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Shared Hotel


"Geez Mom," complained David Michaels as he dropped the two suitcases down in the hotel room.

Rachel Michaels peered over his shoulder entering the room to see the problem. She noticed it immediately. Instead of two double customarily found in an interstate motel room, there was just one queen size bed. A frown creased her 38-year old lips.

"Don't worry honey, I'll call the front desk," she walked past her college bound son and straight to the phone. She plopped her 120-pound frame on the bed and picked up the old style rotary phone. Dialing '0', Rachel connected with the operator.

"Miss, there is some mistake about our room..." Rachel began.

"...No we didn't use an online booking site...."

David saw the frown on his mother's face. He hated when she was upset. Her face always looked much brighter when she smiled. His mother frowned a lot when his father died. But recently she has come to terms with his passing and has started to move on with her life. David worried that going away to college might upset her, but she seemed to be in great spirits. She was extremely proud of him and was ecstatic that he got accepted on full scholarship to the UNH.

The only problem is that the school was more than a day's drive. The two of them drove as far as either could possibly handle. After a long stretch of empty highway, the pair came across a signs for motels at the next exit. Both agreed it was a perfect time to stop.

The woman working the front seemed affable and told them they were lucky to snag the last available room. Apparently a huge town festival was occurring the next day and all the rooms had been booked solid. That explained the no vacancy signs on the other Motels that they passed before coming to this one.

Unfortunately the front desk clerk neglected to mention that this room only had one bed. She must have assumed that they were lovers. David chuckled at that thought. His mother was still drop dead gorgeous at 38 and could pass off as a woman half her age. Rachel's long blonde hair flowed down to the middle of her back. She barely applied make-up, but it was hardly necessary. Her breasts were a firm 36c and had no hint of sagging. All his buddies on the swim team use to tell him that she was the best-looking Mom in the world. David hated to admit it, but he agreed with their assessment.

David on the other hand looked slightly older than his eighteen years. At 5'9" he was in great shape from his years of competitive swimming. The swimming helped him land a scholarship at college. He kept his brown hair cut short. He looked more like his uncles than his father. While his father had been short and mousy, David was taller and had a more rugged look.

Rachel sighed as she hung up the phone. David knew right away that she had been unsuccessful in changing the rooms.

"No luck Mom?" inquired David.

"Sorry David, not only that they have no more spare cots. Looks like we are stuck here."

"Well we can try to find another hotel..."

Rachel shook her head, "You saw that they were all booked, besides I'm too tired for more driving."

"Alright I'll sleep on the floor," began David.

"Nonsense, the bed is big enough to share. We'll be fine."

David shrugged. If his mother didn't mind, why should he? Besides David really did want to sleep on the floor. His back was stiff enough as it was from the car ride. With more driving required tomorrow he couldn't bear the though of lying uncomfortably on the ground.

David smiled, "Alright then, just don't hog the covers."

Rachel laughed and threw one of the pillows at him.

"Glad I got you to laugh about this situation," David said, "So do you want to get ready for bed first or shall I?"

"If you don't mind, I'd like to take a shower first and relax. Why don't you watch some TV?"

"Sure thing."

Rachel went to her suitcase and zipped it open. David glanced at her ass as she bent over to pick things out. He felt some stirring in his loins as he saw her jeans stretch while leaning over the suitcase. He quickly looked away feeling slightly ashamed. David worried that this might be a problem if he has to share a bed after all.

Holding her things, Rachel turned to her son, "Ok, go ahead and find something. I'll be out in a bit."

David searched for the remote as his mother disappeared into the bathroom. He finally found it as he heard the shower come to life. Turning it on David was shocked by the image on the screen.

The TV was on a porn channel and showed a busty blonde woman given a young man a hand job. She seemed like an expert at it too. David's own dick started to form a tent in his jean. The blonde looked at the camera and licked her lips as she continued her manipulation of the man's cock.

Grateful that his mother was in the bathroom and didn't see this on the TV, he attempted to turn the channel. The last thing he wanted was a raging hard-on the night he had to sleep next to his mother. That would be difficult to explain. As he pressed the remote button, nothing seemed to happen. The channel changer seemed busted. No matter what button he pressed the channel remained the same.

David started pressing buttons frantically. Nothing was working. The power button no longer seemed to work either. He headed up to the TV to turn it off manually. But before he got there, the woman on the scream started to bob her hand on her partners cock. The erotic scene held David frozen in place.

The blonde managed to deep throat the man's dick. David had never received a blowjob in his life. The furthest he and his ex-girlfriend ever got was mutual masturbation. She refused to put his dick in her mouth. David felt no need to eat her out if she wasn't going to return the favor. The scene was amazing since he'd never seen a girl perform fellatio before.

Unconsciously David began to rub his dick unconsciously through his pants. Part of his brain was screaming to turn off the TV before his mother returned. However that portion was overruled by the part that wanted to see the whole scene play out. The blonde on the screen seemed to be enjoying what she was doing as she moaned with the cock in her mouth.

David was so enraptured by the scene of the screen he did not hear the shower stop or the bathroom door open. His mother froze as she saw him rubbing his crotch through his pants. She started to say something when she heard moans from the TV. Rachel turned to the mirror and saw the reflection of the girl getting drenched by cum from the man. Rachel gasped.

"Mom!" David said shocked and embarrassed.

"What are you watching young man?" demand Rachel.

"I'm sorry. So sorry," David apologized. He moved his hand away from his pants and Rachel got a nice view of the large tent forming.


"Mom, I turned on the TV like you suggested and this film came on. I tried to turn the channel, but the remote is dead. I meant to turn it off, but then I don't know..."

"Fine, fine...go take your shower now. I need to change into night clothes."

David noticed his mother standing their dripping wet from the shower. She wore a motel bathrobe, but it rode up high on her legs revealing much of her thighs. The drawstring was pulled tight, but still revealed much of her ample cleavage. The sight of his mother like this did not help reduce his hardness. Instead he just mumbled something and headed to the bathroom.

Rachel could see that her son was embarrassed. She didn't say anything as he walked by. She also saw the bulge he was packing. She wondered how big it actually was. She quickly tried to dismiss thought, realizing it was wrong for a mother to imagine those things.

Rachel went to her suitcase and grabbed a long t-shirt and some nice panties. She undid her robe and let her fingers momentarily wander her breasts. She compared herself to the woman on the screen. While the other woman maybe slightly bigger, Rachel thought she stacked up quite well. Rachel then laughed at herself for leaving the TV on. She moved over to turn it off.

But soon she saw the woman start to bend over and beg for the guy to take her from behind. That was always Rachel's position. She glanced over to the bathroom and figured David will probably be awhile. There would be no harm seeing her favorite fantasy on television as she changed. Besides once she fully dressed she could turn it off.

The robed slipped to the floor as Rachel pulled the nightshirt over herself. The shirt was long enough to drop to mid-thigh. . She realized no one could tell if she was wearing anything underneath or not. Suddenly a wicked thought flashed across her mind. Why bother putting panties on to sleep? She normally preferred sleeping in the nude anyway, and the panties would probably be uncomfortable. And with the length of this nightshirt her son would never know.

Rachel giggled at the thought of being so naughty. She pulled back the covers as she heard the woman scream 'Give it to me harder Johnny.' Rachel slid into bed and got comfortable. Absentmindedly she let her fingers wander her body. Eventually they settled just above her pussy.

In the shower, David was trying to think of thoughts that would lessen his arousal. He couldn't masturbate with his mother in the next room. It felt so wrong. But nothing he thought of helped him shrink. All he could think about was the blonde woman getting drenched by cum and his mother standing there in a small bathrobe. He felt more ashamed realizing that seeing his mothers smooth legs turned him on more than the porno.

A realization suddenly dawned on him that he brought nothing in to the bathroom to change into when he got out of the shower. Like his mother he also preferred to sleep in the nude. With his bedroom right off the bathroom he never had to worry about wearing a robe or anything before. So he never brought one in with him or a change of clothes for that matter. Now he realized he had to walk out to the main room with just a towel wrapped around his waist. That thought finally worried him and made his cock shrink to a manageable size.

Not wanting to waste the chance to emerge with a reasonable sized dick he quickly shut off the shower and grabbed the towel. He wrapped around himself and hastily opened the door. He started to walk to the main room to get his suitcase when he froze in his tracks.

Three things shocked him. The first was that the TV was still on. The woman impaled by her partner's rod. He thought his mother would have turned it off as soon as he went into the bathroom. For some reason she chose not too.

The second surprise was seeing his mothers pink panties lying in the middle of the floor. During Rachel's wicked idea, it never occurred to her to return her panties to the suitcase. She simply forgot and left them where she last had them. David quickly realized that his mother was probably wearing nothing over her cunt.

The first two shocks caused his cock to stir under the towel. The third amazing sight made it spring to full staff. He looked towards the bed and saw his mom lying there with her eyes closed. She was not asleep; cause David could see movements under the covers. A soft moan escaped Rachel's lips. David knew she must have been masturbating.

David couldn't help himself from letting a gasp leave his mouth.

Rachel's eyes shot open and saw her son standing there with just a towel on. She turned bright red realizing her fingers were buried inside her pussy. She removed them and tried to find the appropriate words to say but nothing could come out. Unfortunately the TV broke the awkward silence.

"Fuck me hard, damn you," screamed the blonde.

David turned his focus to the screen then sort of chuckled at the situation. Rachel soon began laughing as well. They realized how awkward this was and just decided to laugh it off. Hopefully this would any tension between them.

"Yeah I kinda forget to get clothes to change into when I went into the shower..." David said to break their own silence.

"No worries, honey," Rachel said trying to act as normal as possible given the fact they both caught each other in embarrassing moments. "Just grab something now."

David hastily grabbed some boxers from his bag. Rachel couldn't help but notice how large her son's cock was when it tried to peak out from the towel. It had to be at least as large as the man on the television. It didn't take long for David to return from the bathroom with boxers on.

He scrambled to bed so that his mother wouldn't notice his hard-on. Rachael however eyed it appreciatively. "My son will make some girl very happy' she thought.

In David's to get in to bed quickly, they both realized that the television was still on. This time the scene showed the woman getting titfucked by a different man. Every time the top of the cock reached her mouth she licked the tip. Both the blonde and the man were grunting and groaning.

"Oh sorry Mom, I'll go turn it off now."

"Good idea David"

David clambered out of bed. Rachel, again, got treated by the sight of her son's cock sticking out from the boxers. This time she could make out the flesh illuminated by the light the TV screen bathed upon it. David was oblivious to the fact that his dick had poked through the hole in his boxers. He turned off the TV and went back to the bed.

The two said nothing as David struggled to get comfortable. Unfortunately his present condition prevented him from finding a relaxing position next to his mother. He tossed and turned several times. Rachel understood that he might not be able to sleep in his present state.

"Honey, you know if you have to take care of yourself, I'll understand..."

David turned red, "I couldn't. Not with you in the next room if I go into the bathroom, to mast...I mean y'know."

"Masturbate? David we are both adults. Its ok to use those words."

David's cock twitched slightly as he heard his mom use the word masturbate. She never said anything remotely that obscene in his earshot before. The sound of the word coming from her lips sounded excruciatingly hot. This made lying in bed that much uncomfortable.

"I just can't..."

"Well you aren't going to be able to fall asleep like that," stated Rachel.

"It will go down eventually..."

"By the time it does, it will be morning. And you'll be no good to drive then. Looks like I'll have take care of this. Just don't tell anyone."

Rachel couldn't believe what she was saying. She believed even less what she was actually doing. Her snaked out and pulled on the waistband of the boxers. David lifted his hips instinctively. The cock sprung free from its confinements. Rachel licked her lips subconsciously as she saw the beautiful dick in full for the first time.

David laid shocked at his mother's actions. He noticed her licking her lips. Then he felt her fingers gently wrap around his member. No words could describe the pleasure he felt. Rachel slid her up and down the cock and smooth even motions.

"How does it feel, honey?"

"Amazing Mom..." was David's breathless reply.

"I'm glad, soon you will be able to get comfortable."

"But Mom it will make a mess of the bed."

Rachel forgot about the stain it would leave. The bed was not big enough for them to both avoid the stain and that would be uncomfortable for either. Rachel came up with a solution.

"Don't worry David, I'll take care of that."

David didn't know what she meant at first. Then he opened his eyes to see his mother lower her head around his cock. Then the lips closed and he felt her tongue licking the head. She bobbed her head up and down the top of his dick. David was in heaven.

Rachel forgot who she was with and let herself go. She use to enjoy sucking her husband's cock, but hadn't any opportunities recently. She became a woman possessed to give the best blowjob imaginable. She swirled her tongue around David's dick as she took more and more into her mouth.

It was not long before she began to deep throat his whole cock. She kept sliding it in and out of her mouth. She moved her head faster and faster. David grabbed hold of the back of her head and guided her on his cock. Her pace quickened as David began to grunt.

"Mom its gonna..."

The sentence was never finished as David's cock began to throb. Rachel pulled back slightly as hot loads of cum spurted into her mouth. She kept milking his dick taking shot after shot. She swallowed every drip to make sure none fell on the bed. David's hands on the back of her head wouldn't let her pull away even if she wanted too. She was quite content sucking her son dry.

"Wow Mom," was all David could say when he caught his breath. His mother drank the last bit down and started to lick off his dick to make sure it was clean.

"Well now you can relax and get some sleep."

"But is there anything I could do for you? I mean you did just..."

"Sucked your dick? Well I guess there is one thing you can do," Rachel started to say unsure if she should continue.

"What is it Mom? Anything?"

Rachel didn't know if she could ask her request. She could justify the hand job and blowjob as helping her son get comfortable in bed. But the wicked thoughts going through her mind had no justification. Except the fact she was horny and a man was willing to please her.

"Well David, you can return the favor and lick Mommy's pussy," Rachel was shocked to hear the words leave her mouth. She worried how David would react.

Her concerns were unfounded as David just slid down the bed and started to raise her nightshirt. He saw that his mother had indeed forgot to put panties on tonight. Her neatly trimmed pussy glistened with moisture. He pushed her legs apart to expose her cunt.

David lowered his tongue and started to the outer lips. The sweet forbidden nectar filled his nostrils. He couldn't wait to taste and didn't care who the pussy belonged too. His tongue darted out of his mouth and into his Mom's cunt.

"Oooh," moaned Rachel delightfully.

The sound was music to David's ears as he started to lick the pussy in earnest. His tongue worked deeper into her cunt and started to flick her clit. David put pressure on it as he swirled his tongue around in circles. His hands slid under her ass and squeezed it tightly. He lifted her up to bring more of her pussy into his face.

The tongue's pace quickened. David went faster and faster inside Rachel's pussy. Putting more pressure on the clit each time he his tongue went against it. He kept licking harder and harder and trying to push his tongue deeper and deeper into Rachel's cunt.

Rachel headed tilted back as she enjoyed the tongue-lashing her son gave her. She placed her hands on his head and shoved him further into her pussy. Her hips bucked as she felt his tongue touch her magical button. Rachel started moaning louder and louder before she screamed full out.

"David I'm Cumming!" Rachel yelled.

David didn't need the scream to discover his mother in the midst of the orgasm. Her pussy juices filled his mouth. He kept licking her clit and putting as much pressure on it as he could. He sucked and licked until his mother's hips finally stopped writhing against his mouth. He lifted his head up covered in his mother's juices.

Rachel pulled him upward and kissed him full on the lips. She tasted her juices as their tongues twirled inside each other's mouth. They wrapped their arms around each other and held each other tight as they shared their passionate embrace. Soon they ripped off whatever clothes they had remaining and began lavishing each other with kisses. Naked they felt each other's warmth.

The deep kiss and the time spent eating his mother's pussy had allowed David's cock to grow stiff once more. Rachel licked her lips again as she felt her son's hard cock against her thigh, just inches from her pussy.

"Son seems like we need to make you comfortable again," Rachel said devilishly, "And I have just the way to do it. Lie on your back."

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