tagFetishSexy Magical Princess Miharu Ep. 01

Sexy Magical Princess Miharu Ep. 01


Meet Miharu, eighteen years old. She currently attends Nameless High School, resides in Tokyo, Japan, and lives in an apartment by herself for reasons that will likely never be explained.

She was walking to class one morning, carrying her school bag as she gazed up at the cherry trees. She wore a fairly cookie-cutter "sailor suit" school uniform, thick square-lens glasses and black hair done up in a pair of braids. She was also walking alone. Though she'd been in the area for a while, she could count her friends with one finger. The bookworm had been considering trying to get out of her shell and make some more friends... but how?

The answer to that question lay in that chocolate cupcake smudged on the sidewalk in front of her.

She stopped, not just because there was a cupcake in her way, but because it was floating up, had two beady eyes and tiny hands and feet, and spoke.

(Writer's note: If you hadn't just noticed, this story is going to be weird.)

Anyway, the cupcake spoke, and in a squeaky voice, too.

"Princess?... Is that you...? Oh my, this cannot be! I've finally found you!" The living cupcake flew in circles around the confused schoolgirl, examining her from every angle. "W-what's going on? Who are you?" Miharu stammered. "Oh, pardon my manners!" the cupcake squeaked, "I am Cuppy the Cupcake from the Cupcake Kingdom. You see, every thousand years, as part of a sacred ritual, a mortal is chosen to become our princess, and... But you probably don't care about the details, do you? The short of it is: would you like to be a magical girl?" "Sure."

Miharu had answered without thinking at all. Cuppy the Cupcake, from the Cupcake Kingdom, nearly fell back to the ground before floating up to Miharu's face, visibly shocked.

"Wait, you're accepting just like that? Right away?" "Of course." Miharu tilted her head with a small smile. "I've wanted to be a magical girl ever since I was little." "But that's just it! Aren't you a little old for that sort of thing?! Plus, I haven't even told you why, or about the whole sexual angle, and..."

Both fell awkwardly silent for a moment. Cuppy was at a loss for words. He wasn't expecting the girl to say yes to such a strange proposal, much less this suddenly... And Miharu wasn't expecting him to argue against it. She also hadn't been expecting a cupcake to ask her to become a magical girl either, for that matter.

"Actually..." she started up again, slowly, "...you might be right. That IS a very weird thing to ask me, and you're already making it sound sketchy as heck. Never mind, then!" "B-But... Princess, let me start over. Will you form a contract with me and become a magical girl?" "No!" For some reason, these words put her even further on the defensive. She started back towards the school, briskly, not to mention belatedly wondering if she was starting to hallucinate. "Princess! Hear me out, please..." "You're a talking cupcake. Your arguments are invalid!" she snapped back in a tense, high-pitched voice, without turning around.


Cuppy wouldn't leave her alone. First he appeared in her locker, squealing out a "Please?" before having the door slammed in his face.

Then, he was making puppy eyes at her from her bento box. She threw him off the roof and went the rest of the day without eating lunch.

Later, when she came back home, she found him in her fridge, frosted over and unmoving. She quietly took out the milk, poured herself a glass, put the carton back in and closed the door. The paralyzed pastry didn't seem to notice.

A few minutes later, Miharu was sitting at the desk in her room, doing her homework, when Cuppy came limping in her room, shivering, and coughed up an icicle on her floor. "Princess... Please..."

Miharu dropped her pen and glowered at the tiny cupcake. "Gosh, fine! I'll become a magical girl if you'll just quit bothering me!"

It was all it took to bring back Cuppy's original cheer. He shook off the layer of frost that had accumulated on him, and got back to his feet. With a wave of his hands, pink sparkles gathered in the air and flew towards Miharu, on whose neck appeared a golden-chained necklace. At its center was a large gemstone, heart-shaped and bubble-gum pink. The young woman looked down at it, her apprehension already melting away at the sight of it. This really was just like the shows she watched as a kid!

"All right, so how do I transfor--" The very instant she laid a finger on the gem to examine it closer, it emitted a bright pink light, engulfing her completely.


A moment later, Miharu was floating around in the dimension of cheer, sparkles and rainbow backgrounds, not really knowing nor caring how she got there!

Ribbons of pink light burst forth from her pendant, wrapping themselves around her body and evaporating her clothes in the process. The light first coalesced into a sort of pink corset, squeezing down the waist of her already thin figure. She snapped her fingers and long silken white gloves glittered onto her hands, and then clicked her heels together, causing a pair of cute pink high-heeled shoes to appear. She spun around while the frills of a miniskirt formed, and then slapped her still-naked ass which, in burst of pink sparkles, grew much plumper and firmer. Not without some difficulty, the girl pulled up a small pair of white panties, bearing a single rose-colored heart.

Spinning back, Miharu held her hands up in fists and shook her shoulders. First, a pair of large, round shoulder sleeves popped into existence. Then, with every move of her chest, Miharu's breasts grew by a fraction of a cupsize, as if being pumped full of air, until she stopped at a perfect, wildly bouncing double-D. She pulled up the lacy, elastic top of her corset, miraculously managing to stuff her oversized boobs into it. So snug!

Finally, Miharu's pendant detached itself from her neck. As it passed in front of her face, more sparkles trailed behind it, which applied light pink lipstick to the girl's slightly plumped lips, plus just a touch of blush to her cheeks, then caused her glasses to vanish, revealing large, sky-blue eyes with long, fluttery lashes. The gemstone settled on her forehead, turning into the centerpiece of a sparkling tiara. From it, the princess' black hair cascaded down into a wave of cotton candy pink. Her braids undid themselves, her bangs twirled into a pair of whimsical curls, and the rest of her hair grew and grew, all the way down to her waist!

Her transformation complete, Princess Miharu posed to no one in particular, pointing towards an unseen camera with a radiant smile, the other hand on her chest while one of her feet remained in the air, as if she was in the middle of jumping.

"Sexy Magical Princess Miharu!"


In a shower of pink sparkles, the young girl landed back on the floor of her room, somehow managing to stand without problem despite her inexperience in wearing high heels, not to mention the radical shift in her center of gravity. She looked down at her body, slack-jawed. So many new sensations were rushing through her... She'd never seen that much PINK in her life, for starters, and... those boobs. Holy cow...!

Cuppy bobbed up and down, applauding. Reminded of his existence, Miharu snapped out of her contemplative state. No, despite everything, this all felt so RIGHT!

"That was AMAZING!" she squealed, gloved hands balled up. She grabbed for Cuppy's tiny hands and did a little celebratory dance, dizzying her new mascot, before she let him go, shifting from ecstatic to (mostly) serious in the blink of an eye. "Now, though, I guess we should discuss the important stuff. I'm a magical girl. Who do I have to fight?" "Oh, yes, about that..." Cuppy, still dizzy, sat on the girl's desk. "You don't really FIGHT anyone, per se--"

Right that instant, a plump purple squid the size of a car crashed right through the wall. "GAOOOO!"

"Wait, what? You just said I wouldn't have to fight—Kyaaaa!"

Without even properly introducing itself, the squid grabbed the Princess with one of its tentacles and lifted her into the air. With another, it tore down the top half of the corset keeping her breasts covered, and wrapped a pair of its appendages around her twin globes, squeezing them with a wet sound. Miharu's grunting and kicking as she tried to wrench herself free was soon joined by squeals and moans. She relaxed a bit. You know, this might not actually be so bad, after all...

"Princess!" Cuppy called out, "You need to fight back! Use your magic!" "Right, right!" The Princess' hands were luckily still free, though the two tentacles molesting her breasts were kind of in the way. She waved her arms around as best as she could, and soon pink glitter dust flew everywhere around the room... though it seemed to have no effect at all on the invading cephalopod. Undeterred, the purple beast slid yet another tentacle under the Princess' miniature skirt, snatching her panties...

The Princess yelped, and suddenly she knew what to do. Sparkling eyes wide, she drew her leg up as high as it could go... and with a trail of stars and rainbows, slammed her foot down right into the squid's face. "RAINBOW AXE KICK!"

That seemed to do the trick. The tentacles loosened and let the Princess drop back down to the floor. Her boobs were bouncing loose and her panties were still in the monster's clutches, but she didn't seem to care. She pointed at the monster, defiantly.

"Okay, let's set the record straight! To tell the truth, I'm still a virgin! And I'd rather it stay that way until I find Mr. Right, thank you very much! Then we will fuck and fuck into the next year, but I'm NOT going to do that thing where a girl gets surprise-sexed by a squid and, instead of being traumatized, starts to like it! You're gross, super rude, and cliché to boot! In the name of my virginity, I'm gonna punish you!"

She didn't even need to catch her breath, and the rest all came instinctively. Miharu just knew the complex hand gestures to make, causing pink sparkles to trail after her gloves, and finally, a transparent plastic tube to appear in her hand. Stars shot out of her free hand, covering the beast! With a confused "Gao?", it shrank down to a tiny size. The princess held the tube in front of her, and immediately, the shrunken squid was sucked into it. Its tentacles poked out and wriggled in confusion, but its elongated head became one with the plastic tube, giving the whole thing the look of a very strange and slightly slimy sex toy.

"Yaaaay!" Miharu spun on her feet and stopped in front of Cuppy, flashing him a grin and a peace sign. With her still-bare breasts still wobbling, she went on. "I just got a new dildo!"

The mascot blinked, wide-eyed. "And that's not going to count as having sex with a squid?... You know what? You got this. I think I'll just leave you alone for a while." And with this, he floated out of the room (though he'd later continue to peek in).

Miharu kicked her shoes off and dropped onto her bed. Eagerly, she teased herself with her new toy, and already a tentacle wrapped around her swollen clit. She bit her lip and shuddered as the tiny tentacles continued to tease her, before she shoved the toy into her sex and suddenly felt herself short on breath as pleasure shot through her entire body. She grabbed one of her large breasts and tweaked her nipple before starting to knead it with her silk-clad fingers. It felt so good...

And although she didn't quite feel like herself anymore, Miharu's scientific curiosity still remained. As the evening went on, she examined and deduced many things about her new powers and her body! Most relevantly, that she had incredible stamina, and could likely continue to play with herself and orgasm for hours and hours if she felt like it...

...and so she did.

Only very late into the night, with Miharu's mattress having been inundated with more sweat and juices than her body could possibly hold, did she stop. Illuminated only by a soft pink glow cast from the gem in her tiara, she sat up, put the squid-dildo in her nightstand's drawer, drowsily waved a hand to, in a puff of smoke, will the bed back into cleanliness, and sprawled back onto her pillow, exhausted.

In a puff of smoke, the remains of the brightly-colored dress disappeared and the schoolgirl's body returned to normal. She needed a shower, it was breezy and her homework wasn't done yet... but she wasn't even close to caring at that point. Mere seconds later, she was fast asleep.

Figuring out more about that whole magical girl business would have to wait until tomorrow. That, and fixing up the giant gaping hole in her wall.


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