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Sharing a moment

"Damn, I am so excited about the rest of the weekend!" Alex exclaimed.

"Yep, this should be so cool. The place looks awesome. We've stayed in some pretty posh places before but this one takes it to a new level. I can't wait to see the suite we have!" said John.

"I've let the girls know where we are," said Alex, putting his phone down on the table.

"Well mate, here's to an indulgent weekend!" John cheerfully raised his pint. The chime of the glasses tapping together acted as a signal they could deeply relax.

In a fluke of fortunate timing both John's and Alex's kids were able to stay with their grandparents, and it had been decided that both couples would book into the newly opened luxury hotel a short drive into the countryside near them both. They all expressed a sadness that they never saw enough of each other so it would be a lovely get away.

The men took a good gulp down and enjoyed the cool refreshing flavour of their beer. John and Alex had been friends a long time, having got to know each other through their wives. Before long they were into their next pint.

"So John, how's things with you and Denise these days? Still in a bit of a rut?" asked Alex, sipping his drink. Placing the glass on the table he ran his fingers through the condensation on his new glass. Somehow he felt this made his question seem more casual.

"Yeah, mate. Still pretty flat on the libido front. I think she is just so busy and uptight it's been pushed to one side. I mean, I can sort myself out if you know what I mean but it's just not the same. She's been hitting the gym lots and she's in great shape which just makes things even harder..."

Alex almost spat his drink out laughing.

"Excellent choice of words mate!"

"Ha ha, I know!" John chuckled.

The laugher subsided gradually.

"Well perhaps this weekend will get her in the mood. Surely something has to happen?"

"Yeah I'm hoping so too. She has been making subtle hints about having time alone and stuff," John sounded more upbeat.

Silence fell between them and John looked distracted.

"What are you thinking?" asked Alex.

"You know, she wasn't always like this. Before the kids she could be pretty wild and we had a really healthy appetite for each other. It's hard to believe now that sometimes she could be...."

John hesitated. He took a slow drink.

"What? C'mon man you can't leave me hanging like that!" said Alex, leaning in.

John hadn't drunk in quite a while and the beer was already loosening him up. He knew he could trust Alex so he took another healthy gulp of beer and took a deep breath.

"I'm not sure I should tell you this, but she could be quite the exhibitionist," John grinned slightly.

"Get the fuck out of here! Really?" Alex said in total shock, his eyes open wide. Denise had always been quite conservative in her manner and certainly her dress.

"It used to give her quite a thrill, risking being caught and stuff. It all changed once we started the business. I tried to encourage her to tap into that side of herself again but she felt being caught together could seriously impact on our reputation. Then kids came along and... well, you know how that can go..." John said with some sadness.

"I do. Melissa is very careful about her public image too. We both are. Lawyers kind of have to be."

"I told you things had almost come to a stop with us too, right? Well I'm glad to say though lately it's been improving," said Alex with a sly grin.

"Good for you pal! Well here's hoping we get some action this weekend. If this place and all the indulgence doesn't get our ladies in the mood then who knows what will?!"

"I'll drink to that," said Alex. "Ready for another one?"

"Sure but I'm gonna take my time on this next one. I'm out of practice and I don't want brewers droop if I get lucky later!" chuckled John.

"Sounds like a smart plan," said Alex and headed off to the bar.

On the way he met Melissa and Denise arriving. He was pleased to see them both looking relaxed and laughing together as they took in the surroundings. He greeted them and convinced them to have a drink, even though they were both itching to check out their lovely suite.

Alex was delighted at how beautiful his wife was looking. Melissa was of mixed heritage with an English father and an Indonesian mother. Her skin was a beautiful olive colour and he adored the way her body looked naked, especially when bathed in natural light. It was a sight he never got tired off. Sure, having three kids had taken a little bit of a toll on her body but she worked out as much as she could, and she was in damn good shape for her age.

She was wearing a pale pink summer dress, close fitting on the top. Her dark flowing hair almost came down to her breasts. It was a look Alex hadn't seen for a long while. The frilly lower half of her dress hid away the part of her he loved the most, her shapely butt. Alex was definitely a butt man and always loved to slap and fondle her ass playfully throughout the day. He'd always wanted to try anal sex with her but after one drunken failed attempt whilst dating he had never pursued it again.

He had to admit he was guiltily stunned by how Denise looked. A natural blond, he'd never seen her in much other than stern business attire or joggers and a t-shirt. Today she was wearing a tight fitting white cotton shirt, her large bust straining at the buttons. Being a butt guy his eye noticed her round ass squeezed into her tight pair of pale blue jeans. Denise generally was more voluptuous than Melissa and her skin was much paler too, with a delicate sprinkling of freckles. He could see that she had been working out - she looked slimmer than he recalled. She was looking great. He caught himself watching the sway of her butt and quickly diverted his eyes back to his wife's pert behind. With a pang of guilt over ogling not only his friend's wife but his wife's best friend he shook the thought out of his mind and blamed the beers and his pent up sex drive.

The women's arrival called for a real celebration. Alex ordered beers but also a bottle of expensive prosecco for them all. He returned to the table and, after some brief protest from the girls, they smiled from ear to ear when he placed the bucket of prosecco down. He handed them each a chilled glass flute and they all laughed when he popped the cork and it hit him on nose.

The girls informed the boys they had been pampering each other and choosing clothing for the weekend.

Denise and Melissa had met each other when picking their kids up from after school clubs. They kept running into each other at kids' events and it wasn't long before they became friends.

Eager to unwind they had already had a glass of bubbly and were in a fun and flirty kind of mood. After their first glass of prosecco and a generous top up they all agreed it was time they checked out their room. Grabbing the bucket and glasses they headed out of the bar.

The two couples walked hand in hand across the courtyard. Melissa was the most excited to see the room so she and Alex led the way. The wind was playing with Melissa's skirt as they walked. It seemed to be lifting the delicate material a little but she was making no attempt to stop it. It wasn't until a larger gust took hold and lifted her skirt to her waist that she tried desperately to hold it down. It was in vain.

"Well Mel, I can see those squats are working well for you," smirked Denise. John was smiling too, but he was avoiding eye contact and his cheeks were flushed.

"Ah shit," Melissa muttered.

They'd all had a flash of her almost naked butt and tiny white g- string she'd chosen so as not to show under her dress.

"Umm...thanks I guess!" She smiled and giggled a little.

John and Alex made eye contact. John couldn't resist giving his pal a thumbs up with his free hand tucked discretely by his side. Alex smiled to himself.

"What are you smiling at?" Melissa snapped at him. "You like him getting an eyeful do you?" She sounded quite annoyed. He wouldn't have exposed her like that on purpose, but he felt a strange pride that John enjoyed her gorgeous ass.

"No, no honey. Sorry, just something John told me earlier came to mind," Alex reassured her. He squeezed her hand.

Melissa tried to get him to whisper what John had said as they entered the building but Alex figured he would probably tell her later. They didn't keep secrets from one another. He wondered if she knew about Denise's exhibitionism already?

Melissa passed her glass to Alex and swiped to enter the room. They realized the pictures really didn't do it justice at all. The central living area was easily as big as their spacious lounge at home, with three large pale brown sofas in a U shape facing towards the most enormous curved TV any of them had ever seen. There were tasteful artworks scattered around the walls and plenty of large mirrors. The space felt light and open.

They looked around each other's bedrooms and the guys shared a knowing nudge when they saw how many surfaces were mirrored. The girls seemed a little flustered by this and keen to move on. They were pleased to find they both had an en suite with one couple having the spa shower and the other a spa bath. Once they had finished looking around the tone changed and everyone began to visibly relax. The girls kicked off their shoes and the boys poured everyone another round of drinks.

Sliding open a pair of large glass doors they stepped out onto the wooden decking area. It was a large space with a hot tub big enough for all of them to sit comfortably. The views of the surrounding countryside were amazing; vast rolling green hills with blue skies. They were on the top floor so it provided them complete privacy.

From the burbling noise it was obvious the tub was working.

Denise lifted the cover and dipped her hand in the water.

"It's lovely and warm! We've gotta do this! C'mon everyone get changed right now!" Denise rattled off her order and almost skipped back inside to her room.

Alex, John and Melissa looked at each other with some confusion, a little taken aback at how keen Denise had been.

"Well, we better do what the lady says!" joked Alex and put his arm around Melissa's waist, gently pulling her to him as he walked back inside.

John followed behind them and his hand was drawn to Melissa's bum as it swayed just out of reach. His mind flashed back to the sight of her toned butt under her skirt and he thought how firm it must feel. How smooth her tan skin must feel. How nice it would be to smack it and...

"John! Are you there mate?" Alex said in a raised voice. Clearly he had been saying something.

"Shit! Sorry I was miles away!" he apologized, hoping he wasn't blushing.

"We said can you order another bottle of bubbly and we'll get changed and meet at the hot tub?" repeated Alex.

"Sure buddy great idea. I'll see you back out there soon."


Entering his room John was pleasantly shocked to find Denise walking around stark naked. Remembering the room was essentially one big mirror he quickly closed the door behind him and took a moment to soak up her naked body. He thanked his lucky stars he'd married such a stunning woman.

"Wow, I was not expecting to see you like this!" he said, excited.

"Well I'm not going in the hot tub with my clothes on, am I smart guy?" she taunted him playfully. She seemed happy and relaxed.

He froze for a moment before speaking. His heart was beating hard but he was in a horny mood and thought "Fuck it".

"Maybe you should just go in like that?" he said with a sly grin.

She walked across the room towards him, letting her hips sway. Her large breasts swung gently. She had a small patch of light blond pubic hair above her silky smooth waxed labia. John eyes were flitting up and down her body, unable to decided which part of her he wanted to look at most.

She pressed against him.

"Would you like that hmm? Would you like your friends to see me naked?" Her heart pounded as she wondered if she should tell him that secretly it would turn her on, too.

Her hand snaked down to his pants and found a large bulge. She grabbed it firmly.

"Mmm, I think you would, wouldn't you?" She looked him in the eye, his cock firmly in her grip.

"Shit babe, you're making me so hot." His heart was pounding. She was naked before him whilst he was fully clothed, yet she was the one in control.

"Come on, let's get you ready for the tub," she purred, unzipping his trousers and pushing them to the floor. His briefs quickly followed.

He stood naked from the waist down, his cock erect and straining to find any sort of skin to skin contact. His wife pressed up against him and the touch of her bare hip against his cock gave him a thrill. She unbuttoned his shirt and threw it to the bed.

"I can't recall the last time we were naked together like this," John whispered.

"Mmm, I know, it feels good," She pressed her full breasts against his chest, his hard cock squashed against her.

John began playing with her breasts and squeezing her ass.

"I'd love to honey but we need to jump in the tub or it'll look odd we've taken so long."

"Seriously?! C'mon don't leave me like this!" John gestured to his swollen manhood.

She gave him a wicked smile, dropped to her knees and gave his cock a few swirls of her tongue and one deep suck into her mouth.

"Just a little taster!" she smiled.

"Damn it, I wish I could have more," he pleaded.

"Not yet babe." She smiled and kissed his cock one last time, stood and went to their suitcase. She removed her bikini and pulled it on. It was bright blue and there wasn't an awful lot of it. It seemed to John like just some tiny patches of material with bits of string holding them together.

"Jeez Denise, that's not leaving much to the imagination!" John swallowed a little. He knew Alex was going to love seeing her like this, and a confused part of him wanted Alex to see how hot his wife was.

"I've been working out hard baby. I think I look great in this and I've had this outfit for months to motivate me. I didn't want to look a flabby mess in front of you all," she said, flaunting herself.

"You look incredible honey. I'm a hell of a lucky guy having a wife as hot as you."

"Shut up you. You're not getting more action no matter how much you complement me," she smiled wickedly.


"Ah shit" grumbled Alex.

"What is it darling?" Melissa shouted from the bathroom.

"Well you know those trunks I ordered last minute before we came here?"

"Yeah?" said Melissa walking back into the room naked, "What about them?"

"Well..." he said turning to face her.

"Oh my!" she giggled with her hand across her mouth.

The trunks he bought fit him but they were certainly on the tight side. So much so his semi-erect state and the clear outline of his cock were obvious. He was getting even more aroused looking at the sight of his beautiful wife naked in the midday light. How he'd love to stuck on those dark nipples and run his fingers along her soft pussy. To stare into her dark eyes as he brought her to climax.

She spoke, breaking his daydream.

"I know! Carry a bath towel in front of you, or wear your robe and slip out of it at the last second before you get in the water,"

"Ah... okay, I guess that could work. Phew, wouldn't want to freak Denise out!"

"What about John?" she asked.

Alex pointed out they saw each other naked all the time at the gym. If it did make him a bit uneasy he'd probably just look away and forget it. It was quite something else to be so revealing in front of Denise.

Melissa looked uneasy. She could never admit to Alex she had occasionally masturbated to the thought of sharing Alex's cock with another woman. She'd convinced herself he'd think she was a total slut.

"That reminds me!" she blurted. "What was it you said you'd tell me?"

Alex made her promise not to breathe a word to Denise -- he didn't want his friend getting in deep waters with the whole weekend ahead of them -- and told her what John had shared earlier.

"Well that doesn't come as a huge shock in a way. When we've had girl's weekends away she has always been the first one to go topless. She wanders around pretty much naked after showering," Melissa said casually.

Alex raised an eyebrow and his dick unconsciously twitched at the image.

"No no, nothing like that! At least I never felt it was sexually driven, what she was doing. She was just always the first to undress and the last to dress..."

"...Ahem!" Her eyes looking pointedly at his groin.

He was now almost sporting a full erection and there wasn't much he could do in those shorts to hide it from her.

Melissa could feel the prosecco going to her head, and her body felt warm and tingly. She wasn't sure whether it was just the drink or she was getting a little aroused.

"Are you thinking of her naked?" she asked in a neutral tone. It was said very matter of factly whilst putting on her two-piece. Alex knew he had to tread lightly.

"Well... it is kind of hard not to when you tell me stuff like that," he admitted.

"Thanks for being honest sweetheart. You naughty boy!" She smiled and gently rubbed her hand over his trunks along his shaft. "No secrets," she whispered in his ear.

"No secrets," he replied. Saying this had become almost a mantra for them in the last year. Opening up and sharing fantasies had helped re-kindle their desire for each other again.

"And yes, her tits are great..." she said, knowing exactly what he would be thinking. Melissa's breasts were a healthy handful with delicious dark nipples but Denise had much larger breasts and they still sat proud and firm.

"C'mon on then grab your gown and lets get in then. I can't wait!" Melissa headed out the door.


Melissa and Alex made it to the tub first and she was relieved both for herself -- as she was bashful at John seeing her in swimwear -- but also for Alex's sake. This way he could hide his tight fitting shorts under the water.

Snuggling into one another they had a glass of bubbly each. They toasted to a fun weekend.

"Remember that time we fooled around in the tub on holiday?" Alex asked, running his hand along the inside of her leg to her upper thigh. Watching for John and Denise she let her legs part for him.

"Mmm hmm," she smiled and reached out for him under the water. His cock was almost fully erect again and she gave him a quizzical look.

"These shorts are so snug and light its almost like I'm naked! The bubbles are getting me pretty worked up. I'm thinking about how your soft pussy felt under the water, too," he said smiling into her eyes.

Her hand started gently stroking him under the water.

"Go on..." she said softly. She was torn between exposing herself and enjoying the moment. She was so often frustrated that she felt she had to be so proper and "good" all the time.

"How turned on you were that people were walking around nearby whilst I put my fingers inside you," he whispered softly into her ear.

He pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and ran his finger along her prominent folds. Alex loved his wife's full labia and was enjoying running his fingers over them now. Her shaved pussy felt so smooth as he stroked back and forth.

She tugged his trunks down a little so she could get at his erection and set his semi-erect penis free, then stroked along his length under the water.

"Fuck, babe that feels good," Alex said softly, not wanting to be overheard.

"I know how you love me stroking it. I love feeling you getting bigger in my hand. God I'm so horny now! I wish we had time for more." Her body tingled with desire. She wished he could bend her over the side of the tub and fuck her hard.

No sooner had she spoken Denise came bouncing outside. Her light blue bikini had strips of material covering her nipples that were only just on the right of acceptable. Her huge breasts were remarkably perky for her age and having nursed two children. The bottoms were no better - the material barely covered her labia. The straps sat high on her hips.

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