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Shangri-La Ch. 01


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age, even if depicted or referenced as otherwise in their original source material. I do not own Dynasty Warriors or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Diaochan (Dynasty Warriors series), Dong Zhuo (Dynasty Warriors series)

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La - Chapter 1

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

* * *

In an alternative universe...

"Lu Bu! You ungrateful whelp!" Dong Zhuo, the essentially self-appointed Prime Minister and ruler of the surrounding lands from the imperial capital, roared as he stared down the man who was his adopted step-son. Zhuo standing in lavish attire of imperial colours of purple and gold with an Emperor's crown headpiece on his head. Across his bulging stomach designs of pretty hand maidens, clipped to the rest of her armour with 'braces' at the front while an imperial cape hung from the back. "After everything I've done for you! Taking you in as my son! This is how you repay me?!?"

Lu Bu, the imposing demon-like warrior just snorted in response, holding his mighty weapon in one hand as he stood across the throne chamber. His black armour shining from the light of candles in the room. Pointing the sharp point of the blade towards Zhou with the kind of stare that would send any normal rank-and-file troops fleeing in fear. "I owe you nothing... Now die, before the mightiest warrior in the land!" He said, starting to step forward with intentions of more than just harm.

From the corner of the entranceway to the throne room Diaochan, the beautiful dancer who had been forced as many other pretty ladies to serve Zhuo, peered around to watch as her plan took hold. Having used her charms and stunning looks to convince the beast-like warrior Lu Bu to kill his adoptive father for the benefit of his own quest to prove his might, as well as the benefit of the land. Her clothing of punks, purples and lilac deliberately eye-catching as it was tight to her body, cut at the top to show off her large chest while open at the sides to show off her long, smooth legs with her feet resting in heeled shoes. Topped off with a lavish headpiece that held her long dark hair in a ponytail.

"Lu Bu... You worthless dog!" Zhuo spat as the imposing warrior continued to step forward. However, suddenly a grin started to creep across his bearded face as he stood hands on his wide stomach. "Did you really think I wouldn't know of this treason?"

"...What?" Lu Bu questioned.

Suddenly, from behind side decoration panels at the walls of the room, men pulled at ropes, making the click of metal be heard. Suddenly dropping from the roof were several clay balls that feel onto and around Lu Bu as a thick, rope net fell onto him. "Stupid tricks!" Bu roared as he stood unfazed, weapon up ready to strike. "I will...!" He started to speak, before Zhuo suddenly tossed a clay ball of his own towards his newfound enemy. Except this spear had a short string coming from it that was burning out from a flame it on the end.

Diaochan could only scream in horror as the resulting explosion sent Lu Bu crashing out from the room at her feet, knocked unconscious by the surprise assault.

"I... I must warn father!" She said, turning to flee as her plan unravelled. Onto to stop in her tracks when the swords of several guards were now pointing at her.

From within the room, a dark laugh was heard as Zhou walked out, glancing at the now standing frozen in fear woman with disgust, before turning an equal look towards the knocked out warrior. "...Take these traitors away, and arrest the fellow conspirators of Diaochan, including her father!" He ordered, before turning to look at the dancer. "You? I will decide your fate tomorrow... I have a celebration banquet to enjoy tonight to commemorate defeating your assassination attempt!"

* * *

The next day...

"What have you done with my father??" Diaochan demanded as she was made to stand in front of Dong Zhuo as he sat on his imperial throne, despite only (in title) being the Prime Minister of the region.

"Ha! Such disgusting impudence!" Zhuo said with a chuckle, showing that he wasn't fazed by her demand. A wave of his hand instructing the guards behind her to depart, leaving the unarmed woman in front of the man who now controls her life, and no doubt that of her father too. "Of all the questions you, a would be assassin would ask?"

He paused, taking a sip of wine from a gemstone-set golden goblet before rudely tossing it away to send the liquid spilling to the ground. "Your manipulative old man is down in a jail cell, next to that ungrateful scum I once called my son. Lu Bu can rot down there for all I care now, but your father? Since from what I understand he masterminded this whole plot against me? I will publicly execute him tomorrow for his crimes against myself and the Imperial Court!"

"You wouldn't dare!!" Diaochan exclaimed in horror at the thought of this failed plan leading to her father's death.

"Why not?!? I can do as I please! This will be my land! A land full of wine, women and song! A paradise of my own making!" He boasted. "I could have just killed him yesterday for daring to defy me!" He paused, taking a moment to look over the dancer in front of him as he began smiling again. "Yet, I have not. Why? Because I know he means something to you... So for your part in all of this? You shall be punished Diaochan... And in return? I may still spare the life of your father..."

"You... You would spare him?" She questioned, suspicion in her voice but a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

"Ah! Have your interest, do I?" Dong smirked as he ran a hand through his ragged beard. "Your punishment? I demand lifelong servitude to me. Unquestioned, undeniable and unlimited. Whatever I say, you do it. Any command, any order, and any... Act." He said, taking a moment to let out a short and sinister laugh. "You will obey. If you dare disobey me I'll have it seen to that the next time you ever see your father will be when his head falls off his shoulders when I slice it off!"

"I... Must serve you?" Diaochan said, like she was saying it to make it clear what this all meant. "And you'll let my father go? Unharmed?"

"Of course..." The warlord said, smiling as it was clear she was already taking the bait of his offer. "Perhaps into an exile of some sort... But only if you agree to my demand. You serve me above all else, just like you were supposed to do before your foul, traitorous ways became apparent."

"You... You promise?" She asked, cautiously approaching him as he sat.

"You have my word, as the Imperial Prime Minister of the land..." Zhuo said with a sick, toothy smile as he watched her walk up the steps to stand in front of him.

"Then..." She sighed in shame, head down for a moment in sadness at this cruel offer she knew could potentially save her father's life, but was coming from a scumbag of a man who should not be trusted, let alone obeyed. "Then... I accept." She said, looking up to him but with a tone of voice that showed she was far from happy with it. "I will be your servant, L... Lord Zhuo." Those words making her stomach turn.

Zhuo just sat and laughed loudly at the acceptance. Smiling as he finished and looked her over. "Excellent! I accept for submission Diaochan! But servant? My dear... You're going to be more than that... So how about you begin your new life?" He said, patting the large dragon-like plate that acted as a 'buckle' to the sash around his waist. "Service me... Put that manipulative little mouth of yours to a proper use!

Hesitating for a moment, knowing full well what that meant, she nodded slightly in understanding before slowly lowering herself down to her knees in front of the man she's just consensually agreed to be the sex slave of. Her hands reaching up to take her time to remove that decorative plate, and then the band around him. Reaching up to tug at, and then lower down the large sized pants he had on.

Diaochan almost jolted back at what she saw, her eyes wide in shock and unable to put on her usual 'mask' to hide her emotions as her mouth opened. Despite his ugly face and obese body, his cock? Was the longest and fattest she'd ever seen. Already rock hard too, and with a set of heavy balls to match with a mass of thick pubic hair that rather matched the beard he had. She'd seduced plenty a man in her time, and easily so. None of them ever came close to matching this size. How could a man so repulsive have a manhood so incredible? She swallowed down some saliva, realising she was in deeper than even her worst nightmares could have imagined.

"Oh? Did Lu Bu not possess a size like man?" Dong proudly bragged, seeing her look. "Or did you never get that far with him?" He added in taunting fashion.

"I... That m-matters not right now!" She said, attempting to sound defiant but failing as she didn't even manage to rip her eyes away from his tool when she spoke.

"Quite true!" He said, making a waving motion with his hand. "Well then... Get on with it! That is, if you want your father to live to see tomorrow..."

"I... I understand..." Diaochan says sadly, further admitting her defeat as she takes a hold of her master's cock. Once again hesitating before gripping because of the unexpected size. Her fingers soon wrapping around the length as she pumps at him, getting a low murmur of approval from the fat warlord. Refusing to look up at him, but knowing there is little she can do to put off matters considering his rock hard state, she proceeds onward. Even knowing how disgusted she is with herself at whoring herself out, even to save her own father's life.

Lowering her head towards his crotch, her body tenses at the musk that hits her nostrils. A shiver running through her curvaceous body unlike anything she's experienced before. Eye closing for a moment in further disgust until they widen upon hearing Zhuo snap his fingers with impatience. An obedient nod given by her as she opens her mouth. Tongue out as far as she can before applying it to the bulbous head of his rod. A moan of pleasure escaping his widely smiling face as he stares down at his prize. Watching as the sultry dancer starts to run her tongue around the top of his cock with soft and slow, but most importantly enjoyable, swirling licks around and across his bell-end.

"Ahhhhh... Diaochan! It appears you have quite the experienced tongue there..." Dong comments with a loud, mocking laugh. Relaxing back as his slave moves downward onto him. Sliding her tongue along the side of his member as he reached the thick mass of pubic hair around his base. Another moment of self-loathing from herself as she closed her eyes, forcing her tongue to roam near the crotch before she lifted back up. Another pass all the way around the head from that tongue to leave it with a generous covering from her saliva.

"Mmmm... You look rather suited for this! On your knees... Servicing cock... Dare I say you appear... Mmmm! More talented at this than dancing!" He added with a shameless, toothy grin as he stared down at the woman willingly, but only to save the life of another, was lapping at his dick. "Now, enough of this weak technique of yours!" He snapped, grabbing the headpiece that keeps her long hair in a ponytail. "Open wide, and service your Lord like a good whore should!" He said as an order, without giving her an option to discuss the choice.

"Yes Lor...UHHHHLLLKK!!" Diaochan's eyes widened as when she tried to speak, he instead brought her gorgeous face straight down onto his cock in rough fashion. Forcing more man-meat past her lips than she's ever had to handle before in her life as indicated by the loud gagging sound she lets out. Hands instinctively going up, finding purchase on his fat thighs but only getting more inches shoved past her soft lips. Eyes staring up, pleading for even a little mercy from the cruel warrior as she was made to choke again around his man-meat. Only getting a twisted smile in response as, holding the back of her head with a hand, he moved her head upward just to bring her back down onto his length.

"GAHHHHH!! HHHHLLLLKK!! HHHHMMMPHHHH!!" She cried out as she gagged and saliva splattered out from her open mouth as her face was fucked on Zhuo's cock. Not even getting a chance to properly blow him as he roughly used her oral hole for his sinful pleasure. Pulling her mouth down deeply onto his tool to make her choke each time his thickness entered her throat. Before sharply drawing her upward but only until the crown on himself remained in her mouth as he repeated the action. Giving no time to rest and recover as he rammed his dick into his living property again and again. Leaving her with saliva already dripping not just off of his inches but down from her mouth and off her chin, staining her stylish, form fitting attire and tops of her exposed cleavage.

"Ha! Diaochan! I'd expected... Mmmmm! A whore like you to be used to servicing men like this!" Dong mocked as he continued to bring the pretty facial features of the sexy dancer down towards his crotch before sliding her back upward with an approving groan. "Don't worry... Ahhhh! Now that you're all mine... We'll have plenty of time to practice!" He added with a hearty, yet sinister chuckle as he held onto the grip of her head. This time making her mouth be pushed down into the forest of pubic hair at his face much to her groaning shame. Her eyes closed as she gagged again, made to deep throat all of this cruel man's cock into her far from experienced mouth. Unable to resist or fight back, knowing the consequences. Her chin resting against his heavy balls as she was stuck down in that position for several, rasping moments before he pulled her straight off of rod.

"Ahhhhhhh!!" She gasped with wide, watering eyes. Little time to recover as her cheek was brought against the cock she'd been gagging all over and staring up, she got to work. Tongue out to lick at his side to get a pleasurable groan out of him as she flicked away at his size. His hand leaving her head, allowing her to move down as she wisely worked on the underside. Able to draw in long overdue air through the nose while her tongue slid up from his ball sack all the upward until reaching the head. Buying herself a little recovery time as she again worked him over with a swirl around the crown.

"Hmmmm? What's this?" Dong said in a mocking tone. A finger reaching forward to catch a tear that was slowly running down her cheek as she licked at his tool. "So happy to be serving me that you're crying in joy!" He claimed with a cruel laugh, before wiping it off onto the strands of her hair on the top of her head to further put his new beauty in her place.

"I...I am here... Here to s-serve you, my Lord..." Diaochan responded as she sat back for a moment. Clearly not having cried for that brief moment out of delight, but whether it was from the shame of having to be the lover for this ugly, large man or from the discomfort of the face fucking is unclear.

"And serve me you shall..." He said, letting out a snigger as he licked his lips. "Now, let me see that lovely body of yours..." He ordered, motioning with a wave of his hand. "The sinful body that turned my ungrateful adopted son against me..." He added with a dark tone.

Responding with a timid nod, Diaochan shifted back as she stood up from in front of his throne. Reaching down to undo the front of her dancer's attire at the flower design. Pulling the garment apart to her sides, the sight soon had a wide, lewd grin on the warlord's face at what he saw. Her smooth, stunning body on full display. Her ample, round chest falling free with an erotic, but not intentional for him bounce. While down below a tight looking pussy, completely shaved with clear skill but not appearing to be wet at the slightest. Proving her disgust with having to be the sex slave to this hideous in more ways than one man.

"Delicious..." Zhuo commented with approval, before using a finger to beckon the woman who tried to have him killed over to him. "Bring that succubus body over here..." He ordered as he scanned her nude form with an obvious hunger.

"Yes... Yes, my Lord..." She said in defeat with a slow nod to match. Slipping off her heeled shoes before stepping over her clothing as she stepped towards him. "What is... Ahhhhh!" She gasped when yet again he made the move before giving her a choice. Not that she was able to object to anything he wanted from her, as per the terms of this indecent willing offer she's found herself in.

Pulling her right up against his bulging stomach, her thigh resting right at his coated with her saliva cock. His manhood not the focus for the moment however as with one hand he held her around her toned waist. Making her lean forward so her backside was sticking out. Another cry escaping her when his hand roamed across her cheek, before moving around and underneath her. Her body tensing as his fingers found her folds and slid across them. Causing her legs to part out of reflex, again to her groaning surprise as her wide eyes stared down at his hand. This was not what she had been expected, nor was she used to. Then again, she had secretly hoped that some oral service would have finished him off before. She was wrong then, and if she believed this ordeal that she had agreed to would end quickly she was very much mistaken.

"A body like this? Are you sure you're not a brothel worker instead of a dancer?" He mocked with a grin. His hand roaming back and forth along her slit for a moment, making her gasp out a moan as she rested her hands against his far from refined chest. "Hmmm? I thought you were my whore! You aren't even wet at all!" He commented as he applied a finger against her twat, making her groan again as the pressure ran along from the top of her down to the bottom. "Well, let's see if you can resist this then, hmmmm?" He said. The warning not giving any indication of his intention until he pressed on. That finger sliding up into her tight folds, causing her to rock towards him just from that push. Only serving to fall into his plans as his free hand captured her breast for a deep, commanding grab.

"Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!" Diaochan gasped out with wide eyes, staring at her new master and his toothy, sickening smile as she felt his almost pincer attack on two parts of her stunning body. His clammy hand groping at her large tit as his fingers easily bug into the flesh as he squeezed and moved her around. At the same time made to feel pleasure, unwanted as she knows it should be, from his digit sliding up into her snatch before sliding back out until just the tip remained. "L-Lord Zhuo! This... This is! Ahhhhhhh!" She tried to plead but to no avail as he continued to toy with her gorgeous frame. Keeping his finger pumping in and out of her snatch while his other hand moved to the other breast. Feeling her up and making her mound jiggle from the touch. Her teeth clamped together as she was made to feel sensations unlike anything any other man had made her feel. So used to being the one who did the seducing that it was a new battle she had no experience of to be played with in such an expert fashion.

"Heh... Now we're getting somewhere, my new lovely whore..." Dong proudly boasted as he pulled his finger out of her for a moment, looking down to admire the coating of juices he now had produced from him. "Now let's see what other wonderful sounds I can get out of you!" He said, before not just returning that digit into her, but a second for good measure. His attack instantly harvesting fruit as the dancer let out a moan before she could even try to suppress it. Her hips rocking back against his hand between her legs as he started to pump those fingers back and forth into her dampening hole. Forcing her tunnel to widen and accept the invasion as the slickness increased.

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