tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSexy Secretary Needs A Job

Sexy Secretary Needs A Job


The doorbell rang at 3.30 in the afternoon. David looked at his watch and got up from his desk. This should be Nelly, the third girl he would be interviewing today for the secretarial job he had advertised in the paper. He hoped this one would be OK; the other girls he had seen today were not very promising. However, he did know that she was pretty. He always asked for a photo to be sent with the job application. This avoided him having to waste time interviewing ugly girls.

He opened the door and his heart missed a beat when he saw the beautiful girl standing there. She was gorgeous. Blonde hair, blue eyes and sensual lips. She was about 5'7" tall with full breasts and long shapely legs. She was wearing a short white dress with a zip up the front and white shoes with very high heels. She had a golden chain necklace and golden earrings. Her lipstick was shiny pink. He knew from her CV that she was 28 years old.

"Nelly?" David asked. She nodded with a big smile, showing white even teeth with a slight gap between the two front ones.

"Yes, I'm Nelly," she replied, "I've come about the job you advertised." She spoke with a delightful accent which sounded French. David asked her to come in.

He took her into his office and closed the door. "Sit down," he said, indicating a leather sofa. He sat on a facing sofa and looked closely at Nelly across the low table between them. She crossed her legs and he glimpsed a flash of white panties. He had her CV ready on the table and picked it up.

"Where are you from Nelly? You've got a charming accent. Are you French?"

"No, I'm from Belgium," she answered, "I came to the U.S. five years ago and I've been here ever since."

David looked at the CV. "I see that you haven't worked for the last couple of years, why's that?"

Nelly uncrossed her legs and sat with them slightly apart. Her dress was up to mid-thigh. "I got married and had a baby, and as my husband had a very good job I didn't need to work anymore."

"So why do you want to work again now? David asked her, staring at the gap between her legs. He could clearly see her panties.

She looked him straight in the eye and adopted a sad expression. "My husband left me three months ago and now I have to work again," she replied.

"OK Nelly, let's do the typing test," David said. "You can use my PC for the moment." He led her over to his desk and she settled into his chair. The PC was switched on to Word and he began to dictate a long letter. He watched her as she typed. She had very smooth skin with a slight tan. Her shoulder length blonde hair was shining in the soft afternoon sunlight coming through the window. The top of her dress was unzipped just enough to show the swell of her breasts. He wondered if she was wearing a bra.

When the letter was finished David printed it out and asked Nelly to go and sit on the sofa again while he checked it. She watched him reading it through and her face dropped as she saw him making lots of marks on it with a red pen.

"This isn't very good Nelly," he said as he walked over to her and sat down. "Look at all these errors. I can understand that your English isn't perfect, but if this is the best you can do I'm afraid I can't take you on here."

Nelly felt the tears come into her eyes and then she burst out crying. "Please give a chance," she sobbed, "I need a job so badly. My baby is sick and I owe two months rent on my apartment. The landlord is threatening to throw me out if I don't pay him. Please give me another try."

David looked at her pretty face with tears running down her cheeks. "I'm sorry Nelly," he said, "but I think you should look for a job somewhere else, you're really not up to the standard I'm looking for. I've had several applications and I've still got some more girls to see."

Nelly reached to take a handkerchief from her bag, causing her legs to open a little wider. David breathed hard as he saw her panties again.

"I've been looking for a job for ages now," she stammered, wiping her eyes, "but I can't find anything. There are so many unemployed people here and not enough jobs to go round."

Then she began to cry again. "Oh please, please, give me a chance. I need the money so badly. I'll do anything."

David felt his cock begin to harden. Hell, he thought, so what if she makes typing errors. I'd love to fuck her. Maybe I should hire her, I can always fire her when I've had enough of her.

"Nelly, when you say that you'll do anything, do you really mean absolutely anything?" he asked her, staring deep into her moist blue eyes.

She lowered her head and David saw a blush creep into her cheeks. "Yes," she replied softly, "I'll do anything you want."

David's cock was by now nearly bursting out of his pants. "Come over to my desk Nelly," he said, taking her by the hand. "I think we can come to an arrangement. I'm going to give you a few more tests, not typing this time but something special. If you pass the tests you can have the job. Do you understand what I mean?"

Nelly understood exactly what he meant. She wanted the job so desperately that she was prepared to submit to anything he wanted. "I understand," she whispered, looking brazenly into his eyes.

"First test," David told her. "Take that pretty little dress off and let me see your lovely body."

Nelly unzipped her dress all the way down and took it off. She wasn't wearing a bra and her breasts were firm with large pink nipples. Standing there in just her tiny white panties she saw David run his tongue over his lips as he studied her voluptuous figure. He was much taller than her and she put her hands on her hips and pushed out her tits as she gazed up into his eyes.

"Wonderful," he breathed, "now take off your panties and show me the rest. But keep your shoes on."

She peeled down the panties and stepped out of them. Now she was completely naked except for the high heel shoes. David took the panties from her hand and held them to his nose and sniffed them. The delicious perfume of a pretty girl's most intimate parts always made him so hot. He would have liked to wrap them around his cock and jack off in them but he didn't, because this was only the beginning and there was so much more to come.

"Stand on my desk Nelly," he said, and taking her hand he helped her to climb up onto it. He sat down in his chair and looked up at her. She really had a magnificent body. "Now open your legs and show me your pussy."

Nelly did as he asked and spread her legs wide apart. She blushed as she saw David sniffing her panties and looking up at her pussy which was shaven, except for a little tuft of soft blonde hairs at the top. He could see the tip of her clitoris peeping out between the pink lips. It was very humiliating for her, but at the same time she started to be aroused and could feel her pussy getting wet. She liked men to admire her body and had always enjoyed turning them on.

David put the flimsy panties on his desk and opened his pants. He took out his hard throbbing cock and started to stroke it. Nelly gasped when she saw it, she had never seen such a big penis before. She had been fucked by several guys but none of them had had such a huge dick as this one. It must have been 10 inches long and was very thick and heavily veined. When the foreskin drew back she could see a big drop of precum on the glistening head.

"Turn around Nelly," David told her. She did so and stood with her back to him as he feasted his eyes on her firm, round buttocks. "Now open your legs wide again, bend over and hold your ankles."

Nelly did as he ordered, grasping her ankles just above her high heel shoes. She felt so embarrassed in this position, showing her charms to a complete stranger. David could see the soft pink lips of her pussy and, just above, her little brown puckered anus. He stood up and caressed her long slim legs, all the way up from her ankles to her ass. He fondled her cheeks and then pulled them wide apart. Her asshole was just in front of his face. He stuck out his tongue and gently licked all around it, before pushing his tongue into the tight little hole.

Nelly shuddered with pleasure; she loved it when a man licked her asshole, it was so sensitive there. Her pussy juice started to flow. She always got very wet when she was turned on and she knew that it would soon be running down her legs. She longed to put her fingers into her cunt and stroke her clit, it was burning with desire and she wanted to come.

"You can play with my pussy if you want," she moaned, "this is starting to make me need to come."

David stopped rimming her ass and gave her a hard slap on her buttocks. Nelly cried out in surprise and pain. "Why did you do that?"

"I'm the boss here Nelly," he told her. "I'm the one who decides if and when you can have an orgasm. This is part of the tests, so do as I say. Now, lay down on your back with your head hanging over the side."

She lay down and David put her in the position he wanted. He took off his pants and stood behind her with his cock touching her face. "Open your mouth wide," he ordered.

Nelly obediently complied and felt the huge penis enter her mouth. God, it was so big, she had never sucked a cock of this size. Just the head almost half filled her mouth. She was sure that she could never take it all.

"I want you to take the whole fucking length in," he said, pushing it further into her warm wet mouth. Nelly's head was tilted back over the edge of the desk so that his dick could go straight in and down her throat. The hard, throbbing dick slid over her tongue before hitting the back of her throat. She gagged but the cock kept pushing forward and entered her throat. She thought it would never stop, it was so long.

David looked down and he could see the swelling in her neck as his cock went deeper and deeper down her gullet. He put a hand on her neck and he could feel his dick going in and out as he started to fuck her face. He leaned forward and cupped his hands round her tits, squeezing them and pulling on the nipples. He leaned further forward and stroked the soft hair above her pussy. Then he took her pussy lips and spread them open. Inside it was pink and wet. He rubbed his fingers in the sticky liquid and licked them, it tasted sweet.

Nelly felt his balls on her nose and eyes as he moved back and forth, faster and faster, harder and harder. She couldn't breathe and she started to struggle but he held her arms against her sides to stop her moving. When David saw her face turning purple he released her arms and pulled all of his 10 inches out of her mouth. He didn't want her to choke to death.

Nelly sat up, gasping for breath. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't breathe, your cock is so big, I was suffocating."

"That's OK," he answered, "you did well. Now get down on your knees and suck it, I need to come."

She knelt down in front of him and opened her mouth once again. She ran her soft, wet tongue all over the head of David's cock, licking off the precum that was trickling out, then licking up and down the long, thick shaft. "Suck it Nelly, I don't have all day. I need to empty my balls now."

She opened her mouth as wide as she could to take the large head in, followed by a few inches of the shaft. It was so big that she couldn't take any more. She tightened her lips round the thick pole and started to move her head up and down, sucking hard and flicking her tongue around the head at the same time. She held his balls and gently squeezed and stroked them as she sucked.

David felt his orgasm approaching. God, this girl was good, she must have sucked plenty of cocks before his. He gripped her firmly by the hair and fucked her mouth, pushing his dick in and out, hitting the back of her throat.

Nelly felt the first shot of hot, creamy cum, followed by several more. She gagged, there was so much sperm in her mouth. David pinched her nose with one hand so that she couldn't breathe, still holding her by the hair so she couldn't back off. She was choking on the thick cum and swallowed lots before he let go of her nose. She jerked her head back, gasping for air. Great gobs of sperm were oozing out of her mouth and coming down her nose.

"That was excellent Nelly," he panted, "you're doing really well. Now clean up your face because I'm going to fuck your sweet pussy."

Nelly went into the bathroom and washed the cum off her face. How could a man ejaculate so much and still be ready for more? Still, she desperately wanted the job so she went back into the office. David told her to bend over the back of the sofa. He pulled her legs wide apart and felt his cock start to harden again as he looked down at her lovely ass. Her pussy poked out under it and the lips were pink and wet. A drop of juice had run down her inner thigh. He scooped it up with a finger and licked it.

"Which hole first?" he thought to himself, spitting on his fingers and lubricating his cock. He chose her cunt. Nelly felt him open the lips and his warm cockhead slowly sliding its way in. David pushed it back and forth, going in a little more each time until it reached her womb and he could go no further. He pulled it back and suddenly rammed it in as hard as he could, causing Nelly to cry out in pain. He did this a few times until, and to her great relief, he withdrew it.

Her relief soon turned to fear however, as she felt the juicy cockhead touch her asshole. "Not in my ass, please," she implored, "it's too big, you'll split me open!"

David spat on his fingers again and spread the greasy liquid around her asshole. Then he slowly and firmly pushed his cock into her. He looked down and watched the shiny head sliding in little by little until it finally popped through the tight sphincter, making Nelly gasp with pain.

"Slowly, please," she begged, tears running down her pretty face and dripping onto the sofa, "it hurts me. Your cock is much too big for me."

David smiled to himself. He enjoyed making girls suffer, that was one of the advantages of having a very large penis. He always experienced a sensation of power and domination when a lovely woman was impaled on his long, thick pole and forced to submit to all his demands.

"Relax and enjoy it Nelly, this is the final test." He pushed deeper into her ass. It was such a wonderful sensation to feel the warm, moist walls of her anal tract gripping his prick so tightly. He knew he would be coming soon, this feeling was too good to last very long.

Deeper and deeper it went until almost the whole length of his shaft was buried inside her, halfway up her colon. Nelly was getting used to the pain now and was beginning to enjoy it. She had been sodomized a few times by her husband but his cock was much smaller than David's and it hadn't hurt her very much. Her sphincter was relaxing and she enjoyed feeling the hot penis in her bowels.

"Put your hand under me and play with my pussy, please," she gasped, pushing her ass back hard on her prospective boss's cock and forcing the rest of it into her rectum.

"Do you like it now Nelly?" David whispered, "I knew you would." In fact he was surprised that she had gotten used to it so quickly. One girl he had interviewed about a year ago had actually fainted the first time he stuck it up her ass.

The monster cock was now pounding in and out of Nelly's asshole which by now was dilated to several times its usual size. She could feel and hear his balls slapping against her dripping pussy while he relentlessly sodomized her. She felt the juice oozing out of her snatch and running down her inner thighs as he caressed her cunt, squeezing and rubbing her sensitive clitoris.

She heard David groan and guessed that he was about to ejaculate. Hot wads of cum shot up inside her, calming the burning pain in the walls of her rectum. Oh God, it felt so good. Then she was coming. Wave after wave of intense pleasure shuddered through her body; she thought it would never stop. She was having the most powerful orgasm she had ever had in her life. She had heard about anal orgasms but this was the first time she had ever experienced one.

She dimly felt David pulling his dick out of her. She was exhausted. Her ass seemed to be on fire and her legs were soaked with her pussy juice. This had been the final test; had she passed?

David whispered in her ear, "Congratulations Nelly, you passed the tests with flying colors and you are now my new secretary."

"Oh thank you, thank you," she murmured, still in a daze from the incredible orgasm. She was so happy to have found employment at long last. The tests had been severe, but for the most part she had enjoyed them. She had always loved sex ever since she had first been seduced by a friend of her father when was only 14.

When she was dressed had had put on fresh make-up, David told her she could start work the very next day at 8.30 sharp. "I'm sure you're going to do a great job here, Nelly."

"I promise I'll do my best and thank you so much again for giving me a chance. I know you won't be disappointed with me," she replied. "See you tomorrow." David opened the door and she went out into the street. He watched her walking along, "poetry in motion," he thought, "holy shit, what a fucking body."

He closed the door and went back into his office with a big smile on his face. He was going to have some fun with this little lady. Maybe she could start tomorrow by bringing him a cup of coffee and then giving him a blow job. He was going to squeeze everything he could out of Nelly. Imagine taking her on a business trip for a few days. Wow, this was going to be great. And if one day she got tired of submitting to his demands and quit the job, so what? He would simply run the ad again and find another unfortunate pretty girl who was prepared to do anything to get a job. It was so easy!

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