Sharing a Room


Moments later, she opened the bathroom door, without turning off the light, stepped out and then closed the door almost the whole way down. A shaft of light illuminated our suitcase. Lisa, completely naked now, moved into that light and searched through the back corners of the suitcase until she found her phallic toy. I enjoyed the spectacle of her naked backside while she fumbled around with the batteries (never ship a vibrator in a suitcase – even as checked luggage – with the batteries in it).

A slight buzz rang out in the silent room, once she had the toy loaded. She quickly shut it off. She turned in the light, giving me a good view of the sexiest boobs in the world as well as the 7" rubber toy she held. Terri gasped but I didn't hear her turn over or move in the bed. That told me that she had been lying in a position to watch Lisa's every move and had also been able to appreciate my wife's naked charms.

Lisa stepped back to the bathroom and shut off the light. Then she quietly navigated her way around our bed to Terri's side. "You can borrow this if you like," Lisa offered in a whisper.

"I'd like to but I'm not sure how," Terri responded sheepishly in the dark.

"No problem. I'll help you. Are you comfortable joining us?" she asked kindly.

"Um," Terri seemed unsure.

I heard Lisa reach out, her hand sliding across the sheet, and taking hers. "C'mon. You need this. You deserve your own release." And she pulled her gently to her feet.

Terri acquiesced with an almost inaudible, "Okay."

I shifted over on the bed to make room, hastily piling the pillows in the middle against the headboard and felt the mattress shift as the two of them climbed on.

"I want you to be comfortable here. If anything feels out of place or you want to stop, let me know right away," Lisa comforted her.

"Okay," she squeaked again.

"And is it okay that Steve is here, too?" she continued.

"Um-hm," she agreed. I was thankful to be included and aroused beyond anything. It somehow seemed all very sweet and innocent and natural.

"Okay, lay up here against these pillows."

She complied and I could feel the warmth of her body on the sheets right next to me.

"You'll need to spread your legs a little wider," Lisa instructed softly. I felt Terri's firm leg brush against mine. There wasn't much room for three of us in the double bed. I was right on the edge as I didn't want my proximity to spook the younger girl. When our legs touched, she froze, but at Lisa's gentle pressure on the inside of her knee, we remained in contact – her ankle just crossing mine.

Lisa continued instructing, taking her hands, "Hold it like this. See, it's soft and pliable and ribbed right along here. That can feel really good." I could hear the arousal in Terri's breathing right next to me as her hands explored the vibrator. "It turns on like this." The buzzing resumed, jarringly loud in the quiet of the room. "And you can use this to adjust the speed." The pitch rose and fell a couple times. "I'd suggest starting it out very slow." A tiny moan escaped from Terri, so quiet and intimate that it would have been inaudible except that I was laying only inches from her.

"You should take off the camisole," Lisa suggested. In the dark I hadn't realized she still had it on but Lisa must have brushed up against her to know that she still wore it. Terri shut off the vibrator, sat forward and the silk slipped over her head with a whisper. Even though in the dark I couldn't see anything more now than I had earlier when she had first emerged from the bathroom, there was something intensely erotic about another man's wife undressing in the bed right next to me, while he snored lightly in the other bed. I wondered briefly what would happen if he woke up at this point. Terri settled back down against the pillows between Lisa and me.

Funny how in the dark your other senses become sharper. As Terri moved, I swear I could detect the smell of their recent sex, the musk of her arousal as well as the creamy sperm smell emanating from her spread legs, overpowering the smell of Lisa and my own episode, still clinging to my renewed erection.

"I would start by caressing somewhere away from the intense erogenous zones, like here," Lisa guided Terri, taking her hand with the toy and directing it against her thigh just above the knee. The buzzing resumed and Terri, under Lisa's guidance trailed the massaging toy up and down the top of her leg. It obviously had the desired effect, judging by the gasp it elicited from the aroused girl.

"I know," Lisa encouraged. "It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Um-hm," Terri responded, the sexual tension in her voice apparent. I also could hear the desire in Lisa's voice as she guided her pupil through the joys of self pleasure. Lisa had brought the toy along at my request, because I like to watch her enjoy it; the way her body moves to the rhythms of her pleasure, the sensual 'other world' it transports her to while I watch arouses us both.

After a few minutes of massage with the buzzing toy, Lisa moved her student along to the next step. "Up here, too. How does that feel?" The buzzing moved up close to me as Lisa guided Terri's hand over her neck and chest. As the vibrator passed over her breasts, Terri gasped in delight. Lisa chuckled. "You like that."


"Now bring it closer. Don't touch it directly but bring it down here so that you can feel the vibrations deep down." The noise of the tool trailed down, pausing briefly to circle her belly-button as I've seen Lisa do so often, and then continued down to linger on the outer edge of her crotch, just away from her pussy. My mind's eye remembered this movement so clearly and I tried desperately to translate it from the picture of Lisa's full and aroused nether lips to my imagined view of Terri's charms. Terri's legs shifted slightly farther open and her leg now fully crossed mine; she had lost her reluctance to be in contact with me, or else was so absorbed in the new sensations that she was unconscious of our heated skin rubbing against each other.

"Wow, you have quite a full bush," Lisa commented. Hmm, revise that mental image! Terri didn't speak but let out a soft moan as the pleasant vibrations settled into her core.

"Okay, now very gently draw the tip up across your lips."

"Ahhh," Terri gasped as the toy touched the sensitive nerve endings.

"You are pretty excited already; I'd avoid your clitoris for a moment longer unless you are ready to go over the edge yet."

"Uh-uh," the excited girl responded negatively and I heard the tool shift a bit lower.

"I'd avoid too much penetration, too, for the same reason. But feel free to explore with it and see what feels nice."

The pitch of the toy shifted slightly as Terri manipulated it at various angles and directions.

"That's it. You can go even lower if you like. It's a different feel but sometimes nice." I could feel Terri's hips rock up a bit and her shoulder brushed mine as her hands stretched farther down. There was just a touch of urgency in her movements and it felt distinctly like she had been holding back something, waiting for permission to proceed along a path she very much wanted to pursue.

The vibrator got a touch quieter as it shifted father away and nestled into a secret, hidden place.

"Ahh," Terri gasped in obvious pleasure.

"Oh, you really like it back there, don't you?" Lisa asked, playfulness in her voice. I realized that Terri had tucked the toy back between her cheeks and was exploring her secret, dark opening with the gentle massages.

"Um-hm," Terri nodded, reveling in the new sensations. The three of us lay close together in the double bed while Terri rocked against the toy, the vibrations rippling up through her.

"Is it okay if Steve caresses you?" Lisa asked.

"Um-hm," she responded again immediately.

"I just think it might add to your sensations. If you are uncomfortable with something, just let us know," my wife confirmed. "Just to be sure – you want Steve to touch you?"

"Oh, yes, please," the younger woman responded, yearning in her voice.

I lay in stunned silence. Lisa and I have a very traditional marriage and we had never pursued anything like this before. I had never even suggested to her that I wanted to experience a three-way. I have always been way too in love with my wife to risk screwing it up with the logistics and emotions and entanglements of this kind of relationship. And Lisa had always been clear that if I ever cheated on her that I would be seeing her divorce lawyer next. So I was surprised, to say the least. And yet the way the evening had evolved felt so natural, and the joint experience between us was so loving and reaffirming. This did not feel like cheating but an intense, sharing extension of our sexual experience together.

I brushed my fingers lightly over Terri's hair and side of her face, trying not to break the air of sensuality and restraint the scene possessed. The idea that my wife had just secured permission for me to become intimate with another woman was beyond exciting to me, I was surprised to discover. It made my love and desire for her even stronger, something that I would not have believed possible. As I touched this near stranger in the dark, my fingers came in contact with Lisa's as she also caressed the aroused form between us. It felt like we were sharing her, that she was an extension of our sexual experience and that we were expressing our love for each other by pleasing and enjoying this woman between us.

My palm passed down Terri's cheek, over her shoulder and along her arm and as I did so, I let my extended fingers pass over the sensual curve of my wife's breast, guessing at its location in the dark. This was the same 'accidental' contact I had been tormenting my bride with throughout the long travel day. Lisa inhaled in pleasure at the electric touch, a tender reminder of my overriding love for her.

At the same time, Terri fully appreciated the gentle, arousing caress and the muscles of her arm flexed as they directed the vibrator against her nether parts. I trailed my fingers in a sensual gesture over Terri's ribs and back up to her shoulder.

"Bring the vibrator back up and lay it full against yourself," Lisa directed, knowing this would step Terri's arousal up another notch. At the same time, she caught my hand, which was massaging Terri's shoulder and drew it down to settle over the slight swell of Terri's tiny breast. Although small, the nipple in the center of my palm was pebble hard and the soft plumpness of her tit-flesh was pleasingly supple in my hand.

The effect on Terri was electric.

"Ahhhh," she gasped as her chest pushed out against my hand. Although small, her titties were obviously a major erogenous zone. She began thrashing about in the bed, pleasure obviously rippling through her body.

"Now, Terri," Lisa hissed in her ear. "Now. Work that cock up into your cunt. Feel those vibrations deep up inside you. I'll work your clit for you."

"Ah, ah, ah," Terri panted as I groped and massaged her sensitive titties. I heard the squish of the vibrating phallus pushing its way into her sopping cunt and the buzz of the toy muffled as her body sucked it in. I felt Lisa shift forward as she reached down, her busy fingers rubbing circles over Terri's excited love button.

"Uhhhnnn," Terri grunted as her orgasm engulfed her, her thin body rigid between us as we drove her pleasure. I alternately pulled at the pointy nipples and cupped her breasts in my hands, squashing them back against her ribs. She appeared to enjoy this immensely, her head thrashing from side to side, her leg leaving mine to cross the other and trap the muted vibrator thrust deep up inside her. I assumed that Lisa's hand was similarly clamped against her most intimately.

Terri's orgasm was tumultuous and erotic, a beautiful moment shared three ways in the tight confines of the hotel room bed. Over and around her, Lisa and I hugged and caressed, murmuring encouragement, enjoyment and satisfaction to each other. Given the cataclysmic release Terri had apparently experienced, I can't say that Lisa and I enjoyed it quite as much as she did, but, at least for me, the moment was highly satisfying and emotionally charged.

We lay together, intertwined for a long time, caressing, touching, feeling the tremors of aftershocks roll through Terri long after the vibrator had been withdrawn and shutoff. After a satisfying, tender and intimate afterglow time where both Lisa and I took some liberties with Terri's privates, we silently came to agree that the experience was over. Wordlessly, Lisa shifted slightly and Terri slipped quietly out of the bed and returned to Ron's side. Her sigh as she settled into bed next to her husband carried none of the frustration and unfilled need from before, but was a sound of pure satisfaction and contentment.

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