tagRomanceShackled Ch. 15

Shackled Ch. 15


(For all our 'fans' -- thank you for all the wonderful feedback! It's all wonderful and all helps. We do realize that the way this is set up -- it can be a little bit tedious to read. This will eventually change, but our readers want more now -- so here it goes. :)

Emma had fallen asleep right behind Liam, her gaze focused on his relaxed, sleeping face. Some men looked boyish when they slept, but not Liam. He was still sexy as hell in her eyes, but still harbored some hard edges that could be seen even when he was relaxed. But those edges only made her care for him more...for whatever reason, everything about him spoke to her.

He'd been exhausted and for a little while she'd enjoyed his warmth and let his even deep breaths lull her to sleep. Sometime in the early morning hours, one of them had stirred and naked bodies had pressed and made love again, lazy and sweet. He'd made her feel cherished and loved, bringing tears to her eyes, making her heart swell all over again. When it had been over, they'd slept again in a tangle of arms and legs until Emma finally woke a few hours later once more with a soft groan. She ached in all the right places. A sweet ache that reminded her of everything they had shared that night.

His face was pressed to her belly, his arms wrapped around her waist as her fingers tangled in his hairi. His rough stubbly face tickled her flesh with each little breath she took and she smiled, ruffling his hair. "Liam...time to get up." She murmured, glancing at the bright digits of his bedside clock. "We have just enough time to shower and change before we have company."

The thought sobered her a little. It was the end of their fantasy evening and back to reality. Wiggling out from under him, she pressed her lips to his mouth in a soft morning kiss and then slid off the bed, grasping one of his hand and tugging. "Come on...come shower with me real quick. You can keep me warm in that cold ass shower of yours."


He dreamt that he was walking with Emma down one of the city's streets, holding hands and looking in shop windows. They weren't running, they were walking. No furtive glances. No hanging in the shadows. No SPFs.

Just walking.

They were smiling and laughing with each other. He couldn't make out the conversation, but they were happy and playful. Like any couple.

Any couple in love.

He couldn't remember how they'd fixed their problem. He knew they had because they wouldn't be so happy otherwise. They paused at a shop window, a clothes store.

Emma's lips were moving, but he couldn't hear what she was saying. She was pointing at the shop window with her free hand and then gesturing to him and rolling her eyes in mock laughter. Obviously his clothes. She wanted him to get new clothes.

Hansen thought that a few pairs of jeans, some shorts, some t shirts and a coat or two were wardrobe enough. He always had. Except when he was working.

For the government.

He'd needed different clothes for that. Uniforms. Boots. Body armour. He didn't need those anymore. He was happy and he was with Emma.

They stood in front of the shop window, Emma throwing knowing glances at the window and Hansen resisting her exhortations to go into the store and take a look. He had an annoyed look on his face, but he was happy.


Not a word he used often or a feeling he felt often. He still had the melancholy air inside of him at the loss of his family, but Emma had lifted the black cloud of depression from him. He could truly call himself happy now. At least as happy as he could be.

He started to move away from the shop window, knowing that if he stayed there any longer then it was conceivable that Emma would convince him to buy new clothes and he didn't want that. He felt her tug on his arm as she failed to move. He looked around at her, let's go written on his face.

She wasn't looking at him. She was looking at the window. The glass was highly reflective in the sunshine and Hansen had to squint to try and get a better look at what she was trying to make out. The clothes weren't so clear now. Emma moved closer to the window and took Hansen with her, reluctant to let go of his hand. He stepped closer with her.

What was that?

He thought he heard a voice in his head, but he must have been mistaken. The Voice had left him a long time ago. Laura had seen to that. And Emma's love.

Shit. There. He'd said it. Love.

Nothing good could come of that and he tried to push it from his mind. It was not safe for him to love or be loved. Everything he'd loved in his life had died. Sure, he had Carl, Laura, Bonnie and the others, but anything that was his, that he'd been charged with protecting, had always died.


At least he had Emma.

But don't love her. Just take each day as it comes and cherish it.

Don't love her.

They were really close to the glass now, so close that their noses were almost pressed against the window in their efforts to see inside more clearly. Now he could just see through the reflection. There were various mannequins in the window. He looked more closely at them.


He squinted his eyes further, straining to see, holding Emma's hand more tightly.

The mannequins. He knew them. Who they were. One was Carl. There was Bonnie. A Laura. A Jimmy. There was even a Mrs. Chan. He knew he must be seeing things. His gaze scanned the display. Those ones....



What the fuck?

His grip on Emma's hand tightened. He could feel her make a sound. Too hard, but he couldn't make out the words. The last mannequin.


He had a sick feeling in his gut then. The smile left his face and all of a sudden he could not see at all into the shop. He felt Emma tugging on his arm, but she wasn't asking him to go, she was holding on for help.

A hand had come out of the window and it was gripped around her small throat. The hand was squeezing and pulling. Hansen couldn't see how the hand had come out of the window. There was no opening and the window was intact.

One of Emma's hands was scratching at her throat, the other was holding on to Hansen's. She was trying to breath and at the same time trying to resist being dragged through the glass. Hansen let go of her, but quickly grabbed her around the chest, his arms locked tightly around her. The motion gave the hand through the glass valuable millimeters and it took it, Emma now nearly at the glass. Hansen had to do something about the hand around her neck, but he knew if he let go, then Emma would be dragged through the glass and he wouldn't be able to follow.

He wouldn't be able to save her.

Hansen tried to lock his legs and tilt his body back, hanging on to Emma for dear life, but his shoes were sliding inexorably towards the glass. Emma was bucking and squirming. He couldn't see her face because he was holding her from behind, but he could see the hand wrapped around her throat, the red marks radiating from where the hand was squeezing her tight.

People walked past them, not even glancing at this battle for life and death. Nobody cared. Nobody helped him.


Slowly he slid towards the glass and Emma's movements became more frantic. They had been going for what felt like minutes. Surely she needed air or she was going to pass out. Hansen hung on, but her face was at the glass now.


She's mine.

I love her.

He strained with all he had, sweat beading on his forehead.


Emma's faced touched the glass. There was a sudden increase in force and Hansen was taken of his feet and dragged behind Emma.

She was gone.

Hansen smashed into the glass and fell back onto the pavement, shaking his head. Everything hurt, but he got up and pressed his face against the window.

Everyone was there.

And Emma.

Cold. Still. Not moving. Not alive.

Someone spoke behind him.

Hansen, not alive means dead.

Say it.


He looked at her through the window for a few moments and then spun around. There was no one there.

I'm here. In your head.

I thought you were gone.

I'm the only thing you will have forever. The only thing.



Hansen stood on the sidewalk, blood coming out of the side of his head. The commuters just walked straight past him, their robotic movements, morose faces and pale skin belying the fact that they were human.

Hansen wanted to cry, but there were no tears left. He'd cried too much before. He was dry.

He had no tears for Emma.

He couldn't save Emma.




Hansen slowly woke up. He could feel a hand ruffling his hair and his face was on Emma's warm belly.

I could get used to this.



He moved a little.

"Easy for you to say," he said, "but some mad woman kept me up all night."

She struggled to get out from under him and his face hit the mattress. He knew they had the meeting, but it would be nice to just lie there for another couple of minutes. He couldn't believe it, but he could feel his hardness pressing into the bed. He shook his head. Surely he'd had enough....

He dropped his head and spoke into the mattress, his voice muffled.

"Nothing with you is real quick, Irish," he said. "I feel like I've been fucking for a week."

He pressed himself up on his free arm and looked at her. She looked beautiful. Her hair was ruffled and she was tugging on his arm, barely able to move it. His hardness twitched under him at the sight of her.

He smirked.

"Well, seeing you want to shower together, I guess I should make an effort for my guest."

Looking at her naked wasn't helping his erection at all so he figured he may as well get up. He pushed himself up, moved to the edge of the bed and sat, Emma still pulling on his arm. He looked down at his groin, shook his head and made an exaggerated show of looking shocked. Then he closed one eye and pursed his lips in mock admonishment as he looked at her.

"And no funny business."


She let her gaze fall to his hard cock and giggled, wiggling her brows. "No funny business? Thaaaat's not what you were saying last night. I'm pretty sure you were the one begging for more." She teased and let out a half giggle, half snort type of laugh.

Not being able to help herself, she pressed close to him, her soft curves and skin fitting perfectly against his form as she wound her arms around his waist and pulled him to her. Awkwardly and playfully she shuffled them back, laughing as he made a big production of the trip to the bathroom. Her mouth pressed to his neck and shoulder, letting him push her into the tiny bathroom and then crowding her into the tiny shower stall.

She was grinning until the cold water hit and then she squealed and tried to meld into him. He seemed unaffected, grinning as she squirmed and shivered, her pretty nipples turning instantly hard and poking into his chest and goosebumps spreading all over.

"Jesus! I don't know how you deal with that every morning." She complained with a shudder as the water pelted against him, then splashed up against her. Still, between the shiver and gasps, she grabbed the soap and began running her soapy hands over his body, relishing the feel of him. "Mmmmm...well, at least it's more fun than doing things alone." She quipped and leaned forward to swirl her tongue around one flat nipple.


Her squeals as the cold water hit her made him laugh.

"Thought you be used to it by now, Emma," he said.

She shivered and he could see the goosebumps rising on her smooth pale skin. One more pleasant side-effect of the cold water was that her nipples were erect and hard and he could feel them pressing into his skin as she held him close. His cock was again rock hard and it was pressing into her lower belly.

She had lathered the soap and was washing him down with her small hands. It just made his desire more palpable and his dick bounced and twitched in reply to her touch on his body. Then she leaned forward and he felt her warm tongue swirling on his tight, hard nipple. He placed his hand on the back of her head and leaned his head back against the wall and let out a soft moan. The feel of her warm tongue contrasted with the cold water to arouse him even more.

He let one of his hands slide down between them, their bodies slick with soap. Once his hand reached the top of her entrance, he slipped his finger between the folds, looking for her tender bud. He found it and then gently ran his finger over it. It felt hard and engorged.

"Looks like I'm not alone in thinking what I'm thinking," he murmured and then pushed another of his fingers gently into her while still sliding the other slowly over her clit.

He was sure the water didn't feel so cold now

Emma sighed and then moaned as Liam's clever fingers slid down between them and began toying with her sex. "Mmmmm...you might be right..." She breathed, her hips moving to press against him more fully, wanting his fingers among other things deep inside.

The slip of his fingers circled her hard little nub and made her quiver. For a moment her head fell forward, her forehead pressing against his chest as her own fingers slid down. Soapy and slippery they circled his hard twitching cock and she began to stroke him, feeling devilishly naughty and oh so good at the same time. "Oh yes." She sighed, her thighs trembling, her knees wobbling as stroked his hard shaft and nipped at his skin.

Her hips moved to meet his probing finger, rubbing against the others for added friction as she began to pant. He was quickly making her burn from the inside out. A sweet white hot flame that was making her ache and pulse for release. Lifting her head, she slid one hand up his shoulder, to the back of his neck and pushed it through his hair. Her fingers flexed, her small hand surprisingly strong as she gripped his hair and tugged him down to lock her lips with hers. Her mouth was almost desperate, much like his had been the night before. "One more time, Liam." She moaned out between kisses, her mouth sucking on his lower lip and nipping. "And I promise to make coffee after." She teased and giggled breathless as he backed her up against the stall, pressing her tight between it and his hard, unyielding body.

Her mouth was relentless on his, drawing his tongue deep into her mouth. The cold water was forgotten, only the heat of his body seeping into hers, his hands on her, his mouth eagerly reciprocating. Liam. She was lost in him all over again.


Emma angled her hips so that his hand had better access to her clit and warm slit. He pushed his finger into her and very gently rubbed the top of her clit with his thumb, occasionally dropping it to swirl around the base. She bucked and rode against his hand, trying to claim more for her nub of pleasure and forcing his finger in more deeply.

Her hand slid down between them and he felt her grasp his hard cock, the slippery soap making her pumping feel smooth and silken. Her other hand reached behind to the back of his neck, drawing his head down to hers so that she could kiss him. She was almost ravenous now, her mouth covering his. Between kisses, she moaned.

He laughed.

"Well, I guess there are some things one can endure if there is a coffee at the end of it," he said, pushing another finger into her.

The water and soap had made their bodies slick and he placed his free hand on her breast, gently tweaking her hard nipple. The kisses continued and he pushed his tongue into her, feeling the heat of her warm mouth. He pressed again her, one hand in her cunt and rubbing her clit, the other playing with alternating nipples. Squeezing, pulling, gently pinching. She was riding his fingers for all she was worth and he had her pressed tight against the shower wall. His cock felt like an iron bar in her small hand and he started to pump his hips in rhythm with the sliding of her hand up and down his shaft.

Hansen kissed her again, bearing down hard on her mouth. Her pumping of his cock was getting him harder all the time and his hips bucked into her. He took one hand from her breast and cupped it behind her, virtually one whole ass cheek sitting in his hand. Even though he didn't want to, he took his other hand from her clit, and cupped the other ass cheek in it.

Emma was pressed against the wall now with both his hands cupping her tight butt. She felt very light to him and he raised her about a foot in the air, her back sliding along the smooth wall of the shower. He stepped closer and she was dangling with her feet in the air and her face at his level.

He smiled at her.

Her cunt entrance hovered over the tip of his cock. He kept looking into her eyes and then slowly he started to let her slide back down until the tip of his cock was touching the entrance to her warm hole.

"I want this, Emma," he said in a hoarse whisper. "Again."

He recommenced her slide down the wall and his cock pushed through her swollen pink folds and into her cunt. He continued lowering her until she was totally impaled on his shaft, her clit resting against the base. Her small feet were still dangling off the floor, but he could hold her there easily. The shower water continued to beat down on them and he kissed each one of her nipples gently, giving them a swirl with his tongue before he returned to her mouth.

He pulled back slightly and started to gently rock his hips, pumping his cock into her and rubbing her clit with the shaft.

He closed his eyes, reveling in the travel of his cock in her warm cunt.

Wish I'd met you earlier, Emma.


"Yeees..." She moaned. She adored how easily he lifted her, cupping her tight little bottom and then slowly letting her sink onto his steely shaft. She mewled, the sexy little sounds muffled against his mouth as he kissed her deeply and then began to slowly thrust his hips between her legs.

She gasped and and clung, her nails digging into his shoulders , her thighs locking around his hips as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around him. She breathed his name, dropping her back against the stall as she gasped for a breath and shivered as his warm mouth slid down the length of the cool column of her neck.

The contrasting sensations of heat and cold was strangely sensual, making her even more aware of his body and where they touched, connected and held. She held his gaze, her lips swollen from his kisses and body flushed despite the cold as he drove a little faster, a little harder. She wanted to urge him, wanted to beg for him to take her hard and fast, but also relished the sweetness of their coupling. Her cunt clung to him like a glove, tightening and squeezing, beginning to milk his shaft as she began to feel herself teeter over the edge and into pure sweet oblivion. Emma's back stiffened, her limbs quivering as she felt the hot rush of release, her cry filling the small face as she creamed all over him all over again.

And still he moved, driving harder, making her tits bounce and body slide up against the shower stall. His big hands tightened on her ass, squeezing the globed as he took his own fill. His muscles rippled under her hands and legs as she held on tight, her sensitive pussy continuing to ripple as he kept pushing wave after wave of pleasure over her.


Hansen pressed Emma against the wall and slowly rocked his hips, kissing her as he drove his cock into her. She lifted her legs, her thighs wrapped around his hips and moaned into his mouth. He continued to slowly thrust into her as he ran his mouth down the side of her neck, first one side then the other.

As he felt her now familiar quickening, he sensed that she was once again approaching the edge of ecstasy and was not far from falling over it. He felt her body stiffen against him and her cunt clamped down tighter on his cock. The water was running over them, their bodies slick and wet and his driving cock - there was nothing else in that moment, but their bodies' inexorable race to orgasm.

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