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Sharing a Room


"What a mob!" Lisa said as I joined her in the lobby.

"Yeah, apparently tropical storm Fran knocked out the power for nearly all of the Bahamas and they have transferred everyone over here. I guess they're overbooked and tried to bump us to another hotel. Lucky I brought along our confirmation number. The guy behind me in line was saying he heard from a cabbie that they are sending everyone to another hotel or resort but there aren't any places when you get over there either, so everyone is really pissed. Everybody's ending up at some real dumps instead of the places they booked."

"Oh, I would be so torqued," she agreed.

"Well, we ended up in a room with two double beds rather than a king," I frowned ruefully.

"I was looking forward to having my way with you in the big bed for our anniversary!" she pouted. "I am so ready to be alone with you. The flight, and the wait, and you teasing me..."

I brushed a hand across the side of her breast 'accidentally' as I had a hundred times that day and she half-heartedly stopped me as she had a hundred and one times that day.

"We'll just be a little cozier. Like when we shared the twin bed in my apartment before the wedding."

She laughed. "No, that was way too tight. I can't believe we actually managed it."

"I know," I grinned back at the fond memory. "But really, I think it lucky I was able to weasel us a room at all; I had to get a little ugly before they found us a place. Let's get up to the room before all the shouting starts down here."

"Hey, look, there's Ron and Terri!" she indicated the couple we had shared a crowded corner of the airport with for a couple hours during the flight delays. "All that time we talked together, I didn't know we were coming to the same resort."

"Ooh, that doesn't look happy," I said, noting Ron's harried expression and the panic in Terri's eyes.

We swam our way through the throng of milling vacationers in their festive, Caribbean attire.

Terri was thin, with soft brown curls to her shoulders and expressive, brown eyes. Her bright Caribbean shirt, tied off over her flat tummy was unbuttoned to the point that it would have revealed a touch of cleavage if she had any. The truth was, she was under-endowed and apparently wore no bra since it seemed unnecessary. This weakness, however, was more than compensated by her beautiful runner's legs and sexy ass. Ron was medium short, a bit overweight; handsome but not a movie star.

"Hi! We didn't know you were coming here!" Lisa greeted the dejected pair.

"Neither did we!" Ron spat angrily. "We've been shuttled around to several places now and nobody seems to have any rooms! The resort that had our reservation said they were 'upgrading' us and sent us over here and they aren't about to honor it. I've overhead a bunch of conversations that say it is like this everywhere. We are just screwed! My travel agent says there's nothing he can do; they are allowed to overbook."

"What are you going to do?" Lisa asked, worried.

Tears began welling up in Terri's eyes. Ron shrugged. "I honestly have no idea. It sounds like the resorts in the Bahamas have been dumping people here all day and unless you can pay for transfer to St. John's there just isn't anyplace anywhere. "

I frowned. "And it looks like others have already tried a lot of that. I mean if St. John's really had any places for this mob, do you think they would still be milling around here?"

Lisa shot me a death-ray glare. Yeah, I guess I wasn't helping the situation. We both knew the right thing to say; the only solution. I spoke the actual words.

"We've got a room with two double beds; stay with us tonight."

A moment of genuine, stunned silence.

"We couldn't impose..." Ron started.

"We insist," Lisa countered. "Steve tried to get us a room with a king but they just gave us a room with two doubles. It's fate. Anyway, it is already almost evening and if you try to get someplace else you're just going to get stranded and who knows what will happen. Nope, you're staying with us. No arguments."

Pure relief and gratitude flooded Terri's pixie-like features. Before Ron could utter another word, I pushed on as if the decision was irreversible.

"Given this crowd, I'll bet the dining room will be backed up in just a few. Why don't you ladies go reserve us a table for four while Ron and I get the luggage up to the room to stake it out against them booking yet another couple in it?" I directed.

Without further protestation, the young couple acquiesced. So much for our romantic, anniversary trip.

A couple hours later, we spilled into the room, laughing together like the old friends we had become. Dinner had been sumptuous, the wine intriguing, the conversation fun and laden with innuendo. It turns out Terri and Ron were also on a romantic getaway and the air had been charged with sexual tension.

"Omigosh, how beautiful!" Lisa gushed at the wine red roses on the dresser. To be honest, I'd forgotten that I'd ordered them back when I originally made the reservation and certainly would not have expected the overworked hotel staff to make good on it. By the look on my wife's face, however, I knew I had done good.

"Oh, you guys! It's your anniversary; we shouldn't be here," Terri exclaimed, admiring the flowers and their decorative ribbon.

"We've been through this. You've no other choice. It'll be fine for tonight," I jumped in.

Now that we were all here together in the room, it all felt a little awkward. We kind of paused together, hovering over our suitcases unsure of the next step. How to go about sharing a bathroom, let alone space for changing clothes? As it had been planned as a romantic getaway, I hadn't even brought anything to sleep in. Guess it's just my undies for tonight, I thought. Then, realizing that the pair of spandex briefs I was wearing (a gift last valentine's day), this was still probably going to be a bit uncomfortable.

"Hell with it, we're all friends, right?" I announced, pushing my shorts down over the red spandex underwear. Terri gasped and Ron chuckled. I glanced at Lisa, expecting a shocked rebuke from my wife but, as so often happens in our relationship, we were in perfect sync. She smiled lasciviously at me. Sometimes I think there is a little streak of exhibitionism in her that I don't see very often. Either that, or she was too horny (or tipsy from that delicious wine) to care at the moment.

"If it's all the same to you, I think I'll at least use the bathroom to change," she smirked, reaching past me into the suitcase and picking up a scrap of silk and lace – the teddy she had brought along as sleep attire. I removed my shirt and fussed around in the suitcase, finding my toothbrush, while Ron did the same. Terri seemed a little less sure of herself, rummaging for whatever she planned to wear, and sneaking furtive glances at my poorly concealed prick which, after a day of tantalizing banter, anticipation, and encasement in tight, stretch fabric was not exactly subtle. While not trying to be blatant, I nevertheless gave her ample opportunity to see what she wanted to. All the while, I watched surreptitiously in the mirror over the dresser. It appeared she appreciated the show.

"Wow," Ron breathed as Lisa emerged from the bathroom. Her D-cup breasts were barely concealed in the red and black teddy. The lacy frill around her hips did wonders for her womanly curves and the sheer panel shaded her midriff in a sheen of red lace.

In the mirror, I watched the couple's reaction to my wife's beauty. Ron's face flushed and his eyes bulged, glancing down to take in her shapely legs and returning to oogle openly at her chest. His dick was obviously at attention, tenting the patterned boxers he wore. Terri just stared appreciatively, frozen.

Enraptured by the attention, Lisa slowly turned to allow a full inspection. The jut of her breasts in profile, nipples protruding pointedly, the delicate high cut of the hemline exposing a glorious expanse of thigh, the red lace lines reaching only halfway down her cheeks, exposing the sexy shape of her firm ass meeting the smooth shaven columns of her legs – all revealed as she turned for our review. Exhibitionist, indeed!

"C'mon, Terri, your turn!" Lisa prompted, breaking the awed silence. The younger woman blushed furiously and muttered something about not being able to compete but we all shouted her down. Ron and Lisa hustled her along into the bathroom.

I continued my preparations for bed, turning the covers down, adjusting lights etc. while Lisa nonchalantly paraded around the room giving a show and a half to Ron, who was all but drooling, making no pretense at other activity. As Lisa bent over our suitcase, she gave Ron a good look at her ass, the gusset of the teddy stretched tight over her sex peeking out behind.

Maybe it was the wine in me, but I was surprisingly okay with this friend, who I just met this day, getting such an intimate look at my wife. Something in his appreciative gaze and pure admiration of her made me just really, really proud. I adore my wife and am very comfortable that she loves me completely. His admiring her beauty was taking nothing away from me. In fact, through his enthusiastic response, my own joy in her grew.

Timidly, the bathroom door opened. Ron rushed to his bride's side and ushered her into the center of the room. She wore a purple, silk cami and tap pants set that was adorable. She was short and thin, with beautiful, smooth legs, and a flat, sexy tummy. The cami pushed out only slightly from the curve of her girlish breasts. She reddened even further and dared not look us in the eye as Ron twirled her slowly on display. Her ass was a true work of art, curving out gracefully from her thin muscular legs.

"Terri, you are gorgeous!" Lisa exclaimed encouraging. "What I would give to have abs like that."

"You are lovely," I agreed, hoping not to offend our new friends, nor my wife.

Terri glanced up incredulously, seeming to question whether we were serious or not. We both smiled appreciatively and she took reassurance from it. Her confidence grew visibly and she stood just a tad straighter, which helped make the most of the points on her budding titties and improved the thrust of her shapely derrière. My poor cock was throbbing in the spandex and I hoped the pre cum that was flowing freely wasn't staining the front too terribly much.

Without the more confining fabric of briefs, Ron was having a bit more trouble controlling his erection. It bobbed and weaved with every movement. I'm sure the friction of the cotton across the tip was excruciatingly pleasant. His joy and pride at showing off his wife was obvious; you could tell he was very much in love. Lisa winked at me and I knew there wasn't any jealousy brewing there, either.

I climbed into bed and Lisa joined me under the covers. Ron and Terri settled into their bed and I turned the light off, plunging us all into total blackout. In the relatively tight confines of the double bed (our queen at home is not so cramped), I took advantage of Lisa's proximity and state of arousal, palming one of the hard tips of her bountiful breasts through the silky fabric of the teddy. From her sharp intake of breath, I could tell she wanted to stop me but was reveling in the enjoyment and her chest swelled against my hand.

Without regard to propriety, my hand snaked down across her luscious form and cupped her heated sex. A desire-filled whimper escaped her. I snuggled in next to her ear and whispered in a voice so soft that it could not be heard beyond her pillow.

"Look, you have three choices: one, go take a shower with me and have standup sex in there (like they won't know what's going on); two, do it here and who gives a shit; or three, I go in the bathroom and do this by hand because there's no way I'm not going to burst tonight. I mean it is either gonna be sex tonight or a wet dream before tomorrow morning."

"I know; there's no way I'll make it either," she breathed back just as quietly.

"Okay, then, I want to do it right here. There is no way we can do it quietly enough that they won't figure out exactly what's going on, so I say let's be loud and obvious and if they are offended, well sorry, they can take themselves down to the bar or something. And if they aren't offended, maybe it'll turn them on to hear us."

"Gosh, I want you," she whispered back, her hips rocking up against my hand. I pushed my middle finger into her gushing wetness around the lingerie. "Ahh," she emitted a soft moan, barely audible in the quiet of the room.

"You go first," I continued in her ear. "I won't last more than a second, I'm so horny."

"I think I'll come right now if you suck on my nipple," she whispered back.

Shifting down slightly in the bed and peeling the strap off her shoulder with the hand that wasn't reveling in the heated bliss of her drenched pussy, I sought the freed nipple with my lips. With only a little fumbling in the pitch dark of the hotel room, I located the pebble-hard nub.

"Ahh-mmm," she gasped as my tongue massaged the tender bud and my hand frigged up across her clitoris and then slipped noisily back into her cunt. Her pelvis started an unmistakable rhythm that rocked the bed. There could be no doubt about what was happening on our side of the room. Lisa tossed the covers back and threw her legs wide open. Not that anyone could see in the dark room but the sheer abandon of it was profoundly erotic to me.

The scent of her arousal washed over me and nearly caused me to cum there in my shorts. I sucked hard on her tit and she had, I believe, a quick orgasm.

"Errrr," she ground out between clenched teeth as she rocked lasciviously against my hand. Her hands gripped my back and clutched my head tightly to her bosom. In any context, the sounds and smells of this moment would have been arousing. An audience of near strangers within arm's reach, listening to every gasp and moan, every lick, every slippery digit penetrating a secret fold sent my head spinning in hedonistic delight. My love for my wife, my pride in her sensuality, in her raw sexiness, in pure desire threatened to overwhelm me.

"Yes, yes, Steve!" she cried out. "Like that! Yes, suck it!"

If our neighbors were having any trouble visualizing what was going on next to them, she cleared that up in a hurry. I wondered, in my overheated brain, if they would have the boldness to turn on a light and watch the action. I hoped not, not wanting to break the magic spell of this moment. Sometimes it is just better to make love in the dark.

"I gotta have it," she growled. "Now. I want you in me now!"

"Yeah, you want my hard cock, don't you, babe?" I replied.

"Yes, baby, please. Oh, shove it in me hard," she begged as I shucked my underwear and moved between her legs. She was holding the fabric of the teddy aside and groped about in the dark, trying to find my cock to bring it in line. Sometimes we are this vocal, but usually not. I think we were both playing to the audience a bit.

I danced the head of my cock over her slippery entrance, relishing the moment. I knew full well that I would come very soon after that first thrust and I wanted to prolong it just a fraction longer.

"Do me, baby! Give me that great big cock!" she coached. Unable to hold off the whole day's eroticism any longer, I plunged home.

"Yyyeeessssss!" she hissed, bounding up off the bed against me. I gripped her ass in my hands and started a first rate pounding. Remarkably, my orgasm held off for a moment or two, quite possibly because my cock was just in pure shock from actually being given free rein after being restrained and teased all day.

"Fuck, yeah! Fuck, yeah!" Lisa yelled. Maybe not only our neighbors in the next bed were hearing us but perhaps the next room.

"Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!" I grunted out my pleasure in time to each massive thrust.

"Aaaahhhh," she gasped as the crisis swept over her. My cock rocketed off inside her, splashing an enormous load deep up in her churning cunt. Yet I didn't slow down for several more long minutes, our genitals thrashing noisily together, both of us moaning in orgasmic bliss. It must have been quite a show.

I lay throbbing inside her while we both came down from a fantastic high. Eventually, I became aware of the unmistakable rhythmic sounds of our new friends frantically screwing in the bed right next to us. Good; they weren't offended by our exhibitionism.

I had never really thought about how arousing it is to listen to someone else making love. I guess I've watched my share of porn and in many ways this was no different except that it was entirely aural, not visual. The creak of the bed, the slap of bodies coming together, the slight gasps and moans, the erotic and lewd and intimate sounds of the primal act. Of course, the fact that it was all real, live and only a few feet away from us added to the excitement.

Lisa and I basked in the afterglow of our satiated lust and listened. Ron's grunts quickly became louder and more desperate, punctuated with increased force of his thrusts. We recognized this by the sounds from the bed and the way their bodies came together. We moved against each other ever so slightly, sharing our arousal in our intimate embrace.

In just a few moments, Ron moaned loudly in pleasure and stopped his movements. "No, not yet, not yet," Terri cried, obviously not quite at that point, but it was apparent that he couldn't hold back. In truth, he didn't even seem to try very hard. She continued to move beneath him, pushing up, trying desperately to reach her own release. The squishing sounds of his cum churning in her cunt adding a new dimension to the level of sexy sounds.

After just a few minutes, though, she gave in, silently acknowledging that it simply wasn't to be. She couldn't achieve the orgasm she was desperately striving for without at least some help from his end. And evidently he was done, as we heard the bed creak when his weight shifted off her to the side. Terri let out a dejected sigh that expressed her frustration.

I actually felt guilty for enjoying myself so much. Here I lay, impregnating the love of my life, drifting in that cloud of warm, contented feelings that comes from the release of a titanic orgasm. After having playfully teased and tormented each other all day, we had shared our desires and passion together. To have had that on "display" for an audience was erotic enough but then to have the chance to listen to their lovemaking in return? Truly an exotic experience.

But knowing that Terri hadn't been able to share in the pleasant release the rest of us were feeling was troublesome. Lisa and I lay coupled together in our bed, listening to the raw, emotional need in Terri's breathing and the way she flopped about in the bed. A moment or two later, Ron's breathing settled down into a slow, rhythmic pattern that signaled his sleep. Terri sighed again, even more miserably than before.

Lying atop Lisa, my head snuggled next to hers, my mouth was again right next to her ear. "Did you pack your vibrator like we talked about?" I asked quietly. She nodded. "Do you think we should offer to help?" She nodded again without hesitation. "Whatever you are comfortable with; I'm not looking to have sex with her or change our relationship. I just think we've got to help her out. She has got to be so frustrated."

Again, Lisa nodded, our comprehension of each other and agreement understood. She shifted underneath me and I rolled quietly off. Without a word, she got up and padded softly to the bathroom, shut the door and turned on the light. I could hear her clean up from the huge load I'd just delivered. So could Terri, and she sighed yet again. I was unsure for a moment if I had misread my bride. Was she giving me space, privacy, to help out our new friend? Surely not, that was not what I'd had in mind.

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