tagLesbian SexSexy Sapphic Snowbirds

Sexy Sapphic Snowbirds

byTawny T©

I picked up the office phone when is rang, expecting a client. It was the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the week and I was tired and a little cranky. I perked up when I recognized Jan's sexy voice.

"Hi you luscious wench. You sound a little down. You OK?" I said I was just a little tired. "Well, Dottie and I are going up to the cabin for a week next month, and would be delighted to have you come up with us if you can arrange it. Our husbands are going fishing in the Bahamas and we decided to have a week of fun and games and hoped you could come with us too. We enjoyed your company the last time you were up there and we 'saved' you from the elements."

"I would absolutely love it and am sure I can take a week off and join you two sexy wenches." I laughed. I thought of the two very sexy ladies and my mind raced back to the time I had met them. My mind still saw them as I had seen them at our first meeting, both absolutely stunning beauties with equally magnificent bodies that I got to know very intimately. My body perked up and I knew that the time with those two would wind up with the three of us making mad passionate love to each other, all night and probably all day too. I blew Dot a kiss and hung up, got out my calendar and had no trouble made the vacation plan to join the two sexiest ladies I knew. I thought back to what led up to my meeting them.

The night was dark and snow had been falling most of the day and was still falling in almost blizzard proportions. The tires broke loose again on a patch of ice. I really should have stopped right then and put on the tire chains. It was snowing harder, the road slippery, but I only had a couple of miles to go and then I'd be at the cabin. Chains are a pain to put on even in good weather. Outside it was pitch black; my high power beams didn't help much in the heavy snow fall. I hadn't met another car since I'd left the main road several miles back. It was after the holidays and most people had gone back to work.

It was the slack season at work, and with the economic downturn, when I'd asked for three weeks off they were glad to give it to me. I just wanted to get away for a while. My fiancé had turned out to be a real jerk, showing his true colors. Some of my friends had tried to warn me, but as they say "love is blind".

When I'd said 'No' to his advances one evening, he'd decided I didn't really mean it. He slapped me around, and tried to rip my clothes off. I'd grabbed a flower vase and broke it over his head. I didn't knock him out, but really rang his bells; the cold water and wet flowers draped over his head suddenly cooled his lust. I got my things and left.

I didn't need that kind of relationship. My eyes were opened, and I suddenly came to my senses and realized how he had to have control, complete control over me. I needed some time to myself and one of my friends offered to let me stay at her mountain cabin for as long as I wanted. I'd been there before and knew the way.

I rounded a bend and the wind had blown the snow off of the road leaving a solid sheet of ice. I pumped the brakes gingerly, but the curve and slope of the road sent me sliding in slow motion into the ditch. The car came to a slow stop, front end buried in the snow. I got out and found no damage done, but when I tried to back out, the tires spun, and rocking the car did absolutely no good. I was well and truly stuck.

I grabbed my overnight case and started walking. I slipped and slid and after about a mile was thoroughly cold and wet. I had not dressed for the cold, and had worn an overcoat, dress, hose and heels. The damn frigid wind blew up my skirt and I was cold in no time. By the time I had covered a half-mile, I'd fallen down twice, broken one heel off my shoe, my stockings were in tatters and I was shivering violently from the cold. I stopped a moment and after several tries broke the other heel off my shoe. At least it made walking a little easier. I estimated it was another mile at least and was so cold, I knew I wouldn't make it.

All the cabins I'd passed had been dark, but as I hobbled around a bend, I saw an SUV in front of a cabin, and blessed lights inside. I barely managed to stumble up on the porch and beat on the door. When the door opened I almost fell inside.

The lovely woman who opened it pulled me inside and another equally beautiful woman joined us. They could tell I was in sad shape and before I knew what was happening, was stripped to the skin, dried off, wrapped in a blanket, warmed in front of the fire, and had a steaming cup of hot cocoa in my hand.

Jan is a cute nurse who inspected my hands and feet for frostbite, telling me that I was OK, just needed to warm up. The cocoa helped and Dottie, the other beautiful woman ran a hot bath for me. I felt no false modesty at being naked in front of these two lovely ladies, who gave my naked body a close scrutiny. They helped me into the bath and I slid down into the tub so my whole body up to my chin was immersed in the wonderfully hot water.

They left me, but looked in on me every few minutes to make sure I was doing OK. When I finally got out, Jan rubbed me briskly with a big soft towel, and then helped me into a pair of flannel pajamas and a heavy housecoat. Fluffy warm fur lined house slippers finished off my attire.

Dot had fixed me something to eat, hot soup and a wonderful hot roast beef sandwich. Hot herbal tea helped to finally get me back to feeling normal again. We sat and talked in front of the open fire. They had come up for a two-week getaway. Their husbands had gone on their annual elk hunt in Canada and they always used that time each year to spend together in the backwoods.

I told them my reason for coming up and they were most sympathetic. They insisted on my spending the night and the next morning we could get my car out of the ditch as they had a four-wheel drive vehicle outside.

I was exhausted and they put me in a spare bedroom. The cabin was large and very spacious and I felt completely at home. The bed had an electric blanket and I snuggled down and was asleep almost immediately. It was after midnight when I awoke, needing to go to the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom, I moved down the hall and looked into the big living room. The lights were out, but the fire burned brightly, giving a cozy feeling.

I turned to go back to bed when I heard a low moan, then a gasp. Moving further into the room, I saw Jan and Dot in front of the fire on the big soft sheepskin rug. It took a moment for me to realize that they were making love. Both were naked, the firelight illuminating their shapely bodies. They lay side-by-side caressing, and kissing. Jan's breast was being stroked by Dot's hand, and she had her eyes closed. A thrill went through my body as I watched.

It had been a long time since I'd made love to a woman. Since I was a girl, I have liked my own sex. When I was young, a good friend and I discovered that we liked to kiss each other. We went further and further till one night, when I was spending the night at her house, we took off all our clothes and made love for the first time. I went down on her and found I really liked to lick and suck her sweet pussy, she reciprocated. We wound up in a sixty-nine and found that this was even better. From then on we made love at every opportunity. We were careful and discrete and never got caught, though we had several close calls. The scent and taste of a woman's sweet sex has always thrilled me to the core.

We dated boys and both technically lost our cherries to them, I say technically, for we'd learned of vibrators and each owned several, and they had invaded our pussies and asses completely, long before the boys did. Aside from our fingers, we actually lost our cherries to, of all things hot dog wieners! We tried fruits and vegetables at first, and then bought our first vibrators. Later we bought dildos by mail order. We kept them carefully locked away. I don't think either of our mothers ever found out.

Dot had moved down, and her head bobbed at the juncture of Jan's thighs. Jan sighed deeply. I carefully moved closer as I watched. I slipped my hand under the pajama bottoms and into my pussy, stroked my clit with my now wet, slippery finger. I suddenly realized why they had come up here alone, sans husbands - to make love. Jan whispered for Dot to suck her clit. Jan's hands went to her pussy and I could see her fingers spread her lips wide, giving Dot free access. I wished for more light, for I truly love to watch two women together.

Dot continued to lick Jan, looking up at her from time to time to smile at her. Dot's cute ass was raised on a pillow and I moved a little, hoping to get a glimpse of her pussy by the firelight. I must have moved too far.

"Betsy, why don't you come on in, we don't mind if you watch. Do we Dot?" Jan said her voice husky with emotion. Dot looked over at me, her eyes dropping to my arm disappearing under my pajama bottoms, smiled and shook her head.

"I'm sorry; I had to go to the bathroom and didn't mean to spy." I apologized, moving closer.

"Sit down and you can watch this wonderful woman make love to me. She loves an audience!" Jan said smiling at me. She spread her thighs and Dot lowered her head and I could see her wet tongue moving up and down Jan's gleaming spread pussy. I moved so I could see better and sat on the couch. I slipped my hand back inside my pajamas and stroked my swollen clit again.

"Why don't you take your PJs off? We'd love to see that beautiful body of yours again. We admired it when we undressed you and said that we wished we could really see all of you bet - ter. - - Oh, yes, Baby, like that!" Jan moaned, as Dot must have hit a very pleasurable nerve.

I decided that I might as well take advantage of the situation. I was really hot, and I had been invited to undress. Being somewhat of an exhibitionist I stood up and quickly stripped. Lying back, I spread my thighs, and positioned myself so that Jan could see my body. I'm told I have a great body and face. I keep my self in shape and have never been ashamed to show off my body. The firelight shone so that she could see my fingers clearly stroking my pussy.

"Ohhh yes, there! Suck it, Baby. Yes, Baby. Oh yes, yes! Suck my clit! I'm going to come. Yesss!" Jan hissed as her body bowed upward, her face distorted by passion as Dot drove her over the edge. Dot's head moved rapidly from side to side as she tongued her friends spread sex.

My fingers rubbed faster against my own clit and I came too, watching the two wrapped in ecstasy. After Jan had calmed down, Dot moved upward and they lay kissing, stroking each other softly. I caught my breath and sat up.

"I truly love to watch women make love. You two seem to do it so expertly. I take it you have been friends for a long time?" I asked keeping my legs slightly apart. Their looks at my pussy gave me hope.

Jan got up and made me a drink, and refilled their glasses. She sat beside me. "Yes, for a very long time. We were childhood friends and experimented and found that we liked to make love to each other. We dated and our husbands were also friends. After we married, they found out about our passion for each other and thought it was wonderful.

"Most men seem to really get excited at the thought of two women making love, if they don't feel inadequate sexually. Our guys love the idea, and say it really gets them going to watch us together. We have gone on several vacations together and usually wind up all in the same bed. There's no jealousy about who sleeps with whom, or who fucks whom. They both love to watch us together, and we usually use it as a prelude to get the guys super hot. They both have even make love to one of us at the same time. They love to hunt and fish, so they do their thing, and we do - each other. Right Dot?"

"Right! Your dropping in was a surprise, a most pleasant surprise." Dot said as she sat down on the other side of me. "I take it you have no hang ups about making love to a woman?" She laughed, looking down at my nude body. Her hand stroked my thigh and I put mine on top of hers patting it, letting her know my feelings.

"None! In fact your experiences with women are almost exactly like mine. My best friend Donna and I have been making love since we were young. We experimented and found we both liked to lick and suck each other. She's married and her husband knew about us before they got married and approved. I was engaged a couple of times, but it didn't work out. My latest turned out to be a total asshole, but I've already told you that. I've had a threesome with Donna's husband any number of times, and have even gone on vacations with them, always staying in the same room. He says it's like having two wives." I replied, as I looked closely at my newfound friends.

Dot is a lovely brunette, with a dynamite figure, full rounded breasts with large dark aureoles, a slender waist and trim hips. She has deep brown eyes, and shoulder length hair that is so shiny, it almost sparkles. Jan is a natural blonde, with a long slender body, pert small pear shaped breasts, with small pale aureoles and nipples that always seem to be erect. Both have their pubic hair clipped close; their pussy lips shaved clean. They said that they and their husbands like it that way.

As we talked they slipped their arms around me and I was being kissed from each side. Their hands stroked my breasts and thighs. It had been years since I'd been made love to by two women at once. I loved it! We got rid of our drinks and settled down to some serious lovemaking.

Jan kissed my lips while Dot moved down to suck my nipples to harder points. Her hands slid down to stroke my thighs. I was already wet from watching them and my previous climax. She kissed my thighs; licking the sensitive inner skin till I shivered and my hips began an involuntary thrusting toward her mouth. Her hands moved to my pussy and she placed her hands palm up with her little finger side against my pussy on either side. She squeezed them together and moved her hands up and down slightly.

God, it felt fantastic. It squeezed my pussy lips together rubbing them against each other with my clit trapped in between. I'd never had a woman do that to me. I reached down and stroked her hair. She looked up at me smiling and continued to manipulate my pussy. Jan had moved her head down to suck my nipple while her other hand stroked my other breast and pulled at .the nipple.

Dot spread my pussy lips and moved down. As I watched, she slid her tongue out and slid it full length up and down my wet slit. I moaned as her wicked tongue moved from bottom to top. I had missed that touch for too long, and now I had not one, but two women making love to me, a rarity in my life. Any woman who has ever had another woman make love to her has not really lived till she has had two skilled women stroking, sucking, licking and making love to her at the same time. I let my body relax and enjoyed the wonderful sensations that came from my skilled feminine lovers.

Dot slid her long tongue inside me, wiggling and thrusting. I cried out as she moved her tongue rapidly in and out of my wet core. She reached up and her fingers began to roll and toy with my erect clit. With the double stimulation of my pussy and Jan's ministrations to my breasts, they quickly brought me to a gasping, very vocal climax, which had me seeing stars and pinwheels. I came in again and again, one after the other, almost with no let up. When I could stand it no more, I pushed her head away from my pussy before I fainted. It left me weak and gasping for breath.

They moved beside me and kissed my face softly. It took a while before I recovered. The strain of the day and of the assault, though wonderful, on my body left me totally spent. They stroked me softly for a while, then I got up and to go back to bed. As I left the room, they had moved into a 69 and I could hear little sucking and slurping noises from them. I smiled and put the warm flannel pajamas back on, and slipped into the bed under the wonderful electric blanket. I fell asleep almost at once, warm and cozy. I dreamed of wonderful feeling that spread over my nude body as I lay in a warm clear lake with a blue sky full of white fleecy clouds. I awoke refreshed and feeling wonderful.

After washing up briefly, and brushing my teeth, I went looking for Jan and Dot. As soon as I stepped out of the bedroom I had smelled the wonderful aroma of hot coffee and bacon frying. I found I was famished.

The two stunning ladies greeted me with hugs and kisses and asked how I felt. I told them after making love with them I couldn't have felt any better. I asked when they slept for when I had left they were in the midst of making love. They told me that they had gone to sleep around two in the morning, and that they had gotten eight hours of sleep. I looked at the clock and was amazed to find it was after ten o'clock.

I helped set the table and we sat down to a lumberjack's breakfast of scrambled eggs, stacks of flapjacks with real Maple syrup, piles of bacon, topped off with steaming mugs of coffee. We all ate as if we were famished. I couldn't believe how much we three ate. We talked and had a wonderful time. I felt as if I had known them for years. When we had finished everyone pitched in and in no time the kitchen was cleaned up, and the dishes put away.

The first order of the day was to retrieve my car. They had some warm clothes that would fit me, and I put on a pair of oversized boots that I helped fill up with extra pairs of socks till they were a reasonable fit. We piled into their four-wheeled drive vehicle equipped with chains. We found my car still in the ditch. There were several tire tracks on the road, but no one had bothered my car. Jan put a chain around my bumper and with a little jockeying soon had me back on the road. After unfastening the chain I followed them back to their cabin. They insisted that I stay with them. Who was I to turn down an invitation from two beautiful women, who wanted to make love to me? It would be much better than being a hermit alone in the cabin. &&&&&&&&&&&

When we got back to the cabin I told them that I had come up to try to get over the bastard boy friend and I could think of no better way to do it than not to have to think of men at all. I had bought several books to read. The cabin was warm and cozy and I lay down on the sofa, a pillow under my head and started an interesting book. Jan and Dot played chess and we listened to the soft classical music we all loved.

Later we made thick turkey sandwiches and homemade soup. The scents filled the kitchen with aromas that made my mouth water. We sat talking while eating the delicious meal.

"Your husbands must be something else to let you two come up here and make love for two weeks." I said conversationally.

"Yeah, they are. They are secure in their manhood and think it's wonderful that we really like each other. We keep them satisfied and they don't fool around. Why would they? We always kid about each of them having two wives. Of course it like we each have two husbands too. We don't have any kids, so if they want to stay the night with one of us the other joins in, or goes in the other bedroom to sleep." Jan said.

"Or goes over to the other's house and takes care of the other husband." Dot broke in. We all laughed.

"How did you get started swapping husbands?" I asked.

"Well, they both knew that we made love and one night we were all a little drunk. They wanted to see us making love. We were happy to oblige. We had been telling them all the details and they both got hot listening to us tell them about it. It always wound up in bed with us getting fucked long and hard. Which we also like. You tell the rest. Jan." Dot said as she took a big bite of her sandwich.

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