tagMatureSexual Therapy Ch. 02

Sexual Therapy Ch. 02


As Marsha and I rode up in the elevator I could still feel Albert's big hand on my breast. It takes a big hand to get all the way around my D cup breasts. I was thinking of his hot lips on mine. I was still a little vacant, exercising my vagina and clitoris, staring at the numbers flashing the floors and anxiously waiting for the sixth floor to come.

Marsha laughed at me. "Karen, I think you are in heat."

I leaned down and kissed her dainty lips and fondled her breast a bit and then said, "Oh, I'm defiantly in heat, Marsha. I want to kiss you all over for this today. I haven't had this much fun since we went to Mexico with those two stockbrokers."

Marsha laughed and said, "I still have the emerald ring Donnie gave me. Do you have the sapphire necklace you got from Bruce?"

"Yes. Whenever I wear it, I always think about how he was so apologetic as he gave it to me for being such a quick little bastard. He had a nice way of starting but after five minutes he'd fire his salute and then pass out. At least he wasn't cheap, I'll give him that."

"Well, you won't have that problem with Robert. Even if he does go off he stays nice and firm and you can venerate the Goddess all you want." The doors opened on the sixth floor. Marsha snatched the key card out of my hand, giggled and ran out of the elevator.

Marsha had the door to Room 629 open and was checking out the two bedrooms on either side of the sitting room by the time I got to the end of the hall. I entered the room and was pleasantly surprised at the style of the décor. The colors were pastel and the furnishings were modern and comfortably overstuffed. A large flat screen TV sat in the corner of the room in front of draped windows. Marsha came out and looked at the coffee table in front of the love seat. She picked up a remote control and pushed a button. The drapes on the window swept back and I saw a lovely view of the river. The lights of the dock side sparkled in the water and it was gently raining, making me glad we had decided to stay here tonight.

She laughed and said, "Oh how perfect." Marsha pushed another button and the TV came on with a scene of a fireplace burning and popping with a lovely fire. She looked at me and grinned.

"Very nice," I said. I went into the bedroom on the left and found it had its own bath and a lovely king size bed, with pleasant décor. Soft pastels and there were bowls of potpourri that provided a soft and spicy aroma. I came back into the sitting room and grinned at Marsha. "We have everything we need, except the men."

About that time the doorbell rang and I let in a waiter who brought in a cart with the liquor, ice bucket and a covered bowl. The waiter bowed and said, "Henri sends his complements to Madam." He opened the bowl and exposed a selection of nice chocolate bon bons.

I smiled and signed the ticket with a $20 dollar tip. "Please thank Henri for me." I just loved being generous with Mr. Kitrick's money.

Marsha put a bon bon in her mouth and sat on the loveseat playing with the remote. Music came on from hidden speakers and she flicked thru a menu on the screen to select an easy listening jazz program.

There was a knock on the door and Dick came in smiling. I went to him and kissed him pressing my eager body to his big strong frame. He reciprocated by lifted me up off my feet. I confess it takes a big man to lift me as if I was a dainty maiden. He did it wonderfully and I was glad as hell that he had the strength to do that. Robert stood there waiting until we finished and bent slightly to kiss my cheek before passing in to kiss Marsha and join her on the loveseat.

Marsha used the remote and caused the lights to dim in the room making the scene outside much more romantic. Albert took me in his arms and kissed me very lightly, then smiled. "Gwen, you are a very surprising woman."

I grinned. "Slugger, you are a very surprising man." I kissed him lightly on the chin. "I thought you were an old fogy when I saw you in Marsha's office. I guess it was the uniform." I slid my hands under his jacket and snuggled to his chest and looked up at him. "You're not so old after all."

He hugged me to him firmly and smiled at me. "You seemed to me to be a very attractive woman, but much too serious for me in the office."

I smiled at him. "Well, now we are in a different setting, Dick." I smirked and pulled his hips to me. "Maybe we could start the introductions all over again, Slugger?"

He pressed his erection to my belly and made me contemplate my future before saying, "Shall we get a drink, Gwen, and have a seat?"

I smiled. "Why don't you fix us a drink and I'll go warm up a little dessert for you?"

He smiled and said, "But Of course, Madam," in the same manner as Henri had used at dinner.

I laughed and stroked his cheek, then went into the bed room and turned down the bed. I went into the bath and removed my jacket, the teddy and my bra. I slipped the teddy back on and grinned as my nipples tented the light silk. I brushed my hair and got it to float seductively around my shoulders. I pulled up my skirt and slipped off my panties and giggled to myself. I had on light tan nylons that had built in garters at the top. I thought about dropping my skirt but that was a little too much, even for me, at this point in our relationship. Besides, he needed something to fantasize about.

When I got back into the sitting room Albert was alone. He grinned and stood holding out his hand to me. I walked to him and kissed him lightly, pushing off his jacket. "I don't think you'll be needing this, Dick."

He laughed and laid it over the back of the love seat. "No, I think I'm warm enough."

I sat down and picked up my drink and sipped it as he sat on the other end of the loveseat and watched me over the rim of his Bourbon. I leaned over to set my drink back on the table. I know it was horrid of me to show that much of my heaving bosom, but it felt so devilishly naughty.

He smiled and sat his drink down and pulled me close to him. I could feel the heat of his chest against my breast as he put his arm around me and nuzzled my neck. My pussy quivered as he blew softly under my ear and his hand softly rubbed my nipple, making it stiffen. He kissed me very softly on the mouth and leaned back, pulling me close to him and rubbing my bare arm lightly.

I looked up at him and rubbed his chest and belly softly. "You are surprisingly gentle, Albert."

He smiled at me and said, "Call me Dick." He pushed my hand lower on his belly down to his belt buckle.

I laughed, opened his belt and unzipped his trousers, my hand finally finding his firm large penis under his black silk boxers. I touched it very lightly feeling the heat and soft skin around the tip with my finger tips. I grinned as his breath caught as I circled his shaft with my fingers and softly stroked it up to the tip where I squeezed him softly and slipped my hand off the tip and brought it up to caress his cheek. "I think I'll call you Slugger. I mean with a bat like that one, I'll bet you can hit a home run every time." I kissed him on the lips softly.

He pulled me around and laid me across his lap and kissed me softly on the lips and then on the cheeks. His large warm hand cupped my breast and made me gasp as he rolled my nipple in his fingers. He pulled back and said, "I hope you like it slow, Gwen. I love the anticipation."

I was lying on my back and had to bend my knees to put myself completely on the loveseat. My skirt slipped down my legs, exposing the tops of my nylons. He glanced down at my legs and ran his hand along the inside of my thigh on the nylon and looked back at me. He smiled and kissed me again. I pulled his head down and made him kiss me harder. His hand stroked my leg, never going above the tops of my nylons. Always light and teasing, it was driving me to distraction. My legs opened a little more and my hips lifted to get his long thick fingers to touch my naked flesh. He just chuckled and squeezed my thigh with his large strong hand.

I think he hit a nerve nexus or something because when he squeezed my thigh, I felt a hot flash run up my leg and spread across my crotch. I moaned and spread my legs, lifting my hips up and he gave me some relief from the burning by letting his fingers graze along the tops of my nylons. Finally he was actually touching me and his fingertips felt like fire or ice. It made me shiver and moan. The bastard laughed and I dug my nails into his neck and pulled him hard to my mouth.

Albert jerked up and said between his teeth, "Gwen, don't hurt me again. It causes me to react badly."

I looked at him and sat up. "I'm sorry Slugger, but you were teasing me so." I kissed him where I had driven my nails into his neck. "Come on and lay in my lap."

He sipped his drink and turned and lay in my lap. I reached across him and pressed my boob into his face as I recovered my drink. He smiled turned his head and kissed my nipple, then blew his hot breath against it. I took a big drink and leaned over and sat my drink on the table. When I pulled back I reached up and pulled the strap of my teddy down, exposing my full warm breast to the side of his face. He turned his head and sucked on my nipple, sending sparks over my whole breast.

I rubbed his chest and squeezed his firm pectoral, then bent and kissed his chest. He was more than warm, hot in fact. I grinned at him and stroked his head and kissed him softly like he had kissed me. "There, is that better?"

"Yes much," he said and nibbled at my nipple.

About that time I heard the door to Marsha's bedroom open and Robert came out with a towel around his hips. He grinned and said, "Don't let me disturb you. I just came out to get us a drink." He proceed to make a couple of drinks as I leaned down to kiss Albert while my hand stroked down his belly and into his boxers.

I heard the door close as Robert went back into the bedroom but I was concentrating on running my nails along Dick's smooth firm shaft and feeling him quiver and groan in my mouth. Here he was, a big strong man lying passively while I played my fantasies out in my mind and doing my exercises. How delicious was that? Finally he sucked my nipple into his mouth making me gasp as the heat of his mouth spread all over my breast and he rose up to spin and cup my exposed teat in his hand and with one hand behind my back pressed me to him very firmly.

He drew back and said, "Let's take this to the bedroom, Gwen. I need to touch and kiss you all over." His voice was a little husky, kind of like his firm chest that was pressed to my heaving bosom.

I know I use that phrase too often but it makes me feel good. Dick/Albert made me feel good too, or maybe it was the thought of Albert's dick that did it?

He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. Oh my God to have a man who could actually do it was fantastic! He laid me down on the bed and pulled his tee shirt off and slid out of his trousers, kicking off his shoes and then he bent low and kissed my exposed breast slowly licking the nipple and making me quiver at the thought of what he would lick next. He rolled me over, reached down and unzipped my dress, then lifted me up so he could slide it off. I helped him a little. Okay, a lot.

When he saw that I had no panties on, he grinned at me and bent over to kiss me softly on the belly. God! The quivers ran up my spine and back down to my tailbone. Then he put his knee on the bed and started kissing, nibbling and licking his way up my belly and over both breasts, taking the time to pull my teddy off and to suck and lick each nipple. Then he kissed my neck, just under my jaw. I almost climaxed.

He began to kiss me down over my throat and breasts. I squirmed with delight. He went down and nibbled my tummy and over my hipbones to the tops of my thighs. He pulled my leg up and slipped his hands under my nylon and pulled it up, kissing my thigh as the nylon slipped off. He kissed my leg and calf over my ankle and all the way to my toes. He sucked each toe while looking me in the eyes. His lips nibbled my leg and he licked my inner thigh almost to my quivering quim. I had my eyes closed and willed him to lick my dripping slit, but he went back up and removed my other nylon and sucked my toes and made me quiver a little so I didn't hold his lack of vaginal oral against him.

He lay down beside me and cupped my breast and squeezed me softly. He kissed the nipple that was firm and extended, sucking it in and licking his tongue up and down and all around my aureole. I was moaning. It sounded like someone else was doing it but I could feel the vibrations in my throat so I figured it must have been me.

I had one hand on his head and the other was squeezing his chest and I couldn't bear it any longer and rolled up next to him. I kissed him hard and pushed him down on the bed and rolled on top and felt the heat of his body against me. His arms went down my back softly kneading my spine and my ass. He then pulled me up and placed my hips on top of his pulsing erection. Just the feel of it on my hot belly was exquisite. I pushed up on my hands and smiled at him. I said in a low and sultry voice, "Can you take a little more anticipation, Dick?"

He grinned at me. "Just a little, my red Goddess, just a very little more." His voice was deep and I could feel it vibrate his body as I lay atop to him.

I bent down and kissed him, straddling his hips and pressing my hot wet pussy to his hardness. I kissed my way over his chest and smelled his cologne and the smell of a hot man. The pheromones he was giving off were making me hotter and hotter. I kissed my way to his armpits and smelled the sweat mingling with his musky cologne. I licked him and noticed a few scars on his side as I kissed my way down to the tops of his black silk boxer shorts. His eager manhood was out so I grazed it with my lips and blew my hot breath over it as I unsnapped his boxers and drew them down his legs, kissing his thighs and pulling them off.

I tossed them to the side and kissed my way back up his left thigh and blew my breath along his stiff prick until I got to the tip. I blew on it and it lifted up as he made a little noise. I was very tempted to suck him but after realizing that he was perhaps too familiar with Robert's anus I thought it prudent to just put my hand around his shaft and tug him a bit while blowing my hot breath on the tip.

"Crap," I thought. The condoms were in my purse in the bath room, so I kissed my way up his belly and chest and lay on top of him kissing his cheeks and lips softly. "Slugger, we need a little protection. Don't go away, okay?"

He hugged me and kissed me hard, then drew back and said, "Oh don't be long, sweetness, don't be long."

I kissed him and pressed my hips down against him. "Forty seconds max," I said and sprinted into the bath, found my purse and drug out all four boxes. I was back sitting on the edge of the bed in thirty seconds and damn! The boxes were sealed with cellophane and I couldn't get one opened. I was trying to chew my way through the wrapping when Albert picked up another box , pulled the wrapping off, pulled out a package and with a nip of his teeth had it out and was slipping over his cock.

As he rolled the condom down his stiff prick I straddled him again and he held his cock up, fitting himself against my eager vagina. I let him rub his cock up and down my slit and dipped my hips a bit so it teased my clit a bit, then pulled up and pressed it home. He lifted his hips and eased his organ in and out. The condoms he had opened weren't lubricated so it took a bit to get it in despite the lubrication I had worked up. I rose and fell until I had him about halfway in. Then I relaxed and lay down on his chest and kissed him.

"Oh Dick, that's nice huh?" I said and wiggled my hips.

"Oh fuck yeah." He thrust up a bit and let it slide out, then pushed up against me.

I kissed his neck and rocked my hips, feeling him rubbing against my G-spot. He was nice and thick. It felt so good. I rocked my hips and felt his gentle thrusting, slowly working it in. It had been more than six months since I had a penis inside me, and then it had not been as thick or as hard as Albert's. He had a very nice cock.

Being a big woman has its disadvantages. My vagina was proportional to my height and I needed a nice thick cock like Albert's to fill me to the point where I could feel really fulfilled. As I rocked and sucked a big old hicky on his neck I felt fulfilled, particularly when his hands pressed my hips down and he got it fully into me. I felt delightfully stretched, oh how wonderful!

His big hand took me by the hair and pulled my face up to his lips. He kissed me and drove his tongue into my mouth, dancing his tongue against mine and mimicking the stroke of his cock as he slowly pumped my pussy.

I squeezed him with my pubococcygeus, he moaned and so I did a flutter when he was pulling out and caught him as he was just about to come back in. He stopped and said, "Do that again."

I laughed. "Like that, did you?"

He gasped a bit. "Oh yeah, that was amazing. I've never felt anyone who could do that!"

I rocked up so the tip was just in the right spot and gripped him as hard as I could and almost climaxed myself, then did a flutter and moaned deep in my chest as it drove me close to the edge.

He rammed me hard and hung there groaning in his throat. Finally he relaxed a bit and rolled me over on my side and held me tight to him. "God woman it felt like you were going to strangle me." He stroked me a little and started move his hips, so I counter stroked him back and we rode the ecstasy special for a few minutes. He was sweating now and I guess I was too.

I pressed up tight to him and said, "Slugger fuck me hard, fuck me long, but fuck me Slugger," and rolled us over on my back. I had my ankles locked around his hips and felt him start to pick up the pace and length of his strokes. Fucking marvelous! His balls were slapping my ass and he was grunting as he hit bottom and was really ringing my bell.

I gripped his dick as he pulled out and relaxed as he pressed it home. Then I changed and squeezed hard as he drove it in and relaxed as he pulled out. Blood Fucking Marvelous, as my British friends would say. My arousal meter was pegged at full maximum as he continued to slap his testicles against my ass. I was grunting as he hit me harder and harder and I felt his tension build. He was grunting and I stoked my own fire to come to an earthquake as he continued to pound me hard and deep.

I groaned and grunted as my pussy convulsed and I almost screamed thru a big one as he kept hitting the bell hard and then he jammed me hard and I felt his cock pulsing so I stroked him and did a flutter driving me over the edge again. He held me almost too tight for a long time and then he slowly relaxed as my legs released his hips and I fell back in pleasant exhaustion.

He had collapsed on my chest and was breathing hard and hot on my neck and I thought about how wet I was and how wet the bed was going to be when he slipped out. I kissed his cheek. "Slugger, while you're still so nice and hard, let's get off the bed before you pull out. I don't want either of us to have to sleep on a wet spot."

He rose up on his elbows and said, "Deal, Put your legs around me."

I got my legs up and held him around the hips and he rolled us over to the edge of the bed and rotated us so we were upright and he had his feet on the floor, then with a mighty grunt he lifted up and waddled us both to the bath room. I laughed and kissed him. "You are fucking something, man. I have never had anyone handle me so easily. I'm going to start calling you Super Slugger."

I kissed him and squeezed his dick a bit with my pussy. He smiled and with both big hands lifted my ass up a little and lowered me slowly down his shaft. I giggled and kissed him again. I lowered my legs and reached down with my toes. He bent his knees and put me down so my toes hit the cold tile floor. I bounced on my toes and felt him slide inside me. Bless his big strong heart, he groaned and hugged me tight.

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