tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSharon Visits The Doctor Again

Sharon Visits The Doctor Again


After that 2nd trip to the Doctor, and watching Sharon not only be manipulated but thoroughly screwed by both the X-ray tech and the Doctor, I was in shock. But I was also so turned on that my cock just would not go down!

We were both rather naive, Sharon was just barely 20, I was just 21. Sharon would do just about anything they told her to, and I was powerless to intervene, both of them knew that.

Sharon and I had a long talk, while it was exciting, still, we had the inhibitions of youth, we decided that it would be best to stay away from there. We had both allowed it to happen, wanted it to happen in the heat of the moment, but at the same time, afterwards we had regrets, if that makes any sense. We had even had to fend off Jon, who called several times trying to "date" Sharon, with no concern for my feelings.

I was all roiled up inside, I was excited, but angry at the same time.

But we managed, continued with our lives and one day she skipped a period. By the time she was 3 weeks late, she and I were both suspicious that she might be expecting. So it was obvious she would need another Doctor.

We checked in the yellow pages, there was a new clinic in a town just 20 miles away, so after some discussion, Sharon made an appointment.

We talked a bit about it, Sharon agreed that there would be no more letting them screw her, but she also told me that he was a Doctor, and would need to check her out physically. That statement alone betrayed me, I was almost instantly hard again at the idea, but ashamed at the same time! But I went with her to the clinic. Sharon dressed as conservatively as possible, it didn't hit us until later that that made it worse! She wore a dark blouse, the bellbottom style pants of the time, and a bra, with normal white cotton underpants.

We were greeted by the Nurse, a nice lady maybe 10 years older than me, white nurse's uniform, but I also noticed she had one more button undone than would be normal. I kept glancing her way, as she went about her work, I got glimpses of bra here and there, Sharon noticed it and elbowed me. About then the Doctor came out, about 35, roundish face, wireframe glasses, and a bit on the pudgy side. He sat across from us, notebook in hand, and started asking questions. We answered as best we could, then he asked Sharon to go with the Nurse to one of his offices. I started to get up and go with her, he said "No, stay, I need to talk to you".

I sat back down. The Doctor, Hal was the name he introduced himself as, told me that he had pulled the records from our previous visits at the other Doctor's office. I blushed, I figured he knew. Hal mentioned that he would not need Xrays, but would need to do a pelvic, and that his Nurse would be present. I said I understood, he smiled, reached out and put his hand on my shoulder, and told me it would be all right.

I must have blushed clear to my toes, my god did everyone on the planet know about what happened at the X-ray office?

As I sat there waiting, mind in a turmoil, wondering what this new Doctor was doing to my wife, another Nurse came out, with some coffee, cream and sugar, just the way I like it. She had obviously asked Sharon. Her name was Tammie, she told me, like I couldn't tell with the big nametag that told me her name. Then she sat, and watched me for a minute. I must have been one huge bundle of nerves, so much so it was apparent to her, she smiled and told me to take some deep breaths, calm down. Then she told me that the Doctor, Hal, had asked her to give me a quick physical, he wanted to know a few things, since Sharon was so tiny through the hips he was a bit worried about her ability to carry a child normally. I resisted a bit, made some inane comment about how I wasn't having the child, Sharon was, Tammie just said, "Yes you are, your wife is just carrying the child!"

So I went with her to one of the little rooms. She asked me to undress, gave me one of those stupid gowns, and left the room. I got undressed, and put the gown over my shoulders, thinking how stupid they were, when there was a light knock on the door, then she came in.

She took one look at me and giggled, there I sat, nothing on but a pair of socks, my Cock sticking straight up out of the front of the gown! "You have that on backwards," she said. I turned bright red, stammered an apology, she told me to relax, she had seen men before! "But I must admit, you are a nice specimen", she said!

I tried without much effect to cover my dick, she just told me to stand up. She took my blood pressure, said "good", then reached down under one of my testicles and said "cough". I did, she said "good". My face was getting redder and redder, she reached down, took ahold of my penis, and rolled my foreskin back. She looked it all over, said, "Good", and made some more notes. Then she asked me to come with her to the other room. We walked in, Sharon was laying on her back, the Doctor sat with his back to her scribbling something in his notes. He turned to me, and said, "Ah, here you are! I just wanted you to witness your wife's exam, it will be good for you". Then he had the Other nurse place her feet up, spread her legs, and tucked the gown down between her legs a bit. From where I sat, I could almost see her pussy, but the Doctor, standing upright, could not, I knew. He slipped on a glove of some kind, and reached under the sheet, and felt around for a few minutes.

I looked at Sharon, her nipples went hard as a rock, but the Doctor just removed his hand, and told the Nurse he had felt some nodules. "Will you take a look, please, he said?"

The Nurse looked under the gown, moved it up a bit, got a light and inspected Sharon closely. "There is a bit of a swelling under the Labia here" she told the Doctor. You had better take a look. *I swear, she looked at me with a sly smile.

Hal looked under the sheet, he then flicked on the light on his head, and leaned in, his face inches from Sharon's pussy!

He then turned to me, "How often do you have intercourse?" he asked. I managed to stammer about twice a day. "Well, Tammie did say you are rather large, I think it is just from friction, as he leaned down to take another look.

Then he grabbed his clipboard, and asked me if I felt normal sensations during intercourse, and orgasm. I thought about it, I had had one fummbling attempt in the back seat of a car, and Sharon, that was the extent of my experience. I siad, "I don't know, we don't have a lot of experience"...

Hal looked at Tammie, and said, "Will you take him in the other room and check out his sensations, please?" She smiled, and said "Sure", I had no clue.

We went back into the first office, she had me sit on the exam table, then she reached under my gown and took ahold of my penis, and began to stroke. I was so fussed up by now that it only took a dozen strokes, I blew all over the room! Tammie grabbed some, rolled it between her fingers, and and "Wow!, and that was it..

We went back inside the other room, Tammie told the Doctor that I was normal except for being quick. "Well, we can fix that" Hal said, "Now watch closely, you must prepare your wife!" He slid the gown up to her waist, reached out and began to carress the lips of her pussy. Sharon started to arch her back, the Doctor, let his fingers drift to her clit, rubbed a moment, then rolled the hood back. "bring her to orgasm like this", he said, as he rolled her clit between his thumb and index finger. Sharon exploded into orgasm, wave after wave after wave, she couldn't stop. It went on and on, I had never seen it like this.

"Now, perform intercourse" the Doctor said! I stepped up to the table, and slid into Sharon with no effort. "Hold him back", he told the Nurses. I felt a hand grasp my testicles, another rub the area between my Anus and the base of my penis, then I felt a finger slip inside me, rubbing my prostate. I was like steel, Sharon was pounding at me, grasping, then she exploded again. I felt the hand relese me, and I was allowed to blow over and over again!

Finally we began to come down, Tammie looked at the Doctor and said,

We will have to prepare him each week, don't you think?" She smiled at me and winked, I realized I was going to like Sharon being pregnant...

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