tagGroup SexSharon's Surprise Ch. 01

Sharon's Surprise Ch. 01


A week or so after my experience with Kelvin I was approached by my fellow teacher, Marijean, in the hall at school one morning.Marijean had never been accused of being subtle, and she wasn't today.

"I knew it," she said.

"Knew what," I said.

"I knew that act of yours was fake."

"What act," I said.

"You know very well what act, honey," she said.

"Really, I don't know what you are talking about," I said.

"Well, let's just say that I know a lot more about you and your prim little teacher act now that I did before," she said.

Ok, let's go back a bit so I can introduce myself again. My name is Sharon, I am 31 years old, married to a wonderful man, no kids, and I teach first grade at a suburban school district. My husband is a professional photographer and curator at a local museum.

My job demands complete discretion in both our lives, but we have a very non-traditional sexual life. We have an open marriage. I have had "adventures" in the past, as had my husband. We also have tried swinging, but because of our discretion we had to travel quite a bit to participate in that activity. We both got bored with the travel and the fact that we would often see the same couples at various "events."

We have engaged in what most people would not condone sexually since we were engaged and he convinced me to pose for some of his erotic work. I realized then that I enjoyed sex and the excitement of sexual experiences and situations.

My husband also had an earlier career as an erotic photographer with works published in a number of books both in the US and in Europe. My husband's job as a curator doesn't present the same type of challenges as my teaching career. He has pretty much given up the professional erotic photography, at least anything using his name that could be traced back to either of us.

So, I teach elementary school and am discrete because I love teaching. I do know that I look good and have gotten several appreciative stares and glances from the fathers of the students during parent-teacher conferences.

Even Marijean's husband, once told me (at a party and after perhaps one too many drinks) that I have "great tits." Marijean's are bigger than mine, so I considered it a compliment, but I must admit mine are higher, firmer, more shapely and large for a woman of my size.

Lots of guys have, over the years, commented on my body and I always appreciate knowing that I am an object of their lust.

"I really don't know what you are talking about," I said to Marijean.

"Does the name Kelvin ring a bell," she said?

"Of course, he works here. We see him every day," I said.

"I understand that you see him other times as well," Marijean said with a glare.

"I don't think I have ever seen him other than here at school," I said hoping that she wasn't going to have details.

"Liar," she screamed. "I know that a few days ago when your husband was out of town that you and Kelvin spent several hours at your house." "He fucked you. I know it is true because he told me."

It was true, in fact, the weekend before last Kelvin and I had been together. We had been dancing around the issue for several months and I finally succumbed to his flirtations and my lust for him and his beautiful big cock. While we were together he told me that he had fucked Marijean, and a few of the other teachers at our school. He told me this when he told me that I was the only one of the women at school that was able to take all of his huge, thick cock. He even told me that Marijean could only take about two-thirds of him before she made him stop penetrating. Proudly, I took him all the way to his balls.

I enjoyed myself with Kelvin and had told my husband when he returned from his trip. We tell each other everything, and my husband understands my need to experiment and encourages it.

For obvious reasons, I didn't come into work on Monday and announce to the others that I had been fucked by Kelvin. It was my little secret, but now it seems to about to become everyone's.

"He told you this," I said. "When did he tell you this, here at school?"

"No, not here," she said.

"Where then, did you see him someplace and he told you this," I said?

Marijean stammered and started to blush.

"Spill it girl," I said. "You got dirt on me from Kelvin, so I can imagine how you got it."

"It is a long involved story," Marijean said. "We can talk after work."

I pretty much knew the situation, but I couldn't help thinking of the possibilities. The obvious event was that Marijean had gotten together again for a sex session and our big black stud couldn't keep his mouth shut regarding our fuck session. I knew that he had fucked me, Marijean, and another woman at work named Cathy. Cathy, who Kelvin had said, couldn't take more than half his shaft before begging him to stop.

I also begged him, but I begged him not to stop. I was such a slut that evening. Kelvin filled my cunt with every last drop of cum in his balls before he left.

I still spend a lot of time going over everything that happened. My husband is hoping we can have another session, perhaps at his studio so he can watch and photograph us fucking.

After the day was over and the students had been dismissed, I went to find Marijean. She wasn't in her classroom where I had hoped to find her so we could chat in private. After a bit more looking I found her in the teacher's lounge.

"I hate you," she said as I approached.

"Marijean, I thought we were friends, what could I have possibly have done to make you hate me," I said.

"You are a better fuck than me and I hate you for that," she said.

"What," I said? "What are you talking about?"

"Ok, I know that you fucked Kelvin," she said.

"Well, yes, he and I had sex. But why does that make you hate me," I said? "It was only once, so far, and I understand that you have also fucked him, as you say."

"He said you were a better fuck than me," she said.

"When, I only got together with him once," I said.

"He told me Sunday evening, he came over," she said.

"You were just sitting around your house discussing how I fuck," I said.

"No," she said. "He was fucking me and I asked him not to put it push any deeper, his cock was hurting me. He got nasty and told me that I wasn't as good a fuck as you were. He made a point to tell me that he could get all his cock into your hot, tight cunt," she said.

"He fucked me hard and then pulled out and came on my face and made me lick his cock clean," she continued.

This was more information than I needed, so I said to her, "Kelvin is a great sex partner, but he is just that. He had something that I was intrigued by, his big, black cock. He was a bit demanding in what I had to do, but he sure fucked me good."

"I don't think we should become enemies over this, we have to work together and shouldn't be fighting like a couple of school girls over a guy. I don't consider my relationship with Kelvin to be anything more than sex; I have no desire to be exclusive with him. I have a husband and, and you do too," I said catching myself before I revealed too much. Best that Marijean think Kelvin was my one venture into sex outside my marriage.

"So how long have you and Kelvin been fucking," I said crudely.

"It started over a year ago now," Marijean said. "We started with my giving him a hand-job in his workspace, but the principal almost caught us one time so we started doing it at my house when Tony was away coaching the soccer team."

"One day Kelvin was a bit late and we hadn't finished by the time Tony got home. It was so embarrassing, there I was naked on my back in our family room and this big black stud pounding my cunt for all he's worth, and suddenly I see someone standing there watching," she said. "I thought he'd kill me, but he just stood there watching."

"I shouldn't be telling you any of this, but since Kelvin told me about you two, I can be somewhat assured that it will stay just between you and me," she said.

"You have my word," I told her. "But can I ask more about how Tony took the entire situation?"

"I honestly think he was relieved that he now knew how I was being satisfied," she said. "He really hasn't touched me much in the past few years."

"He used to be a great fuck, not as athletic as Kelvin, and couldn't last as long as our black friend, but all in all a good cock that knew how to satisfy a cunt," she said crudely. "Perhaps you'd like to try it sometime?"

I was stunned by her last comment, but thought to myself, "Yes, I just might."

The next day Marijean came into my classroom and said, "We are having a party on Saturday night, do you and your husband want to join us?" "We as in me and Tony and Kelvin," she said, "I thought you'd like to join in and maybe get fucked by someone." "You are a slut, so let's not pretend you haven't been thinking about my husband's dick all night." "You've already had Kelvin's black dick, so why not try Tony's?"

"And my husband," I said?

"Bring him along, you can have Tony and I'll fuck him," she said.

Saturday night came quickly and around 8 my husband and I were standing at Marijean's door. There were a few cars parked in the street of her neighborhood, so I assumed it was going to be a small party. We rang the doorbell and quickly Marijean came to the door.

She was dressed to impress. Tight, low cut top and very snug skirt. She was obviously planning on being the center of attention. I felt very demure in my white button up blouse and skirt. When I saw Marijean's cleavage, I reached up and quickly unbuttoned another button on my blouse. She took us through the house introducing us to people we might not have known.

When we got to the kitchen she introduced us to a guy named Bob. Bob looked surprised to see me, but at the moment I couldn't remember him. That was to change.

Marijean said, "Sharon, this is Bob, he works with Tony."

I noticed then that Bob was smiling a somewhat familiar smile and staring directly at my tits. "Nice to meet you Bob," I said.

His eyes never left my chest as he smiled and shook my hand, "Nice to see you again," he said.

"Again," I said? "Have we met before? I am sure I would remember, I am very good at faces."

"You are very good at a lot of things," Bob said quietly so no one else heard.

"Can I get you a drink," Bob asked? "Tony has made me the unofficial bar tender tonight."

"Sure, that would be nice," I said. I stood in the kitchen while Bob made me a drink. Marijean and my husband continued the tour and more introductions.

Bob handed me the drink and smiled. "You have great tits," he said.

With that my memory was jogged to the little adventure I had had about a year before with a guy that said exactly the same thing to me.

"If I had a nickel for every guy that has told me that I'd be a rich woman," I said.

"So, have you been back to Zoo Road recently," Bob asked, revealing that he was in fact the guy from last summer?

"Nope, I was there last year with a guy a lot like you, but nothing since then," I said.

"Do tell," Bob said.

"Well, all I recall is a very large uncut cock, a torn thong, and some very good fucking," I said, "Oh yea, and some guy watching," as I stared directly into Bob's eyes.

"So, am I ever going to get to fuck you again, or are memories all I can look forward to," Bob said.

"Listen, Bob, if it means anything to you, I enjoyed the fucking you gave me, but we have to be discrete around here," I said.

"Now, thank you for the drink," I said and walked away looking for my husband and Marijean. I looked across the room and I saw Marijean rubbing her tits against my husband's chest and running her hand slowly down over the front of his pants.

The party was fun and lots of drinks were poured and enjoyed. People startled leaving so that by about 11 there was only Marijean, Tony, my husband and I and Bob. We were all feeling no pain or inhibitions at that point.

I was sitting on the sofa between Tony and Bob, when Tony suddenly turned to me and kissed me deeply. His hands when to my tits as he kissed me. I had been setting on the sofa flirting with both Tony and Bob. I was getting turned on by Tony's attention and Bob's constant staring at my tits.

While Tony kissed me I reached back to stroke the front to Bob's pants, feeling his cock start to thicken. After I kissed Tony, I turned and kissed Bob passionately.

"Wow, what a show," I heard Marijean say. Her words were slightly slurred from the multiple glasses of wine she had consumed.

"You're not doing it right," she said as she moved to the sofa. "Move over Bob," she said as she plopped herself between me and Bob.

To my great surprise Marijean moved to me and kissed me. It was a deep, passionate, and eager kiss with her tongue probing my mouth. Her hand went quickly to my blouse and unbuttoned another button while kissing me. I was shocked by Marijean's actions, but turned on at the same time.

I had never been with a woman and had always fantasized about how it would be to either make love to a woman or have a woman make love to me.

I found myself kissing Marijean back and felt her hands move to my breasts. "God I envy you these tits," Marijean said, "they are so big and full."

Tony got up off the sofa and moved to a chair across the room. Marijean pushed me over so I was lying on the sofa, her hands quickly unbuttoning the remaining buttons on my blouse. When unbuttoned she pulled my blouse open and unclasped the front hook of my bra and pushed it out of the way so that my breasts were fully exposed.

The room was silent, but I realized that the guys were all watching our every move.

Marijean stood up quickly and removed her top revealing her large, full breasts, and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing no panties under her skirt.

She moved to me and I felt her hands on the band of my skirt. I lifted my hips as she tugged my skirt off of me. I was there on the sofa wearing only a small lacy thong.

"Damn," I heard Bob say.

She moved back to me and kissed me deeply again. I felt her hand run down over my belly and her hand started caressing my vagina through the thin material of my thong.

She continued kissing me as her hand pushed aside the material of my thong so that her fingers could caress the folds of my labia. Moments later I felt her fingers slide inside of me as started to caress my clit.

She moved her head down to my breasts and started licking my nipples with her tongue. I heard myself moan as she sucked my nipple into her mouth and started sucking at it eagerly.

As quickly as she started, Marijean stopped. "That guys is how you do it," she said.

She got up and moved to a place on the sofa as I regained my composure.

Seconds later, Marijean said, "Well, that got things started, shall we call it a night or perhaps we can have a key party?"

My husband pointed out the fact that we had an odd number so it would be hard to split up into couples. "Well, then one of us will just have to fuck two of you."

That stunned the guys, but no one seemed to object to the possibility.

"Ok, so I can get fucked by Tony any time, I am going upstairs with Sharon's husband," Marijean said, "Sharon can work out the details with Tony and Bob."

With that she got up, walked to my husband and slowly knelt before him. She reached out and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. "Oh, no wonder Sharon always seems so happy," she said, "this is a beautiful cock." She stroked his cock for a few seconds before engulfing it completely with her mouth. Eagerly she sucked as his hard cock for several minutes. The guys and I watched her eagerly lick and suck his cock.

After a few more minutes she stopped, pulled his cock from her mouth, looked up at my husband and said, "I want to feel this cock in my cunt, you wanna fuck me now?"

She stood up and they disappeared up the stairs to the master bedroom.

I lay there on the sofa taking this all in, after Marijean and my husband left, I realized I was only wearing my thong and heels. The guys, Tony and Bob, turned to me.

I sat up on the sofa and said, "Well, shall we follow them upstairs or shall we fuck here in the living room?" "I think upstairs might be more comfortable."

Tony started out the door as Bob stepped forward to help me up. As he helped me up, he pulled the blouse from my shoulders and tugged my bra off also.

We walked upstairs; Tony was standing in the doorway of the master bedroom watching what was going on between his wife and my husband.

"You stay here and watch if you'd like," Bob said to Tony as we passed.

"No way," Tony said, "I want to fuck her just as much as you do."

"Ok, then, how are we going to handle this," Bob said.

"We'll let Sharon decide," Tony said.

"Fair enough," Bob said.

We walked down the hall to another bedroom with a king size bed. I took off my heels and got up on the bed. I was nude except for the small lacy thong I had been wearing.

"Ok, don't just stand there looking at me, get undressed," I said to them both. "Oh, by the way Tony, do you happen to have any condoms?"

Bob's face dropped, "But, but," he sputtered.

"No way are we doing anything without condoms," I said. "I just met you about 3 hours ago, I don't know where or who you been using your dick on." "No condom, then you can watch and get yourself off."

Tony went to the master bedroom and came back a few minutes later with several types of condoms.

"How are things going in there," I asked. "They are fucking yet?"

"Not yet, there were doing an intense 69 when I left," Tony said.

"Ok, get undressed and I'll see if I can make the choice," I said to them both. They stood at the end of the bed and undressed quickly. Just as I remembered, Bob's big, un-circumcised cock was long and thick as he held it in his hand and slowly stroked it to a full erection. Tony's was not as long, he was circumcised, and his cock was as thick, if not thicker, than Tony's.

I got off the bed and walked to them, I reached out to touch Bob's prick with my hand. It was hot to the touch, fully erect, hard and twitched as I grasped it. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and stroked him slowly. I loved the look if the head of his cock slightly emerge from his sheath as I stroked my hand toward his balls. His balls hung below his shaft. I used my other hand to cup his ball sack and hefted them. They were heavy and felt full.

I then turned to Tony, reached out to grasp his beautiful dick. His was thick and hot also, but his twitched more violently as I wrapped my hand around the shaft. His cock head was quite full and the ridge of his cockhead was thick. I could image this thick cockhead pushing itself deep into my eager cunt. Tony's balls didn't hang as low as Bob's, but they also felt heavy and full.

"Looks like neither of you have done any fucking in the last few days," I said, "these balls seem to be waiting to be drained."

"Hard, if you'll pardon the pun, choice to make," I said, "but since I have never met Bob before, I guess I'll let him go first." "You can watch, Tony, but don't make yourself cum watching, it will be worth the wait."

"Yes," shouted Bob.

"Eager little fellow, are you," I said.

"Eager to fuck you," he said.

"Ok, so how do you want to start," I said. "I can get on the bed, and we can just fuck. It seems like your dick doesn't need any more encouragement."

"Oh, but thinking that is so wrong," Bob said. "I want to feel that beautiful mouth pleasure my dick before anything else."

I walked in front of him and knelt slowly in front of him. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it a couple of times. I then pushed his cock up against his belly and moved forward and began licking his balls. As my tongue slid over his ball sack I heard both Bob and Tony moan.

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