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Sexual Preference


"Now, let me get this straight so it doesn't happen again..."

I pressed the back of my hand across my roommate's forehead, frowning a little. His face, though a pale eggshell color only a few seconds ago, quickly came ablaze in a scarlet blush.

"You fainted during class because you had a bad night's sleep and missed breakfast," I assessed with an incredulous grimace, "yet you still want to become a paramedic too?"

With a sigh, I looked at Matt dubiously. Thinking it would be impossible for his colorful blush to glow even brighter, he looked away politely, the chagrinned smirk leaving me profoundly incorrect.

I dropped to one knee, looking at him genuinely, my head adjacent to his chest.

"Come on, Matt. We're both student paramedics... You know how unhealthy doing this is for your immune and digestive systems; you've got to work on managing your blood pressure properly."

Finally, my roommate offered a real response. "Y-Yeah, you're right," he squeaked out, moving to return my gaze. "I'm sorry, Neil."

As usual, Matt was particularly naïve when speaking with me, though I'd noticed that wasn't often the case around other people. Simply so, I rushed to the conclusion that this behavior was just pessimism, since it began when I accidentally revealed my preference for men last week.

Though, in all honesty, his naivety acted more like a cute affectation for me.

"Hey, it's all right," I comforted, standing. "I'll cook you something for lunch. Just try to rest up and avoid any strenuous activity for the day."

I turned towards our dorm's kitchen, and predictably, he blushed again. Cooking always had that effect, and I knew he appreciated it more than he was willing to admit.

"Wait," I felt my hand grabbed, and turned back to Matt. "Maybe, just, um..."

He looked perpetually disorientated, now holding onto my hand gently. Watching him struggle to place thoughts with words, I'd never seen someone so debilitated by emotion before.

"Are you okay?" I asked, turning back to face him entirely.

Could it be possible that I was mistaking his apprehension for a nervous crush? Blushing was one compelling gesture, but taking my hand crossed over that line, provoking other conclusions.

"Is my cooking, um," I started to ask, noticing Matt biting his lower lip, "a bit bad?"

It was worth testing; the trick would be getting him interested. But... It would be my first time going in this direction with anyone; I had to be coquettish, and never cross that border into manipulation.

"No, no," he stammered, squeezing my hand a little. "It's really very good actually, really um, it's just really submissive of you to be d-doing that."

Submissive... the sexual preference? He was under that impression because I cooked?

I had a hundred different thoughts filling my mind, unable to decide which to prioritize out of importance. They all evaporated as I noticed him blushing again, still clinging onto my hand.

"Hey, take it easy," I warned, trying to sound respectful. "Roles and personality don't always indicate someone's tastes. Cooking is fun, but I only do it because it needs to be done, you know?"

My roommate stood up from his place on the couch with a sense of purpose, finally releasing my hand. "Wait, so you're saying you're actually dominant?"

I couldn't help but smirk a little, watching him start to slowly circle around me with an oblique step towards the left, intrigued. He was actually beginning to make a move.

"I'm quite sure that I'm not very submissive," I answered matter-of-factly, letting him manoeuver around in an abstract pattern. "I think I'm just good at knowing what a person wants."

Matt completed the circuit, wrapping around from my other side. He was smiling too, and came to look at me earnestly. He'd become unpredictable; dramatically confident, even.

"I know you recommended avoiding strenuous activity..." he flirted, moving a hand to press up against the bottom of my EMT uniform and ruffle it. "If you know what I want, prove it on me-"

I paused and felt my mouth unselfconsciously drop open a little. Confidence was one thing, but this was a recklessly bold leap. A leap of faith.

"Wha-ohwauuhh.." Matt choked out, catching himself. "God, wow, that uhh... Sorry, why did, uhhm, I don't know where that came from..."

He started to slip away, letting his hand fall and looking downwards.

This was it, now or never. I'd never get this chance again, and I couldn't let him get away with that. This was too precious of an opportunity to mess up; I absolutely needed to try.

Moving back towards him fiercely, I brought an arm behind his back, keeping him from escaping. Closing the distance between Matt and myself, I finally pressed my lips against his bravely. My free hand took ahold of his own, our fingers intertwining.

My muscles relaxed as we faded into an intoxicating kiss together, and I let my tongue explore further, sliding into my roommate's warm mouth and rubbing against his tongue comfortably.

"Mmmh.." I heard Matt moan into me, taking control of his hands again and bringing one upwards to softly brush against my cheek.

The lack of resistance was an extraordinarily good sign.

Carefully, I shifted forward, forcing him back down onto the rust-colored couch with a soft thud. Our kiss severed regretfully in the process, but I continued to join him on the furniture with a knee.

"Okay," I whispered, pushing my mouth close to his ear. "I'll prove it on you, Matthew."

Advancing to place a steady hand at the back of his head, I took my own leap of faith, slipping my fingers in between and through some of Matt's thick chestnut-coloured hair and taking a light grip.

I wasn't sure yet how far I could push him, but there wasn't the time for baby-steps now.

As we reconnected in another deep kiss, I let my free hand slide down his shoulder and arm, eventually reaching his right hand. With calm guidance, I moved it outwards, opting to place his hand on top of the clothing covering over my slight erection.

Feeling Matt beginning to massage and rub my member through my pants, I couldn't help but smile at his cooperation. He pressed softly, yet firmly enough to let me feel him.

Though, just how many leaps of faith could I make with him before falling?

Flexing involuntarily, I grinded back slightly against the force from his hand, stiffening more too. Our kiss broke after several seconds, letting us both breathe again.

Still with a substantial height advantage as I leaned over from atop, my partner looked up to me, his mouth cracked open just a little. With another fierce blush, Matt stopped massaging, instead bringing his other hand up to join the latter.

He dug into my EMT uniform bravely, pulling at the elastic edges from either side to drag them down. Surprisingly, he slid my boxers down with them as well, taking them to my knees.

I gulped, my mind electrified by how excited his pace showed he was becoming.

"Take it slowly now, Kitten." I said seductively, drawing his cute gaze back up to meet mine once again. My exposed cock was completely erect now, eager with anticipation for his pleasure.

Repositioning myself to better accommodate my lover, I adjusted forward, removing some of the distance between us. Cautiously, my hand still held a delicate grip on the back of his head, scratching.

With his face still a light shade of scarlet, I cracked a smirk comfortably, merely observing and remaining patient with him. He licked his lips shyly, and turned his attention back downwards.

I felt his familiar hand take a loose grip around the base of my member, and finally, Matt let his tongue slip out, leaning forward to press it against my length. Immediately, the first few splashes of relief began to land in my mind, feeling his warm tongue beginning to lick and stroke.

He started with long, wide waves from the base of my cock and up the shaft, peaking just below the head and dropping back down again. Almost frustratingly, Matt adapted to a patient rhythm that left me only just on the edges of satisfaction, and he continued with it for half a minute.

A faint, shallow moan escaped from my throat, and I brought my free hand to brush against the neat bulk of his hair, my other hand still scratching and holding it from behind.

Matt rubbed a soft hand along the inside of my thigh, still patiently licking and slurping silkily.

"How do I taste?" I asked through a low groan, creating an opportunity for him to withdraw his tongue momentarily and breathe.

He glanced up towards me as he tugged at my member gently, forcing a thick, clear droplet of my pre-cum out of the head of my firm member; a sample of what I wanted to give him much more of.

"I'm... just about to find out, Neil," he answered with an adorably naïve smile on his face.

I couldn't help but smile again to match his own, attracted by the consensual assurance that Matt was expressing. Returning back to my member, he advanced, offering a long and conclusive stroke of his wet tongue up across the length, which again started from the base.

Predictably, I was overjoyed to have my member now totally soaked in a warm coat of his saliva, a shiver running down my spine.

Reaching the top again, he transitioned from the messy lick to completely encompassing the head inside his mouth, pressing down to take several inches further.

I collapsed down onto the couch with a quiet thud, my head lifting as I let out an embarrassing squeal in response. Matt, too, followed suit; he adjusted himself to trail down along with me, obviously enamoured for receiving such a pleasant reaction.

I felt him place his hands on both sides of my waist, taking somewhat of a supportive grip for leverage. His tongue continued to explore my cock, which pulsed lovingly inside his mouth.

"Nnnnh," I groaned aloud again, raising my head strenuously to glance downwards at him. With one of my hands falling to brush against Matt's cheek, he looked back up too, our eyes meeting briefly.

The sight was enough to evoke another consequential moan, seeing him beleaguered with sucking and pulling on my cock tiresomely. He looked infinitely cute, doing his best to please me dutifully.

I continued to groan and mumble, feeling him once again adapting a rhythm. He ritualized sliding down to take a little more than half of my cock—about as much as he could bear—into the warmth of his mouth, and then pull back, sucking and pulling.

The sensation was alcoholically exciting, also serving to express how we felt about each other.

For one irregular instance, he pressed further than usual, trying to take the entire length into his throat deeply. Only managing an extra inch though, Matt started to cough and gag involuntarily.

"Hey, hey," I soothed, letting him stop indefinitely again. "Please don't hurt yourself."

Matt sat up a little, looking to me. He kept a passive hand still on my member, stroking slowly while he took some time to recuperate and collect himself. I moved to bring myself upwards too.

"B-But I... I want to-"

Our lips connected again, cutting off his plea as I pushed forward to bring him down onto the length of the couch carefully. As we started kissing slowly, I tasted some of my own juices from merely seconds ago, and we enjoying the element of much more passion in our kiss this time around.

Regretfully, his wet hand slid off of my member, and I let him completely press into the pillows on the opposite side of the couch now, still moving forward with him to continue the kiss longer.

It was my turn.

Holding my weight with only my knees and his lips, I brought my hands down to my roommate's waist, tugging his own EMT uniform down to his ankles, boxers and all, just like he'd done to me earlier.

Our kiss broke, and I used one of my arms to support myself again, bringing the other hand over to grab Matt's cock. He was substantially shorter than myself, but no less firm, a large pool of his warm pre-cum pooling at the head temptingly.

I didn't want to lose points for a lack of originality, but I did certainly want the satisfaction of getting to taste his flavour too. Running two fingers across the head of his cock, I pulled as much of the sticky liquid off as possible.

Looking back up, our eyes meeting directly again, and I brought my fingers into my mouth, sucking while I stared. Victoriously, my cute lover blushed, biting his lower lip and smiling shyly at me.

With some of his warm, thick, and creamy juice spreading to puddle in my mouth, I enjoyed the texture much more than the taste, strongly bitter and peculiarly coppery in its state. Though, the blatant fact that it was specifically his cum made it much more bearable; even quite endearing.

"I'll be gentle," I whispered, removing my fingers from my mouth, now covered in sticky saliva.

Sending my hand back down again to pleasure him, I reached lower than he likely expected.

Experimentally, I pressed one of my wet fingers against the top of Matt's tight hole, exploring his edges and drawing around in a slow circle. He spread his legs a bit further underneath me, and with a gentle thrust, I dug into his him, hearing a short and high-pitched moan at my entrance.

With my middle finger pressing, I forced it inside deeply, smiling to myself. Matt, as he laid, was biting his on his lower lip again. He held a cute expression just on the edge of displaying pain.

I began to slowly slide the entire length of my finger out, pushing back in after and leaving him a little bit more moist each time. With a rhythm being created, I continued, fingering him patiently.

Feeling a damp hand touch my cheek, I looked up from my task briefly. The sight of my partner gazing back with the pained blush across his face kept my smile up, and I leaned forward to plant a small kiss on his cheek, still maintaining my rhythm below.

"Please," Matt squeaked out through a haze of pleasure. "Just, please Neil... f-fuck me."

My smile doubled to a chuckle, his voice so naïve and adorable, adding to the effect.

"I'm not sure you're ready," I teased gleefully, attempting to slip a second wet finger inside of him. There was some partial resistance, and I could scarcely fit all of it in. "Still think I'm submissive?"

Matt blossomed in another pleasurable moan, and I slid my fingers out of him indefinitely.

"N-No," he answered, hastily looking to me while wearing his crimson blush. "You're in charge."

I fell back onto the couch, swinging my legs around to sit in a tall, proper style. Almost bluntly, my cock was standing completely erect, still soaked wet from my roommate's lips earlier. I wanted him tasting me again, remembering his passionate licking, but even more now, I wanted him to ride me.

"Prove it on me, then," I said with bravery, patting my lap invitingly. "Show me what I want."

I smirked, my view still turned to Matt as he obediently followed over and came to crawl atop my legs. He wrapped his arms around my neck for balance, and rested on his knees, facing me. Shyly, as usual, he was biting his lower lip again, totally unable to prevent himself from blushing lividly now.

I brought my left hand over to sit on his smooth, bare thigh and hold lightly. His member was equally as stiff as my own, and I reached out with my other hand just in front of myself, offering a careful stroke to test how close he was. Predictably, Matt released another loud, beautiful moan.

His body was like a melodious instrument, and I played him perfectly.

He looked down to me, arcing his back and tightening his arms around me slightly. I returned the glance, moving to reposition my member directly upwards with my free hand.

Wordlessly, my roommate brought us into an intricate kiss, taking the tension off of his body. As I felt the head of my cock start to tap against him, I brought both of my hands to each thigh, and began.

Finally, I forced him down onto my cock, penetrating him and taking my lover's virginity.

Eagerly pressing him down by the thighs, I let him take the entire length into his ass, feeling him moan into me through our kiss. As he finished sliding down on me as far as possible, Matt broke our kiss apart involuntarily, again moaning his loudest yet and sending his head skywards.

"Mmmh," I groaned too, moving my hands higher to grab onto his waist. "Good boy, Matthew."

Creating another romantic rhythm, we worked together, lifting up exhaustingly and then back down again on the entire distance, as far he could manage.

Matt felt better than I had hoped for, his tight hole stretching consistently to meet my diameter. Every thrust was easier and more pleasurable than the last, digging into the back of his most private area. Successfully too, the saliva coating each of us mixed to form a warm, personal lubricant.

Quite fortunately, it was quarter past noon, and all of residents had left to the cafeteria for lunch.

My lover's moaning echoed throughout our room, embarrassingly loud and high-pitched, nearly reminiscent of a middle-school child. It was still music to my ears, but hopefully, to my ears alone. I had to work on finishing before others began to return, which was as early as two or three minutes from now.

Until then, at least, I would still have him all to myself.

"Matt," I said, lately noticing my own lack of breath. "Do you want to cum for me?"

I licked up the length of my own hand, taking it off of his thigh, and curling it around the bottom of his engorged member before me. His face fell back down to mine, our eyes meeting again.

"Yes, please," he answered quietly, a small drop of his cum trickling down onto my hand, which I loosely and patiently held around the base of his shaft.

I still had some time left, but I knew he was close. A single, firm stroke would be able to finish it.

"Beg for it then," I demanded, sliding only a single finger upwards on his cock.

"P-Please Neil," he squealed, staring into my eyes with his mouth already cracked open in pleasure. "Cum inside me... I'm there.."

My lover's exasperated begging pushed me closer too; I was nearly ready for him. If I delayed just a little longer, we could probably cum at the same time, finishing together.

"Louder." I ordered, continuing to make him bounce on the length of my entrapped cock by the rote enjoyment. "I couldn't hear you."

He was absolutely, vehemently irresistible right now.

"Cum in me," he tried again, my finger running back down his shaft, trailing while we fucked. "Please, f-fill me with it... I need it."

I broke our passionate stare, smiling to myself and pecking a kiss on his cheek, as I'd come to love doing so much since we had started. Once again, this was finally it, now or never.

"Not good enough, Matthew. Tell me exactly why I should."

Our eyes reconnected as I spoke, the kiss having been brief. We were both so incredibly close, and with his last reserve of energy, I felt him picking up speed as we fucked. In our minds, that fragile dam of molten pleasure was fissured, just about to explode.

"Because, Neil, I..." Matt groaned as he ascended, and then finally, intensely, pressed down onto my entire length for one last time, his eyes widening suddenly as he stared. "I'm in love with you!"

The dam between us broke, a tsunami of adrenaline and pleasure rushing out from it and flooding us through us. As the distance closed, our lips mashed against each other's, and I took a powerful grip on him, stroking his wet cock with incalculable aggression.

Blissfully, Matt and I came together, thick shots of our sticky juices pouring out. Our mouths were connected steadily, and we both moaned into each other, acting on impulse alone.

Matt's pulsing member spilled itself onto my chest and over my fingers as I slowed to stroke it with an assertive grip, the viscous liquid still emptying out and layering in long strands against me. Unlike him though, I wasn't being as messy.

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