tagBDSMShadowMistress: First Lesson

ShadowMistress: First Lesson


It had been several days since the Choosing Ceremony, and once more Her followers were gathering at the Manor. Tonight would be quite different, more personally interactive for her. She slowly braided the long thick mane into something more controlled and finished it off with a thin strip of leather dyed to match the cream colored satin bustier that struggled to contain Her breasts.

Even Her boots were made of the same dyed leather. In fact, the only part of Her apparel not made of leather, was the narrow shear strip that wrapped around her bare hips. There it hinted at, but did not completely show, the tangle of closely trimmed curls at the apex of Her thighs. Turning slowly, She looked at Her reflection with a critical eye.

Once satisfied that all was in order, She opened the door to Her chambers and proceeded down the long hallway that led to the Great Room. As usual, James waited at the double doors that would open out into the over-sized room where the Meetings and Games were held. Over his arm lay a cloud-like mass of sheer ecru chiffon, and as she drew nearer he shook it out to reveal a long gossamer cloak with an attached hood.

The gleam of excitement in his eyes, matched the same erotically blazing fire in Hers as he draped the cloak about Her pale bare shoulders. Tonight, a lesson would be played out for all to see. Tonight, pleasure would be on display in it's most basic form. Both LadyAngel and her favorite toy would satisfy a raging lust neither of them had been willing to satisfy in anticipation of this very evening. James offered his arm, the Lady laid Her hand upon it, and as the doors opened they walked through together.

Respectful silence met them as James led his Mistress up the steps to the huge throne-like chair on the dais. She turned to look out over the double rows of kneeling students, males on Her right, females on Her left. The subtle tilt at the corners of glossy wine tinted lips blossomed into a feral smile, and the lustful glow in Her smokey green eyes intensified as they visually caressed each bowed head.

The sconce lights along the chamber walls slowly dimmed, and the faint sound of background music began to filter through the room. No one moved, no one made a sound ... they waited for Her to speak, they waited for Her to give them instruction. They, the Favored Ones, waited for their Mistress to give them direction as if their every happiness depended upon Her words. When She spoke in softest tones, the music did not drown out the sweet sound of Her voice.

"you come to me to be taught how to please, and how be pleased. you come to Me to learn self-control. Tonight begins the first of many lessons. From this point on, everything you know to be true, will change ..... It has begun." murmured LadyAngel, as She stepped back and sank onto the edge of the heavy oaken chair.

James moved back a step and lifted the cloak from her shoulders, allowing it to billow around the leather cushion placed behind Her back. The Lady's skin seemed to glow with an inner light as the diffused spotlight above Her chair switched on. James paused to drink in the sight of his Mistress, then again stepped back into his position at the right corner of Her chair. Once in place he loosened the sash of the robe he wore and shrugged, it slithered slowly down his nude body to pool around his feet.

At the muted sound of a gong, two of the cloaked female subs removed the robe of the Lady's newest trainee. Then each took her by a trembling hand and led her up the steps of the dais, where she knelt completely naked before her Mistress.

"as My submissive, you are bound to seek My pleasure, no matter what that might entail." said the Lady. "if your efforts satisfy me, you will be allowed the taste of My release. Until My satisfaction is achieved you are merely My slut, nothing more and nothing less, do you understand?"

Her submissive quickly murmured. "Yes, Mistress."

The Lady spread Her legs wide to bare the deliciously pale pink pussy, crowned with a soft mat of neatly trimmed auburn curls. As She did so, several muffled moans filtered up from the others and their Mistress smiled with pleasure at the sound.

"taste Me, slut!" She growled.

The submissive tentatively began to lick, the tip of her tongue barely brushed against the tight red curls and she shivered at the sweetness of her Mistress' honeyed nectar. LadyAngel gave an impatient flick of her hand, James instantly responded by moving around behind the kneeling woman and pushed her face into the heated lips of the Lady's slit. The sub's hands hit the floor with a soft slap, as her ass lifted high and her knees slid apart in an attempt to keep from completely losing her balance. The Lady curled Her fist around the woman's swaying ponytail, and used it to control the movement of her mouth.

James silently drifted back to his place, as two of Mistress' male subs removed the robe of Her male trainee and led him up onto the dais behind the kneeling woman. He knelt behind the woman, grasped her hips in his hands and without a word thrust his rampant cock into her unprepared pussy. Her scream was muffled by the walls of her Mistress' thighs pressed tightly against each side of her face. LadyAngel pulled hard on the bunched tail of hair held tightly in her fist, trapping the shrill cries against Her increasingly wet hole as Her newest male sub continued to fuck the woman mercilessly.

Slowly the strangled cries melted into moans, the sound sinking deeper into her chest. Her body began to push back, responding to the man's increasingly hard thrusts. He leaned forward, his hand gliding up from her hip to cup the hard nub that tipped one swaying breast. His fingers began to pinch and tug at the nipple. Slowly twisting the hard flesh seemed to increase the force with which she rocked back onto his pounding cock.

The Lady slowly sank back against the leather cushion behind her and lifted one knee over the arm of her chair. Pulling on the braided rope of hair, She pulled Her slut's face away from Her pussy and hissed. "cum, little slut ... cum all over My cock!"

The woman's eyes rolled back until only the white's were showing under the half closed lids and her back bowed high in the air. Her juices slowly seeped out around Mistress' cock, and dripped onto the floor, creating a small puddle between her quivering knees. Her male sub began to hump feverishly, he quickly released the woman's tormented nipple and sank his fingers brutishly into her hips.

It took everything he had to lift his eyes to gaze at his Mistress and breathlessly whisper. "Please Mistress, please allow Your cock to cum!"

"My cum is not for an unlearned one such as this. She has yet to earn My cock's cum." said the Lady, with a harsh smile curving Her dark red lips.

"please Mistress, please allow Your cock to cum!" he began to beg, need in every rasped word.

LadyAngel softly whispered, "My cock will join his cum with that spilled by Mistress' slut on the floor."

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you for allowing me to cummmm, Mistressss!" he hissed between clinched teeth.

With a deep guttural groan, he jerked free of the woman's body and howled as cum began to spew from the swollen head of his cock. Stream after stream of thick milky goo mixed with the almost transparent wet puddle on the stone floor. Tears ran down the cheeks of Lady Angel's new slut, her body shuddering under the last waves of the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced.

Mistress' cock struggled to his feet and step, by slow step, he backed down to the floor. There he gazed adoringly at the petite redhead sitting on the heavy oaken chair. This woman held the key to satisfying his deepest desires, and he would devote everything he was to pay her homage.

At the same time, Mistress' slut remained crouching on her hands and knees. She could barely lift her head but with every breath, she whispered her love for the woman sitting before her. Overcome with the strength of that love, she leaned forward and began to rub her cheek against the side of one white leather boot. Lady Angel merely watched silently until finally, after several moments, James signaled and the same two women returned to assist Mistress' slut to her feet. Between them she was led back to her pillow.

Throughout this display, for that is exactly what it was, James had stood silently at his Lady's side. Her pleasure became his and as Her excitement grew, so did his. Proof of that sprang erect from his groin, opalescent drops clinging to the quivering tip. Where a lesser man might be tempted to ease the need that coursed through his body like aching waves of static electricity, James never considered taking such liberties with His Lady's favored toy. That right belonged to his beloved Mistress, and was Her's alone.

LadyAngel never shifted Her gaze from the rows of males and females at the foot of the dais. Yet, Her hand unerringly found and claimed the aching visible proof of his need. James' eyes closed and a blissful expression found it's way across his face. The mere touch of Her hand never failed to push him to the point of breaking, and he rejoiced in every second of it. In fact, the tighter Her grasp became, the closer he surged towards releasing the pent up fountain of cum boiling in his balls.

"Come My pet, properly pleasure your Mistress. Show those who wish to become more than they ever dreamed, what it takes to please a Mistress." She said, the sound of Her words barely more than a whisper.

His only acknowledgement of Her words was to take the few steps around the side of Her chair and sink to his knees. Burying his face between the pale thighs spread so lewdly apart, he drove the stiffened length of his tongue between Her slick wet lips. Her smile spread wider and once more there was scattered moans from those watching from the floor. The woman who's place he took, pressed her forehead against the bare floor, weeping bitter tears because she had failed to satisfied her Mistress.

James grasped both of his Mistress' ankles and gently draped them over the arms of the chair, never once letting his tongue slip free of Her overheated pussy. His hands slid back to grasp Her ass and pull Her closer to the edge of the chair. Once She was in such a erotically vulnerable position, he began to hungrily lap at Her glistening slit. He took his time to curl the tip of his tongue into the bottom of it, momentarily caressing the scant inch of smooth skin.

Then began to slowly drag the flat length of his tongue up to just under the hard little nub of a clit that peeked out from under its hood. At the barely suppressed growl his Mistress allowed to escape, he attacked harder, using his lips and tongue to capture the swollen lips that wrapped around the opening to Her throbbing hole.

Pushing ever closer, he drove the length of his tongue into her pussy, the force of his thrust pushed Her back against the leather cushion with a barely suppressed grunt. The faint sound was like music, whipping at him to try harder ... and he did. His arms encircled her thighs, spreading them impossibly wide. He now had room to take as much of Her as he could get.

From his chin against the smooth bit of skin at the bottom of her slit, to the bridge of his nose pressing against Her mound, he feasted. Licking and nibbling, he felt Her muscles ripple under his attack. Each time his teeth bit down, She hissed. Every wet swipe of his tongue lifted Her ass higher off the seat of the chair. Even though he wasn't watching, he knew Her hands were digging claw-like into the leather boots that covered the calves of Her legs.

Suddenly he heard shrill keening cries as a wash of hot cum spilled out onto his pumping tongue. He had achieved the pentacle of perfection, he had made his Mistress cum. Spurred on, he sucked and licked relentlessly until Her flesh was cleaned of the sweet-saltiness of Her juices. There was a collective sigh from those watching as he shifted and laid his cheek against Her thigh. He panted as if having just completed a marathon, and his rampant cock throbbed with the ever accelerating beat of his heart.

As Her hand caressed his cheek gently, he moaned. His body, already stretched to it's limits, shuddered violently with the wash of need that would have felled a man of lesser strength. It wasn't the touch of her hand that pushed him over the edge, it was the slight sting of the suede strands that whipped across his ass. A harsh growl ripped past his lips, and drove him upright onto his knees, face to face with his Mistress.

"give My cock to Me!" the Lady hissed against his lips.

He reared up, holding Her cock tightly in one fist and speared the swollen, dark head into the steamy entrance to Her core.

"YES! ... fuck your Mistress, pet! ... fuck ME!!!!" She snarled.

Releasing a cry filled every bit of desperation he possessed, James grasped the arms of Her chair and used them as leverage to drive the hard length of his shaft into LadyAngel's grasping cunt. Each thrust was accompanied by the swish and slap of the flogger across his ass cheeks, spurring him on. He couldn't have stopped, even if She had demanded it. The need to fulfill her wishes only secondary to his need to cum, both forced him to grab Her under each knee and lean in, trapping Her body between his and the chair back. Grunting like an enraged bull, he fucked harder and harder.

The wet sounds of two bodies slamming together mingled with the increasing snap of the flogger. The scent of sex grew strong in the air until it became an aphrodisiac, increasing their desires almost to the point of madness. They were reduced to the most basic of creatures ... lust driven beasts.

A roar was suddenly ripped from James' throat as his body slammed tightly against his Mistress. Thick ropes of cum flooded Her rippling cunt, squeezing around him as if milking the heavy sac of each precious drop. The flogger whipped up one last time, and wrapped around his throat. LadyAngel caught and held the tangled ends of the strands. Her mouth covered his, swallowing the raging howls that continued as his hips jerked weakly between her spread thighs.

Slowly Her legs slid free of his loose grasp, and wrapped around his hips. She planted the soles of both boots against the cheeks of his flexing ass, holding him trapped inside her pussy. He thrust the length of his tongue between her lips and she sucked in rhythm to the straining muscles that continued to drain his balls. Slowly his arms fell limply against his sides, and he was released to sink onto the floor in front of Her chair.

Lady Angel looked out over the rapt face watching throughout the room. She arose from the chair, stepped over Her pet's prone body and walked to the edge of the dais. Glistening rivulets of their juices ran down the inside of Her stocking encased thighs with every step. Every male submissive and every female submissive watched Her hungrily, they wanted to taste Her passion. They wanted to be the one chosen to lick the sticky cum off her skin. She was lust personified in their every waking dream.

"you have done well, My beautiful submissives. Tonight was only the first step in the journey We have undertaken. I am pleased." A faint smile slowly came over Her face.

James got to his feet and lifted the gossamer cloak from the chair. His hands trembled a bit as he carefully draped it about Her shoulders. Once more his arm was offered, and together they left the dais. After several moments, the Lady's Chosen Ones rose to their feet and silently filed out through the heavy wooden doors.

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