tagGroup SexShare, Dare or Bare

Share, Dare or Bare


The excellent food, wine and pot had worked their magic. The music provided a pleasant background as everyone was lounged in the large sofas feeling relaxed and very satiated as they sipped the after dinner Porto. Once again, Meg had confected a gourmets' delight and the two couples were in a playful mood, listening to the intimate jazz that was softly filling the room and relaxing in the glow of a perfect evening as the banter again drifted towards the flirtatious.

Lauren stretched out on the love-seat swirling her wine and inhaled the aroma emanating from the wine glass. She slowly raised the wine glass to her lips, tilting it slowly until some of the red liquid overflowed sensuously into her waiting mouth. She swished it around with her tongue and then swallowed slowly. "Well Meg, that was fantastic. You could charge big bucks for something like this. Have you ever given any thought to opening your own restaurant. You could call it 'Fantasy' or 'Indulgence' or something else decadent. I'd be a customer".

"Well that sounds interesting. What kind of fantasies would you be looking to satisfy Lauren?" quickly asked Jules as he looked her directly in the eyes enjoying flirting with her. He reached forward from his large chair for another joint from the dozen or so lying on the coffee table, lit one, held the smoke deep inside and passed it on to her.

Lauren toyed with the cigarette as she stalled for time as her mind hunted for the proper response. She breathed in the sweet and harsh smoke and taking further advantage of the time to think of an answer. Holding her breath, she passed the joint on to Meg as her mind continued to wander.

Mike waiting for his turn with the smoke teased his wife wondering what she would admit to, "Come on Lauren, tell us your fantasies".

Lauren still unsure of how much she wanted to admit to finally exhaled blowing her smoke directly back towards Jules. "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours, show me yours and I'll show you mine."

"Not so fast lady, in case you didn't notice, I asked the question sooo ... Ladies first!"

"Well okay then, but everyone has to share or I'm not playing. Promise everyone?"

With a slight shrug Mike agreed first. "I'm in, this could be fun."

Jules slowly looked around the room and nodded. "Oh yea! I'm in. This is sounds like fun."

Meg sat forward exhaled the smoke and looked her friend in the eyes. "Count me in. This is fun. Come on Lauren, let's hear what really turns your crank.". Licking her lips suggestively, she was successful in her attempt at being sexy as she leaned back into her couch, her eyes egging Lauren on.

"Well here goes then. But you guys had better do the same after." She paused looked down for a few seconds and then looked up and continued, "I guess I can't say I have any one fantasy. I have all kinds and tend to cycle through them regularly. I don't think I can say that I concentrate on any one fantasy in particular. It depends on the mood and what else is going on."

"What kind of a lame ass sharing of a fantasy is that Lauren?" asked Meg, her face in a mock grimace.

Mike smiled at her and waved his hands in protest towards his wife. " Foul play! No Goal, and you deserve a penalty. You get us all ready for a great revelation and you try to duck out with a statement like that."

"A penalty," intoned Jules, "now there is a game idea worth exploring, sort of like a truth or dare only it could be Share, Dare, or Bare. You tell us your fantasy and we believe or not. If two of us don't believe your fantasy, then the believer will assign a dare. If you refuse, you must lose a piece of clothing. It's like Share or Dare or Bare."

If two or more do, you can dare the unbeliever to do something. If they won't do it they .

"I'm not sure I like the direction this game is going." laughed Lauren feeling herself blush as she also felt the heat of excitement building in her panties.

"Well Lauren," laughed Meg, enjoying her friend's predicament, "seems as if nobody believes you. Now which will it be, dare or bare."

"Hey, this isn't fair. We are making this up as we are going along and I am being made the guinea pig here. You are making it hard on me just because I'm the first and I'm on the hook right now." She hesitated before continuing. "Okay, I'll play but be warned, you all have a turn to share and I'll be waiting and you will pay. Whoever dares me is the next to go." Lauren sat back and defiantly waited for their dare.

Jules smirked and said, "Hey Lauren, I kind of like the idea of you being a little pig. Hey Mike, don't you think we should be gentlemen and let the ladies go first again?"

"Meg, dare your friend," came from Mike as he smiled broadly.

Meg felt the excitement again knowing she would be next to have to share a fantasy. But for now, she enjoyed the idea of being in charge and decided to push her friend and see how far she would really go. "Dance for us and make it sexy. See if you can convince these guys you are sexy."

Lauren's jaw dropped slightly and she stared back at her friend. She was a little surprised that Meg should be trying to put her in the role of seductress. She glanced at her husband and saw him sitting there smiling with his tongue almost hanging out. She realized there would be no complaints from him. He had never hidden his voyeuristic side from her and she knew he was now enjoying the developments, ready and eager to be entertained. Jules was sitting with his arms spread across the back of his chair, legs spread showing off what appeared to be a growing package.

The air was charged. "You're on sexy, go for it." Meg sank back into the couch, satisfied at her inventiveness.

"Bastards" she thought. "Screw them if they think they are going to intimidate me. I'll show them I can dance."

She stood and started swaying with the music. rubbing her hands up and down the sides of her long peasant skirt, stroking her thighs and teasing her way towards her crotch, never quite reaching it. She felt sluttish, thrilling at seeing Mike trying to find room for his growing bulge.

"This isn't so bad, I can do this," she realized. She brazenly turned towards Jules and increased the movement of her hips. Staring him directly in the eyes, she undid a button on her blouse, bent forward and supported herself on his legs. His gaze drifted down to her lace clad breasts inches from his face. She had no doubt of his response as she could easily feel his manhood swelling against her thumb. Lauren felt a surge of dampness and she bowed her shoulders offering him a clearer view down her shirt as he returned his gaze to her swaying breasts clearly enjoying the show. She felt wanton and was really getting into the role.

She stood and turned with her whole body swaying sultrily to the music. She was now facing Meg and decided this was payback time for her friend.. "She wants sexy, I'll show her sexy," she thought. She advanced towards her in a slow swaying dance. Leaning forward she trapped Meg between her arms, a hand resting on the back of the couch. Her breasts shook closer and closer to Meg's face as Lauren leaned forward. Meg was staring at breasts through the open blouse as they kept getting closer to her face.

Meg looked at Lauren to see her smiling down at her as her blouse was now lightly rubbing her nose and mouth. Lauren was pleasantly surprised when Meg moved forward and sank her face in between the mounds, clearly reveling in the soft warm contact on her face. Lauren drew back slightly and lowered herself to lightly kiss her friend on the lips. She then stood just as the song ended.

Lauren was shocked at how turned on she was but smiled to herself when her eyes went from the flushed and confused look on Meg's face to the visible bulges in both the guys crotches. She let herself slide back into her chair not bothering to retie the button of her blouse knowing she was exposing a lot of cleavage.

"I would venture that everyone agrees that was sexy." She basked in the success she had playing her new role of vamp and squeezed her thighs together as the warmth spread from between her legs throughout her body. She felt sluttish and liked it. "Now unless I am misreading the bananas the guys are sporting, it's your turn now Meg. Share, Dare or Bare." She seductively blew a kiss across at her friend.

Meg knew that this game was going to get very daring in no time so she took a deep breath and started. "I have to admit that I find it stimulating to imagine making love or even just playing with myself in front of someone else. I'm a little bit of an exhibitionist I guess."

"That's not much of a fantasy Meg," said Mike. "Seems a little lame to me."

Jules spoke slowly agreeing with Mike's assessment. "I have to agree, honey, it's a little anticlimactic after Lauren's dance."

Lauren immediately saw a chance to get even and offered, "It would maybe be appropriate to demonstrate for us some of these fantasies. If you enjoy it I am sure we will also. So which will it be guys, she should play with herself a little just to convince us."

Jules cut in objecting. "Great idea Lauren. It's nice to see you offering to help out a friend but it's not your turn to come up with the dares." His face broke into a mischievous grin. "But listen, since you want to help, why don't you two dance together. I think both you girls had a good time with that last dance. Meg you will enjoy the freedom of living out a fantasy and Lauren, I'm sure you can just cycle through your list of fantasies and find an appropriate one. Mike and I will be here to make sure you are both sincere."

Mike shifted on his chair and tried to loosen the material choking his semi erect penis. "That sounds real good to me. I wouldn't mind seeing some hot girl on girl action."

Both women were still feeling excited from the dance yet felt this game was moving a little fast. Meg glanced at Lauren and immediately noticed that Lauren was beginning to lose her nerve. "Listen you guys, this is going a little too fast for me and it looks like Lauren is still tired from her last dance."

Mike interjected, "Fine, that's not a problem but according to the rules if you won't accept the dare then have to bare. You both have to lose some clothes." He turned to Jules and they both smiled as they high-fived their elation.

"Come on you guys, this is really something else. I tell you my fantasy and now you expect me to strip," objected Meg.

Jules held up his hands and added "Ok you're right. It might be a little unfair but I'll tell you what. As a good-will gesture, Mike and I are going to lose a piece of clothes along with the two of you. Right Mike?" He started unbuttoning his shirt. Mike showed his agreement by following his friend's example and his shirt came off.

"Hold on you two, If you want to take off your shirts, don't expect us to follow suit so easily. Besides, since when do we play sex games?" asked Lauren.

Jules stared straight into her eyes and stated "Since tonight I guess. It is just a game and you can always be a chicken. Say no and the game is over."

Lauren looked to her friend for support.

Meg for her part knew how often she and Jules had imagined playing around a little with another couple within sight of one another. The idea of her husband watching her while she made out with someone else was always a turnon for her in their shared fantasies. She and Jules had often played with the idea of a soft swap and she had often imagined making love with Mike while Jules had made no secret that he was very attracted to Lauren. She wasn't sure how far she wanted to go or what she was expecting to happen but she was excited and didn't want to slow the process.

With a crooked smile towards Lauren, her hands reached for the bottom of her t-shirt and she pulled it up slightly exposing her stomach. The shirt continued sliding up slowly until it was drawn over her head. She waved the shirt over her head and then threw it on the floor shrugging her shoulders in mock submission leaving it up to Lauren to do the same or to end the game.

Mike stared at Meg's well filled baby blue push-up bra, the ever expanding bulge in his pants a telling witness to his feelings in anticipation of knowing Lauren was going to follow suit. His look was not lost on Lauren and she knew he wanted her to play along as her fingers reached for the buttons of her blouse.

As her fingers started working the buttons, Lauren turned to look at Jules and found him sporting a huge hard-on he appeared proud of and he was making no effort to conceal it.. He was like a mirror as his eyes reflected his excitement and she realized it was making her feel very sexy and aroused. She knew he wanted her and was surprised with herself as she realized she was enjoying undressing under his intense gaze. A note of caution nagged at her. "Where was this silly game headed?" she found herself getting more and more into this game, wanting to play along. "Hell," she thought, "Turning them on is turning me on and if Mike doesn't mind, why not enjoy the moment?"

She sat back savoring their approving glances at her full sized breasts threatening to overflow the black lace bra. "So now it's your turn Jules, what are your fantasies?"

"Well I really like your fantasy Lauren and I've often told Meg how I would like to be the be the meat in a hot female sandwich. And I must say that the two of you are my kind of hot" added Jules looking at his wife Meg. "Actually," offered Jules, "I would really like to seduce a woman. You know, play into their rape fantasy. I think that would really make for great sex."

"Are you saying you would like to rape someone or be a date raper?" questioned Lauren.

"No no no, I would like to seduce a woman who says she won't or can't and have her become a more than willing participant. Not rape, seduce. I would never force myself upon the woman anymore than she wants, just seduce her and make her want to go on even as she says no. That would be a great turnon for me."

"Jules, I can't believe what I am hearing. You, a wannabe rapist. No means No. Don't you know that?"

Meg immediately leaned forward affording Mike a real eyeful as her mounds seemed ready to leap out of their light and delicate blue prison. She laughed and slapped her hands saying "See, I told you I was right. When a woman says No she means No. I keep telling him that ever since he first shared that fantasy with me."

"Come on you two,"protested Jules "women like to play hard to get and sometimes like to have some decisions made for them. It is a good feeling to relinquish responsibility for your actions. It allows them to fully enjoy themselves along with the added bonus of being guiltless about what they are doing. She no longer has control. So if a woman is enjoying herself, likes the man and what he is doing and how she is being turned on, she would enjoy letting a man have his way with her if the man was gentle but forcefully insistent."

"I have to agree with Jules", intoned Mike cowering from his wife in mock fear of her reaction. Sensing her lack of response, he continued, "You know that you sometimes resist my advances at first and it often ends in some of our best love making. I have to agree that under the right circumstance, women harbor a rape fantasy."

"But you know that's not the same, I know you and love you. This isn't a date and you are no stranger." insisted Lauren.

"Yes," insisted Jules "that may be true but my point is that with someone you find attractive it would or most probably could be different. Look at all the Harlequin books. Women have always been attracted to the bad boy image. Men ravish and women get ravished."

"Well," offered Mike "I still agree with Jules that under the right conditions, a No could easily change to a Harder. I would bet most men fantasize about seducing a reluctant woman and changing her into a wanton partner. I am ready to accept his fantasy. Well done partner." He and Jules again raised their hands in a high-five.

"Not so fast," said Lauren. "I think he should pay a penalty for wanting to force himself on a woman. There is no way a woman would like to be taken against her will. I know I wouldn't and think some sort of payback is in order. Don't you agree Meg?"

"I agree with Lauren and I also agree that a penalty is in order."

Mike protested "Hey guys, we're talking fantasy here right? Well I think that's as good a one as any and if Jules likes it then we should allow him the luxury."

"Well Mike if the two of you are in agreement then you are both going to have to pay a forfeit because we the majority don't accept it." Meg then lit another joint took a drag and passed it on to Lauren who was glowing with excitement knowing the tables were now turned on the guys. Lauren took her turn with the joint, and passed it on to Jules who brazenly ogled her breasts.

"That is unfair but let's hear your dare. I might lick, oops I mean like it." Jules laughed at his own joke.

"Well guys, seeing as how you both expected us to dance for you a while ago, why don't you two dance for us." offered Meg knowing these two macho guys would rather lose clothes than dance together.

"" cried Jules. "I offer a real fantasy and just because you don't want to admit to the possibility you could like it, you decide to cheat. You identify a dare you know we won't accept. If we refuse the dare, I think you both have to suffer the same fate for the foul and unsportsmanlike suggestion. It's only fair."

"So now you want me to dance with Meg?" asked Lauren.

Jules leaned over to consult with Mike and in no time they both were sporting large smiles. "Not so fast ladies. Mike and I aren't going to dance and neither are you. But since we have to lose some clothes, I guess you two will have to do the same." The guys stood, unbuckled their belts and dropped their pants. They stood there with the remnants of their excitement still clearly visible beneath their shorts. Both women liked what they were seeing.

"Your turn ladies" said Mike as he sat back down his thick cock now clearly visible.

Meg was the first to react as she stood and swaying back and forth, slowly untied her skirt and let it fall to the floor exposing her small bikini panties. She hooked the skirt with her foot and threw it at Mike. She then made a face at her husband and sat on her couch folding her legs under herself.

Lauren stood and unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She hooked it with her foot and reached down to catch hold of it. She folded it carefully as the guys carefully followed her every movement. She turned purposely bent at the waist to place the skirt on the chair giving them a perfect view of her panty clad ass cheeks. She lingered a little longer than necessary enjoying her exhibitionism and then confident in her sexuality sat down gloating.

"Wow!" was all Jules could manage to say. "Your turn Mike, what are your fantasies?"

"Well all right"said Mike as he looked at the two beauties clad only in panties and bras. "I would really enjoy witnessing some girl on girl action. That is something I often fantasize about and would love to see. You can sign me up for that fantasy. What about you Jules, doesn't that sound interesting to you?"

"Oh yea, I'll could go for that." said Jules once again fixing his stare on Lauren.

"Well that's true. No surprise, I think he'd love to see me make love with someone else regardless of sex." admitted Lauren. "It's probably another of men's shared fantasies, to see their wife with another man" suggested Lauren catching her husband's eyes and seeing them brighten momentarily. She smiled at his reaction knowing how the idea of her making out in front of him was a recurring fantasy in their role playing.

"If you ever want someone to seduce your wife for you Mike, I'm your man. She doesn't even have to want to, just allow me an opportunity to try and my tongue could make her change her mind."

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