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Sexy Golf Wager


Another afternoon of golf seemed to be just what Brent needed. His wife would never understand the freedom from the world's stresses and quality time in the sun a quick round of golf provided. Brent grabbed his cell phone and dialed up his longtime golfing buddy, Jack.

"What's up Brent?" Jack asked upon seeing his buddy's name on the caller ID. "Just calling to see if you wanted to try and squeeze in 18 holes before it gets too late."

"No problem, I'll meet you there and we'll try to hook up with another twosome on the first tee." was Jack's response.

Brent and Jack arrived at the course about the same time. They signed in and headed off to the tee box. Both men let out a collective groan as they approached the first tee. It was their worst nightmare, two women had their cart parked beside the ladies tee on the first hole. The afternoon was doomed to be shot. The chance of getting in 18 holes before dark had just slipped to smaller than the proverbial snowball's chance. The guys looked at each other and U-turned it back to the clubhouse for a beer.

The men were explaining their woes to the pro/bartender when he suggested wryly that the men ought to suck it up and head back out to the tee. The pro would give no further details and laughed as the guys walked out carrying their beers.

As the men approached the tee they began to immediately understand the bartender's suggestion. These were not your typical bridge in the morning, golf in the afternoon country-clubbing women. In fact, neither Brent nor Jack had ever seen anything like these ladies on a golf course before. Both were stunningly beautiful in a traffic-stopping kind of way. The slightly taller woman had jet black hair and possessed a tan of unequaled proportion. She was curvaceous and had an hourglass figure. The shorter woman had brown hair with attractive highlights running throughout its length. If her playing partner had a great figure, she had an even more remarkable physique. Her shoulders bore the tone of a former swimmer and they supported two of the larger breasts either man had seen. The shorter woman had a very small waist as accentuated by her short golfing skorts. Her leg had calf muscles reminiscent of an Olympic gymnast.

After collecting their chins from the cartpath, Jack and Brent virtually sprinted to try and catch the ladies before they left to play their second shots.

"Hello." Jack nearly shouted to the ladies in their cart.

Both ladies turned to see who making such noise on the course. Neither woman had even noticed the gentlemen who had arrived on the men's tee behind them. An initial glance at the men caused the women to look at each other and smile. Both men were about six feet tall and had the look of the not-quite yuppie yet thirtyish scene. One man had light brown hair that may have been blonde in his younger years and an amazing smile on a somewhat slender frame. The other man was built like a football player with virtually no neck, as muscles seemed to occupy every bit of his physique.

"Shall we?" asked the taller Allison. "I'm game if you are." responded Robin.

The ladies turned around and motioned for the men to go ahead and tee off and join them in the fairway. The men adjusted their shorts and teed off. Surprisingly, all four of the golf balls laid pretty close to each other in the fairway.

"Would you like to join us for 9 holes?" came Allison's invitation. "Wouldn't mind at all, it would be a pleasure. My name is Brent, and this is Jack."

"Hi. I'm Robin and this is Allison.."

"Nice to meet you." said Jack.

The foursome came to Robin's ball first and she approached her ball and winked to Allison just before she bent over from the waist to wipe some dirt from her ball. Brent literally could not believe the view he just received down the front of Robin's shirt. Attempting to be a gentlemen, he quickly glanced away to Allison. Allison only smiled. After cleaning her ball, Robin promptly lined up and knocked her second shot right on the green. Both men congratulated her on a nice shot and awaited Allison's shot. Allison's shot was every bit as nice as Robin's and both women were on the green in regulation.

The men were both in amazement at their outstanding good fortunes. Not only could these women play golf, but they looked so good doing it. Brent could not resist telling Jack about the view he had just received and relayed that he thought that it was nearly an intentional act. With all of this on their minds, both men were lucky to even make contact with their next swing. Both men hit the green and all four golfers were putting for birdie. The first hole ended with birdies for Allison and Jack and pars for Brent and Robin.

"What do you say we make the next hole more entertaining?" Robin asked on the way to the next tee. "What do you have in mind?" Jack responded, his mind racing and hoping. "It appears that we all know how to golf here, so how about girls against guys." said Allison. "No problem. But what are we playing for?" asked Brent. "Hmmm. Winners choice at the end of each hole." Allison volunteered. "Winners choice?" questioned Jack. "The winners get to solicit any act or acts from the losers for the duration of the next hole." Allison winked at Robin.

Jack and Brent looked at each other as if they had just won the lottery. The teams discussed a few ground rules and headed to the next tee with gusto. Jack hit first and in his excitement, knocked his ball directly into a batch of trees. Although Allison had honors, the foursome was at the men's tee and Brent hit next. Brent caused his partner a sigh of relief by knocking a straight arrow safely to the middle of the fairway. Displaying no concern for the wager at all, both women hit beautiful shots just short of Brent's. When the hole was finished, Robin had carded the only birdie, leaving the women as winners of the second hole.

"Time to pay up." Rejoiced the triumphant Robin. "You name it." volunteered Jack. "O.K. Mr. Eager, come over to this golf cart, kneel down in the grass and lick my pussy while the other two tee off."

"Seriously?" Jack could barely believe what he had just heard and thought he was being teased. Robin did not answer. She reached her hand to the top of her shorts and began undoing the buttons as Allison walked towards the tee with Brent. As Robin's shorts began to move down her thigh, Jack understood just how serious this wager was. A bet is a bet and Jack was no welcher. He walked around the cart and knelt before Robin. While the hair on Robin's head was brown with the highlights, there was no way to determine her natural hair color as her pussy was shaved smoother than Jack's face. The now exposed pussy already had a drop of moisture at it's opening and Jack extended his tongue to collect it. Robin lay back in the cart and spread her legs as Jack's tongue began to lightly trace the outer folds of her moistening pussy. Each movement of his tongue brought another tingle to her spine. Jack was in heaven as he had always loved to orally please women. Robin's large breasts began to rise in a slow rhythm as his tongue began to explore further into her now wet pussy. Jack lifted each of Robin's thighs with his hands and he delved further into her slit. "Oohh. That's it." moaned Robin. "Deeper. Fuck me with your tongue....That's it fuck me."

"I'm going to come on your hot tongue."

"I'm going to......." Robins's tits were bouncing up and down in a frantic pace and her hips were bucking expectantly when Brent approached: "You're up. we've teed off." Brent said. Jack stood and said the bet was completed, the other pair had teed off. Despite Robin's unfinished orgasm, Jack was right, the time for the tonguing was complete. Robin's pulled up her shorts to her knees and gently wiped herself with a clean golf towel from the cart. Brent and Jack just looked at each other and smiled, completely shocked at their good fortunes. Neither had ever played a round of golf like this in their lives. Robin leaned over to Allison and whispered that Jack must be able to lick his eyebrows as he had just given her the tongue-fucking of her life. Allison looked at the small wet spot in the center of Robin's shorts and smiled.

Given the extra encouragement from the open sexuality of the betting on the last hole. Brent won the third hole of the day. Despite his football-type build, Brent had an unusually apt ability for golf. He always assumed it was just the hand eye coordination that a lifetime of athletics had created. When he called up Jack this afternoon, he had no idea it would lead to the words about to come out of his mouth.

"Allison, I think it is only fair that you return the favor Robin just received. While Robin and I tee off, blow Jack."

"I was hoping you would say that." Allison said with a wink.

Jack owed his buddy for this one and he began to unzip when Allison knelt before him. Allison was hungry for his cock as it had been weeks since she had been with a man. Allison was more than pleased with the cock dangling before her. It was by no means the largest organ she had seen, however its length and girth looked liked it could please her in every way. She leaned and quickly engulfed as much shaft into her mouth as would fit.

"Oh." Jack let out a groan as Allison's mouth went to work on his cock. Allison was surprised as the shaft continued to lengthen and thicken under the care of her tongue. She took the tip between her lips and tried to suck as hard as she could. Grabbing Jack's balls in one hand, she began to play with them as she slowly lowered her mouth down the shaft.

"Uhhh" was all Jack could mutter as Allison's mouth began to move faster up and down on his cock. Jack leaned back on the cart as Allison was giving the blowjob her all.

Brent and Robin had finished teeing off and made it back to the cart to witness Jack's faces of sheer pleasure.

"Well done.""Times Up." said Robin, remembering that her own pleasure had been cut unfairly short. With that, Allison leaned back and Jack's red rigid cock plopped out of her mouth. Jack continued to lay back on the cart, still unable to believe what was happening.

The adrenaline rush of the blowjob must have boosted Jack's game, because he nearly drove the ball 300 yards despite the tent pole in his pants. Allison showed the first weakness for the girls and dumped her tee shot in a fairway bunker. Jack came down from his high and hit his next shot out of bounds and was done for the hole. Robin did her best to prove Ken Venturi wrong (This girl with tits can play!) and hit her second shot within six or seven feet of the hole.

Robin had her second birdie of the day and turned to Brent. She had been eyeing the bulge in his shorts as they walked up on the fellating couple a few minutes ago. She knew exactly what she wanted from him.

"Follow me to the woods while Allison and Jack play this hole.""By the way the bet is still on and the winner still gets the favor." said Robin.

Robin and Brent headed to the nearby trees knowing they had only about ten minutes or so until the other two finished the hole.

Robin immediately grabbed Brent by the crotch and whispered "Fuck Me Now" in his ear. Brent undid his shorts to reveal his boxer briefs that had been restraining his earlier stirrings. Robin audibly gasped at the sight of his dick. Robin was no stranger to dicks and this had to be the largest one she had ever seen. She had never seen John Holmes, but had imagined that his dick looked something like this. Obviously, the earlier bulge she had noticed was no where near an erection. "Are you sure?" Brent was conscious of women's impressions of his cock and had no desire to cause a woman pain with his blessing.

" I think so." responded Robin, caught off guard for one of the few times in her life. Robin was always sure of what she wanted and had the confidence of a beautiful woman with large breasts and a golf game good enough to beat the men. Robin had never had anything this size in her before and wasn't sure Brent would fit.

"Will it fit in me?"

"Only one way to find out." winked Brent. "It's your bet and this is what you won. Do you still want it?"

Looking at the huge cock was making Robin wetter by the second. She now felt for the first time what the men must have felt by looking at her tits. It was a rush of excitement and a curiosity of the unknown. For the first time, she could relate to the not so subtle stares and the shifting of men's eyes. She could not take her eyes off Brent's cock. Shw was getting wetter. And more confident.

"Please be gentle." was all she said as she lowered her skorts down to her Lady Foot-Joys. The thong she wore came down as well. In high school, Robin once had a boyfriend who was so small that he could never bring her to climax from behind. now was the time to right all those wrongs.

Robin turned away and gripped a nearby tree with both hands and set her legs wider than shoulder length apart. she reached under herself to spread her wetness as best she could.

Brent needed no further invitation. He eased behind her and placed the tip of his cock at the opening of her pussy. He used hands to gently spread her ass and expose her holes. Despite the lack of time, Brent tried to slowly enter her.

"Aaah." was all Robin could utter at the sensation of Brent at her pussy. She had never been stretched like this. Never. It wasn't going to fit.

"Ehhhhhh" was the next sound out of her throat as Brent ever so slowly tried to fit the head of his cock past her labia. He was trying his best to be easy, but her pussy was just so small. About half of his head was in her lips and she was nearly screaming.

"Do you want me to stop?" asked Brent.

"Fuck no."

"I'm already cumming"

And she was. Robin had never cum without clitoral stimulation, but this was a whole new sensation. She literally had small orgasm at the sensation of her pussy being opened up so impossibly wide. Brent felt the increased wetness on the head of his cock and used the opportunity to try and push in deeper. "Yeeeee" cried Robin as she felt the crown of his head fully enter her.

"O" was all Brent said as he felt the tight wet pussy now squeeze against his cock. The sensation was incredible and every nerve in his body screamed for him to plunge he remaining 9 or so inches into her. He was good and leaned in slowly.

"AAAAAHHHHHH" the second orgasm came over Robin like a tidal wave. He was barely in her and she was cumming like a porn queen. The intensity of the pleasure was indescribable as her hips bucked uncontrollably on the monster cock. As her hips bucked they slid further down the shaft and only increased her orgasm to new heights.

"GAWWWD" she moaned as the orgasm would not stop.

"I'MMMM" ,her tits swaying beneath her in rhythm to her stokes.

"CUMMMMMING" she said for what must have been thirty or more seconds.

Robin's pussy squeezed and pulsed around Brent's shaft as she wrestled to keep standing while impaled on the huge organ. Brent had never been with a woman so passionate in her lovemaking. Her unabashed desire coupled with the lustful orgasms had brought Brent to the edge of his own orgasm. He had never ben able to put all of his cock in a woman, and had no need to bury it to the hilt to cum.

As Robin's came back to Earth, Brent slowly slid hi cock out of the tight hole with a "pop" upon final withdrawal. Robin's hole remained quite wide for several seconds before the elasticity of her youth and athleticism brought her lips together. The sight of the exposed and wide pussy only made Brent more excited as he gripped his shaft and started to stroke.

Robin turned around to see Brent with his swollen dick in his hand.

"Please" she said as she pulled up her thong and skorts and lifted her top and bra.

"I want to see it shoot on my tits."

"Guys cum usually feels like a few drops on these."

"Cover them with your cum." she said as she lifted under each tit to hold up and out for his load.

The sight of those two huge breasts waiting on his juices was more than he could take. Four quick strokes and he erupted.

"UUUGGHGH" screamed Brent as his load literally splattered against Robin's tits. Tablespoons my ass thought Robin, as three or more huge spurts of cum reached from one side of her 34F chest to the other. She had never seen so much cum in her life. Brent handed her a golf towel and assisted with wiping her off as they walked to the cart. Neither had ver been so satisfied. After only ten minutes, they both were wondering what an entire night might be like.

"I wonder how Allison and Jack are doing?" asked Brent.

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