Sharing Sister


I then pulled out and slid down to my sisters' bare pussy and pushed into a devilish abyss. She was tighter than I ever remembered Cassie's pussy being, but I pushed all the way up to her cervix. She definitely wasn't a virgin.

"Oh, FUCK! ME!" I head my sister groan. "GOD!"

I then fucked my sisters little bald cunt harder than I think I've ever fucked anyone since. I slapped her ass every few seconds or so, wasting no time to really get into it. He pussy felt like a true virgin, even though she wasn't.

Cassie was breathing heavily. "Is he fucking you now? Is your brother fucking you, sweetie?"

"FUCK, he sure is!" she answered with pleasure. "That feels so fucking good!" My sister went back to eating Cassie's pussy while I fucked her, slapping her ass for good measure, leaving a red hand print on each globe as I did. Cassie starting rubbing her clit with purpose and pulled Kara's head into her pussy with force.

"Oh GOD, OH FUCK! YES! FUCK HER JASON! FUCK YOUR HOT LITTLE SISTER!!! She's a great pussy licker!" Cassie screamed.

Suddenly, like a sneaker wave that crashes on you on the beach and pushes you to your knees, my balls tightened up and I came a fucking fountain, pouring my seed into my young sisters' pussy! And I came SO HARD!

At that moment, Kara & Cassie both hollered with orgasms of their own! "Ahhhhhhh!"

I felt my sisters' pussy clamp down on my cock. She moved forward and backward as she came, milking my cock into her. She lifted her head, moaning like a whore and pushing her ass against me hard, digging my cock deeper.

Cassie was moaning, but pulled my sister by the hair back down to her pussy. "Wait, not yet! Keep licking my cunt baby!" My sister did her best to go back to her task, licking her girlfriends' pussy a few more times, as she roared with pleasure, releasing the last of her orgasm.

We all collapsed onto the bed, by sisters' back to my front and Cassie now facing Kara. Kara scooted her ass up to my cock and I set it right between her sweet ass cheeks, pulling her hips into me. The two girls began to kiss passionately.

"Oh Kara, that was the best fuck ever! You were amazing. I can't you believe you let Jason fuck you and I so glad you did! That was a fantasy come true for me. It's so taboo and so hot. And Jason is the best fuck!"

My sister broke their kiss and leaned back, looking up at me. We exchanged a wet kiss, playing with each other's tongues. "That was my fantasy too." She purred.

Kara then turned and looked at Cassie. "Maybe we should share your brother, too."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/27/17

Oh dear. Just, don't. Ok?

Was this written by some sort of virgin? Having never had a girlfriend so never had the opportunity to do anal?
Going from her butt to pussy is just not done (ok, not done without a lot of preparation,more...

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by Anonymous07/21/17

Great story...not into the ass into the pussy thing, but a great story all the way.

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