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Sexy Boss's Reward


I'm a woman. NO, I don't ask you to judge me. Just read, enjoy, and realize that in my stories I leave out the boring details like putting on condoms, washing up, etc, etc. If you like the story, please leave a comment. If you don't, that's ok too. However...

Please, if you don't like sex to be fun, dirty, or hopefully both - then DON'T READ IT!


Martin sat at his desk. It was Friday. He was tired. It had been a long week. Meetings. Appointments. Presentations. He needed a break, but had no time. After all, the new apartment block was due to be released to the public the following Monday, and his boss, Dee Bennett, was depending on Martin. He was the agency's public relations consultant, and it was his job to present the apartments to the gathering on Monday at 2.00pm.

He rose from his desk and went to the window. Stretching, his loins ached as the blood rushed back around his body after pooling in his feet at the desk for the past hour.

Looking down to the street, he noticed Dee, his boss, park her car and walk into the building. The blood reached his penis, and the swelling there was instantaneous. His boss was a fox. Married, she was a true MILF, and Martin also knew she was into sex in a BIG way. He has spent many social functions chatting with Steve, Dee's hubby, about their sex life, and Martin knew that before he died, he wanted to fuck Dee, just once!

Two hours later, Martin was head down and almost finished his presentation, when his office door opened and Dee, his boss, walked in. Glancing up, Martin loved the way Dee's heels clicked across the tiled floor of his office. She was wearing her classic business suit, red, with the black heels and the white blouse. Her hair was up in a bun, and her gold hooped earrings reminded Martin of the handles he wished were in his hands, with Dee's mouth wrapped around his cock.

"How's it coming, Marty?" she asked, her sexy eyes penetrating his soul as his dick stiffened under the desk.

He loved his boss, as she was sexy, confident, talented, but also very generous to her employees, as Martin had found out at Christmas the year before when she had given him a sports car as a bonus for his work that year! His own wife was a looker, but Dee's sexuality oozed beyond appearance only, and apparently her ability in the sack matched her demeanour. He hoped to be able to find out for himself one day, without his own wife discovering of course!

"Almost done, Boss. Should have a draft ready to show you by end of day."

"Great! Why don't we hook up for a meal at 5.30? I'm famished and I'm sure you need the break. Would Jane mind if I kept you back a while to check out your work?"

"I'll give her a ring. I'll get the meeting room ready for 5.30, so unless you hear from me, I'll see you there ready to go, ok?"

"You're wonderful Marty" she said, before turning and leaving, her hot ass cradled in the red skin tight skirt. "I'll bring the food."

At 5.15 Martin, having ok'd it with his wife of two years, Jane, prepared the meeting room for the presentation to his boss. Setting up the data projector, Martin hooked up the sound and sight equipment, before running it through once to check all was working.

In the foyer, Dee paid the delivery man for the chinese food, and took it up to the meeting room. She had called her husband, Steve, and told him to meet her in the meeting room for the preview showing at 5.30. Just as the delivery guy was heading out the door, Steve appeared and kissed his sexy wife on the cheek, his hand dropping to cup her ass at the same time.

The married couple headed upstairs, and as they passed the staffroom on the upper floor, Steve gathered up three glasses and a bottle of champagne. He was confident that Martin's presentation would be the usual excellent standard, and he wanted to praise Martin after the show. Steve had suggested the sports car bonus at xmas time, and genuinely liked the younger man who worked for him and his hot wife.

Forty five minutes later, the three friends knew the presentation was a winner. Martin sat proudly smiling as his sexy boss and her husband marvelled at his work once more.

"Impressive as usual, Marty!" said Steve.

"Yes, better than I had even hoped" said Dee.

"Thanks guys. I was really trying to 'wow' you both this time. After all, this is our most ambitious project ever, and I wanted the presentation to be a knockout. My goal is to sell 50% of the units by the end of next week once the marketers have seen the show on Monday."

"Well, I assure you that if that happened, then we'll have to come up with a special, special gift" said Dee, sipping sexily from her glass as she spoke.

Her sexy, long legs were clad in stockings, and Martin saw the tips of her suspenders peeking through the slit in her red skirt as she uncrossed and recrossed her legs in the leather recliner opposite him.

Damn she was hot. He wanted her bad, but here he was sitting metres away from her husband, fantasizing about sticking his dick into her tight asshole!

"Yes, we'll have to be very creative this time, won't we babe?" Steve said to his wife, snapping Martin back to focus and stopping the influx of blood to his penis once more.

A week went by, and Martin was relaxed. His presentation early that week was brilliant, and true to his hopes, Martin received confirmation from the marketers that indeed 62% of the apartments had been sold. He was over the moon, and decided to ring his wife, planning to take her out to dinner that night to celebrate.

Just as he picked up the phone, his intercom buzzed. It was Natalie, the receptionist.

"Mr. Torchio, Dee wants to see you in her office right away."

"Ok, Nat. Thanks. I'll be there in a few minutes."

Speaking quickly to his wife, Jane, Martin told her to dress and be ready for dinner at 7.00pm. He had a meeting with the boss and was then planning to leave the office early for a change.

Five minutes later, Marty knocked on Dee's office door, and entered. Sitting behind her desk, his hot boss glanced up smiling.

"Come on in Marty, I'm just about done."

Martin walked in and took a seat at the couch in the corner of the office, overlooking the bay. He had closed the timber door after entering, and was looking out at a boat cruising across the water as Dee stood up.

"Well, well. You've outdone yourself this time handsome!" Dee said, her sparkling eyes directed at Martin's smiling face.

"I must admit I have been very pleased with the weeks' sales, boss. The signs are great! We may even be able to start on the new project soon based on the income from this one."

"Enough, enough, Marty! Let's take time to appreciate your work and catch our breath a moment. Now, Steve and I have spoken about it, and we'd like to give you something special as a thank you gift. I know you just got off the phone with Jane, but, as we speak, Steve is picking her up in a limo, and taking her to the Crown Palladium, where the two of you will share a weekend for two at our expense."

"Really? Wow! Thanks, Dee, Jane will love that!"

"Yes well, there's more Marty. I have something EXTRA special for you. Now, you open this champagne, and I will go get the first of your gifts ready, ok? You'll need to pour three glasses."

With that, Dee headed out the office door as Martin popped the cork and poured three glasses. He was intrigued, but also began to get horny, thinking not only of the sex he would hopefully get from his wife Jane later than night, but also of his fuckable boss as she clicked her way out the office.

Two minutes later, Dee walked back in, and with her was a totally amazing looking Asian woman, wearing one of those Chinese style dresses made of silk. She was stunning, with jet black hair and ruby red lips, and a pair of amazing stiletto heels on her feet. Martin immediately assumed she was to be his gift, and was starting to get the blood rush to his ever alert cock. He loved his wife very much, but he also knew that on occasions he had strayed when the need had taken him.

He also knew his Jane had stepped out on him twice. The first was an occasion he had orchestrated, filming the infidelity from a secret mirrored room for his own enjoyment. The second had been her suggestion, and Martin had relished her new found sexuality. It had made their marriage a blast, and their sex life had been taken to a new level as a result of their joint understanding.

"Sit down, Marty. Relax and enjoy another part of your gift."

Sipping his champagne, Martin watched in awe as his tall, blonde boss, kissed and began to caress the shorter, black haired Asian woman, right in front of him.

He groaned as he watched the two women kiss, then tongue pash each other, their hands wandering all lover their bodies as they began to make love.

He reached down and stroked his cock as it began to pulse inside his pants. On the floor, Dee and the Asian woman had dropped to the large pile rug in front of the leather couch, and were removing each other's clothes. Martin released his cock from his trousers as Dee's fingers dropped to penetrate the other woman's pussy, her voice emitting a low guttural moan with the contact.

Openly masturbating now, Martin pumped his cock in his fist as the two women made love with their hands, tongues, breasts and legs. He watched in awe as the two women assumed the classic 69 position in front of him. Dee was on the bottom, and the Asian woman lay on top of her, their legs entwined as their tongues invaded each other's pussies, and flicked across each other's clits, driving them towards orgasm.

It was too much for Martin, and he dropped off the couch to join the women as they ate each other to climax. His hand reached out and he discovered his boss's breasts. He squeezed, before reaching down to suck her nipples as she started to moan and groan with arousal. He fondled her boobs a while, before reaching down to finger her very wet pussy as the other women ate her out. Dee continued sucking and lapping at the cunt of the smaller women, and the heightened arousal was proven by the raised level of moaning and groaning from both women. Martin wanted to help his hot boss cum, and so he withdrew his fingers from her cunt, before gently pushing his index finger into her gorgeous, tight asshole.

As he pushed inwards, his boss jammed her tight ass backwards onto his knuckles, begging for the finger to penetrate her asshole further, deeper, faster.

Just as his finger was buried in the anus, she started to climax. On the floor, the Asian woman too began to writhe in pleasure, and as the orgasm washed over them both, Dee's asshole jammed and squeezed down on martin's finger as he ass fucked her, jamming it in and out with force as she came. It was amazing.

Once the two women had finished climaxing, their sweaty, hot bodies fell apart, and Martin's finger popped from Dee's tightest orifice. Then, in a nasty final act, Dee reached for Martin's hand, raised his finger that had just fucked her ass so savagely, and sucked it into her mouth, her tongue lapping and slurping at the knuckles cleaning them completely as she came down from her climax.

Martin stood, his penis rudely sticking out in a huge erection. The two women in front of him had caused quite an effect on him, and he hoped there was more to cum.

As he stood there hoping one of the incredibly hot women in front of him would suck his dick. His boss, Dee, rose to her feet and went to her computer. She was completely naked, apart from her heels, and sat, glistening in sweat, in her leather chair. On the rug, the Asian bombshell lay there, her dark, large nipples swollen as her fingers pinched and pulled them continually.

"Martin, your reward continues. Look up on the big screen" said Dee, as she pressed the button to drop down the plasma from the ceiling.

On the screen, Martin saw an image that puzzled him. It appeared to be a hotel room, and in front of the camera, Dee's hubby, Steve, was sitting smiling at whoever was holding the camera. Behind him, on the large bed, there were two women making love. Then it dawned on him. One of the women was his wife, Jane!

Martin stood transfixed, as his cock almost burst with arousal. His eyes almost popped from his head as he watched his wife licking and sucking on another woman's cunt in front of his boss's husband and whoever was holding the camera.

Suddenly, he was aware that his boss, Dee, and the Asian woman, appeared on their knees and began to suck and lap at his heavy balls, while fondling his huge, solid as a rock, cock!

Momentarily his attention was drawn from the screen as the two women sucked his cock. His boss pushed a finger into his ass, and he grabbed her by the hair, wanting to jam his cock into her hot mouth.

On the screen, his wife now stood from the bed, and walked towards Steve. The other woman sat on the bed and watched as Jane kissed Steve and began to make love to him on the screen. Martin moaned as his wife returned to the bed and the three made love slowly, as his own cock disappeared into the hungry throat of his cocksucking boss before him.

On the bed, he watched in awe as his wife dropped to her knees, and positioned herself to let Steve fuck her. Just as Martin watched his boss's husband fuck his own wife, the other woman on the bed dropped under his wife and sucked on her clit as she was penetrated. Martin's eyes closed for a moment as he savoured the situation before him. His own cock was buried in his boss's mouth and throat, as his own wife was being fucked on a bed on screen in front of him, as a woman licked her to orgasm.

It was too much for him, and he gripped Dee's head firmly, his semen erupting into her throat with thick, repeated spurts, as on the screen, his own wife was being doggie fucked by another man.

Marty came time and time again in Dee's mouth, and right on cue, Steve pulled his cock out of Martin's pussy, and grunted loudly as his cock spurted rope after rope of cum onto his wife, Jane's back and shoulders as the other woman licked her to climax.

There was lots more gift to cum...

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