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My little sister Kara was a pesty pain in the ass when we were growing up. We fought constantly about the stupidest things. But as we grew a bit and both moved into puberty, we enjoyed a friendly sibling rivalry. We were the only two kids in our family and always seemed to compete for the most attention and accolades from our parents. If I got a good grade in school, she would scowl about it and work to beat me the next time around. If she won an award running track, it would motivate me to try even harder to do better on the basketball team. We kept each other motivated, taunting each other with each other's latest conquest. Looking back on it now it was all quite silly.

Being competitive with each other built a mutual respect despite our constant arguing. I certainly grew much fonder of her as she matured and her self-confidence grew. It almost seemed like over-night she had blossomed into a beautiful girl. By the time she reached her senior year in high school, she no longer felt like she had to prove herself to anyone. I was one year her senior and it's always good to have a big brother to stick up for you.

Kara was 5 ft 8 inches tall and weighed about 130 lbs. She had toned legs and wonderfully textured skin that always seemed to keep a tint of color, never pale. At age 18 she had 36c breasts. But to me her most prominent feature was her perfectly rounded ass! God, I swear I spent hours on my summers home from college laying in bed late at night fantasizing about grabbing and licking that ass of hers. I had felt guilty about it at first, but as time went on she transitioned into much more revealing clothing. She had caught me a few times staring at her ass and I was sure that she liked the attention.

One night while our parents were out on a date, I was sitting on the couch watching TV. It was getting late and I could hear the shower going downstairs as my sister got ready for bed. Several minutes later she came up stairs in a low-cut silky pajama top with matching bottoms that were very short and hugged her ass tightly. I had never seen her wear it before and my mouth must have gaped open as I stared at her. I watched her as she walked to the sink and out of sight. Although I would never plan to bed her, I couldn't help but look every chance I got.

I heard her stop in her tracks and take a few steps backwards, back into sight. She looked at me with her sassy little smile.

"What's wrong Jason? Trying to catch flies with that mouth?" she playfully asked with a big sheepish grin. .

"What?" I asked, looking up at her and trying so hard not to let me eyes roam her body. "What are you talking about?" I wasn't about to admit it to her. She would have liked that too much.

"What, isn't your Sandra giving you any?" she joked, sticking out her tongue like a little kid and wiggled her ass at me. It was true. I had been dating Sandra for just a few weeks and we hadn't had sex. I had been pretty frustrated about it as my hormones had definitely been racing, especially with my sister constantly showing off her eye candy.

"Shut up Kara!" I reacted angrily. "If you'd wear some modest pj's that didn't make you look like a hooker, I wouldn't look!" She seemed surprised by my angry retort and could tell she'd hit a nerve.

"Oh, poor baby." she mockingly whined. I jumped up from the couch after her and she giggled and darted for the stairs. I got there just in time to give her a good smack on the ass as she raced down to her room, laughing.

Later that night I was laying in bed, beating off to the thoughts of my sisters' hot little body. My eyes were closed and I was imagining in my mind what she looked like naked. My mind wondered her body, seeing her perfect tits. Her tight ass. Did she have a hairy pussy? Just as I was about to cum, I opened my eyes and the tiniest bit of movement caught my eye at my door. Everyone was asleep, I had thought, and failed to close it all the way. The shadow moved away quickly. I wondered if my sister had been watching me and that thought brought me to the brink. I shot my load and let out a big moan. The next day, there was no indication that my sister had seen me and I decided it was nothing.

Anyway, a year later I was in college and dating one of my sisters' older friends. Her name was Cassie and she was a real knock out! She and my sister had met in her biology class the year prior and brought her over to study one night. She was one of the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen. She had a classic, sweet "girl next door" smile. Her tits were not quite as big as my sisters; a 34b. She was also just a little bit rounder. She was 5 ft 5 inches and 145 lbs. Cassie also had a super fine ass that gave me an instant boner the first time I saw here. From then on I would hang out around the house when she was over just to get a good glimpse of her and flirt a little. A few weeks later we were dating and she and my sister became even better friends. When Cassie & I weren't together or if I was at basketball practice, she was hanging out with my sister. They became best friends.

A few weeks after we started dating Cassie & I had sex for the first time. To my surprise and every wet dream come true, Cassie lost the girl next door reputation when we would fuck. That girl wasn't afraid to try anything and once we fucked the first time, she wanted it all the time! Man, it was every boys dream come true! Not only did we take the opportunity to fuck often, she would get more and more daring; like doing it at the park and inside a phone booth at the pier. One-time she talked me into doing it in her room when her parents were home. I was scared to death and she was always pushing me passed by comfort limits, but the thrill really turned her on and who was I to say no? Although it was risky and time and worried me from time to time, it was a real turn on for me too.

She was awesome! And to a 19 year old boy who had been a virgin up to that point, it seemed like she did it all! She'd suck my cock, let me do her from behind and allowed me to discover that my favorite part of sex was giving it to her up the ass! After I fucked her ass for the first time, I became much more worried that she would tell my sister the things that we did. Even though my sister and I had been cool with each other lately, I was afraid it wouldn't take much for my sister to get me into trouble with my parents the next time we had an argument or think that I was some kind of sex freak.

"What are you worried about?" Cassie asked. "Kara is my best friend and anything I tell her in confidence would stay that way."

"Look, she's my sister and I really rather she not know all the stuff we do, you know? Besides, it wouldn't take much for her to use it against me with our parents." I'd say.

"Relax Jason, I won't tell her." But I just wasn't sure and the way she said it didn't convince me. So, I just stopped worrying about it and enjoyed the ride!

One weekend our parents went out of town and I was home from college, leaving Kara & I to our own devices. To me that meant I could bring Cassie over get to fuck her in my own bed for the first time. For Kara, it meant she could sneak away over night without my parents knowing and could go to a popular bar over the state line with some of her friends, which allowed under aged drinking. My sister was a bit of a lush and had taken a swig out of my dad's liquor cabinet from time to time, but nothing serious. I think she was just looking to blow off some steam.

About an hour after my folks left Kara had her bag packed and was heading out the door. She was wearing a tank top that showed off her young, ample tits and a mini-skirt that didn't leave too much to the imagination. I couldn't help but wonder is some lucky guy would get a piece of that tonight.

I picked up the phone and called Cassie. She was there soon after and we wasted no time getting down to business. Cassie was super sexed up that night for some reason and took our time fucking in every room of the house! We started in my room, then the living room, on my parents' bed, in the kitchen and on top of the washer & dryer. It was exhilarating for us both to be able to just walk around the house naked, fucking freely and like rabbits! I felt so naughty and seemed to turn Cassie on even more than me. It was an exhibitionist's fantasy come true!

I had Cassie on the dryer, my hands under both sides of her ass, holding her up just slightly. I was pounding her pussy as hard as I could and she was getting louder and louder by the second. Sweat poured down her chest and onto her tits. I licked her nipples, which stood straight up like erasers when I would.

"Oh YES! Fuck me like a slut!" she screamed. I loved it when she talked dirty. I grabbed her ass even tighter and hammered her sweet pussy like a mad man. We both came simultaneously with intense orgasms.

She leaned against the wall and I on top of her, both of us gasping for air. It amazed to me know how long we could fuck for. I looked at the clock on the wall and it had been 2 hours since she walked in the door and dropped her shorts, exposing the fact she had not panties on.

We rested for a few minutes. The sight of it all; her breasts heaving as she was catching her breath, her hair matted to her forehead with sweat. I looked down at her sopping wet teenage cunt. Cassie had a well trimmed pussy and right now, it was dripping with my cum. My dick started to get hard again. She looked down and saw that my 7 inch cock was starting to grow again.

She smiled wide and wiggled her tongue at me playfully.

"Hey, you know what we haven't done yet, honey?" she asked. "We haven't fucked in Kara's bed yet. We gotta do it! Come on!" She hopped off the dryer in excitement and pulled me by the hand down the stairs. I felt hesitant about it. Though we had fucked every where else, it seemed weird to do it in my sisters' room. But it did sound exciting.

We entered my sisters' room. It had been a while since I'd been there. I noticed the pink flowers painted on the walls, the picture of her and Cassie at the beach, in a frame on her bedside stand; and the full length mirror on the closet door, next to the door, across from her bed and this was sounding better already. I wondered, did Kara watch herself when she masturbated? The thought of it made me shutter in excitement and my cock was now rock hard.

Cassie popped down onto the bed, excited to do it in her best friends' room. "I just love that mirror." She cooed. "Come fuck me on my back so I can see your ass in the mirror while you fuck me!" she demanded.

"Yes m'am!" I said and wasted no time jumping on top of her, pushing cock into gaping pussy. I started out slowly, having just come. I wanted to make this last as long as possible. I pulled out and rubbed the tip of my dick on her little nub, gently rubbing it up & down.

"GOD! I love it when you do that!" she quietly moaned. "You know all my buttons, don't you baby?"

"Considering how much we've fucked, I sure hope so."

Cassie lifted her legs over her head, giving me wide access to her pussy. She looked behind me at the mirror, obviously watching my ass in the mirror behind us. "Oh yea, keep doing it just like that." she said.

I continued to play with her clit, occasionally popping my dick in her for a quick thrust, then going back to her clit again. She really liked this, as she would moan even louder every time I thrusted in. With each thrust, her eyes roll back, her mouth open; obviously in ecstasy. Each time her eyes would go right back to the mirror.

"Oooh, Jason..." she moaned. I knew this meant she wanted to talk dirty because it was the only time she'd use my first name when were screwing. "Does that feel good for you too?"

"Oh, HELL YES!" I exclaimed.

"It feels kind of naught doing it in Kara's room, doesn't it?" she asked. Her eyes were a little squinty, like she was drunk. Her had a big, sexy smile on her face as she said it and continued to glance at my ass in the mirror.

"Yeah, it kind does" I breathed. "It's hot having that big mirror there."

"Have you ever seen her naked?" Cassie asked as I stroked her wet pussy with my rod. I was a little surprised by the question, but willing to go with it.

"Not since we were kids," I said.

"Well I have. She's a sexy girl." She said slyly. Now I was curious. I continued to fuck her but just a little bit faster now.

"When did you see her naked?" I asked.

"Oh, I've seen her change a few times. She got a hot bod!" I could see where this was going and my naughty side liked the dirty talk. "Don't you think she does?"

"I don't know, she's my sister." I played it cool. I didn't want to answer that question, truthfully, too quickly.

Cassie stared at the mirror. "Well, yeah, but she's a girl. I'm sure you've noticed her. Don't be shy, I won't think any different of you. I think it'd be kinda hot if you did." She winked at me. She was smart. She knew how to encourage me.

"Well, ok. Yeah, I guess." I said. Her pussy felt so good right now that I'd talk about whatever she wanted. She could do worse than ask me about my sexy sister. I grabbed her tits and starting rolling her nipples in my fingers.

"Ooooooh, that feels good." She closed her eyes and laid her head back in pleasure. "What do you like most about her body?" she persisted.

"I don't know, I guess her ass. She has tight little hips and she shows them off a lot."

"Yeah, I like that about her too. But, my favorite has to be her tits. I bet they would feel so good to touch. Mmmmmm..." I was really starting to like this and it was making me really hot. My girlfriend, who is my hot sisters' best friend, was fantasizing about her while I fucked here. God, I was so hard. I held back from cumming with all my might to make this last as long as I could.

As I pounded her pussy, I started going for long, deep strokes. She started to moan louder, signaling her approval. A few more strokes and I heard a quiet noise at the door, lick a socks or something on the carpet. I turned to see Kara, my sister, standing in the door way bare ass naked with a hand on her pussy. She looked at me right away, winked and put her finger to her lips tell me to be quiet with a big smile.

Was I dreaming? Could this really be happening?

I continued to grind into Cassie as Kara quietly made her way over to the bed and stood next to her. I could now see my sisters' ass for the first time and it was even sexier than I had imaged. The shape of her ass was perfect! Cheeks that just scream to be fucked!

My sister leaned down and took one of Cassie's nipples into her mouth and began to gently suck it. Cassie's head immediately popped up in confusion, as I would have had to shift my body a bit to reach them. She looked down at her tit and she it was Kara sucking on them. She looked very surprised, but the look on her face told me that she quickly accepted her new found ecstasy.

"Oh my GOD, Kara! YES! Oh GOD, YES!" Kara slowly took her nipples into her mouth, sucking tall knobs like a cock. Cassie grabbed the back of my sisters' head and pulled her firmly into her titties. "OH FUCK!" she moaned.

Kara was pushing her hips against my leg like she wanted to climb on top of her best friend and I was happy to oblige. I pulled my cock from Cassie's pussy and let my sister take the top. I stood back just far enough that my cock was touch my sisters' thigh, and I began to touch and gently caress her sexy, naked ass. Her butt was so beautiful and I could see her tight little rose bud. But I didn't dare do more than that. Kara moaned, either to let me that she liked it, or she was just really enjoying sucking her best friends' tits.

Cassie put her legs around Kara and pulled her down on top of her. My sister scooted up and they began to kiss so erotically, sucking on each other's tongues. She started grinding her pussy against my girlfriend mound and she returned the favor, rubbing their pussies on one another. My sisters' pussy was shaved clean, bare as could be....and now I knew.

Their hips moved in unison, stroking their pussies on the others, making out like two long lost lovers. I continued to stroke my sisters' ass and moved my hand down just a little bit lower on one of the strokes, rubbing my finger across her pussy. It was very wet. Kara seemed to ignore this so I continued to rub her pussy, becoming bolder with each stroke.

I let my finger slide further, now also stroking Cassie's pussy every other one. They rubbed each other harder and with greater force, both of now moaning loudly. "Oh my GOD Kara. Fuck me, fuck me! I've wanted you for so long!"

"Me too." My sister breathed. "Seeing you two getting it on and talking dirty about me.....I couldn't help but join you."

"I'm so glad you did. Sooooo glad you did...."Cassie giggled like a little girl who had just opened a Christmas present to find what she really wanted. "Can you do something for me?" Cassie asked.

"Anything" my sister said matter-of-factly.

"I want you to eat my pussy and let Jason fuck you! God, that would be so hot I'd just cum all over you right away!" I was shocked at the question, yet nervously waited her response. Would this ruin everything? Surely my sister would be re-pulsed and storm from the room.

Kara immediately slid down the length of the bed and positioned herself, preparing to dig into her best friends' pussy, her ass now up in the air, right in front of my cock. I was suddenly a little dizzy.

She looked back at me with a big smile and said "Here's your one and only chance big boy. Don't waste time. I'm sure not...." And with that, she dove into my Cassie's pussy like a pro, licking her clit like a true lesbian.

Kara, nearly yelling, sounded "Ahhhhhh!"

Before ripping into her little love hole, I stared at her smooth, bare ass and focused on her rose bud. I couldn't pass that up. I leaned in a rimmed her ass with my tongue, pushing my tongue into her. She jerked in surprise, but seemingly not displeasure. She started to moan and wiggled her little ass in approval.

I licked from the top of her crack to bottom, getting a good smell of her pussy, before returning to the top. I repeated this motion several times, to her vocal approval of "oh my GOD that feels so good!" before stepping back.

I stroked the length of my cock one time, her ass now sopping wet from my tongue. I slowly pushed my finger tip against her ass hole, rubbing in a circular motion, loosening her up for what was to come. She paused and looked over her shoulder at me, glancing at her ass.

"And just what do you think you're doing?" she asked with uncertainty.

"Sis, I'm gonna pound your pussy. But first, I going slide this big cock up your teasing little ass!" Without waiting for a response, I pushed the head of my cock into her tight hole. Her eyes immediately grew wide and she gasped as I entered here. I could tell I was going to be her first anal fuck.

"OH FUCK. He just put his cock up my ass!" my sister whispered to Cassie. "Ah shit, it's feels so big!"

"Go easy on her Jason," Cassie pleaded. "If I was you, I'd fuck it too. But this is her first ass fucking. Don't hurt her."

"I won't, but I just HAVE TO DO THIS!" I lustily explained.

I pushed slowly, but firmly into her chocolate cove until I reached the top, feeling her ass gripped around the length of my dick. I looked down at her ass, my balls now against her thighs and I felt a great deal of satisfaction. I had wanted to fuck that ass for years, and here I was with my cock all the way up her tight fucking asshole, buried between those sweet cheeks.

I was careful not to hurt her more than necessary, giving her 7 or 8 long, slow strokes and enjoying every minute of it. Just enough to watch her ass vibrate in response to my force.

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