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Sharing His Kinks


This is a short - and ludicrously self-indulgent, even for me - story about a man convincing his girlfriend to try something weird out for him. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and if you think you might've, I hope you'll leave a comment letting me know! As is the case with most authors out there, I think, I do love feedback.


Sitting in her bed, reclining against her pillows, Erin balanced her laptop on her thighs and looked again at the YouTube page on the screen. She was the video's thirty-first viewer, it seemed. Somehow, she didn't feel like she was getting in on a craze early, with this one. It had just about the silliest title she'd ever read. Erin cleared her throat. "Hypnotize yourself," she read aloud. "Open bracket - one day TOTAL obedience." She shouted the capitalized word, and her boyfriend - who was standing at her bedside - winced. "Exclamation point, exclamation point, close bracket. Ken, where do you even find this stuff? This is dumb! And it's... Twenty-three minutes of dumb, actually." She rolled her eyes. "That's too long to even ham up for a joke. Why do you think I'm gonna watch this, exactly?"

Ken bit his lip and looked away. Ken was a big guy - tall, well-muscled, manly - and looked especially big beside his short, redheaded girlfriend. But, when it came to this weird, kinky sort of stuff, he was as soft as a marshmallow. "C'mon, babe! You know this is, like, my other thing." His other-other thing was her feet, but they'd crossed that bridge a long time ago. They'd had to, because Ken could hardly even keep his eyes off them when her socks were off - as they were, right then - and there was just no way he was going to go without touching them some. Hypnosis, on the other hand, was still a confusing one, for Erin. It was pretty confusing for Ken, too, but thinking about it made him super, super horny. "It's just a few minutes. The time'll fly right by!"

"Oh, I'm sure. But what's in it for me?" She looks at the screen again. The video icon is just a big, stupid spiral. "I mean, it seems like a lose-lose for me, here. It doesn't work and I waste twenty minute, or it does and I'm brainwashed for the day." Fat chance of the latter anyhow, Erin figured. "That's what you're expecting, isn't it? How do those things go?" She fluttered her eyelids and pouted her lips, staring up at him. "A blank, mindless, obedient..."

"Hey," Ken interrupted.

Erin finished the thought anyhow. "Slave?"

Ken sighed. "It's not like I'd make you do anything, you know, bad. Even if it did work! I mean, it probably won't work, but I think it'd uh... Pretty hot, if you tried it."

At least he realized how dumb it was. "How about we make this thing go in my favor, at least? I watch it, and if it doesn't work, you have to be my slave. And, since you wouldn't be blank, mindless..." She paused and grinned up at him, watching his face get flush. "Any of that stuff - how about we say you have to do it for a week?"

"One week? If you watch the whole thing?" Ken didn't have to take too long to consider it. "Done!"

"Really? I'm gonna make you wear a cute doggy collar," Erin warned, still smirking. "We don't have a dog, so I'm gonna make you take me to the pet store and have you try some on. What do you think about pink leather? More comfortable than nylon, right?"

"Yeah, yeah! Done. Totally."

Ken's eagerness to accept those terms made Erin wish she'd pushed for something more. In whatever weird fantasy world of his where this stuff even plausibly worked, she was putting a lot on the line. Not that it would work, of course. If there really were brainwashing machines out there, people weren't putting them on YouTube for thirty - thirty-one, now - views. "Alright! Fine. Do I have to, like, wear headphones?"

"Yeah!" Ken looked from her to the laptop and back again. "Uh, probably. They usually do."

"You've watched a lot of 'em, huh?"

"Shut up and just watch the dumb spiral, please."

Smiling again - she'd never get tired of the fact that this stuff gave him a boner - Erin grabbed some earbuds off her nightstand and plugged them into her laptop. "Alright! Uh, if I'm bored at, like, 10 minutes, can we stop?" She started to put the earbuds in.

Ken shook his head. "Whole thing!"

Erin sighed. Twenty whole minutes... But then, a whole week, Erin reminded herself. "Fine. But you're gonna pay for it when I make you buy yourself that collar!" She giggled. "As long as I'm, you know, in a state to enforce it, or whatever." Settling back against her pillows with her legs stretched out on the bed, she clicked play, and the spiral on her laptop's screen began to spin.

Ken couldn't wipe the smile off his face at all. He hadn't mentioned to Erin that he had very good reason to believe that the video would work on her. He'd tried it himself, in fact. Erin glaced away from the video and poked at his crotch, and she rolled her eyes when she found him hard. "Hey, you gotta watch!"

Erin tapped an earbud. "Can't hear," she said. "Making a... Weird noise." Ken pointed at the screen, and she reluctantly looked back at it. The spiral spun around, and her blue eyes slid towards its center. Ken hurried around to the other side of the bed and hopped up beside her. He was more interested in her face than what was on the screen.

Watching her, It became clear rather quickly that his stubbornness was going to pay off. Focused intently on the screen, she looked anything but bored. It was just over a minute since the video had started, and she'd already stopped blinking almost entirely. Her arms were limp, one on the bed, the other folded over her belly. There was a weak look of concern about her - her brow was just a little furrowed, and her lips were pursed and frowning.

It was all because she couldn't stop staring, and it was, frankly, a bit concerning to her. She wasn't deep enough to not be aware of the slipping feeling - it felt like she was moving downwards and forwards at an accelerating pace. In her peripheral vision, the furniture in her room stayed still, but it still felt like she was hurtling forwards. It was troubling, and she almost wanted off the ride already. But she couldn't get off, and every time she tried to think about why, the thumping, crackling bass tone in her ears drowned out the thought.

After just a few minutes of slowly relaxing, Erin already looked a million miles away. The pupils in her half-lidded eyes had grown huge, her hands laid limply on the bedsheet, and, best of all, it looked like she was lazily mouthing along to something. Her lips were hardly even moving, so he couldn't tell what she was saying, but it did look like the video had her repeating something. Ken had a huge, huge boner. He took his pants off. This was definitely not a time for pants. Watching her fall into mindlessness, he started to jerk himself off, trying to guess what she was slowly repeating. It was just a short word - was it "obey?" Was it "blank?" He really didn't care. Whichever it was, watching it happen had him so close to cumming that he had to stop stroking himself. Just a little longer, he thought, watching her mouth the word. Just a little more...

When Erin woke back up, a while later, she was still lying on the bed. The bar on the video had reached its end. "Huh?" She watched the video feed of the spiral cut off, and slowly pulled the earbuds out of her ears. "Well, it's finally over, and I'm pretty sure I'm not hypnotized." She wiped drool from the corner of her mouth. "Oh, wait, no! I can feel it now, taking over!" She stuck her hands out in front of her like a zombie and opened her mouth, rolling her eyes up. "Duhhh..."

"So, no dice?" Ken was sitting beside her on the bed. His pants were off, and he was hard. Erin wasn't surprised at all.

Erin dropped her hands back down to the bed. "None whatsoever!"

"You just fell asleep, then."

"Right. So, when's your week start? Tomorrow, or tonight? Because I can think of, like, five chores that need doing."

"Hmm, let's say tomorrow." Ken was grinning, and he put his head back against the wall. He was stroking himself, again.

Erin frowned. "Dude, that's weird. Were you jerking it, watching me sleep?"

"Maybe falling asleep looks a lot like getting hypnotized. Or maybe it's the other way around." Ken was leaking so much pre that each of his strokes were making wet sounds. Erin wondered just how long he'd been going at this. Before she could ask, though, he said something else. "Hey, I'm gonna try it out, anyways! Erin, say the alphabet backwards."

Erin's vision blurred for just a moment, and it caused her to blink hard. "Woah." She reeled in place, putting a hand on the bed for support. "Hang on, I can in a minute, I just..."

"You just did!" Ken was still stroking himself, still grinning. "Feels weird, doesn't it?"

Erin's brow furrowed. "What do you mean? I didn't do anything, but I do feel, like... Feel like taking an Advil, I think," she said, rubbing her forehead. She shut her laptop and put it aside.

Ken hopped up off the bed and walked around to the foot of it. "You'll be fine! Hey, Erin, put your foot in my hand," he said, turning his right hand palm-up.

The world turned to a blur in Erin's mind for just one instant, and then she snapped back to her normal self. "Why do you want... Hey!" Her left heel was, suddenly, in his palm, and his thumb was already pressing into her sole. "How'd that..."

"Huh?" Ken interrupted. He didn't much like interrupting, but he was having fun with this, and he was pretty sure Erin would be having fun soon, too. "Hey Erin, put your other foot in front of my face, now!"

Erin's foot rose off the bed, higher than the last one, until her straight leg was pointed right at her boyfriend's face. Ken snatched it by the ankle before she could get it back down, and when he saw the spark of awareness return to her eyes, he gave her foot one long, smooth lick from heel to toe. "Hey!" She jerked that foot free, and she rubbed its sole on the blanket. "Don't go... Lickin' that."

"Well, don't stick it in my face!"

"I didn't! You just asked me to, and..." Erin thought about it. "You grabbed it?" She gave him a hot glare. All this weird kink stuff had him in some kind of mood, that was for sure. It all felt silly just to be around.

"Erin, get off the bed and stand at attention until I tell you to relax!" Suddenly, nothing felt silly to her. Nothing felt like anything, actually. He watched her eyes go all wide and dopey again as the icy expression she'd had on dropped off her face. Her other foot raised almost mechanically out of his hand, and she pushed herself up. She stood with her arms stiff at her sides, staring at a wall. The innocence of Ken's mirthful reaction was totally betrayed by his still-raging erection.

"Erin," he called, waving a hand in front of her face, between it and the wall. "Anyone hoooome?" No response from her. "Erin, listen carefully! Any time I ask you if you want a foot massage, you're going to find the quickest way to get your feet into my hands that you possibly can. Foot rubs make you as horny as you know they make me, and you can't resist them at all. The more I rub them, the more you want to touch yourself. Oh! And, if I tell you to spread your toes, it'll make you really, really, extremely horny, all of a sudden. If you're all hot from having your feet rubbed, and I tell you to curl your toes, it'll make you orgasm! Isn't that fun, Erin? Nod your head."

Erin nodded, though she was too tranced-out to realize she was doing it. Well, at least she had been right about one thing, apparently. He really did just want to mess with her feet. "Erin, go to the living room, sit on the couch, and wait for me there, okay? You just took a nap and had a really weird dream. Oh, and take your shirt off, please!"

When Erin opened her eyes, Ken was sitting next to her on the couch. She'd dreamed... Something. Her face twisted a little with confusion as she tried to remember how she'd gotten there. "Kennn?"

Ken looked away from the TV. "Yeah? What's up?"

Erin rubbed her temples. "Ken, did you have me watch... Some kinda video?"

He nodded nonchalantly. "Yeah. Were you napping in here with your shirt off?"

Erin looked down. The baggy shirt she'd been wearing was nowhere to be seen. "I... Yeah. I was hot?" She tried, and she failed, to remember taking her shirt off, or sitting down on the couch at all. "Ken, did that video mess with my head, or somethin'?"

Again, Ken just nodded, seemingly enthusiastic. "Yeah! Hey, you look a little out of it; do you want a foot massage?"

All the confusion that had been threatening to make her upset melted away. Before she even knew what she was doing, she'd thrown herself onto her side, curling up with her bare feet in Ken's lap. "Yes, please."

His finger brushed along her sole, and she mewled like a cat. She really didn't even know where that sound had come from. He did it again, and she did it again. "D-don't just mess with 'em, squeeze 'em and stuff," she whined, hiding her blush - and further embarrassing noises - in the fold of her elbow. Ken obliged. All at once his hands went to work, thumbs gently squeezing between the bones on top of her feet, fingers caressing her soles, then sliding down and lightly tugging at her toes and playing with them a little before starting the motion again.

Erin coughed to disguise a moan. The position she was lying in, though, left Ken with a pretty clear view between her legs, and after a minute or so of his rhythmic, soothing squeezing later, her shorts were visibly damp. Ken eyed them. "Did you always like footrubs this much?"

Her foot squeezed back a little into his hand. "No," she admitted, her voice muffled a little by the arm she still had over her face. "Did that video make me... Make me, uh..." She coughed again.

"Probably. But, hey, I want to try rubbing a different way. Could you spread your toes?" Erin instantly obliged, and just a second later Ken heard a very distinct moan. "Isn't hypnosis fun?" She nodded, and she squirmed a little, squeezing her thighs together as she curled into an even tighter ball. "Now let them relax... And then spread your toes again." A little spasm made her twitch all over as she did. Ken's fingers slid between her toes for a moment, as they held the position, and then he released them. "Relax." He paused. "And... Spread them, again. Relax... And spread."

Every squeeze of his thumb made her pant and make strained squeaks as though it had been a thrust of a cock inside her. A cock really didn't sound too bad right then, come to think of it. God, if he wasn't being such a perverted weirdo about her feet, she'd ride him, so fucking hard, right then. But then, on the other hand... She tried to imagine a position where he might be able to ride him and keep his hands on her feet at the same time. All the while, Ken's instructions droned on. "Relax... And spread. Relax... And... Hah! Oh, God, this is too cute. Spread your toes."

Erin had trouble speaking between such sharp inhales. "Stop- ah, stop fuckin' giggl- giggling! Nnnnn- Ah!" She couldn't help herself - she put her hand into her pants and started to rub her own clit. She could cum. She knew that much, at least. She didn't know how, exactly, she could cum from just this - just his weird thing, not hers - but she could feel a tingling inside her belly, begging for release. But still, alongside that, there was something she was waiting on, something... Something frustratingly out of reach. Her hand dived into her snatch, as though she might fingerfuck what she was looking for out of herself.

Ken took notice of her desperation, of course. "Something wrong, Erin?"

A confused, needy voice, muffled by the throw pillow she had pulled over her face, came a few seconds later. "Why can't I cum?"

"Oh! I think I know why!" Ken let her simmer in anticipation for a bit, lightly digging his thumb into the little crook beneath her left ankle. Her whole foot flexed and then relaxed, almost as though it itself was somehow breathing a sigh, in response to the tension being relieved from that little spot. "Do you really wanna cum, though? Just from a foot massage? If you do, you're never going to get to make fun of me about..."

"Yes! Jesus!" Erin's hips rolled on the couch, grinding herself back against her hand. "Fuckin' just, just make me cum already! Please!" As best as she could, she tried to stamp her feet lightly against his chest, an instinctive show of impatience. "Please!"

"Fine, babe. I need you to get ready, then!"

His thumbs squeezed down, right at the bases of her toes. Her palm was rubbing her clit raw, it felt. "I am ready! Fuck!"

"Alright, Erin. Get ready, and..." Oh, she was going to be mad about this. Very, very mad, probably. "Erin, sleep."

Erin slept.

She woke, again, this time on the bed, lying on her back at its foot. Almost immediately, she gasped, and she started squirming, rubbing her feet together. "Did you fucking... Did you edge my fucking feet?" That was definitely the dumbest thing she'd ever said, and she was definitely going to make him pay for her saying it. "That's so... What the fuck? Jesus, Ken!"

"Sorry, babe." Ken was standing at the foot of the bed. He was naked, of course. "Still want me to fuck you?"

"God, yes!" Erin flopped back onto her back and spread her knees apart. Her shorts were soaked at the crotch. She pulled them down, revealing her shaved snatch, and she flung them to the side. "Don't think you're getting out of this easy. But for now, please-please-please just make me cum already!"

"I think I can manage." Erin lifted her legs up, and Ken stepped between them. He pulled her ankles together and took her feet into his hands, squeezing their soles as he teased her with the head of his cock. He planted a kiss on her big toe.

"Ken, if you don't put that fuckin' thing in me right..." He dragged his thumb up her left sole, and the muscles beneath its flesh yielded for his pressure. Erin was momentarily silenced by a lack of air in her lungs, caused by a distinctly squeaky exhalation. "Right... Now," she continued breathlessly, after a few seconds. "You are not gonna touch my feet for a year! C'mon!"

"I kinda doubt that," Ken said, still totally unable to wipe the cheesy grin off his face. "I don't even need to put it in, anyways. Remember what happens when I tell you to spread your toes?" She must have, because they did spread, and her eyes rolled back almost into her skull. "Well, there's something even better than that. Can you guess it?"

Erin's feet wiggled in his hands, and the look in her eyes was as dangerous as the barrel of a gun. "Fuck me. Now! You made this mess, and, and you..."

Erin was so wet - she had always been wetter than most of the other girls Ken had been with - that she hadn't even noticed him slipping into her, at first. But Ken was big, and the feeling of being filled spread her teeth apart, first, and then it put a wide smile onto her face. Mad as she was, she still couldn't help herself. "Oh... My God, Ken," she breathed. He was pumping into her, and it felt elevated beyond normal sex. Heavenly. Angelic? Few other words came close - it simply felt divine.

"Babe, I know this is, this is really good but..." Ken looked down at her pussy. She had one hand pressed on her belly, just above it, and the other one buried in the blanket, gripping it for her life. "Oh, shit, I am not gonna last long, you gotta understand. But that's okay, because..." He looked up at her face. She was, quite obviously, on cloud nine. His plan to fuck the anger out of her had worked, but maybe he had worded his suggestions too strongly. It made her look so fucking hot - basically entranced, now, on his cock, with her feet in his hands because she wanted them there too - that the fucking part of it all wasn't going to last long at all. "Erin, hey, hun, curl your toes! Quick!"

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