tagIncest/TabooSharing Mom...with Dad!

Sharing Mom...with Dad!


Author's note: Welcome to my latest story! As my long time fans know I'm always looking for something new to try or a challenge to respond to. I pride myself in not writing stroke incest. I do the best I can to justify the taboo attractions(okay Bound for my daddy not so much) and try to give a plausible reason for the ultimate line to be crossed. So of course that has led to "What's the matter, you can't write stroke?" Well I doubt I can write a short story, but content, not length makes a stroker. So I have decided to give it a shot. This story is a throw reason to the wind, down and dirty story of sexy family fun. So turn off your reason, get out your favorite lube and sit back and enjoy a totally implausible wild ride LC68 style.


I pulled into the driveway and my eyes lit up; mom and dad were out! Getting out of my car, I smile in anticipation of what being home alone meant. Entering the house, I grabbed a can of coke from the fridge and quickly made my way down the hallway. Stepping into my room, I tossed my book bag on the desk and downed half the coke. I quickly stripped out of my smelly Taco Bell uniform and thought about taking a shower because even my skin smelled like fast food.

Figuring I had no idea when my parents had gone out and when they would be back, I skipped the shower for now and tossed on a pair of shorts and a Celtics t-shirt. Closing my bedroom door, I all but ran down the corridor to mom and dad's bedroom. By the time I'd opened the door and entered the room, my cock was already semi hard.

I immediately went over to the corner and lifting up the lid of the hamper began rummaging around. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I pulled out a lacy purple thong. I let the lid fall close and with no hesitation brought the crotch of the thong to my nose and inhaled deeply. I released a long sigh that bordered on a moan at the delicious scent of my mother's pussy.

Keeping my mother's lingerie pressed to my face, I walked over to the desk against the wall where their computer was set up. Flopping down in the chair, I took another deep breath while I reached down and rubbed my aching cock through my shorts. Lowering the thong, I started rubbing the silky material along my hands, imagining my mother's soft wet pussy beneath it.

That thought briefly cut into my lustful fantasies. I had first started sniffing my mother's panties a few years which was right about the time I'd begun noticing and thinking about girls and sex.

In the beginning it was just about the idea of 'this is what a woman smells like'. Sniffing had turned to masturbating with them, but for some reason it was never with a visual off my mother. I would think about Rebecca who used to live next door and who was a damn hot red head or some of the girls in my class.

But seeing I couldn't get a whiff of them, or get my hands on their panties, moms were what I used. Even when I started dating I would jerk off into her panties while wishing for that day I would be able to smell another female's scent and directly in my face rather than through clothing.

That happened a couple of years back, when after dating Jennifer for six months, her parents had gone away and her big sister gave her the green light to let me come over.

Once I'd gotten my first taste of her I had stopped using mom's underwear as a masturbation enhancer because I'd stolen a couple of pairs of Jennifer's. I'm sure she figured I took them, but never brought it up. We broke up six months later, but in the time since I had been on a good swing and never remained single for more than a few weeks.

I guess it helped that both my mom and dad were good looking and I'd inherited a mixture of their features. I had my father's black hair, but mom's deep blue eyes and high cheek bones. Between the cheek bones, dad's dimpled chin and mom's smooth complexion and coupled with the fact my hair was always perfectly combed I had endured more than a few pretty boy jokes from other guys.

But those jokes were worth the success my looks and easy going personality brought me with the girls. College provided even more opportunity to meet pretty girls and for the last couple of years my fixation with the smell of my mother's pussy had been replaced with enjoying the real thing and I'd left it behind as one of those weird things horny kids did.

That was until last month when my lap top froze up and I needed to finish a project for school. Mom had told me to use their computer while mine was getting fixed and that was when my obsession had not only returned, but progressed to the point I was now thinking more about what was in those panties. I'd noticed their computer kept freezing and when I'd hit the keys to bring up the task manager saw that windows movie maker was running.

I closed out everything else and when I brought up movie maker saw there was a pop up asking if the project should be saved. I'd done that many times myself, quickly clicked out of it or thought I had because I'd walk away not remembering it always asked. I prepared to click yes figuring I didn't want to lose anything of theirs. Just before I hit the button I noticed the title of the project was "Want this?"

It struck me it could be something racy, but had a hard time believing my parents would film themselves. Not that I didn't think they had sex, they were always affectionate with each other and both looked damn good for their ages and worked hard at the gym to stay that way, but still...Looking over my shoulder as if I thought they would materialize behind me, I clicked play.

The screen filled with a view of the bed and Mom walking over to it. She was wearing a short red robe and sitting on the edge of the bed, gave her long, dirty blond hair a toss.

"What is it honey?" she asked the camera with a big smile.

"Just wondering if you're ready for bed." Dad's deep voice came from behind the camera.

"For bed, sure," her smile turned mischievous, "For sleep? Not yet."

"Oh? You have something in mind?"

"Hmm-mm" she purred in a sexy voice that caused my cock to begin stirring. "I'm ready for some fun, you want to play?"

"Why don't you show me what I'll be playing with?"

"Yes sir," Mom pushed her full sensual lips into a pout, standing up, she pulled the robe open and let it fall to the floor.

When the robe hit the floor, my jaw had as well. Although I'd seen mom in a fairly revealing bikini many times, it had never dawned on me how damn hot she was. Mom was tall and years of jogging had kept her long legs looking better than ever. Her stomach was surprisingly flat. Despite the fact she was on the slender side, her hips had enough curve to them to give her a good figure.

What really grabbed my attention were her bare tits; they weren't big, but were perfectly round and sitting high and firm. The skin around her nipples was a deep red in color and the nipples themselves hard and pointing straight at the camera. Mom cupped them, offering them to my father, "Want these, baby?"

"I do, but what else you have?"

"I have it all!" Mom laughed and sliding her hands down her stomach pulled the black thong she was wearing aside, flashing her pussy.

By then my cock had been aching in my pants and I' begun to rub it as Mom let the thong fall back. Lifting her long hair up, she turned around and shook her firm heart shaped ass at the camera. Mom started to turn back around, but dad called out, "Take it off from there; show me that pretty pussy from behind."

Mom obediently hooked her fingers into the thong and sliding it down, bent over. I'd stared mouth wide open as mom exposed not only her ass, but her pink pussy winking out from between her well toned thighs. The fact I was staring at my mother's pussy should have caused me to shut it off, but instead I began rubbing my cock harder and grinding my hips while I watched her turn back around and climb onto the bed.

Mom lay back on the pillows and crossing her long legs at the ankles, asked, "What do you want to see, baby?"

"You know what I want to see."

"I don't know..." Mom made a show of rubbing her chin as if thinking it over.

"Please Robin?" Dad begged as the camera moved closer to the bed, "Please let me see that perfect pussy."

"What do I get out of it?" she asked, now fondling her tits. "You going to kiss it?"

"And lick it, and suck on it."

"On that note." Mom laughed and slowly opened her legs.

I had been squeezing my cock as my hand moved up and down, jerking it through my jeans. Mom reached down between her legs and as the camera zoomed in close, spread her pink lips open. Using one slender red tipped finger she began sliding it through her soft wet folds and started teasing her clit.

"Come give me a kiss baby." She beckoned him with her other hand.

The camera moved as Dad placed it on the bed and lying across mom's thigh he began tonguing her clit so the camera could catch it. Mom moaned and the sound sent a thrill through me. Giving in, I had unsnapped my jeans and pulling my cock out stared to stroke it. In front of me dad had slipped two fingers into her pussy and was working them in and out. Mom's fingers were running through his hair and she was moaning, "Oh, Jack, that feels so fucking good!"

I'd been pumping my cock hard and fast when I'd heard Dad's Ford F250 pull into the driveway. Panicking, I'd zipped up and ran into my room where locking my door, I sat on the bed and masturbated furiously to the image of my mother's bald pink pussy. I stroked it twice more that night and from then on whenever my parents went out at night I would sneak into their room and check out their movies.

And there were several of them. If I thought the first one was hot, the next one featured mom on her knees between dad's legs giving him a long slow blow job. It was a little weird seeing my father's cock, especially because it looked pretty damn big, but watching my mother suck on it helped me quickly over come my awkwardness.

Mom was as good as any of the porn stars I'd seen, taking my father's dick down to his balls easily and taking a good long time licking, teasing and sucking. The entire time she was working his cock with her amazing mouth, mom had been moaning and her big blue eyes were rolled back. With my cock in my hand it occurred to me my mother loved to suck dick! I'd kept my stroking slow until the end of the video, when with a loud moan my father began jerking his cock.

Mom opened her mouth and after taking the first spurt into it, turned her face side to side letting dad splatter his cum all over her. When he was done, Mom let the cum drool out of her mouth, back onto his cock. My own dick exploded when mom started licking his cock clean. The next video featured my parents going around the world, fucking in every position and each time they switched I swore mom looked even hotter than in the one before.

By the fifth or sixth time I'd watched that video I was jerking off using mom's panties and admiring the way my father, who was in damn good shape himself, fucked the shit out of her. Now a month later, I was nothing short of obsessed. When my folks were sitting on the couch watching TV I found myself imagining them having sex, dad just yanking mom's skirt up and fucking her right over the couch.

It would get so bad I would have to excuse myself and go jerk off. Worse was when mom would get close to me. Now when she hugged me I was painfully aware of her tits pressing against me and when she would give me a kiss on the cheek all I could imagine was how good those soft lips would feel pressed against something else. I constantly undressed her with my eyes, or more accurately would envision her stripping for me.

Mom wore a short robe around the house in the summer and as she did in that first video I could see her untying it and letting it hit the floor. She would hold up her perfect tits and ask if I wanted them. Thoughts like that were what concerned me. My fantasies had gone from just thinking of my parents fucking to me being the one to fuck my mother. Not that the former was normal, but the latter was pretty sick.

Sick. That was the word that entered my mind enough to tell me I should stay away from their computer and try to stop thinking about it. I'd been single for a couple of months now as my fantasies no longer seemed to revolve around pretty coeds, but the one woman in the world I shouldn't be thinking about. That was what I told myself on a daily basis. But anytime mom walked by me wearing a pair of shorts or bent over to pick something up, my mind was filled with the videos; and if they weren't home?

I would immediately be right where I was now. Sitting in their room and scoping their pc for new videos. I noticed when I had first been looking there were only three, but after a couple of weeks it seemed there was a new one every few days. Dad had them under a folder marked, "projects" and had it pass word protected. But my father was predictable and used Red Sox 2004 as his password for everything.

I opened the folder and my eyes lit up again at the sight of a new movie, this one called 'Toys'. I clicked on it and sitting back in the chair, pulled my shorts down and wrapping the thong around my cock began watching the movie. Mom was on the bed, her legs wide open as she ran a purple vibrator up and down her pussy. I could hear it humming and mom was groaning. Each time the tip of the toy hit her clit, her hips would jerk and she would give a sharp little yip that sent a surge through me.

Mom slipped the vibrator inside her and reaching into the nightstand drawer next to the bed pulled out a silver egg that was attached to a remote control. Making a show of rubbing the egg along her tits, she placed the egg over her clit and thumbed the remote. She gasped and I saw her hips beginning to rock.

"Roll over." Dad said, "Let's see that from behind!"

I slowed my stroking as I was treated to the eye popping visual of mom rolling over on her hands and knees. I could see the black bottom of the vibrator buried in her pussy and reaching between her legs, she pressed the bullet to her clit. Moving her fingers up her grasped the vibrator and started pumping it in and out of her pussy.

"You like that, you nasty thing?" Dad asked,

"It feels good!" Mom purred, "But not as good as your big cock!"

"Let's make it better!"

Dad put the camera on the bed to the side of mom so I could see the length of her body. I took in her tits pointing down towards the bed and could see the vibrator sliding between her cheeks. Kneeling in front of her, wearing just his boxers, dad leaned over and slipped a thin silver vibrator over the other one.

"Ohh," Mom groaned, "Yes, push that deep in my ass."

My hand moved faster as if of its own accord while watching dad fuck mom's ass with the thin vibrator while she continued using the purple one in her pussy. She was rocking back and forth and dad said,

"Look at you, you dirty slut! You love having one in each hole don't you?"

"Oh, yeah! Hmmm I wish they were cocks! Two nice big cocks!"

"You want another cock, you slut?" he punctuated his question by giving her a slap in the ass.

"You know I do!" she moaned, "You know I want to be in the middle of two hot guys!"

"You couldn't be any more of a pig could you?" Dad laughed,

"Oh, yeah?" Mom asked and resting on her elbow pulled dad's boxers down and quickly took his hard cock into her mouth.

"Oh, fuck!" I exclaimed as I watched her bobbing her head, taking dad's sizable prick deep into her mouth while rocking back and forth into the vibrators.

I began pumping my cock harder as mom left the vibrator in her pussy and grabbing dad's cock, started to jerk it as she blew him. Dad was moaning and pumping his hips, fucking my mother's mouth. She was moaning louder and louder and dad was all but pounding the vibrator into her ass. Mom released dad's cock and lifting her head released a loud cry that even though the computer could have been heard through the house.

"Oh fuck yeah!" She cried out, "Don't stop, Jack! Please don't stop!"

Mom started bucking wildly back and forth as she released a series of loud yelps. Even though I'd heard that sound many times while watching their movies, the sound of my mother cumming never failed to cause my cock to throb and I could feel the cum building as I slid the silky thong along the length of my shaft.

The entire time mom bucked and writhed she was stroking dad's cock and he was now moaning and thrusting into her hand. Mom released a long shuddering moan and as she stopped moving her hips, started to let dad's cock go.

"No, keep jerking!" he pleaded.

With a wicked smile that caused my cock to jerk mom not only resumed her stroking, but placed her mouth over the head of his cock. Dad made a loud groaning sound and grabbing mom's hair gasped and started jerking his hips.

"Hmm-mm!" Mom encouraged him as she pumped his cock harder.

She took more of his cock into her mouth and began making loud slurping noises that sent me over the edge. As I felt the cum racing through my cock, Mom looked straight at the camera, opened her mouth and let my father's cum drool down her chin. Still staring into the camera, her blue eyes glazed with lust, she slipped her cum coated tongue out and waggled it provocatively.

"Oh, shit!" I exclaimed as my cock erupted into my mother's thong.

I pumped it hard and fast, enjoying the sensation of the silky material stroking the head of my cock while envisioning it emptying into my mother's, I'm sure, much softer mouth. I kept stroking and my cock kept spurting. When there was nothing left and the head of my cock was now covered in the mess I'd made, I sighed and leaned back in the chair.

After I carefully wiped off my cock, I balled up the thong and slipping my shorts up made to get up and toss it back into the hamper. When I stood, I glanced over to the nightstand. Remembering the video, I walked over and putting the thong on top of it, opened the drawer.

"Damn." I whistled.

The drawer looked like an overstock bin at an adult toy store. There were several vibrators, each a different size and color, as well as a couple of the bullets. There was a pair of handcuffs and my eyes widened at the sight of a dog collar and a leash. Picking up the collar I wondered if they would ever use that in a video. I placed the collar back in the drawer, careful to put it in the exact same spot.

I picked up a weird looking rubber thing with a small bullet attached to it. I was wondering what it was when I noticed the loop and realized it was cock ring meant to push against her clit. I dropped it and shook my head at the assorted x-rated goodies. In the back of the drawer I saw several DVDs and getting on my knees so I could see in the back of the drawer looked at the titles.

Four of them were titled "Dreaming of Three" with different volumes and two more were from a series called one for each end. It hit me they were all about two men with one women and remembering the video figured mom wasn't kidding about wanting two cocks. I wondered if they had ever done it. That wasn't a thought that turned me on. I would hate to think my parents would share with someone. I doubted they did, if they had mom wouldn't be so into the fantasy. I was going to close the drawer when I saw the purple vibrator from the video.

Picking it up, I brought it under my nose and sliding it across sniffed it.

"Oh, yeah." I said softly, at the faint aroma of mom's pussy.

I took another whiff, and then looking around again, opened my mouth. I took the toy a couple of inches into my mouth and started sucking on it. My eyes rolled back at the faint taste of her sweet juices. I sighed and glancing down saw the one that had been in her ass. I'm sure they would have cleaned it, but...

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