Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 08


She smiled gratefully at the young student who hastily grabbed his Eastpack out of the seat beside him so she could sit down. She put her coffee to the side, then pulled out the book Professor Eller had assigned, intent on catching up with the class. For almost an hour, Sharon worked diligently, making steady progress toward catching up in every class. She paused periodically, glancing around enjoying her place in school, musing that what she was doing was how she'd envisioned being a college student. Looking around, she didn't feel as if she was different from the other young co-eds. Checking her planner, she was surprised at how easy it had been to get back on track, & wondered if that was true for everyone in college. She knew she was no top notch student. Clearly college was geared to allow students lots of time for fun. She shifted in her seat, abruptly aware of a need... a sexual need. She wondered if helping Shaun & Dave stay caught up in their classes would mean she'd more quickly get to enjoy another day with them on... what had Dave called it? an adult field trip.

Momentarily ashamed at becoming aroused sitting in the study hall surrounded by young men & women, she glanced around, wondering if they could tell. She paused, wondering how she had turned into such a slut... how could she... she shut her eyes, imagining Shaun's big cock thrusting into her, making her cum... She shivered looking around, grateful for the sweats now hiding her body's reaction. How could she want more of that knowing it put her in more & more danger of losing her family... of losing everything. She tried to be glad that the thought scared her, but wondered how long that would last.

Nearly jumping up, Sharon gathered her things, intent on skipping the rest of the week; she needed to drive home to see her family... to get grounded again. She was sure she could think of some story about her new... decorations. Maybe the best would be simply the truth: she was a BZ Sister... all of her sisters had the tattoos &, piercings. & maybe Chris would like them. Finished packing her bag, she murmured a thanks to the man who'd made a place for her, intent on going back home.

She almost made it out of study hall before a wolf whistle stopped her in her tracks.

She turned, 1st to see who was attracting the attention, & blushed when she realized it was her. A tall broad black athlete was openly leering at her. It was Tom, one of the offensive linemen, & one of her Brothers. He'd been the 1st to exit the main study room, where the football team held daily guided study sessions. She saw some of the other BZ Brothers coming out. Several nodded or smiled. She shivered, aware that most of them had been inside of her. The thought did nothing to ease the pressure building between her legs. As much as she wanted to deny it, the look on Tom's face said he had the same idea her body was encouraging.

She knew she should turn & go on... flee. But she couldn't. The hulking lineman approached her.

"What 'cha doin' here, little Sister?" he asked, as if he knew the answer.

"Uhm, I was studying... I got all caught up," she paused, & couldn't help but go on, "Have to be ready for the party this weekend." He just nodded, eyes roaming up & down her body.

"So you're through studying?" She nodded, wondering if that was the right answer. She looked around, relaxing slightly when she realized no one seemed to paying them any attention. Surely he wouldn't make her what she'd done earlier there in study hall? She shivered, wondering if she would do it if he demanded... knowing with a strange tremor of arousal that she would.

"Well, maybe you can help me out, then," he said. She nodded, waiting for the inevitable. He looked around.

"I got me some reading homework," he seemed suddenly embarrassed, more like her son than an enormous man, "& I... well, I don't read so good. So sometimes people read for me." Sharon tried to hide the relief she felt at being asked to really help him.

"Well that's what Sisters are for, right?" He blinked at her as if what she'd said made no sense, but nodded. He tilted his head for her to follow, lumbering toward the small rooms lining the study hall. Sharon fell in behind him. He opened the 1st door he came to, not bothering to see if anyone was inside.

"We got this room now," he said, voice a quiet rumble. The 2 geeky students who'd been immersed in their studies scrambled to collect their things & escape past him. Sharon watched in amazement. No one ever reacted to her like that. Tom motioned for her to follow him inside. She set her bag on the table, not seeing the way the big student carefully arranged his things on the far side of the room. He handed her a library copy of George Orwell's 'Animal Farm.' The bookmark was barely beyond the start of the novel. She picked it up, smiling as Tom settled onto a seat beside her, & began to read.

After maybe 10 minutes, his hand came to rest on her thigh. Sharon blushed, but didn't argue. She went on reading, pausing after each break to ask if he had any questions about what she'd read. He just shook his head each time, so she would nod & continue. After another few minutes, the big student sighed loudly. Sharon stopped.

"Is something wrong?" He shook his head,

"Oh no, we're past where I needed to read," Sharon started to close the book, "But go on... I'll be ahead, that way," the big football player insisted, "I just thought... well, I think I'd pay better attention if you weren't in so many clothes," he smiled at her, "What are you wearing underneath those baggy sweats?" Sharon giggled, relieved she wasn't going to get into trouble.

"I'm wearing what I'm supposed to wear," she assured him. He nodded his head.

"Show me." She blinked, eyes going to the big window in the door. She didn't hesitate, though; after all, she'd already been to class in just the shorts & T-shirts. Blushing at being watched by the big frat brother, Sharon pulled the hoodie off, following with her sweat bottoms. She set them in her bag, then moved to sit back down to read. "C'mere," the big athlete said quietly, pushing his chair back from the table, "Sit in my lap."

The thoroughly conditioned white housewife didn't argue, moving around the table to sit on Tom's lap. She didn't protest when one hand slipped beneath her shirts to begin tweaking her nipple, the other resting high on her thigh. Clearing her throat, she picked up the book & resumed reading. It was difficult... the young man's knowing fingers quickly had both nipples rock hard. She shifted, becoming aware she could feel his erection pressing against her. He laughed when her voice faltered after another moment.

"Something wrong?" he teased. She heard the huskiness in her voice as she answered.

"I-it's just hard... hard to read when you're doing that." He nodded his head. Is there something else you'd rather be doing?" She shivered, wondering how it could be so obvious. She wondered if he could smell her arousal. She tried to keep reading but hadn't made it a page before he'd slipped a hand between her thighs. She didn't think, she just spread her legs for him. As she tried to keep reading, Tom deftly ran his fingers beneath her shorts & up & down her increasingly wet slit. Every few strokes he slowly circled her aroused clit, not touching it. Each time Sharon stopped reading, increasingly hungry for the contact & the release it promised.

He just chuckled, the rumble moving through his body, up into her pelvis. He was still working her left nipple with the other hand, & finally Sharon realized she hadn't read a word in almost a minute. Instead, she was pushing herself against his erection, tilting her pelvis, welcoming his fingers. Hew went on teasing her for a few seconds, then abruptly pushed back in the chair & stood, leaving her on her feet before him.

"Damn, if this ain't the best studying I've done all year," he said, his left hand holding her in place by his grip on her breast, "But I had to adjust myself. She felt his right hand at his groin as he spoke. She giggled, imagining his big erection had been getting pretty uncomfortable with her sitting on his lap. She realized she was hoping he'd take her back to the frat to fuck her & finish what he'd started.

She was surprised when he sat back down again, pulling her backwards over his lap once more. She wasn't really sitting on his lap, though... her legs were left spread, so she was more or less straddling him. His strong hands pulled by her breast & thigh, urging her down onto his lap. She gasped as she sat, feeling the head of his penis press against her crotch. Tom hadn't just 'adjusted' his package... he'd unzipped... he was going to fuck her there in the study room. Though Sharon's eyes went to the door of the room, horrified that someone would see, she didn't argue, & realized as she felt herself shift she was actually trying to help him get through the leg hole of her short shorts. He caught the thin fabric with one hand & she feared he'd tear it, leaving her with only the sweat bottoms to wear. Instead, he held the nylon to the side, offering his swollen cock a free path into her sex.

Sharon sighed as he pushed into her. She settled onto him, shivering in forbidden pleasure as more of his big cock thrust up inside of her. She didn't remember a time it hadn't been easy to take the biggest of the Brothers. She wanted to ride him hard, up & down, to get herself off, but his big hand held her in place. She shimmied her hips, hoping he would get the message. He laughed.

"Not yet, little Sister," he warned, reaching under her shirt again with his left hand to resume working her turgid nipple, "Let's finish this chapter. Sharon pouted for a second... she didn't want to study anymore. Still, having Tom inside of her felt so good, she decided not to argue. Opening the book, she leaned forward onto the table, the position pressing her clit slightly against his shaft as she began to read.

Or tried to; every few seconds Tom would shift, moving her from side to side, making it hard to concentrate. As she managed to keep reading with that, he would lift his hips, pushing up into her slightly, brief thrusts that stoked her building fire. Sharon trapped the book on the table with one hand, grabbing the table edge with the other & visibly pushing back at him. That simply elicited another chuckle from the big football player.

When Sharon paused to turn the page-- elated to see the end of the chapter, Tom dropped his left hand to her waist. She moaned loudly as he lifted her up & down, fucking her forcefully on his cock in several strokes before leaving her impaled once again.

"C'mon, little Slut," he teased, "We're almost there..." Sharon nodded... she couldn't talk for a few seconds. She pinned the book back down with her free hand, trying to focus on reading the last 2 pages. Tom's fingers dipper around her right thigh to press on her clit, & Sharon arched her back, breath catching as an orgasm threatened to burst. She wanted it, but wanted to finish the chapter, like Tom had asked.

She was reading about the pigs squealing when she realized he was standing, a forceful thrust driving her against the edge of the table before still more of his big cock thrust into her. He pressed his left hand against the small of her back, directly over the tattoo, while his right hand went on tweaking her clit, & his hips began to pump, driving his cock in & out in long, hard strokes. Her voice rose as she squealed, perversely like the pigs she'd been reading about, her body twitching visibly as she climaxed strongly. She didn't care that her cries were obvious outside the room, drawing curious, & then envious stares from the nearest male students.

Tom grunted in another minute or 2, & Sharon felt him cumming inside of her. She tried to remember... was she supposed to let that happen? Frightened of taking too many of the pills, she resolved to visit the Student Health Center for some more reliable birth control. At the moment, she was more intent on trying to finish the orgasm that'd been building. Tom slid back a bit, & she shook her head forcefully,

"Don't stop!" she husked, pushing back at him, "I'm not done... I'm so close, Tommy... Please just fuck me!" His chuckle rumbled, a strange, delightful sensation deep within her, as he resumed thrusting at her.

"Whatever you say, little sister." It wasn't a minute before Sharon spasmed again, moaning & winning in release. Finished, she lay spent on the table, heedless of the voyeurs in the study hall & the ever present camera catching everything from the table on the opposite wall, a table her unfocused eyes stared past as Tom slipped out of her & reached around her for the book.

"Damn, Sharon," he said, spanking her barely covered ass, "I'll have you read with me every day if you're available." Gradually becoming aware of what she'd just done... that people had to have seen through the door, Sharon tried to look calm as she fell back into the seat Tom had vacated. He was almost through packing his bag, & she suddenly knew she had to leave with him; the other male students might not try anything, knowing she was a BZ Sister, but she was confident she'd be treated to sneers & quiet comments as she past them. She grabbed her sweat bottoms, anxious to hide any leaking fluids that might slip below her shorts. Tom didn't give her time to put the hoodie back on, & she hurried out in his wake, looking for all the world like a loyal puppy.

Sharon tried to ignore the many stares & the whispered comments that were still made in their wake. She was anxious to get home to clean up, & was once again wondering how she kept getting herself into such situations. Tom didn't even seem to notice her & after considering for a few moments, she was about to break off to head to her place when Tom's cell phone rang. He slipped it out of his pocket & put it to his ear.

"Yeah?... Hey Shaun... Naw, not much, just studying... Oh yeah? Well, you're in luck, man. She just happens to be right here!" Sharon blinked, surprised that Shaun would be looking for her. Why hadn't he just called her cell phone... Or maybe he had, but she'd been too busy getting... she blushed & took the phone.

"Hello?" Shaun's voice sent a tremor through her. She realized it'd been days since he'd seen her... he hadn't seen her new Sister jewelry, yet...

"Hey, Sister," he started in, "Dave says you look great." Sharon blushed, pleased at the compliment. She offered Tom a smile.

"I'd be happy to show you..."

"Oh, I like the sound of that," Shaun paused, "But I was hoping you could do me a favor..." Sharon nodded for a moment before she realized he couldn't see her response.

"Of course," she answered. No hesitation, no qualification.

"Don't you have Prof Eller for a class?" Sharon was puzzled at the question, but didn't worry about it.

"Uh-huh... she's sort of my mentor, here."

"Really? That's great!" Shaun sounded relieved. "So you two have a good relationship."

"Uh-huh," Sharon frowned, "But she was just talking to me today... warning me about... about the things I'm doing." Fresh shame colored her face at the memory.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Shaun prompted the hapless white wife.

"Well... I think she suspects what we're... I mean, I think she knows that being a BZ Sister means... well, you know..."

"Not really, I guess... What do you mean?"

"Well, she said she was worried that I was losing myself... that I was forgetting who I was & not understanding what I'm getting into..." she flashed on what had just happened in the study hall. The remembered pleasure still outweighed fear or guilt. "I told her I understand what I'm doing," she paused... wondering if she really did... How had she gotten into this situation? Did she really want it. The way her body responded to Shaun's voice as he responded reassured her libido, at least.

"Oh," he sounded disappointed, "I guess maybe I shouldn't ask, then..."

"Ask what?" Sharon's brow furrowed, "I don't see how asking me can hurt anything, right?"

"I guess you're right... See, we have a couple guys who're really struggling... I don't know if you knew it, but she isn't just an English teacher... she's also in charge of Women's Studies." Sharon hadn't realized that. she almost giggled, the image of the tightly controlled, severe professor matched perfectly her idea of 'feminists.'


"Well, we have to take some of those classes... some NCAA agreement to assure we understand women's points of view on various topics."


"Turns out she's a hard ass when it comes to grades," he paused, "If a couple of the guys fail, they won't be able to play & may lose their scholarships. Most of the WS profs are cool with things, but if the guys miss Prof. Eller's class even for games she tries to hurt them... holding pop quizzes they can't make up, giving information crucial for exams... that sort of thing.


"Well, when we heard you had her in class... well, I 'd hoped she & you had a good relationship."

"I'd thought so, but today she was pretty judgmental... she kind of pissed me off." Shaun laughed.

"I understand that. Well, maybe that's a good thing..."

"I don't understand."

"Well, the guys, hell the coaches & even the dean have talked to her... she won't back off. It's really causing problems for all of our sports, & especially for our fraternity... she does it to all the athletes, but especially BZ... I've wondered if she has something against blacks," he paused just a moment, "But if you two don't have a good relationship I guess you can't talk to her about it..."

"Well, she did give me her card," Sharon answered, "She told me to call her if I ever had a problem."

"Hmmm," Shaun paused, letting Sharon think he was considering. "Well, how about this... Would you be willing to help us out?"

"Sure." He smiled at the total trust she was giving him. It was amazing how many women did that.

"Cool. Let me think about it... You'll be home this afternoon & tonight?"

"I will be," Sharon could hardly hold still at the thought Shaun would visit her.

"Great," he said, "I was thinking about trying to arrange something tomorrow, but maybe we'll wait... You're up for the big party tomorrow night, right?" Sharon smiled at Tom again.

"Yeah... It'll be good to have the weekend to relax."

"Well, if I can arrange it, Saturday or Sunday may be pretty busy, getting Prof. Eller on board."

"That's OK, whatever I can do to help," Sharon answered quickly.

"Well, be good, then, little Sister, & I'll see you soon." She realized Shaun had rung off, & handed Tom his phone. He was eyeing her with more appreciation than she was familiar with.

"What?" she asked. Tom, rubbed at his head.

"Were you two talking about Professor Eller?" She nodded. He shook his head, "I swear, man, she hates me... I been to every class I could. I take my own notes... I answer her questions, but I'm still failing. I don't want to go home..." the big football player seemed suddenly on the verge of tears, "If you & Shaun can fix that, I'll be your BZ Brother for anything you ever need, Little Sister!" Sharon smiled, reaching out to pat his enormous hand.

"Don't worry," she assured him, "I'll do whatever I can to fix it." He gave an obvious sigh of relief, obviously confident in her. After an awkward moment he tousled her hair, thanked her again for being his 'study buddy' & then headed for the athletic complex. Sharon reluctantly headed back into the campus for her 3rd & final class of the day. She usually enjoyed history, but would've been happier cleaning up & maybe taking a nap at her apartment. she paused in the history building, using the women's rest room to put the hoodie on, glad for the fewer stares & comments that followed her when she took a seat in class.

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