tagFetishSexy Magical Princess Miharu Ep. 02

Sexy Magical Princess Miharu Ep. 02


"I'm late! I'm late!" Miharu squealed as she dashed down the sidewalk, a piece of toast clutched between her teeth. From her neck dangled a golden pendant containing a pink, heart-shaped gemstone. Her schoolbag trailed in her hand behind her, along with Cuppy the talking cupcake, holding on for dear life.

Just yesterday evening, that pastry had endowed her with strange magical powers, which had turned the rest of the night quite surreal for the girl. She wasn't quite complaining, however. It was quite fun, in fact, but right now she was...

"Late!" she reminded. Just then, as she was crossing a quiet street, a scooter skid to a halt, narrowly avoiding crashing into her. On it was a slender blond boy, wearing the male version of the Nameless High School uniform.

"Miharu?" The boy blinked at the sight of her. The girl's glasses had fogged up; she was blushing slightly, and...

"Princess?" Cuppy whispered as he hid inside the schoolbag, not loud enough for the boy to hear, "You've stopped breathing, I think."

"I-I-I-I—I'm late!" Miharu finally managed to stammer.

"Oh, I see! Would you like a ride?" The boy smiled, and before she knew it, Miharu was sitting behind the boy, clutching him tightly. The ride alone wasn't making her nervous, Cuppy quickly realized... but luckily, it only lasted a few minutes.

He waved her off at the school gate, and Miharu could rest easy, since he'd just bought her a good ten minutes, leaving her more than enough to get to class on time! ...She noticed that there was something strange, however, about the look he gave her before he left... That tight, nervous feeling in her chest wasn't completely gone either, and it took her a second to realize why.

"So thaaat was the Mr. Right you were talking about, wasn't it?" Cuppy climbed out for air. "Looks harmless enough. A scooter, though? Anyway, what's his nam—Princess?" He looked up at Miharu, curiously, and his beady eyes popped out in surprise. "Princess!" She'd dashed out of view, behind the schoolyard's wall.

No wonder Miharu's chest felt tight. For some reason, her normally small breasts had grown during the trip, now easily DD-cups, as large as they were when she became the Magical Princess! Before she suffocated, she unbuttoned her shirt and reached to unclasp her bra, which slid off in a second. The small mascot caught up to her.

"Cuppy, what's happening?" she squealed, panicked. "And does that mean... the whole time, when I was clutching Akagi-kun..."

"So that's his nam— I mean, wait, you're seriously worried about that?!" Cuppy waved his little hands. "But I need to apologize, Princess... I should have warned you this could happen. You see, when you get aroused, you run the risk of turning into the Magical Princess."

"So what should I do about this?!" she cried, more than a little upset.

"Just... wait it out, I guess. It'll pass."

Miharu sighed and stuffed her bra inside her schoolbag, hoping she'd be able to put it back on soon. The only silver lining was that, as she had noticed the previous night, her breasts were downright supernaturally buoyant in that state. Not that they weren't heavy, but they didn't feel that way, somehow. A good thing, too, because they were prone to bouncing around enough to do a number on her spine...

She finally managed to get them under control by buttoning her shirt back on, though she left two buttons alone, giving her room to breathe, but also an inadvertent cleavage window she wasn't too proud of. She set the small red bow of her uniform on it, which did an all right job of hiding it, so long as no one was looking at her too closely. She managed to stealth her way to her locker. There, however...

"Oh, Mi~ha~ru~!" a female voice sang the girl's name from behind her, just as she had opened her locker.

Miharu dreaded turning around, so she did only partially, turning only her head for the most part. What they could see of her oversized breasts from that angle, she hid as best as she could with her arm, under the guise of fetching a book from her locker.

The girl behind Miharu was Yumi, a taller girl with a black, stylish bobcut and her schoolbag slung over her shoulder. She wore her uniform much as Miharu did right about now, for similar reasons, though the edges of a lacy black bra could be seen rather plainly in her case. In addition to that, she had quite a lot of makeup on. For some reason, nobody seemed to care that she was breaking dress code. On either side of her were two shorter, brown-haired girls, identical save for the fact that they wore ponytails on different sides of their head.

"H-Hi," Miharu stammered.

"Miharu, you know how good friends we are, right?" Yumi said sweetly. "Would you mind if I took the teensiest little peek at your book?"

"Um... Of course." She handed it to her and hastily crossed her arms over her chest. Luckily, the three girls weren't looking at her right now. Yumi quickly leafed through the pages, until...

"What the hell... You haven't even done your homework at all! How useless can you be?!" Without a warning, she threw the book at Miharu's face. It fell to the floor as the trio turned around to find someone else to steal notes from.

Teary-eyed, Miharu rubbed her forehead as she bent down to pick up her book. Cuppy was at a loss for words.

"Princess..." he started.

"She's a bully," Miharu cut off, weakly, "she and her friends always do that sort of thing..." She glanced back again. "But everybody else likes her... She's captain of the cheerleading team, on the student council... She's confident, and beautiful, and nothing ever gets her down, and... I wish I could measure up."

"Isn't that... some kind of Stockholm Syndrome talking?" Cuppy joked nervously, desperate to cheer her up. "Besides... I'm sure you'll be able to stand up to her someday!"

"Yes... Yes, I gues--"

Suddenly, someone in the locker next to her hastily opened their door, inadvertently slapping her breasts into a frenzy. Miharu yelped, remembering that she had a much stupider problem to worry about.


Getting to the classroom was more of the same, trying not to get noticed. She did attract a few puzzled glances, but immediately turned around to get a drink of water, or look at a suddenly fascinating poster. She was anything but aroused at that point, but her breasts showed no sign of shrinking. Still, she miraculously made it.

Miharu's luck ended there, however, as she was seated near the front of the classroom. Holding her schoolbag tight against her chest, she sat at her desk and quickly opened the largest book she could find. She made herself small in her seat, rested her chest on the desk, and tried to give the impression of someone studying intently.

There were only a few minutes left before class got started, and so far, everyone was too busy chatting among themselves to pay any attention to Miharu. She hoped more than ever that her transformation would wear off soon enough. All she had to do was... not be aroused... But of course, as she noticed, just thinking about it made it worse. Her nipples had gone erect, and her awkward position made them rub up against every other thing every time she shifted. Even worse, her panties were starting to ride up her ass, which they didn't... normally do? ...Oh no!

"Heya, Miharu! How's it going?"

Startled, Miharu looked up at Carrie, a red-headed girl whose family came from America. Miharu had known her since the beginning of high school. With Miharu so shy and Carrie sticking out like a sore thumb with a bad grasp of Japanese, the two of them bonded over their outcast status. If there was someone who wouldn't make fun of her predicament, it would likely be her... but even then, Miharu thought, she'd like to spare herself the embarrassment. As well as she could, she smiled and tried to look nonchalant.

"I'm doing well. I had some insomnia last night, but I'll survive."

"Good, good. By the way, I love what you've done with your hair."

Miharu froze. Done with her...? Slowly, she grabbed one of her braids and held it up in front of her face. The tips of her black hair had gone cotton candy pink!

She got up, hastily, and blurted out an excuse. "I'm not feeling well! Tell the teacher I'm going to the nurse's office!" And before Carrie could even ask anything, her Japanese friend had dashed out of the room.

The school bells rang just as Miharu escaped the classroom, which meant the hallways were all but deserted at that point. And lucky, too, because the Magical Princess transformation had begun in earnest. With every step she ran, a little something changed about her. First her braided hair came loose into a flowing cape of pink hair, then she felt her glasses disappear, followed by her clothes entirely. She ran naked in her supermodel's body, breasts swaying and bobbing, for a few more feet. High heels appeared beneath her, somehow not impeding her motion at all, gloves unrolled on her forearms, then her revealing princess' dress formed hastily, and finally, she felt the royal tiara land on the crown of her head.

And by that point, all panic had made way for confidence. Her lips curled into a smile. She knew just the place to hide.


The school gymnasium and theater club shared the same supply room. Amidst the gym supplies and cardboard sets were a surprising amount of places for one to hide... and masturbate in private, too. Tucked in a corner of the room, between two racks of costumes, was Princess Miharu, silk gloves and panties discarded, fingers furiously going in and out of her moist sex. She bit her lip so as not to make too much sound, but soon she began to stimulate herself faster and faster, and then...


As she panted in the afterglow, Cuppy came out from under a pile of footballs, looking worried. "Please try to keep it down, Princess! I'm sorry I was wrong about your transformation wearing off... but I'm sure it'll only take an orgasm or two before it really does!"

Miharu pouted. "I've been at it for an hour now! Not that this isn't fun or anything, but I really should get back to class. This would be so much easier if I had my squid-dildo, or... squid-do, or whatever I'm calling that thing." She waved a hand in the air, snapped her fingers, and... nothing happened. She groaned. "Sheesh! Am I not supposed to have magic powers?"

"You do, you do," Cuppy said, meekly, "in fact they could border on godlike if you focused them enough... but right now, your grasp on them is very weak. As a result, the vast majority of your magic comes from your subconscious. That's what summoned this squid yesterday evening, by the way! It came to calm your sexual frustration."

"Say... WHAT?" The Princess sat up, and soon a baseball flew right into Cuppy, sending the pastry whirling into the wall. "Why can't you tell me these things before you turn me into a magical girl and stuff? That was EXACTLY the sort of thing I wasn't sure about! And now, does that mean that when I'm in this form, I could be using a whole bunch of magic without even KNOWING?"

"P-Pretty much, yes..." Cuppy weakly admitted.


Meanwhile, in the gymnasium, Akagi had stopped to get a drink at the water fountain. Above him, a bright pink speaker-phone appeared. From it came the gym teacher's voice. "Akagi, go fetch two basketballs, right now!" It disappeared just as the teenage boy raised his head to see where the voice had come from, but hey, he'd heard it clearly enough. He headed for the supply room...


Princess Miharu was looking for more things to throw at her talking cupcake when she heard the door. In a second, she had hid behind a rack of supplies to spy at the door, and the one she saw... no way!

Her heart was aflutter, and she knew just what to do. When Akagi turned on the lights, he found her, in full view, lounging seductively on a gym mat in the middle of the room, as if posing for a calendar photoshoot. He blinked, confused, then reasoned to himself that the girl must have been with the theater club, yes... which would at the very least explain her fairy tale costume. ...The rest, not so much. She broke the silence.

"Hiii~!" She called out effusively, before immediately resuming her seductress act with a purring voice. "What brings you here?"

"I, huh, I came to fetch basketballs," he offered, pointing to the supplies locker where he might find them.

"Basketballs, isn't it?" she giggled, and got up.

Mesmerizingly, she strutted up to the boy with an enigmatic smile, and he found himself unable to move. As she came closer, he backed off a few steps, but she must have had that planned, since he fell right into the seat of a disused weightlifting machine. She kneeled in front of him, and without saying another word, unzipped his pants.

"I've got your basketballs..." She lifted cupped her tits with her hands, and with only the slightest prompting, they popped right out of her dress. Still looking up at the boy with her coy smile, the Princess played with her breasts right under his nose... and a few seconds later, her hands began to glow. Her massaging intensified, and somehow, under her touch, her breasts grew! A minute later, when the glowing subsided, they were bigger than the girl's head, glistening with sweat, and apparently incredibly malleable, yet when left alone, almost perfectly spherical, save for the oversized nipples tipping them. "...right here."

He had to be dreaming. How else could he explain, well... anything? Not to mention the fact that he just sat there, not even saying a word. The pink-haired, basketball-titted girl then pulled down his trousers, letting loose his stiffly erect cock!

She was done talking too, and set his shaft between her breasts without another word. She massaged them again, this time with his cock between them, and he soon found himself short on breath. He gripped the steel bars of the machine as the pink-clad vixen began to run her enormous tits up and down his shaft faster and faster, an eager look in her eyes. She licked her lips...

...and then he came.

A little too quickly for the tastes of the Princess, who actually looked surprised when he squirted a generous load right into her face. She let him finish before licking the spunk off her lips. "Done already? Well, I guess that makes sense, for a regular human... Anyway. I should let you go, now. AMNESIA DUST!" She outright shouted those last words, and blew a cloud of pink dust in the boy's face.

Dazed, he came to his senses without a memory of what had just happened. He got up, went to get those basketballs he was asked for, then left the room, without even realizing that his fly was down.

Hidden behind the same supplies rack as earlier, Miharu had transformed back into her regular self. "Well, that sure was a thing," she mumbled to Cuppy, who had come crawling back from another hiding spot. "At least I'm glad this is settled. Now we can go back to class, and hopefully not have to worry about any weird magic for the rest of the day."

She got up and noticed her reflection in the mirror. Her face was still covered with spunk. She froze.



Later that day, elsewhere entirely...

Yumi remained in the girls' changing room, even after everyone had left. She was still wearing her cheerleader's uniform, and lounging on one of the benches as she texted a member of the football team. She was horny as hell, and wasn't planning on going home until he paid her a visit. She put down her cell phone, and only then did she notice that her discarded schoolbag, in the corner, was... moving? Something small came out.

Wait. What the hell was that thing?! It spoke, and... bowed?

"Greetings, my Queen. You may call me... Evil Cuppy.

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