She walked in as the men seemed a little dazed and worried but not enough to prevent what she knew would happen. Wait for it she thought. Ahhh there it is the wandering eyes. She always liked how it was more important to check out a beautiful woman's body and large breasts than talk about their lost friend.

"Is this Search and Rescue?" a man asked.

She answered back, "Yes it is and you have lost your friend is that correct"

"Yes." The man said in a hurried concerned slightly embarrassed reply.

"The forest can be a dangerous place. Can you show me on this map where you went?"

As she looked at where they were pointing she responded, "This is a very confusing part of the forest yet very beautiful. There are a lot of aggressive snakes as well so it is dangerous. I hope you were warned about the snakes."

The men looked more worried.

"So do you set up teams and look for him? How does this work?" One of the men asked.

"We don't have teams. The forest is much different then searching for someone lost at sea or some other large area."

She picked up a radio, "Yara what is your location. A few moments went by "Hopi ridge 2 miles south of Koto Tree":

"I have a missing 20 year old boy lost about 1-1/2 days ago along the Quensi Trail about 12 mi. in," replied Jordana."

"He could be anywhere by now," Yara replied back, "I'll head in that direction in 1 hour."

"10-4 keep in touch," replied Jordana

"That's IT!" one man blurted out.

Of course not Alandra's in the forest as well they'll team up and find your friend.

"TWO PEOPLE THAT"S IT.... WOMAN NO MEN!" the other man blurted out in surprise.

"She confronted them with equal seriousness, "there are many dangers from native Indians to various animals, insects and plants that could hurt or kill your friend, you were told that right?"

"Yes", came a meak reply

"You were told we were the best right!"


"There are 3 of us and we live in the forest, that's why it took you an hour to drive extremely windy roads to get here. We take turns in the deep forest. Yara and Alandra are currently out there and we don't just go in to look for missing people we have lived in the forest all our lives. No one can cover more ground than we can or track better then we do. Yara is here," she pointed to the map. "So that is 3 miles from where you said your friend was lost. We know how to get from one part of the forest to another quicker than anybody. Don't worry we will find him".

"Go back to your lodge and I will be in touch with you tomorrow but expect this to take at least 1-2 days".

Surprised by her equal confrontational demeanor the two men calmed down and said OK and left.

She watched the jeep drive away, picked up the radio with a smile and said, "Yara, Alandra the prey is yours, good hunting."

Somewhere deep in the forest a radio crackled.

"Alandra where are you?" Yara's voice asked.

"One mile south of the Yanzi clearing. Our boy is hopelessly lost," Alandra chuckled."

"Perfect, you are so good separating the prey from the group, Yara complimented."

"Thank You," she said "and now it is feeding time."

Within a couple hours the 2 met up shortly before sunset.

"Mmmmmm he sure is cute," Yara observed. "Nicely muscled and in shape too at least 6' tall. Mmmmmmmm I love taking down the big ones."

"Look at that firm rump," Alandra commented with a stare, "I will have it!"

"We both will use his flesh," Yara replied

"He is a strong firm young buck wandering lost in the forest. I'm horny for the hunt," Alandra said, her voice changing to a serious lower pitch.

The poor lost explorer setup some kind of bed using a type of hammock. As night fell Yara crept through the thick bushes to Alandra. They embraced and kissed as their bodies sensually rubbed against one another. Both ladies were in shorts and barely tied shirts just below their very firm well endowed breasts. Their smooth milk chocolate brown skin, long torsos, ample cleavage and long legs glistened with a thick wetness from humidity as if they had just walked out of a stream. Their hair stuck together in strands from the moisture. This degree of wetness was normal for the rainforest and the ladies were comfortable and at home completely wet. The sensuality the wetness gave their athletically muscled powerful bodies was beyond incredible. They were in peak physical and sexual condition.

As the ladies stripped each other a shocking appendage came into view. Between the beautiful soft thighs of the two squirming bodies were very large cocks each easily 12"or more literally almost touching their knees. The girth was scary 3" thick with large veins pumping blood along the length. As the two ladies sensual coupling caused full erections their huge full testicles hung impressively low.

The ladies removed a few items from their bags. Combining a dry substance with a liquid of some kind they both stirred and mixed. Dipping the tip of a small stick they began to draw marks on breasts and hips. With fingers dipped in a red mixture the ladies marked their face. Each took turns adorning each others bodies with specific markings signifying the coming hunt. Some were scary, others seemed to signify power and virility. As Yara took Alandra's fully erect cock in her hand she adorned it with several markings occasionally reciting certain words knowing how much they would turn Alandra on and heighten her aggressiveness. Scribing lines at the base of her cock extending down and around her balls she whispered, "May the virility between your legs invade this young boy's body and your copulation fertilize him with copious amounts of your seed." Alandra's cock jumped several time as she became a little more anxious. A corner of Yara's mouth curled up into a partial smile. As Alandra adorned the flared head of her partners cock she whispered.

"May he scream like a whore as your beast attacks his most vulnerable hole tearing him open and burrowing deep into his body? Yara's cock spasmed wildly indicated the effectiveness of Alandra's whispers. Now in a heightened state of sexuality and aggressiveness the two let out low moans as they groped and kissed each others bodies. With bodies partially camouflaged with tattoos and markings the ladies packed up.

"Let's go," said Alandra as the two crept through the darkness silently.

Their approach was motionless at times and animal stealth like as they easily moved in a crouch. Generations of living in the forests had heightened both of the woman's senses and they were able to conceal themselves easily and use their enhanced eye site to see their prey. Crouched in bushes approaching from 2 sides the woman would reach out a long leg touching the ground with a toe then the rest of their bodies would quietly glide forward cocks at full hardness ready for the attack.

Yara reached to some straps around her thigh and took out a small blowgun. Placing something in the end she took aim. With a quiet whoosh her tiny dart shot through the night landing on the boy's neck. He was barely able to feel it but the toxin worked quickly as the boy slumped to the ground. He was partially paralyzed and Alandra attacked. She was on him in two long leaps coming in from his blindside. She held him down quickly throwing a bag over his head. Yara pulled out a knife grabbing the boy by the shorts as he lay face down. With one cut through the seam she opened a hole several inches long. Alandra went to her knees, her strong thighs opening his legs wide. Leaning over she grabbed each side of the tear in a hand and with a couple swift yanks and flexing of her strong pecs the material ripped open exposing his ass. She pushed her hands inside his shorts around his thighs to the front grabbing his hips and pulling him up to a doggie position.

Without any warning or mercy Alandra's body mounted him, her powerful, muscled looking cock breaking his ass wide open sinking deeply into his body. Although paralyzed the thrust shocked him into a frantic squirming spasm of pain as his eyes bulged and mouth opened. A crying, shocked scared shriek came from his mouth as the pain shot through his body. Alandra inhaled deeply leaned back and emitted a low moan of bliss as she pushed her hips out, tightly into him, while her outstretched arms pulled back on the boys hips encasing her cock in his warm tight flesh.

Yara moved to one side crouching to watch her companion mate. Suddenly Alandra's hips recoiled and snapped forward slamming into her prey signaling the beginning of a vicious breeding frenzy. The power of her hips made the two lose balance and fall to the ground and for a moment it seemed liked the couple were struggling but there was no resistance from the paralyzed prey. As the couple squirmed over a large area of ground, regardless of position Alandra's hips kept pounding. The boy was able to emit desperate ½ scream ½ scared crying sounds. It wasn't long until Alandra worked her way back into dominant position her powerful muscled legs spread wide for support.

After many minutes of thrusting Alandra let go of the boy throwing his body to Yara in a heap. Yara stepped over him and finished ripping his cloths off leaving his firm body in visible pain. As Yara dropped down onto his ass the sting of her penetration made the boy's heart feel like it would burst from his chests. She too enjoyed the initial thrust pausing to feel the warmth and wetness of his hole. She could feel the precum slipperiness Alandra left for her. Alandra circled as her friend began her pounding on the young boy with various speeds and depths of thrusts before again passing the boy flesh back to her for more.

Each woman passed the boy back and forth allowing the pressure to build in their balls but they were getting too close and too frenzied in their actions to hold out much longer. Yara was the first to inseminate the boys body, leaning over him her breasts smashed into his back, holding him tightly her hips shook with violent eruptions which gushed sperm deep in the boy's bowels. He was crying now. After 15-20 healthy ball convulsing spurts she pulled out.

Alandra was seconds away and desperately mounted the boy slamming into him and holding her pulsing flesh in him. He was shaking as his body jolted in unison with the large balls dumping seed into him and the powerful hip pops that made sure the dump was very deep. After a satisfying draining she pulled out pushing him flat to the ground. Crouching over him she squeezed a few loads up and down his body then moved off. As soon as she moved off Yara spread her legs over the boy and added several streams of cum to his body as well. This was done quickly without hesitation or thought as a way to mark their territory. In seconds they disappeared into the night leaving him unconscious in silence.

As they watched the next morning well hidden yet only 60' away, the boy finally stirred and woke up. The toxin in the blow dart only paralyzed him for an hour but he was unconscious all night. He was very dazed and it took time until he stood. He was left naked as he looked for his cloths. They were no where in site. The ladies always took cloths after the first attack so their prey would be naked and highly vulnerable and mentally broken. The boy ate a little food from his bag and started wandering. As he wandered away the ladies appeared from the thicket. In the sunlight the markings and tattoos were fully visible. They were very decorative, sensual and warrior like as if each mark had been earned through battle and conquests. The markings supplemented their tanned looking skin further camouflaging their bodies making it hard to see them in the bushes when naked.

They were tall, easily an intimidating 6' 3" to 4". Their bodies were athletic with smooth, powerful muscles. Holding shoulders back their huge firm breasts jutted out from their chests like status symbols of power. Their very presence was both awe inspiring and scary. If anyone were to see them they would have no doubt that this was not a game, this was a dangerous efficient predator hunting its prey. But once in the forest they have an uncanny natural ability to blend in and disappear making them a deadly hunter.

"Let's take him deeper into the valley," Alandra said with a serious tone.

With one look they both headed in different directions.

Two hours later Yara had raced ahead and now watched from a crouch slowly stroking her new erection watching her boy approach. She knew he would want to clean the wet gooiness off his skin. It was obvious a little dehydration was beginning to affect him. Moments later the boy came to the pool of water and being naked just eased into the water chest deep grabbing overhead vines for support. As the water soothed his sore ass he could not see the piercing stare of the predator hidden 15 feet away.

Yara's head quietly disappeared below the water as she pushed off towards her prey. Approaching from behind would enable her to attack and remain unseen and even be able to surface for air. A few moments of stillness passed then an arm slowly rose from behind the man quickly entwining in front of his shoulder then back behind his head forcing his head in a hold. At the same time her opposite arm grabbed around one thigh. Her body began banging hard against him, her cock thrusting, searching for that one area of tender vulnerable flesh. The under water attack was very violent causing a lot of splashing as the boy gripped the vines for dear life, his body slipping into deeper water, the vines being the only way to keep his head above water.

It didn't take more then a few thrusts to find the closed up hole from the previous nights attack. In moments a loud desperate screamed pierced through the forest. Yara's flared cock head had found the boys asshole and popped him open. Recoiling her hips the subsequent thrusts buried her flesh in him deep. In the brief 1-2 minute attack Yara's unyielding thrusts easily penetrated over a hundred times but the final deep thrust was held as her balls convulsed violently. Each convulsion delivered with a body shaking hump as the boy screamed at the force with which he was filled with seed. Her powerful arms and legs clutched his body until her balls finished their gush. She pushed off yanking out of his ass disappearing beneath the water. He cried and yelped as he struggled to shallower water, turning and fully expecting to see his attacker but he was gone.

As he quickly moved onto the bank the surface of the water grew calm again. He looked in disbelief for the man that attacked him. How could this be he thought as he scanned the water in disbelief. He fully expected to see someone making a get away. He could not believe a man could be doing these things, humans are not like this he thought to himself, the alternative even more scary. He did not know the water went deep at the base of a large rock and a short passage allowed Yara to come up behind it. She huffed and puffed quietly very content with her successful attack, her lust temporarily satiated.

Meanwhile off in the distance Alandra balls dropped and blood partially swelled the veins in her cock as she smiled ear to ear hearing the prolonged screaming. She could picture the attack having done it many times herself. It was a very exciting adrenalin packed attack. She also knew the prey was now further weakened and it was her turn.

Some more wandering in the humid hot forest slowed the boy's pace as he began to ignore his nakedness as well as the seed that wetted the inside of his thighs down to his feet. He now hobbled in pain from the anal destruction of the ladies huge phallic weapons.

Alandra had a special trap in mind as she carefully hid nooses on the ground. She was in touch with Yara who was very skillful at herding their boy towards her trap. Yara's verbal clicks over the radio signaled the prey was 50 yards away. Alandra went into a motionless silent crouch, legs spread wide, her gorgeous long cock jutting from her loins. All her senses were heightened as she waited, going through each detail in her mind as her hand slowly glided up and down her wet cock keeping her rock hard. It was critical she be at maximum hardness so her first strike would pierce as deep as possible helping to immobilize the prey. While he is in pain and shock she can further drain his energy and will to fight with quick immobilizing thrusts assuring a successful attack.

The crackle of leaves indicated he was walking exactly where she wanted him. A few more steps she thought then suddenly...... the nooses gripped both legs as the trap was tripped, pulling him from his feet and dragging him a good 30' through a thick bed of flowering plants right into some thick bushes. The flowers have pollen that temporarily blinds a person, while the trap leaves the prey face down on the ground in thick brush legs pulled open wide briefly dazed. That brief moment is all she needed to attack. She quickly captured him with her physical strength and speed as he screamed from fear and from the sting in his eyes. Grabbing his wrists she hogtied him in an instant. Without hesitation she went for his hips, grabbing them firmly. With her hips already in recoil position she rammed with all her force going for the kill quickly. Her cock sliced into the meat of his ass like a punch to the gut, as she held it in him to the hilt, getting maximum penetration and pain. She reveled in his feeble struggling. He is powerful but she knows how to ride and control a bucking BITCH. The second she felt his strength give a little she pounded hard shaking the bushes around them and sucking the energy from his body using her cock to beat him down. Her cock fed on his ass like a wolf tearing a carcass apart.

The boy cried and screamed like a scared and wounded animal but they are 15-20 miles deep in the forest. Out here only the animals hear the frantic sounds of another animal captured by a predator. Alandra was merciless, fucking the boy till he lost consciousness. As her completely sweaty body pulled off him he plopped to the ground her cum oozing from his gaping red hole. With a few spurts she liberally coats his cock and balls groping him 2-3 times to spread the seed, instinctively marking her kill. Yara came up looking at him then turned to her and gave a deep kiss. Untied, the boy would wake in darkness, scared, sore, barely able to move and weak. One last attack was planned during the night.

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