tagGroup SexSharon Has Twice The Fun

Sharon Has Twice The Fun


Your fantasy is finally about to come true. Soon there will be two men doing their best to get you to cum as many times as they can. Best of all, they are both men you love and admire. One is me, and the other is my long-time friend Steve. You are dressed in a short negligee with matching panties, and are sitting seductively on the bed. Steve is not due to arrive for about twenty minutes or so, but it seems like eternity. You have spent over an hour getting ready for this event and spent the last week anticipating it. You are nervous and excited at the same time.

You think about how this situation got started and kind of laugh. Last Saturday, Steve came over to watch the game. The game kind of went downhill, and after berating our guys for the poor showing, we shut it off the TV in disgust. Steve and I had a few more drinks, and then you came into the room, looking just awesome in a simple long satin robe. Just enough cleavage was showing to get our attention, while not really showing that much skin. Steve perked up as soon as he saw you. I have known for a long time that he wanted to get into your pants. He has said as much to me on more than one occasion. I hopped up to fix you a drink in the next room and just let things simmer for a couple minutes. When I returned, I suggested we play some cards.

We tried to think of some card games that can be played with three people, and did not come up with much. Steve suggested poker, and I mischievously suggested that we didn't have poker chips. Unfortunately, you had the idea of using change for chips. I was thinking of other things. Anyway we played and drank and drank and played. Soon you suggested that we should play strip poker. Since that was what I had in mind all along I said "sure!" before Steve could think of anything to say. Soon Steve and I were down to our skivvies and you were still in your bra & panties. The tension got higher as the game went on. I could see Steve having a hard time not staring at you. His eyes kept wandering to your barely covered nipples.

Steve also seemed to be playing rather poorly because of his distraction. I called a bad bluff and suddenly Steve was down to nothing. He had a little trouble removing his boxers as there seemed to be something hard in them. I looked away a bit embarrassed, and he finally got them off and sat back down. I looked over at you and could tell you were pretty turned on by the sight. I reached my hand over to your knee and gave it a squeeze. You looked a bit startled that someone else was in the room and then smiled and relaxed a bit. I gave you a little nod that things were OK.

I kind of thought things might go a bit further that night, but rather suddenly Steve jumped up from the table and fumbled on his shorts while apologizing for having to leave so suddenly. In just a matter of a minute or so he was out the door still saying he was sorry. I was kind of dumbstruck, but decided that he must have gotten scared that he might make me mad. Nothing could be further from the truth, I enjoy the fact that I have such a sexy babe with me. In any case that was it for Steve for the night.

You and I looked at each other and laughed just after he left. I took you in my arms and hugged your nearly naked sexy body to me. I whispered that I thought that you were turned on. You looked a little sheepish and nodded that you were. Just to check, I slid my hand into your panties and into your quite wet pussy. You let out a little moan, so I rubbed your clit a few times as you leaned into my arms and put your head back while pushing your pelvis forward. This allowed a bit more room for me to maneuver, so I increased my stroke to pass completely over and past your clit and then back again. Soon you were shaking in my arms and went nearly limp just before you went rigid as you peaked for the first time this evening. I kept up the motion until you grabbed my arm and held it still as I could feel your pussy clench tightly on my fingers. You remained like that for several seconds before you let out a long-held breath.

I gently tugged you towards the bedroom, but you had other things in mind. You set me down on one of the chairs that we had been sitting in when we played cards. I took note that you put me in Steve's position. I took off my shorts before I sat down. You removed the last our your clothes as well. I was sitting in the chair with a hard-on aimed for the ceiling (and feeling like it might get there). You sat on my lap facing me and guided my hard cock into your slippery pussy. It felt great as you slid right down to the base. I looked you in the eye as you hit bottom and you smiled at me.

I said, "Do you wish this was Steve fucking you?" You looked shocked, but I reached down to rub your clit with my hand and before you could say anything you came so hard on me that I was afraid you might faint. When you were able to recover a bit, I smiled and said, "I guess that was a yes!" You didn't have the strength to deny it at this point, in fact you simply started riding me harder and harder until, at the same time I came in you, you let out a loud "Yes!!!!" I wasn't sure if that was an answer to my question or not, but I decided to take it that way.

After some hugging and coming down time, I carried you up to the bedroom, and laid you onto the bed. You looked totally sexy with your so wet pussy gleaming in the light. I took the opportunity to lick you clean without trying to concentrate on your clit again. Still, shortly you were pulling me up on the bed to fuck you once more. I naturally was happy to oblige.

In the post-coitus bliss, I asked you seriously if you wanted to fuck Steve. You looked down like you were ashamed to say. I said "If you want to, and I can be there, it's OK with me." You now looked at me like I had said something completely off kilter. I said, "I'm serious, if you want to fuck him, you can. I know he wants to fuck you."

You said "He does?" then, "How do you know that!"

"Because he told me so." I said.

Eventually I convinced you that it was OK. In fact I asked you point blank, if you thought you could handle two cocks at once. Your eyes went wide at the suggestion and I could tell it turned you on a lot. I began suggesting different positions that could be used to satisfy two men at the same time. I could see and hear that the more I spoke the more excited you became.

It was almost 3:30 am by now and I simply could not find the energy to try to get you aroused again. I'm pretty sure I could not have done anything about it if I did. I just held you close and turned off the light.

The next morning we woke up late and showered together, but did not mention the previous night's activity. We spent the whole day at the lake and got a little burned from too much sun and water. No more mention was made about Steve during the day. I was still a little unsure if you would go for it, but I decided that if Steve won't do it there's nothing more to say anyway.

Monday I called Steve at work and after a little small talk I asked him if he had fun on Saturday. I could tell he was smiling as he said "I sure did!" So I figured what the heck and I simply asked him if he was willing to join in our little escapade. There was a pause and he said, "eh...well...I don't know...what do you think?"

I said, "I'm asking you aren't I?"

He stammered "Well, I guess I'm in then"

I didn't think I should call and tell you this over the phone, so I waited to tell you when I got home from work. After supper, I snuggled up to you with my sly smile and just straight out told you "Steve is coming here next Saturday night so the two of us can fuck your brains out."

You said "What?" then "Holy S__t! Are you serious?"

I answered "as a heart attack!"

You jumped away from my hold on you and said something like "What am I going to wear" as you dashed upstairs. I guessed you were going to look through your clothes to see what might work.

I finally had my wits about me enough to yell after you "Nothing should be about right!"

After a while I joined you upstairs to find you throwing various sexy items into the air in frustration. I looked around and said "Look Sweetie, just stop by Victoria's Secret sometime this week and pick out a few new things."

You looked up from the pile around your feet and gave me a big smile and a "Now your talking!"

The week passed pretty slowly at work, and I did not even get to look at the stuff you purchased during the week. No sex either. "I'm saving it for Saturday" you said. Anyway, finally it was Friday night and you were nervous as a whore in church all evening. I teased you a few times about getting so worked up, but I was excited too. I haven't seen you this horny in a long time, maybe ever.

While you were getting ready for the evening, I used the time to ice down some beer and I removed a bottle of Robert Mondovi Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve from the wine cooler to let it breathe and to let it warm a bit. While I was down there, I retrieved three wine glasses from the bar, and brought them upstairs to the kitchen. I decided to rinse the glasses off just in case there was any dust on them when the doorbell rang. I checked the clock, Steve wasn't due for about ten minutes, so I was slightly surprised to see that it was he at the door. Steve was dressed rather better than usual and carried with him a bottle of wine as well. I said, "Welcome!" as I relieved him of the wine bottle (A good chardonnay). I thanked him for the wine, as I invited him in.

He looked at me and said, "I gotta tell you, I'm pretty nervous about this."

I gave him a smile and said "Hey, it's just us, you've know us for years and I doubt you've ever been nervous before. Why start now?" He just shrugged his shoulders, and came into the living room.

I said, "Sharon is upstairs still getting ready I guess. Go ahead and turn on the tube while I put this (wine) into the fridge." Steve slid into the couch and grabbed the remote. I headed for the kitchen and put the wine into the keeper. I grabbed a couple of beers from the cooler; cause I figured it was just the thing to help Steve relax a bit.

As I popped open a couple of cold bottles, I walked into the living room to see that Steve had on some movie of renaissance era England. I never did catch the name of it as just a couple of minutes after clanking bottles with Steve; you walked in looking radiantly beautiful in a simple yet elegant black dress. It was long yet revealing. The dress plunged nearly to your navel in front, and a little below your waist in back. The side was slit almost all the way up your leg, but this was not obvious unless you were walking up stairs or the like. Given the proper viewing angle, it was possible to see your tits from the side or through the front of the dress if you bent over even slightly. I quickly determined that you were not wearing anything underneath, at least on top.

Steve jumped up to give you a hug and I think to get a view down your dress. He sat back down and I jumped up to see what you wanted to drink. You said, that for now the beer looked good. I grabbed our empties and took them into the kitchen.

I milled around the kitchen for a few minutes to let the two of you chat a bit. I made enough noise for you guys to know I was still in there. When I returned with three very frosty beers, I noticed that you had your legs crossed with the slit facing Steve and I think if Steve wore glasses they would have been fogged up. His eyes were nearly popping out of his head while he tried so hard not to be obvious, that it was totally obvious that he was staring at your sexy legs. You were of course fully aware of the effect and putting it to good use.

As I handed you your beer and glass, you leaned forward for it with both hands, and your tits nearly hopped out of your dress. I'm sure that Steve got a view of a nipple, but I didn't because I was in front of you and the dress blocked my view.

You were having some fun with Steve and played him like a fiddle. I left the room again on the pretense of getting some munchies, but I was really letting nature take its course. I could see into the living room from the kitchen without being easily seen if I stood in the right place.

It was obvious that I didn't have to worry about Steve seeing me, as he had his eyes glued firmly to you. You loved the attention and I could tell you were purposely letting your dress reveal more of your sexy body. In fact, both of your legs were now visible because you had allowed the slit in the dress to open far enough for both your knees to be out in the open. If you simply spread your legs right now, Steve would be able to see what (if anything) you had on for panties.

You seductively removed your shoes and said, "These new shoes hurt my feet, I hope you don't mind." You ran your toes through the carpet and smiled at Steve. Steve jumped up, pushed the ottoman toward you so you could put your feet up. Nervously Steve said "I could rub them for you if you like." "That would be wonderful." You said. Steve obediently began rubbing you toes and you smiled and laid back into the chair. I couldn't tell for sure, but from my position it looked like Steve could see right up your dress from where he was sitting on the ottoman.

I quickly grabbed some almonds and chips and headed back into the living room making sure I made enough noise to let you know I was returning.

When I turned the corner into the room I found you and Steve in the middle of a pretty intense kiss. I waited for a few moments, and watched you kiss, it was quite a sexy thing to see, but neither of you noticed my arrival. In fact, neither of you noticed my arrival until I set the items down on the table. Even then, you two broke the kiss fairly slowly.

Both of you looked my direction and smiled. I said, "Looks like your nerves are better Steve!" He turned a bit red and nodded. I glanced at you and finally I could see that you did have on panties. They too were black and though they were not thongs, they might be a related type.

Steve remained positioned between your legs as he grabbed for a few chips. I noticed that he had to readjust his pants to accommodate his erection. I smiled at you and asked, "Is there anything I can get for you?"

You looked up at me and said, "I could use some of that wine you opened earlier."

"OK, I'll be right back."

So off to the kitchen I headed again. By now I was getting kind of horney myself. I stopped just inside the kitchen and peered into the living room again. Steve was already kissing you again, but this time he had his hands roaming over your fine breasts. I could see him pinching a nipple between two fingers as he kissed you hard. You kissed him back and let out a slight mmmm sound.

Steve reached down to between your legs while still using his other hand to massage your tits. You moved around a bit to allow him room to rub your pussy. Your mmmm now turned into more of an ohhhh. I could hear you breathing get faster, as you became more excited.

I was having trouble standing and my heart was racing by now. I leaned up against the doorframe and let it hold me up while I continued to watch you make out with another man. I was totally turned on, and very slightly jealous. I just concentrated on being turned on.

I think that Steve had his fingers in your pussy by now. It was difficult for me to see, but I could tell by the sound of your breathing that you were nearly ready to cum. My cock was rock hard against my jeans and ached to be released. I adjusted my cock so it would not hurt so much and I looked up to see that you were removing your panties.

At that moment, Steve (obviously paranoid) looked up to see me looking on. He was about to say something when I flashed a shhhh sign with my finger to my lips. Steve took the clue and you never noticed his distraction. You got your panties off and for a second, it looked like you were going to throw them when you thought better of it and stuffed them into the chair. I suppose you didn't want me to come back into the room and see them on the floor.

By now, it was pretty obvious that you were ready for anything. Steve went straight to work on your now fully exposed pussy. I ran into the kitchen and poured three glasses of wine. I nearly spilled one of the glasses because I was in such a hurry to get back to the scene.

I made the usual ruckus on my way back and when I rounded the corner this time, you had your dress pulled back down and Steve was sitting on the ottoman looking totally guilty. You however looked completely at ease, at least for someone who just had a hard orgasm only moments before. I gave Steve a knowing glance and handed out the wine.

I said "A toast! To the sexiest woman I know!"

Steve gave a "Here Here" and we all sipped the wine. I looked at you and smiled. You gave me a little quizzical look, but I know what was going on, and I liked it. I just smiled some more and you finally smiled back. I slid into the chair with you and asked about the TV show, both of you looked stricken and neither of you could answer.

In mock surprise, I said "Haven't you been watching?!" with a smile.

I pretended to watch the show for a few moments, and when everyone was at least pretending to be watching, I slid my hand down between your legs to feel a very wet pussy. I rubbed it and you let out a little gasp. Steve studiously kept watching the TV, but I could tell he knew something was going on behind him. I licked my finger and went back to work on you clit. You were really wet down there, and obviously turned on.

Soon, your breathing changed to a ragged gasp and then you started to hump my hand as you came really, really hard. You let out a grunt that Steve couldn't ignore, so he turned around to find your wet pussy cumming just inches from his face. He looked up at you and you locked eyes with him as another wave of pleasure broke over you.

I got up from the chair and let Steve lick your pussy as you grabbed the back of his head and pushed it hard into your convulsing quim. Soon you had your legs draped over the arms of the chair and were leaning way back into it as you enjoyed his ministrations on your clit.

Steve was eagerly lapping up your pussy juices and licking your clit like a lollypop. I leaned over the chair and kissed you, but you had to break away to catch your breath.

Finally, you had to push Steve away so you could get some air. Your breathing was heavy and your body was heaving up and down on the chair. For a few seconds, you arched your back and you came hard even without any stimulation. I have never seen you so turned on. Eventually, the surge passed and you slowly melted back into the chair.

I wish I had a picture of you right now. Your meticulously done hair was mashed up against the chair back, and you had a sheen of sweat all over. Your dress was open top and bottom, yet somehow it was still on. Your breasts were heaving with your great gulps of air. I have never seen you look so sexy. After a short period of rest, and another sip of wine, I helped you stand up and removed your dress. I had Steve hold you up as I went to the bedroom to hang it up.

When I got back, I found you and Steve fucking on the couch naked. I took off my clothes at this point and finally released my straining cock from its imprisonment. I sat down on the chair and watched as Steve fucked you missionary style. I reached down and pulled your sopping panties from the chair and held them to my face as I stroked my cock and watched you fuck just a few feet from me.

I caught your eye as you looked my direction, I smiled and held your panties up to my face and inhaled. Apparently this was enough to send you back over the edge, as you reached around Steve and began forcing him to fuck you harder and faster. Soon your eyes were closed and you were edging toward orgasm once again.

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