tagGroup SexSexual Roulette Ch. 01

Sexual Roulette Ch. 01


(A new story idea. For those of you who want to be negative, just pass this one one.)


Missy arrived at her friend's house right at the appointed time. She was told by her friend George to arrive at his house at 7:30 prepared to impress. In Missy's mind, this meant professional. George had been there to help her every step of her career already and no doubt had helped her find a person who would pay her more than the meager salary she was getting at her present job. It was definitely time for a change and she was more than willing. Missy didn't see any other cars in the driveway, so she figured he had her early to go over strategy. As Missy knocked on the door, George walked up wearing a polo shirt and a pair of shorts. This surprised Missy.

"What are you wearing, George?" she asked him. George looked at her and smiled.

"I've been working on a project in the basement. While we wait, did you want to see it?" George's face was closer to a kid with a new toy than the professional he always portrayed himself to be. As Missy followed him into the basement, she wondered to herself what she got herself into. She walked down her stairs slowly as George kept bragging about what he built.

As Missy walked closer to the blanket covering whatever George was hiding, he broke out a set of wine glasses and a chilled bottle of wine. He popped the cork and poured out two glasses as Missy wondered what he was doing. For as long as she had known George, he had never attempted to make a play on her. He was the most subdued guy she was friends with. Sure she knew that George was married once before to a very domineering wife who treated him like shit. And she also knew that George was always afraid to get hurt again. A few times getting drunk let her in on that secret. Yet, she always found him cute and finding him this excited was making her feel at ease.

As she took her first drink of the wine he chose, he slowly drew back the blanket to reveal a plywood table about waist height. Missy thought in the back of her head that he had finally lost his mind. He was this excited over a card table? It was then that he took the table and spun it slowly. This intrigued Missy a bit. Why was George showing her this rotating table?

As they stayed down there and George began to talk about the idea for this project, Missy removed her jacket to reveal the white blouse she wore under it. Missy was not above using slight sex appeal to land a job. She was way too conservative to try anything dirty on a stranger. But she did wear a sheer bra under her shirt just in case this mysterious employer was. As George took a look at this glimpse of naughtiness from his girl, he started to let his mind wander a bit. It was then he made his move.

"Did you know this table serves more than just as a card table?" George asked her slyly.

Missy looked at him with the air of disbelief. "Like what?"

George then invited her to sit on the middle of the table. Missy normally would have saw through his veiled attempt at humor, but her drunken senses wanted to play along just to see what developed. She slowly stepped onto a nearby chair. Before sitting on the table, she removed her pumps just to ensure she didn't scuff them. As she sat in the middle, he slowly began to move the table and allowed it to spin slowly. Missy felt a little dizzy and a little giddy as she spun on the table. As she enjoyed the ride, George began to ponder how to get Missy to loosen up a bit more. It was then she volunteered.

"George darlin, I'm a lil warm. So how long until your friend gets here?" she coyly asked.

George cleared his throat. "I guess he'll be here in a couple hours. Why?"

Melissa began to unbutton her shirt slowly. "I feel like relaxin on this table a few minutes, but I gotta remove this shirt."

George was awestruck as he caught a glimpse at the sheer white bra Missy was wearing. A slight sheen of sweat appeared on her breasts and neck as she kept being spun around until she stopped for the sake of polishing off another glass of wine. It was her third and she felt tipsier than usual. It was then she reached behind and undid the button holding her skirt to her body. It was then she looked like a total whore. There this conservative blond lay on this table wearing nothing more than a sheer bra and her matching panties that already shown how much she was digging this table. Maybe it was nerves. Maybe it was being at George's attention. At any rate, her hidden wild side was slowly revealing itself to George. It was then that George knew that the show was about to begin.

George watched as Missy lay prone across the table until her head leaned over the edge of the table and her legs hung over the other end. It was an alluring sight. George crawled closer to her and looked down at her. She was way gone. It was then Missy said something that shocked him.

"George, can I suck your cock?"

He was stunned. He knew this table was a gamble. He knew if Missy wasn't intoxicated, she wouldn't have said it. But he had lusted after her so much, he felt like he had to try. It was then the decision was made for him.

"oooo, looks like someone wants to come out and play," Missy said as she slowly undid his zipper to feel the organ trying to break through. In a flash, his cock was exposed and Missy's tongue was slowly licking the head. George let his moan come forth as Missy's tongue began seducing him. Here was the object of his lust making the first move on him when he was planning something more worthy of her hotness.

It was then his friends entered through the back door and slowly began giving him thumbs up as she began to slowly suck his dick into her throat. George allowed himself the chance to slowly fuck her mouth as her legs opened instinctively. It was then she opened her eyes and saw that her seduction had an audience.

"are you all here for me?" she asked. As the guys all began to drop their shorts to reveal their bulges, George asked her if she would be willing to be blindfolded during this surprise for her, Missy was floored. Here she was literally naked with five healthy cocks hardened by her looks alone. As Missy began to ponder the possibilities, she nodded her head. George slipped the mask over her eyes as he then spun the table around. As Missy's eyes were closed, she could feel a cock attempting to slide in her mouth. She slowly opened her mouth and allowed it to enter her mouth. She could feel her panties being removed as hands slowly rubbed her nipples and turned her nipples into pebbles. She was imagining herself on this table being ravaged by these horny guys and George participating. The thoughts alone started getting her juices flowing as a tongue began to lick her slowly.

This licking plus the feeling of this strange cock in her mouth was driving her closer to climax until she could feel the table move.The cock in her mouth was replaced by a different one as her pussy was penetrated by a smaller cock. She could feel the precum landing on her tongue as she sucked this one with more gusto, more fervor. The man in her pussy was not very experienced as he could feel him struggling to keep from cumming too soon. It was for naught as this one exploded within her. She moaned loudly as this cock in her mouth was sliding deeper until she was moved again.

As she was moved around, she could feel gentle hands guiding her as she slid over onto her stomach. It was then she felt two fingers slowly massaging her rear entrance. It was then she knew she had to take control.

As she pulled the guy from her mouth, she then asked out loud,"Wouldn't you all like to cover me with your cum like the slut I am?"

She stepped down from the table and removed the blindfold just in time to see four mammoth cocks pointing at her face. Her fingers began to play with her clit, feeling the cum from the jumpy guy from earlier mixing with her own juices. As she started to whimper before them, she could see the anticipation in their eyes as their cocks began to pulse forward more. It was almost in slow motion as they each began to shoot off. Some of the shots landed on her tits and neck as some landed on her face. Missy felt like a sexual goddess as these men kept shooting.

As the men slowly went to their clothes to get dressed, Missy sat there liberated. As she rose, George handed her a fluffy towel as well as another glass of wine. As he looked her over, he wondered what other secrets his friend had for him.

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