Shared Hotel


David didn't need told twice to comply. He rolled off his mother and laid down looking up at the ceiling. His cock pointed straight up to the sky. His beautiful mother crawled to him and lifted a leg over his. Rachel smiled down at her son as straddled him. She slowly lowered her pussy onto his rock solid dick.

Both moaned in pleasure as his cock fit snuggly into its forbidden hole. Rachel kept her rhythms slow at first. She wanted to get adjusted to his massive dick. Soon she started to gyrate her hips and created faster motions. David moved his hips to match her actions. Soon the pair was fucking as one well lubricated machine.

David reached up and cupped his mother's tits with both hands. His eyes filled with pure lust. His mother's look matched. Rachel relentlessly fucked her son. She bounced hard up and down his cock. David squeezed his Mom's tits as her pace increased.

"Fuck me David," screamed Rachel.

"Yes Mom, yes," David moaned in response as he slammed his cock upwards to meet her cunt.

"Fuck your Mother. Fuck Mommy," cried Rachel in ecstasy.

David grunted as he rammed his mother once more. Shortly Rachel's pussy clenched around David's dick. A powerful orgasm became to wrack her body. Wave after wave of pleasure flooded over her. She fucked with more ferocity not wanting the feeling to end.

David felt his mother orgasming and felt his own balls tighten. "Mom I can't hold off much longer..."

"Cum inside me baby. Fill me with your seed. Be a good Mommy fucker!"

That last line drove David over the edge. His cock erupted inside his mother's cunt. His orgasm more powerful then any he had ever experienced previously. David's speed increased as he tried to fill his mother completely.

The explosion inside Rachel's pussy set off another series of orgasms. Rachel had never felt such pleasure. Experiencing it from her son made it extra enjoyable. She screamed loudly as the last blast shot into her cunt.

Drained David's pace slowed. Rachel collapsed on top of him exhausted as well. They shared one more long loving kiss. They fell asleep entwined in each other's arms not worried about the long drive ahead on them tomorrow.

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